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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 17



After walking out of the elevator, there was an extremely large resting lounge. Just that one resting lounge was probably around 300 to 400 square meters. In the resting lounge were a few bar sofas, where several people were waiting to meet manager Feng. However, they saw..... a squad of fighters that didn't need to wait at all. They just directly walked towards manager Fang's office.

’’Manager Fang is inside, please go ahead’’ lady Liu directly brought Luo Feng and the others into manager Fang's office.

In the office, Luo Feng looked around. The ornaments around were sparkling and the floor was made out of toughened glass. Below the toughened glass was a river with fish swimming in it. One can see quite a bit of fish below while standing on top of the toughened glass.

’’How luxurious’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

’’Gao Feng, looks like you guys really made a bit this time’’ a bald, old man with a round face left his seat and laughed as he walked over, ’’Here, come over and sit’’.

The group sat on the sofas facing each other on the side of the office.

’’So, what do you have this time?’’ the round faced old man laughed as he said, ’’Let's see it’’.

’’Old Fang, I'll open your eyes this time’’ laughed Gao Feng, ’’A big manager like you receives quite a bit of fighter squads, but you'll rarely see something like this. Luo Feng, take it out’’.

’’Oh?’’ manager Fang was shocked and his eyes lit up.

Luo Feng laughed as he saw manager Fang's reaction as he took out the precious fur of the silver moon wolf from the backpack beside his feet. He put the fur on the ground and spread it out. As if it was a flat silver moon wolf, you could feel the killing intent of the silver moon wolf from it.

’’Hunter!’’ manager Fang was so shocked that he couldn't help but to stand up.

’’There there’’ manager Fang was so shocked that he couldn't help but to speak in his hometown's dialect, ’’Old Gao, this sure is something. For a hunter to be this large, it's probably a high level commander. WIth the silver moon wolf's speed, even a powerful man who just stepped into the wargod level would have trouble killing it’’.

The silver moon wolf's speed was indeed shocking. When it was heavily injured, it could reach the speed of sound! One could imagine how fast it would be if it wasn't injured!

’’Hm hm, the fur is quite complete’’ inspected manager Fang, ’’Looks like the fur was cut along the wound. However..... it is indeed quite complete’’. Manager Fang's eyes flashed. The fur of a silver moon wolf is indeed one of the finest materials for clothes in the entire world.

Even though this fur had other uses, important figures of the world were willing to buy clothes made out of this fur for high prices.

’’Give me a second’’ manager Fang directly ran over to his office desk.

And he swiftly took out a locked safe and, while holding it, ran back.

’’Gao Feng, you guys don't have to prolong this anymore. Just take out all the other materials of the hunter’’ laughed manager Fang as he persuaded. At the same time, he opened the locked safe, which contained a delicate apparatus. After activating it, a red light shone from the top of the apparatus.

Luo Feng took out the other things one by one.

The special eyes, claws, fangs, the bones of the legs.....

’’Quite a complete collection’’

Manager Fang's eyes were filled with light as the apparatus shone its red light on the fur, and soon after, the eyes, claws, fangs..... The apparatus displayed a number on its small screen. Manager Fang's expression was serious as he stared at the number, and at the same time, typed the information through a virtual keyboard. Moments later


’’These materials are indeed from the same hunter. And this hunter, is indeed a high level commander!’’ right when manager Fang finished saying that, Gao Feng laughed on the side as he said, ’’It should be a high level commander that's nearing the horde leader level!’’.

Even in the category of high level commander level monsters, there are large differences.

Monsters that just stepped into the high level commander level and high level commander level monsters that are nearing the horde leader level could have huge differences in strength. Naturally, the prices of their materials differ greatly too.

’’Hehe, of course, I can't hide that point from you guys’’ laughed manager Fang, ’’Alright, name your price’’.

The members of the fire hammer squad looked at each other, and Gao Feng's look signalled Luo Feng.

Luo Feng laughed as he spoke, ’’Manager Fang, what do you think is an appropriate price?’’. In the 'Home of Limits' and the HR alliance's internet market, there were many prices for a hunter. Luo Feng clearly knew that a high level commander level monster would sell for a lower price to the Dojo of Limits because the Dojo of Limits would give quite a bit of contribution points in return.

As for the HR alliance market, high level commander level monsters are normally in the 50 million to 500 million dollars range.

Of course, a hunter is naturally strong, rare, and is the king of the wolves, so its price also has to go above the normal price limit.

’’How about this, these materials are indeed good. 600 million Chinese dollars!’’ said manager Fang after taking a deep breath.

Even for him, he rarely makes such huge business.

Materials from low level horde leader level monsters also usually go for this price.

Gao Feng, Luo Feng, and the others already discussed the price before coming here. Luo Feng read in the fighter discussion boards that someone sold a 'medium level commander level' hunter for around 50 million earth dollars in South America.

50 million earth dollars is equivalent to 175 million Chinese dollars.

If a medium level commander level hunter can sell for this much, then this high level commander level should be worth much more, especially since its already nearing the horde leader level.

