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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 15



The yelling and the sound of the whistle attracted quite a bit of fighters to this area.

’’It's the fire hammer squad, against those from the tiger fang squad’’.

’’How come they're arguing?’’ discussed the fighters. The fire hammer squad and the tiger fang squad were quite well known in Jiang-Nan city. Under the commands of the guards of the resupplying base, the fire hammer squad forced themselves to calm down, since no one is allowed to challenge the military's authority.

’’Stop!’’ an aggressive yell. Luo Feng turned his head and saw a skinny man bringing the other two members of the tiger fang squad.

Chen Gu said quietly beside Luo Feng: ’’Luo Feng, this is the captain of the tiger fang squad, 'Pan Ya'. His nickname is 'Tiger Fang' and he uses a saber as his weapon. He isn't someone you would want to mess with’’. Luo Feng couldn't help but to be shocked: this short, skinny, and seemingly insignificant man was actually the captain of the tiger fang squad!

’’Tiger Fang?’’ Luo Feng carefully looked at the man, 'Tiger Fang'. His gaze then moved towards Zhang Ze Hu, who was behind his captain. When Luo Feng's gaze was on Zhang Ze Hu, Zhang Ze Hu grinned. He then laughed to himself coldly, ’’Keep being arrogant, Zhang Ze Hu! I will make not just you, but also your entire tiger fang squad suffer! Mark my words!’’

Before Luo Feng entered the wilderness, he thought that the act of Zhang Hao Bai attempting to break his arms and legs was cruel.

Now that he looks at his current situation.....

The tiger fang squad only had a bit of hatred towards him, and yet they tried to eliminate his entire squad and pretend that nothing happened. What Zhang Hao Bai did was nothing compared to the tiger fang squad's actions.



Zhang Ze Hu and the other two stood behind their captain. A large crowd was spectating the stand off between the tiger fang squad and the fire hammer squad. At that time, the captain of the patrolling squad coldly said: ’’Gao Feng, Pan Ya, I don't care about what you have to discuss. However, if either of you take action, don't blame me. Brothers, let's go’’

The captain waved his hand, since he was too lazy to watch. With his warning, he was pretty sure that these guys wouldn't dare to mess around.

’’Tiger Fang’’!

Gao Feng laughed coldly, ’’You're sure cruel. I, Gao Feng, sure underestimated you. I didn't think you would do something so cruel and sinister! First, you secretly attacked us with a sniper rifle from far away, and then you attracted a horde of monsters to surround our squad, giving us almost no chance of survival. Unless someone powerful came and saved us, our squad would've been decimated!’’.

The fighters that were watching suddenly went into an uproar.

The tiger fang squad was too cruel.

’’Gao Feng, don't speak nonsense’’ the tiger fang captain laughed coldly, ’’My tiger fang squad did no such thing, so don't blame it on our squad!’’. No matter what, they can't admit that they did such a thing. Once they admit it, his tiger fang squad will be in big trouble.

’’My brother's arm was hit off by one your sniper rifle's bullets’’ said Gao Feng with a gloomy face.

’’If I said we didn't, then we didn't’’ said the tiger fang captain coldly, ’’If you have proof, bring it to the security agency and let them decide! Don't spout your nonsense here. Brothers, lets go’’. The captain of the tiger fang squad was straightforward and wasn't willing to talk much to the fire hammer squad.

Gao Feng, Chen Gu, and the others all had ugly faces on and Luo Feng was clenching his teeth in anger.

However, Luo Feng was clear. His group had no kind of evidence at all. Even though there are many cases of fighters killing each other over valuable treasures in the wilderness, most of them can't bring out any type of evidence either. Since there's no evidence, the Dojo of Limits wouldn't be able to help out.

’’Hmph, let's go!’’ commanded Gao Feng as he coldly watched the tiger fang squad leave.

The members of the fire hammer squad could only hold in their anger as they left.

Resupplying base, #A9 villa will become the temporary resting spot of the fire hammer squad.

’’Captain, no need to be angry now’’ said Luo Feng, ’’We can let those tiger fang squad members have their moment of pride. It wouldn't be too late to deal with them after they enter the wilderness.....’’ Luo Feng's words caused the angry members of the fire hammer squad to let out smiles.

Chen Gu patted Luo Feng's shoulder: ’’Yea, our squad has you, Luo Feng. Destroying them won't be difficult’’

’’Even ten years wouldn't be too late for a gentleman to have his revenge’’ laughed Gao Feng as he grinned, ’’And we don't even need to wait too long anyway. With Luo Feng, the tiger fang squad is doomed!’’. At this time, the members of the fire hammer squad were all smiling, and even Zhang Ke gave out a rare sigh of relief. Spirit readers all have their periods of rapid growth.

Luo Feng's ability is already terrifying, and it'll keep flying up!

