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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 16



’’However, Luo Feng was responsible for tracking, killing, dissecting, and bringing back the materials of the silver moon wolf. He did it all himself’’ laughed Gao Feng, ’’So Luo Feng can claim the maximum amount, '80%'. As for the rest, the 20%, we'll split it evenly between the five of us’’. This was a rule in the fighter squads.

Even if one person does all the work, he has to give everyone else a little bit too.

Usually, when killing commander level monsters, the person who does most of the work can get at most 60%. In this case, where Luo Feng did all of the work, he can get at most 80%.

’’Luo Feng, your earnings this time probably exceeds the amount of which I've earned over the past ten years’’ Chen Gu couldn't help but to yell on the side, ’’You better treat all of us tonight!’’

’’Yes, you better. Pulverize this rich man’’ followed Wei Tie and Wei Qing.

Even Zhang Ze Hu of the 'tiger fang squad' only earned 100 million from two years of hard work. And Zhang Ze Hu is in his peak in those two years. Before..... he made even less money. In other words, Zhang Ze Hu probably only made 300 to 400 million from all these years of work.

As for Luo Feng..... just this one time made him rich!

However, not just anybody can kill the 'hunter'. Naturally, with Luo Feng's power, he can make lots of money. Strength is everything in the circle of fighters, and those with money are usually amazing.

’’Of course, how could I not? I'll treat everyone in the HR alliance market’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’I'll split the money first and send it to each of your accounts’’

said Gao Feng as he laughed. In front of everyone, he transferred the money he received from before into each account of the members of the fire hammer squad one by one. Everyone in the squad knows each other's username and password for their public accounts. Usually, they divide the money right when they get it.

In the afternoon of the same day, Luo Feng and the others rode a train back home.

’’The train is about to enter the station. Customers that are getting off, please prepare your belongings’’ a recorded sound rang throughout the train carriage, and with a 'hua' sound, the train carriage's door opened.


Gao Feng, Luo Feng, Zhang Ke, Chen Gu, and the Wei Jia brothers all walked out.

’’So many people’’ Luo Feng stepped out the train and saw a huge amount of tourists in the train station. Tons of densely packed people could be seen waiting for the train through the glass of the train station. A main city in a headquarter city has a population of over 100 million, so one can imagine how lively it would be in a train station there!

This is called popularity, steaming popularity!

’’Brothers, thank the weapons in our hands, for we have once again returned to the city alive!’’ said Gao Feng thankfully.

’’We're back’’

’’Back to a human city’’

Luo Feng was also shocked inside. Even though he was in the wilderness for only seven, eight days, it was desolate, ruined, and empty. The cities in the wilderness can't even be recognized as cities. There were huge amounts of monsters, so Luo Feng and the others always had to tread carefully in fear of being surrounded by them.

Only headquarter cities! These are the only safe places for humans to live in! These are the places where civilization exists!

’’Headquarter cities, the final base for humanity’’ a thought rose from Luo Feng's heart, ’’It's for humanity's cities that powerful fighters stand up! As for me, I can easily kill regular soldier level monsters and even low level commander level monsters. However, even with weapons, a regular person would be in an extremely bad situation against a commander level monster’’.

Why do countries give fighters special rights?

Why does the entire world encourage fighters to hunt monsters?

Because the more monsters that are hunted, the safer the human cities become.

’’Hello, I'll probably be able to return home late into the night today’’ Zhang Ke held his phone with a smile on his face, ’’Yea, I'll be staying home for an extremely long time, so I'll be sure to please my great wife!’’. Who could've thought that someone who lost his arm could have such an honest, natural smile on his face at this time.

Deep down inside, the fighters that fight on the border of life and death in the wilderness are always worried about their families.

Luo Feng also called his home's phone.


Luo Feng's eyes became uncomfortable as he heard this familiar sound, and he responded, ’’Mom, I'll probably get back home late in the night, so you guys don't have to wait for me to eat dinner’’.

’’Tonight?’’ his mom was clearly joyful, ’’Alright, alright, your dad is outside with your brother, I'll tell them to pick up the phone’’.

’’No need, I'll be back tonight’’ Luo Feng's heart felt warm.

This is home, the place Luo Feng defends.

’’Luo Feng, go, ride the HR alliance's special fighter-only car’’ commanded Gao Feng. The others have already started to leave.


