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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 13



The silver moon wolf fell powerlessly from the air, and its eyes slowly lost their color. As it died, it thought about the memories of its life. As a silver moon wolf, the king of the wolves, it had been hoping to become a horde leader ever since it was little. It was always doing well, and it was only one step away from becoming a horde leader!


It was ambushed by a wargod level fighter squad and was heavily injured. Thankfully, it was able to rely on the speed it was so proud of to escape. However, as it was escaping, it encountered a warlord level fighter squad. If it wasn't injured, it would've been able to easily deciminate them!

But, it was heavily injured.

And this warlord fighter squad continued to haunt it, chasing after it every time. No matter where it ran, that squad was always chasing it.

’’Those sickening human bastards!’’

’’At least dying to the hands of a spirit reader is better than dying to those bastards’’. The silver moon wolf was extremely intelligent. It was a high level commander level king of the wolves that could rival horde leader level monsters in intellect. And horde leader level monsters are usually as intelligent as humans.

If it's going to die, it has to die to someone powerful.


The large body of the silver moon wolf came crashing down, causing the surrounding walls to wobble and then fall. Luo Feng quickly descended after it.

’’Huff, huff, I can't believe that I was able to kill a silver moon wolf’’. Luo Feng stood beside the corpse of the silver moon wolf and let out a long sigh. After that, the four throwing knives that were dancing around Luo Feng returned to his thigh, ’’Hm? There should be two more throwing knives’’. Luo Feng scanned the area.

With a glance, he saw two pits on the concrete floor ahead. The concrete floor split open from the shaking, and the two 6th series throwing knives were precisely in these two pits!

After this scene, Luo Feng couldn't help but to take in a deep breath.

The silver moon wolf's speed and power were both unbelievably great.

’’Just in case another squad finds out, I'll dissect this body first. This one silver moon wolf could cost as much as a city’’ Luo Feng thought no further and immediately started dissecting with his throwing knife in hand. His ghost blade is a 5th series one, which is able to fight with medium level commanders.

His throwing knives were 6th series, and could fight against high level commanders!

Luo Feng ferociously slashed towards the silver moon wolf's wounded, split abdomen with his throwing knife.


Luo Feng stared. The fur had long been split open, and yet his full force wasn't even able to cut open half of it. Isn't this too amazing. It's extremely difficult dissecting a monster that isn't wounded, but once they have a large wound, it becomes much easier. Sadly..... Luo Feng's strength isn't enough to dissect a high level commander's corpse!

’’F*k, looks like even dissecting this monster is difficult’’ laughed Luo Feng. He then immediately used his spiritual force on one of the throwing knives.

The power of his spiritual force was way stronger than the strength of his arm.

’’PUCHI!’’ the floating knife sliced along the split fur. A ’’CHI’’ ’’CHI’’ sound rang as the wound slowly expanded.

’’It's still so tiring even when I'm using my spiritual force to control my knife?’’ Luo Feng was surprised. With a beat of his heart, the controlled throwing knife fiercely pierced towards a fine patch of fur. The back of the silver moon wolf was a bit bent, but the fur showed no signs of injury.

Luo Feng was startled: ’’That's just crazy’’.

’’This time I seriously had some bullshit luck’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to gasp, ’’Its speed approached the speed of light and it was so powerful. Even the defense of its expensive fur is astonishingly high. If it was in perfect condition, I'll probably only have a 20 to 30 percent chance of victory!’’. If Luo Feng fought with it at its peak condition, then his throwing knives can only attack the eyes, ears, nose, and weak parts of the fur.

However, with the silver moon wolf's agility, Luo Feng's chance of victory was indeed very low;to have a 20 to 30 percent chance of victory is already pretty good.



Luo Feng swiftly dissected. First, he skinned the mysterious and expensive fur off, and then cut off the silver moon wolf's tough claws. These claws are used as material in making high grade ke-luo alloys, so they are just as expensive. There's also the silver moon wolf's extremely tough skullcap, fangs, and its special two eyes.

If it was worth something, Luo Feng dissected it and put it into his bag.

Many of the special inventions that humans have made are based off of material from various monsters.

’’Got them all’’

Luo Feng took in a deep long breath. Only a pile of flesh was left of the silver moon wolf's large corpse. Luo Feng moved his throwing knives back to his thigh and sighed. He used up lots of spiritual force fighting this silver moon wolf, but he used ten times that in dissecting the corpse!

