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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 18



However, Luo Feng knew just how hard it was to make 30 billion!

A weak low level horde leader is worth around 500 million to 1 billion Chinese Dollars. Even if you hunt them alone and kill 10 horde leaders in a year..... you would probably make only around 5 to 6 billion. Also, it's extremely hard for even a wargod level fighter to kill horde leaders.

The average wargod level fighter probably makes around 5 to 6 billion in a year.

Even with that, you would have to work hard for six or seven years.

Furthermore, he's not even a wargod level fighter yet. It was only out of luck that he was able to meet this heavily wounded 'hunter';there's no way he can get lucky every time.

’’Even though it'll be hard to make 30 billion Chinese dollars, it's not impossible with the sleeping potential in my spiritual force’’.

’’However, killing an earth dragon’’ Luo Feng laughed bitterly in his heart.

A horde leader..... is already extremely horrifying.

An existence that surpasses a horde leader the Emperor level, the strongest monsters on earth! There are also humans that surpass the wargod level. For example, the strongest fighter 'Hong' and the second strongest 'Thunder God' both surpass the wargod level. However, these existences are extremely rare!

Killing an earth dragon?

Even the strongest human fighters on earth can't be 100% sure that they can kill it.

’’Haha, elixir of life? Captain, when one of you guys reach the level of the world's strongest fighter, 'Hong', throw some small cash at me so I can buy one elixir of life’’ laughed Zhang Ke. The other members of the fire hammer squad couldn't help but to laugh. Reach the level of 'Hong'?

Such a person can fight against the government's entire army alone. For these types of people, 30 billion is indeed small cash. However, how many people on this world can reach that level?

’’Go, let's eat!’’ laughed Gao Feng.

In a restaurant on the third floor of the HR alliance market. There were dishes all over the table and the members of the fire hammer squad were all grouped in front of a laptop on the side. Captain 'Gao Feng' swiftly scanned his finger on the scanner, typed in the three one-time passwords, and entered the fire hammer squad's shared account.

’’800 million Chinese dollars. As we said before, Luo Feng did all the work, so he gets the highest possible '80%'. The rest of us will split the 20%. No complaints right’’ Gao Feng looked at the group.

The group nodded and Luo Feng laughed.

Fighter squads had all sorts of rules. Some of them try to make the members compete while others promote unity.

’’Luo Feng gets 640 million, the rest of us get 32 million’’ Gao Feng swiftly transferred the money.


’’Transaction successful’’

Notifications appeared one by one on the laptop's screen. Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his own tactical communications watch, which displayed that his balance has increased by 640 million.

’’Today, Luo Feng's treating us’’ laughed Gao Feng as he yelled.

’’Yea, we gotta make this rich guy pay’’ said Chen Gu with an unsatisfied look, ’’Jeez, just this one time and you've almost caught up to the amount of money I've made over all these years. I'm envious’’.

The members of the fire hammer squad were extremely cheerful as they chatted freely and ate and drank merrily.

Every time they leave the wilderness, they leave the border of life and death! In the wilderness, especially in ruined cities, you're always worried. Nobody dares to relax in those cities..... since there are just way too many monster hordes and commander level monsters there.


’’Come, us brothers will have a drink’’

’’Feels great. Old Zhang, we've been brothers for almost ten years. Who knows how many times you've saved me on the battlefield. Well, no need to say anymore. Here, cheers!’’

The people around this table were sad because Zhang Ke was retiring, but they were hopeful towards Luo Feng the spirit reader. Everybody's feelings were complicated, so they ate and drank merrily until around 9 PM. Only until then did they find a room in a nearby teahouse to rest in.

In the room, everybody had a clear cup of tea in front of them.

’’Zhang Ke is going to become an 'instructor' at the dojo’’ said Gao Feng to the group, ’’In the future, we'll have five people in our fire hammer squad! Me, Luo Feng, Chen Gu, Wei Tie, and Wei Qing! And since Luo Feng's a spirit reader, his strength surpasses mine. I'm sure his growth in the future will be even more amazing’’.

Nobody was unhappy because of Luo Feng's strength.

A strong fighter in a squad means a higher chance of survival for the squad! The squad will have an easier time hunting monsters and make more money!