You can say...... that the tiger fang squad has virtually no hope at all!

’’The tiger fang squad aside, let's deal with the spoils we got from hunting the monsters’’ said Gao Feng, ’’Even though we didn't go out for too long this time, we hunted four commander level monsters: A bloodthirsty tank, a two tailed ocelot, a lion mastiff, and a hunter!’’

On their journey back to the resupplying base, Luo Feng and the others encountered a low level commander level lion mastiff monster. With Luo Feng and Gao Feng there, they easily killed it.

’’However, the resupplying base isn't that big, so it'll be conspicuous if we bring out and try to sell the hunter's materials. At that time, we'll attract the attention of the fighter squad that heavily injured the silver moon wolf’’ said Gao Feng seriously.


Chen Gu nodded in agreement, ’’Wait until we get back to the city to sell the hunter's materials. We'll sell the other monsters' materials here’’. For a fighter squad, it's not the soldier level monsters that are worth money, but the commander level monsters..... Needless to say, each of the horrifying horde leader level monsters are worth a ton!

As for the high level commander level silver moon wolf, it's not only rare monsters, but also the king of the wolves. Its price will surely be equal to a normal low level horde leader, so it'll also be worth a ton!

’’Everybody eat and rest, we'll sell them later’’ smiled Gao Feng.

After eating, the six members of the fire hammer squad found the representative of the HR alliance, and directly sold to him the materials of the monsters. Other than the silver moon wolf's materials, they sold everything.

In the A9 villa, the fire hammer squad was huddle around a computer and dividing up the money.

’’Luo Feng collected many materials from soldier level monsters, whether they're G level or F level. On average, each of the soldier level monsters' materials are worth 6 thousand. In other words, Luo Feng gets around 120 thousand from the soldier level monsters’’ the captain was dividing up the money, ’’Wei Tie collected materials from 12 soldier level monsters, and they're all F level. On average, they're worth around 8 thousand each, so it's roughly 100 thousand total’’.

’’The amount of materials that Wei Qing collected from soldier level monsters.....’’

’’Zhang Ke collected materials from 11 different soldier level monsters.....’’

’’Alright, next, we'll be dividing the spoils from the commander level monsters. All the materials from the twin tailed ocelot was worth around 12 million’’ Gao Feng looked at the group, ’’I did most of the work in hunting it. If there weren't any accidents, I would get 60% of it, but..... after killing it, we were attacked by a horde of monsters and Luo Feng saved all of us! Luo Feng helped a lot. And Zhang Ke received a heavy wound, so since he's handicapped, he'll get 60% of the money from this commander level monster. I'll get 10%, Luo Feng will get 15%, and Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Chen Gu each get 5%!’’.

’’Nobody has any complaints right?’’ said Gao Feng.

’’No complaints’’ Luo Feng nodded.

A rule in the fighter squads, if someone becomes handicapped because of a battle, he gets 60% of the spoils. This also counts as some kind of 'subsidy'.

’’So, out of this 12 million, 7.2 million goes to Zhang Ke, 1.8 million to Luo Feng. I get 1.2 million, Chen Gu and the others get 600 thousand each’’ Gao Feng inputted the numbers, ’’The lion mastiff monster we killed on the way back was worth 10 million. Everybody contributed quite a bit in this battle, so me and Luo Feng each get 30%. Chen Gu, Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Zhang Ke each get 10%. No complaints right?’’

Everybody nodded.

Actually, Zhang Ke didn't do anything in that battle, but everybody wanted to give him some money. Zhang Ke himself didn't say anything..... a fighter squad is quite compassionate.

’’Luo Feng and I get 3 million each, and the others get 1 million each’’

Gao Feng slightly smiled, ’’The bloodthirsty tank was worth the most money, it reached 16 million. Chen Gu did the most work, he killed it in one hit, so he gets 60%! Everybody else contributed too, so Luo Feng, Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Zhang Ke each get 10%. No need to include me’’. Naturally, Gao Feng was the richest person in the fighter squad.

Usually, Gao Feng did most of the work when hunting a commander level monster. So all these years, the amount of money Gao Feng makes could be up to ten times higher than everyone else's.

That's why Gao Feng is quite modest if he didn't do much in a fight.

’’In other words, Chen Gu gets 9.6 million. Zhang Ke, Luo Feng, Wei Qing, and Wei Tie each get 1.6 million.

’’In total’’

’’Chen Gu gets 11.26 million, Luo Feng gets 6.52 million, I get 4.2 million, Zhang Ke gets 9.91 million, Wei Tie gets 3.3 million, and Wei Qing gets 3.32 million’’ Gao Feng reported the final totals and laughed, ’’Of course, we still have our treasure, the materials of the silver moon wolf, which will surely earn us a ton!’’


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