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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 14



Starry night.

Under the starry sky, a shadow, as if black lightning, rushed forward in the ruined country level city. Sometimes it'll run along the street, and sometimes it has to jump through a residential sector..... in mere moments, it reached the six story residential apartment where the members of the fire hammer squad resided.

’’Luo Feng's here’’.

’’Yup, seems like he isn't injured’’.

The members of the fire hammer squad watched Luo Feng enter the residential apartment's staircase through their binoculars. Luo Feng arrived on the rooftop moments later.

’’Captain, brother Chen’’ Luo Feng laughed as he yelled.

’’No injuries, hm, not bad. So, how'd it go? Were you able to kill the silver moon wolf?’’ No matter how calm captain Gao Feng was, he just wasn't able to hold back from asking this question. Chen Gu, the Wei Jia brothers, and even Zhang Ke, who was still lying on the floor, looked at Luo Feng expectantly. Chen Gu even joyfully said: ’’It looks like Luo Feng's backpack has gotten bigger’’.

Luo Feng laughed: ’’Brother Chen, your eyes sure are poisonous. Yea, I just killed the silver moon wolf! I dissected it and put the stuff in my bag’’.

’’You really killed it?’’ the eyes of the members of the fire hammer squad widened in surprise.

A silver moon wolf!

The king of the wolves! Regular wolf type monsters were already rare in the first place.

’’I got lucky this time too’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to say, ’’I'm afraid that the speed of this silver moon wolf reached the speed of sound! Its attack power was also absurd, and its fur was horrifyingly tough. If it wasn't for the fact that it was heavily injured in the first place and had a large wound on its abdomen, it would've been very difficult for me to kill it!’’.

’’Its speed approached the speed of sound?’’ glared Chen Gu.

’’That's absurd. Just what you'd expect from the king of the wolves, it can equal a low level pig type horde leader’’ said Wei Tie out of surprise.

’’Not good’’ Gao Feng's face changed dramatically.

Luo Feng was shocked by the captain.

’’Captain, what's wrong? What happened?’’ followed Luo Feng.

’’The silver moon wolf was already heavily injured, so I'm sure that it fought with some human fighter squad in the past’’ said Gao Feng hurriedly, ’’The fighter squad that fought with it might've left a tracking signal on its fur. If this fighter squad chases after us and finds us, we'll be in trouble!’’

Chen Gu heard and also became shocked: ’’Yea, we can't mess with a fighter squad that can heavily injure a silver moon wolf. There might be a wargod level fighter!’’.

When Luo Feng heard this, he couldn't help but to be relieved.

’’Captain, don't worry. I may not have much experience, but I naturally researched a lot about some common knowledge I should know before entering the wilderness for the first time. After killing the silver moon wolf, I checked it out, and there was indeed a tracking signal on it. I cut off the section of fur it was on’’ said Luo Feng.

Only after hearing that did Gao Feng and Chen Gu relax.

They were worried about Luo Feng's lack of experience as a rookie. Since they stole someone else's heavily injured monster, if they manage to chase up, there'll be a problem.

’’Zhang Ke is heavily injured, so our squad can't stay too long in the wilderness. Everybody rest up here. When it's bright tomorrow, we'll depart to the resupplying base’’ said Gao Feng.

’’Yes, captain’’.

The group cheerfully responded.

Dawn of the second day, the fire hammer squad quietly left the #0201 country level city and headed towards the resupplying base along the old highway.

In the military sector's resupplying base.

’’Brother Hei’’

Zhang Ze Hu was smoking and chatting with some brute with a large moustache in a corner of the resupplying base, ’’Have you seen any members of the fire hammer squad return recently? F*k, that little shrimp Luo Feng made me waste a hundred million. I'll never be satisfied if I don't mess with him’’.

’’Not yet. According to the registry, there's no news of the fire hammer squad's return’’ laughed the large moustached brute, ’’Tiger, if that Luo Feng messed with you, you have to teach him a lesson in the wilderness. You're banned from taking action in the resupplying base’’.

’’Of course I know that, I don't want to die yet’’ laughed Zhang Ze Hu.