For example, if Luo Feng didn't kill the hunter this time, the other members of the squad wouldn't have earned 32 million. Even though Luo Feng got the majority of the money, they still received way more money than they got from their previous earnings.

’’However, out of us five, Luo Feng is the strongest. I hope that we won't be a burden to him!’’ said Gao Feng.

The faces of Wei Qing and Wei Tie changed slightly.

Both of them were ’’advanced warrior level fighters’’, so they were indeed a burden.

’’Captain, I'm still a rookie’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to say.

’’Luo Feng, that's not what I meant’’ smiled Gao Feng slightly, ’’Wei Tie, Wei Qing, you brothers don't think too much either..... What I meant was that we should raise our goal for the monsters we hunt in the future! So the first goal for our fire hammer squad will be making every member a warlord level fighter!’’

’’Captain.....’’ Wei Tie couldn't help but to say, ’’My brother and I still have a bit to go until we reach the warlord level’’

’’I know that’’

Gao Feng laughed confidently, ’’I have an idea, tell me what you guys think’’

Luo Feng nodded, and Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Chen Gu also listened in.

’’Wei Tie, Wei Qing, Chen Gu, you three each buy one A grade genetic medicine’’ said Gao Feng, ’’That way, with just body fitness level, Wei Tie and Wei Qing will be able to directly enter the 'low level warlord level'. Chen Gu's power and speed will also greatly increase’’.

Luo Feng slightly frowned.

There are currently two mainstream genetic medicines: grade A and grade B. Grade B are for regular people, which let them become fighters! However, those who rely on the genetic medicine to become a fighter will just have average strength in the future.

A grade genetic medicines are for fighters to use. After using them, their strength can multiply many times! Of course, if your strength was already very high, then the genetic medicine won't be as effective.

However, one A grade genetic medicine, even with the dojo's half price, costs 360 million Chinese dollars!

’’Captain, I've worked for so many years and, even if I add today's earnings, I only have 430 million’’ frowned Wei Tie as he said, ’’With my rate of growth, it seems that a low level warlord is basically my limit. In the future, I won't have many options to make money. So if I throw all my money out right now, how much will I have left when I retire?’’.

People always have to think about the future.

Money isn't easy to make. After working for ten or so years, he only made 430 million. And to use 360 million to buy a genetic medicine? Then wouldn't he be investing everything he worked for in that?

’’Captain, I use heated weapons, so I have to spend quite a bit of money. Using 360 million like this.....’’ Chen Gu was also a bit hesitant.

’’No worries’’

Gao Feng slightly smiled, ’’You won't need that much money to buy an A grade genetic medicine. When I just became a fighter, I was also a rookie. At that time, I joined a fighter squad and made a brother for life. As of now, that brother is an advanced warlord! He has connections to get a genetic medicine for just 200 million’’

’’200 million? Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Chen Gu were shocked.

’’Just, 200 million?’’ Luo Feng was also completely shocked.

Half price in the Limit Home's internet market is basically the lowest price you can get. Even half price needs 360 million, but Gao Feng can get it for just 200 million?

’’Then I'll go ask my good buddy to buy some for us, and then you guys can pay me after I give them to you. That way, you'll believe me’’ laughed Gao Feng. However, there is something he didn't tell them. Only those in his brother's internal organization can get that discount.

The members of the organization also aren't allowed to sell their things to outsiders, since the organization's prices will inflate and go through other problems if that happens.


Gao Feng was willing to give his own money so that Chen Gu, Wei Tie, and Wei Qing won't have to. Since, in terms of wealth, he has much money than all the other members in the squad.

’’In the future, everyone in the squad will be warlord level’’ smiled Gao Feng slightly, ’’Chen Gu will be responsible for suppression, etc, Wei Tie and Wei Qing will be responsible for cleaning out the normal soldier monsters, while me and Luo Feng will go for the commander level monsters! With our squad's efficiency, we'll surely be able to kill large amounts of commander level monsters. The amount of money we'll make will be at least 10 times higher than we made in the past’’.

Luo Feng couldn't help but to be excited inside.

According to what Gao Feng said, everyone in the fire hammer squad will become elites. A squad full of warlords, and with his spiritual force...... the power of this squad will be crazy.


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