’’No matter what, it's a big haul’’

’’This time, I can get quite a bit of money too’’ Luo Feng let out a smile. The fire hammer squad splits the money according to each members' contribution in battle. Even if you're strong, if you don't help with hunting a monster, the fighter squad naturally won't give you any money.

And Luo Feng killed this silver moon wolf alone.

So Luo Feng will indeed receive lots of money.

’’If someone found me next to this silver moon wolf's corpse, I'll be in trouble’’ laughed Luo Feng, ’’Even an advanced warlord probably wouldn't be able to heavily injure the silver moon wolf. It was probably a wargod level fighter. And there was even a tracking signal on the fur, good thing I got rid of it’’. Luo Feng didn't want to make an enemy out of a fighter who was able to heavily wound the silver moon wolf.

So, run!

Luo Feng swiftly left, and only a pile of flesh was left.

Under the dark night, the tiger fang squad carefully moved forward in the monster's territory in the city.

’’F*ks sake, that hunter keeps sprinting around in this country level city. Since it's a commander level monster, the other monsters are too afraid to anger it. However, we can only move forward slowly......’’ cursed a burly, bald man who was walking next to Zhang Ze Hu, ’’After we kill this hunter, I'll be sure to grill its meat and eat it. If I don't eat it, I won't be able to get rid of my anger’’.

Zhang Ze Hu grinned and laughed on the side: ’’Don't worry, our tracking signal is on that hunter. It doesn't matter where it runs to’’.

’’Where's the hunter?’’ asked the captain of the tiger fang squad in a small voice.

’’Captain, the hunter is around 13 miles away from us, but it isn't moving anymore. Maybe it's resting there’’ laughed 'Dong Zi', the heated weapons user, as he held his tracking machine.

At this time, the members of the tiger fang squad cheered.

’’It's not moving?’’

’’Resting? Haha’’.

They were afraid that the hunter 'silver moon wolf' would flee. Zhang Ze Hu laughed: ’’It appears that the silver moon wolf thinks it's hiding in a safe spot and is getting ready to recover. Too bad it doesn't know our power’’.

’’Go! We can't miss this chance, it's only 13 miles away from here, so we'll get there quickly’’ the eyes of the captain of the tiger fang squad flashed as he said softly, ’’Everyone speed up. Maybe we'll be able to kill the hunter this time’’.

The tiger fang squad started moving forward at a much greater speed.

Even if monsters are all around the city, a fighter squad would be able to move 13 miles in about half an hour if they rush.

Around forty minutes later.

’’Ahead is the resting spot of the silver moon wolf, everybody be careful’’ the captain of the tiger fang squad slightly waved his hand and the six members of the tiger fang squad immediately split into two groups and moved around the target from different directions. They slowly surrounded the spot where the tracking machine displayed. Nobody dared to speak a word.

A silver moon wolf is very sensitive.

One step, two steps, three steps......

Everybody was moving extremely carefully.

’’GO!’’ the tiger fang captain waved his hand and the other squad that received the signal moved at the same time.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two squads rushed into the alley from the two directions, one in front and one behind. They were around 100 meters away from the spot. The six members looked towards the spot, where the silver moon wolf should be. However, they didn't see their target, only..... the slight scent of blood in the air.

’’Hm?’’ the tiger fang captain's face changed.

’’Not good!’’

Virtually all the members of the tiger fang squad rushed over, over to the pile of flesh. Next to the pile of flesh were a few silver hairs!

’’Damn it’’ cursed Zhang Ze Hu as he grabbed his hair, ’’someone stole it!’’

Luo Feng knew that fighter squads leave tracking signals on heavily injured monsters. Since the silver moon wolf was heavily injured, there was an extremely high chance of a tracking signal being on it. So he quickly scanned it with his spiritual force and found something on its fur, and directly cut it off.

’’Bastard!’’ the tiger fang captain clenched his teeth with a grim face.

’’All this time for nothing!’’ the face of the one eyed middle aged man sank.

’’Go’’ a cold light flashed in the eyes of the tiger fang captain as he commanded, ’’Dare to steal food from a tiger. They're asking for death by stealing our things! That fighter squad just dissected the body and would probably rush back to the resupplying base just to be safe! So..... brothers of the tiger fang squad, let's rush back towards the resupplying base as fast as possible! We'll steal it back from them when we catch up to them’’.

’’Yes, captain’’ the five members immediately obeyed.

’’Depart’’ the tiger fang captain murderously waved his hand, and the other members of the tiger fang squad, who were just as mad, immediately followed their captain towards the resupplying base.


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