The government's army manages the headquarter cities and military sectors behind the scenes. No matter how much fighters hate each other, they wouldn't dare to fight in the military sectors. If they do, then there'll be tragic consequences. In fact, the resupplying bases are small areas drawn out by the military, so they manage safety and everything else there.

’’Brother Hei, give me a call when that Luo Feng comes back’’ laughed Zhang Ze Hu.

’’Sure, no problem’’ laughed the large moustached brute.

Zhang Ze Hu threw his cigarette butt on the floor, stepped on it, and then laughed: ’’Alright brother, I'm off. Talk to you later’’. Zhang Ze Hu then continued walking forward in the resupplying base. It's called a base, but it actually has an atmosphere like a residential sector's. Zhang Ze Hu quickly met the other two members of the squad under a large tree near the gates of the resupplying base.

’’How is it, tiger?’’ asked the one eyed middle aged man in a small voice.

’’Hasn't returned yet, there's absolutely no news at all’’ smiled Zhang Ze Hu.

The bald middle aged man laughed slightly on the side: ’’If not even one of them has returned yet, then I'm sure that they all died in the horde of monsters. It's good if they all died off, there won't be any trouble’’. The tiger fang squad wasn't afraid of the fire hammer squad at all, but if any members of the fire hammer squad survive, there'll be a bit of trouble.

’’Fire hammer squad, hmph, if you want to blame someone, blame that Luo Feng’’ Zhang Ze Hu laughed coldly, ’’Dared to make me spend money. Oh yea, have you guys found out who stole our hunter?’’

’’No’’ the one eyed middle aged man frowned as he shook his head, ’’No news at all. The captain is drinking up out of anger in the room right now’’.

’’I think that, since we haven't been able to meet them on the way back, there's probably no chance of finding out who stole our hunter’’ said the bald man as he shook his head. Suddenly, his face changed dramatically as he stared at the far away gate of the resupplying base. The other two noticed this and turned their heads in response, and their faces also changed completely!

Gao Feng, Chen Gu, Wei Qing, Wei Tie, Luo Feng, and Zhang Ke were all at the gate of the resupplying base.

’’A9, old Gao, seems like you've encountered some trouble this time’’ the guardsman noticed Zhang Ke's missing arm and wrapped it up.

’’F*k, don't bring that up. The monsters didn't harm us, but those f*king tiger squad members did!’’ cursed Gao Feng.

’’Captain, the tiger fang squad is there’’ Chen Gu suddenly roared ferociously.

At this time, the members of the fire hammer squad all turned their heads and saw three people under the cold shade of a tree not too far away. After seeing these three people, all the faces of the members of the fire hammer squad became enraged. Zhang Ke, who was carrying a backpack and was still pale, even shouted: ’’Don't move!’’.

Zhang Ze Hu and the other two saw the six members of the fire hammer squad and were shocked, so they started walking away.

In this case, they were the offenders!

But they didn't think that Chen Gu would see them.

’’Still trying to run?’’ yelled Gao Feng.

The six members of the fire hammer squad rushed over, and the yelling caused quite a bit of attention from the other fighters in the resupplying base. At this time, Zhang Ze Hu and the other two stopped running. If they actually slipped away, wouldn't that be admitting their wrongdoings? Even though they did it, they can't admit it!

’’Gao Feng, what are you yelling for?’’ yelled the one eyed middle aged man as he turned around, ’’Where do you think this is? This is a military sector, a resupplying base for fighters. Is this the kind of place for you to act wildly?’’

’’If you want to act wildly, look at the spot first’’ laughed the bald man coldly.

No matter what, you can't back down.

’’Still acting arrogant?’’ both of Gao Feng's hands reached for a hammer. He swung his hammers as he ferociously charged at them with red eyes, ’’You're asking for a beating!’’.

The faces of the one eyed middle aged man, Zhang Ze Hu, and the bald man changed completely.

They didn't say anything, since they were in the wrong.

’’BEEP!’’ ’’BEEP!’’ ’’BEEP!’’ an ear piercing whistle rang, and twelve uniform wearing men split up and charged over from afar. The captain of the squad yelled: ’’Put your weapon down, no fighting in the resupplying base, or else our guards have the right to kill you!’’


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