Luo Feng hung up and immediately joined the others. They rode on a fighter-exclusive path. At the end of the path was a small area, where there were special cars from the Dojo of Limits, Thunder Dojo, HR alliance, and even some underground alliances waiting for their fighters.

As they saw Luo Feng and the others come out, all the chauffeurs cheered up.

’’Go, go to the alliance market’’ Gao Feng and the others directly went into the alliance market's car.


The large, comfortable SUV was started, locked, and with a step on the gas pedal, moved forward.

Inside the car.

’’Luo Feng, we'll be at the alliance market soon’’ laughed Chen Gu as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’Maybe that Xu Xin chick from last time is still there. Luo Feng, now that you're back from the wilderness, you better get your feelings across and get that relationship started’’.

’’You pervert’’ scolded Gao Feng as he laughed, and then looked towards Luo Feng, ’’Luo Feng, a word of advice. That little girl Xu Xin managed to become a bar manager in that lobby at such a young age, so she's not just anyone. She probably has some sort of background, so watch for that’’.

Luo Feng nodded.

He also had the same feeling. In school, Xu Xin was extremely normal. However, at the bar in the alliance market's lobby, the air around Xu Xin was completely different. If we say she was completely shy in the past, then now she's shining like a bright light.

’’Are you guys talking about lady Xu Xin?’’ asked the driver in a surprised tone.

’’You know Xu Xin?’’ Luo Feng looked towards him,

’’Of course I do’’ laughed the driver, ’’We're always going to the alliance market, so all us brothers that go there to chat obviously know about lady Xu Xin. Even though she isn't extremely pretty..... hehe, whoever can marry her would have an extremely relaxing life’’

Gao Feng's face slightly changed, ’’Don't tell me that she's from one of the great 12 families of the alliance in the country, the Xu family’’.

’’Yes, precisely the Xu family. I heard that the Xu family's status in the country is pretty high’’ said the driver as he nodded.

Luo Feng was also surprised as he heard this.

The alliance is made out of super rich families and corporations from America, Europe, etc. You can say that all the large and powerful families from the whole world formed an alliance together. They control the world's economy together and all the governments' armies have no choice but to peacefully coexist with them.


in the alliance, besides the nine large families at the top, there are still dozens of other families that are rank 1 in the alliance, corporations aside.

Each of these families hold an astonishing amount of wealth and an astonishing amount of power.

’’F*k, that's too much of a background’’ glared Chen Gu, ’’I knew this girl's name was Xu, but I didn't think she'd be from the Xu family. Luo Feng brother, even big bro can't help you get this girl Xu Xin, it's too hard’’

’’It is hard, but our Luo Feng ain't bad at all’’ said Gao Feng.

Chen Gu, Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Zhang Ke all started laughing.

From their point of view, Luo Feng is a spirit reader whose strength will only become more horrifying.

’’Old Fang’’

Gao Feng spoke through his phone’’ Yea, it's me. Of course we have something good for you, or else why would I call you? It's worth over 100 million for sure. Alright, no problem’’ after calling, Gao Feng looked at the others in the eye, ’’I told old Fang. When we get to the alliance market, we'll directly go upstairs’’.

’’Okay’’ Luo Feng and the others nodded.

Moments later -

The special car passed the soldiers' security line and directly drove to the gate of the alliance market's lobby. The members of the fire hammer squad all got off the car as its doors opened.

’’Mr. Gao Feng, manager Fang is already waiting upstairs’’ smiled a seemingly capable, pretty woman with short hair and ears.


Gao Feng, Luo Feng, and the others didn't say much more and directly went into the lobby.

In the extravagant lobby, there were quite a bit of fighters chatting in the direction of the bar. Luo Feng's gaze scanned the bar: ’’Not here?’’. Then he realized that college begins around this date, and even regular colleges undergo military training when they first begin.

And today isn't a weekend, so it's not weird that Xu Xin isn't here.


The elevator door opened and the members of the fire hammer squad went in.

’’BEEP!’’ The woman stood in front of the elevator door and pressed '21'. She then aligned her eyes with a detector, ’’BEEP, pass, welcome lady Liu’’.

’’Manager Fang is waiting on the 21st floor’’ smiled the woman.

Luo Feng and the others nodded.

The elevator quickly went up and didn't stop until they got there. In just a bit, ’’DING’’, the elevator door opened. They arrived on the 21st floor.


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