’’Old Fang, your price is too low’’ said Gao Feng as he frowned, ’’A medium level commander level hunter could already sell for 175 million Chinese dollars in South America. 900 million to 1 billion dollars shouldn't be a problem for ours’’.

’’Gao Feng, don't play around with me. It could never reach the price of 900 million to 1 billion’’ laughed manager Fang bitterly.

Luo Feng laughed as he saw this.

Actually, the squad came to the conclusion that this hunter should be able to sell for around 700 to 800 million while they were discussing. Captain Gao Feng was just scaring manager Fang by saying this.

’’Hunting this silver moon wolf costed the arm of my brother’’ said Gao Feng with an ugly face, ’’I won't say anymore..... 800 million Chinese dollars! If you accept, then we have a deal. Otherwise, I can find someone else. Because of our relationship, I directly came to old Fang without finding anyone else first’’.

Manager Fang glanced at Zhang Ke, indeed.....

Zhang Ke lost an arm.

’’Looks like manager Fang can't pay this price. Let's go’’ Gao Feng stood up, and Luo Feng immediately started packing up the materials of the silver moon wolf.

’’750 million, my limit’’ said manager Fang as he frowned.

However, Gao Feng didn't make a sound, and Luo Feng directly finished packing up.

’’Go’’ Gao Feng started heading out.

’’Gao Feng, 750 million is pretty good already’’ sighed manager Fang. As he saw Gao Feng and the others heading out, he yelled, ’’Come back, we'll do your price!’’

Luo Feng, Gao Feng, Chen Gu, and the others at the door looked at each other and let out a smile.

There were a few dozen managers purchasing monsters' materials in the HR alliance market. The HR alliance market goes by an elimination system. In other words, those who perform the worst every year directly have their position of manager taken away from them. Naturally, a new person comes to replace them. Under such pressure......

Naturally, every manager tries to figure out how to collect monsters' materials from fighters.

In the office.

’’You fighters are too cruel now’’ said manager Fang as he was working on the transaction, but he also thanked, ’’Each manager and even each agent from every sector are all competing against each other to purchase materials from the fighters. As the prices become clearer and clearer, our profits become lower and lower. Seeing how you guys just made 800 million in one breath, it even makes old me want to go hunt monsters in the wilderness. Sadly, an old bag of bones like me probably can't even beat a soldier level monster’’.

As he said that, manager Fang was conducting the transactions to each account.

’’Manager Fang, your personal assets probably surpass mine with all your meddling these years’’ laughed Gao Feng.

’’Luck. Sometimes I'll encounter something big, and I'll be able to make a bunch of money’’ manager Fang let out a smile.

Gao Feng laughed: ’’With this, you're probably going to make at least eight digits worth of profit’’

’’Not that much’’ manager Fang shook his head, ’’Okay, done. I transferred 800 million Chinese dollars into your fighter squad's account’’.

Gao Feng, and vice captain Chen Gu received notices from their tactical communications watch notifying them the increase of 800 million Chinese dollars in their accounts.

’’Old Fang, feels great’’ laughed Gao Feng.

’’You better take care of me with such hauls in the future’’ laughed manager Fang, ’’Now, us managers are also under great pressure. If I can somehow become a regional director of a headquarter city's sector, then I'll have things easy’’.

’’Yea’’ nodded Gao Feng, ’’However, powerful monsters are hard to deal with, my brother lost his arm’’.

’’Ah, yes, losing an arm.....’’ sighed manager Fang as he sighed, ’’Although I heard there's a treasure that can make an arm grow again. However, the price of that is extraordinarily high, so a regular fighter would never be able to obtain it’’.

’’Regrow an arm?’’ Luo Feng's mind was clouded.

Right when he became a fighter, Luo Feng also searched for such a special medicine in the internet market. However, he couldn't find any medicine that could regrow an arm or a leg. Luo Feng always thought...... that such a medicine didn't exist.

’’There's such a medicine?’’ Gao Feng also said out of surprise.

’’Manager Fang, what is that thing? Can it regrow a leg too?’’ Luo Feng also asked excitedly.


His brother has been handicapped all these years. If there's a chance to let his brother stand up again, he'll do everything he can to make that a reality.

’’There is. It's the legendary 'Elixir of Life'. Don't even talk about a leg or an arm, even if the lower half of your body is missing, it can grow back’’ said manager Fang, ’’However, this thing comes from an existence that far surpasses a horde leader it's made from the soul of the invincible emperor level monster 'Earth Dragon'. There are just a few earth dragons spread around the entire world. So each elixir of life is extremely expensive! And it's also extremely rare;you can't find them on the internet markets. Our alliance also has none of them in stock. The price for one of them has already reached 30 billion, and there's no market for them’’.

’’30 billion for one? No market?’’ Luo Feng's heart started beating faster.

Right when he thought of his brother sitting on his wheelchair and silently looking out to the scenery outside, Luo Feng couldn't help but to clench his fist: ’’No matter what...... I'll let my brother stand up again! For sure!!!’’.


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