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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 12



With the help of the built-in night vision function of the binoculars, he quickly found that there was a large wolf on a street two miles away from him. The wolf was around three meters high and five or six meters long. All the fur on its body was gray, but there were some white hairs hidden on its head.

Even with the large distance separating them, Luo Feng could still feel the aura the cruel wolf was emitting.

’’This is.....’’ Luo Feng compared the wolf with the data of monsters in his head.

’’It's the hunter, 'Silver Moon Wolf'’’ exclaimed Chen Gu out of surprise, ’’I can't believe it's the king of the wolves――Silver Moon Wolf’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but to be startled.

Yes, this is a silver moon wolf!

As king of the wolves, even the weakest adult silver moon wolf is at least a 'medium level commander'. The fur of commander level silver moon wolves are usually gray, but when they start fighting, all of the fur becomes a silver color! And the white hairs on their forehead occasionally change into the color of blood!

It's known for its sinister tricks and murderous madness! And its fur has an astronomical price in society. The skullcap of the silver moon wolf, which has unrivaled hardness and numerous functions, is also extremely high-priced.

’’This is a high level commander level silver moon wolf’’. Luo Feng used the body size and color of the fur to make his judgment and couldn't help but to take in a breath, ’’A high level commander! And it's a silver moon wolf!’’. Not all high level commanders are the same. For example, is a spirit reader and a fighter the same just because they have the same rank?

Silver moon wolves are born with extreme cruelty.

’’Look, it's abdomen is injured, and pretty badly’’ said Wei Tie quietly.

Suddenly, all the people at the scene turned their heads towards captain Gao Feng.

’’Captain, this is the king of wolves――Silver moon wolf! A high level commander! This one silver moon wolf is worth more than ten high level commander level 'Lion Mastiff' monsters! We'll make tons of money off of this’’. Chen Gu couldn't help but to say excitedly, ’’Captain, hurry and make your decision’’.

Wei Tie also couldn't contain himself on the side: ’’Captain, this silver moon wolf is moving forward at a very quick pace;it'll soon leave our field of vision. We can't delay anymore’’.

’’Even if the silver moon wolf is injured, it's not something we can deal with’’ said Gao Feng quietly, ’’Clear your minds up, don't let money control you’’.

A heavily injured high level commander is extremely rare.

And needless to say, meeting a heavily injured king of wolves, 'silver moon wolf', is like winning the lottery! If a high level commander level 'silver moon wolf' wasn't injured, even an advanced warlord wouldn't be an opponent.

’’Captain, I'll try’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Luo Feng.....’’ Gao Feng hesitated, ’’are you confident??’’.

’’I'm not too confident in killing the silver moon wolf, since I never killed one before..... But I'm a hundred percent sure I can escape’’ laughed Luo Feng. People are most jealous of a spirit reader's capability to――Fly! Spiritual force can be used on inorganic material.

Luo Feng can instantly use his spiritual force on his alloyed battle boots, letting him jump up to amazing heights.

After that, he can put his shield under his feet and stand!

With his spiritual force, he can control the shield, so naturally Luo Feng himself can fly.

Flying..... this is the capability people are most jealous of. Even a powerful wargod level fighter can't help but to be jealous. This is also another reason why all the major powers are fighting over spirit readers.

’’Okay, Luo Feng, be careful. If you can do it, then do it. If you can't, then don't force yourself. Safety is the most important’’ said Gao Feng as he entrusted the task to Luo Feng.

’’Relax’’ laughed Luo Feng.

With his ghost blade and shield in hand, Luo Feng directly jumped off the rooftop of the six story residential apartment. Hu! Luo Feng started descending rapidly. A regular advanced warrior would be able to withstand the impact from jumping off a six story building, but Luo Feng didn't have to do anything that foolish.

The powerful, shapeless energy was used on the alloyed battle boots below his feet, and Luo Feng's speed decreased rapidly.

He softly landed on the ground of the small sector below.

Luo Feng directly sprinted at an amazing speed. As nimble as a monkey, Luo Feng arrived on the street with two jumps.

The rest of the fire hammer squad watched closely with their binoculars on the rooftop.

’’So this is Luo Feng's true strength’’ Wei Tie couldn't help but to express himself, ’’No wonder spirit readers are the most feared bunch out of fighters. This is just too scary. With their spiritual force, their speed, agility, etc. can all reach unbelievable levels. And there's also telekinesis, which is even more messed up!’’

’’It's messed up’’ Chen Gu couldn't help but to nod.

’’Haha, so you should all be happy’’ Gao Feng slightly smiled, ’’A spirit reader joined our fire hammer squad just like that’’.

When they heard this, the others suddenly laughed.

’’Captain, guys, do you think Luo Feng can kill that silver moon wolf?’’ laughed Zhang Ke as he laid on the ground.

’’Hard to say’’ hesitated Gao Feng, ’’A high level commander level monster. And Luo Feng just barely qualifies as an 'intermediate warlord' as a spirit reader. There's still hope if he was dealing with a weaker high level commander, but against the king of the wolves..... Thankfully this hunter 'silver moon wolf' is already injured. Luo Feng has a bit of hope’’.

’’There's still hope!’’ the group held their binoculars as they watched Luo Feng run.

Like a flash of black lightning, Luo Feng raced on the street.

’’This silver moon wolf sure runs quickly’’. Luo Feng took a shortcut, thinking that he could stop the silver moon wolf. Who would've thought that there was still a mile between them, ’’Hm, it's turning left?’’.

Luo Feng suddenly turned left and ferociously jumped over a wall into an abandoned residential sector. He continued taking the shortcut as he chased the silver moon wolf.


Two relaxing, lying lion mastiff monsters saw the human Luo Feng, and stood up suddenly in response. They gave off a low howl. The ground rumbled as they started charging, but Luo Feng didn't alter his course at all as he sprinted. He was also too lazy to dodge.

’’PUCHI!’’ ’’PUCHI!’’

Two throwing knives automatically left Luo Feng's thigh and formed two flashes of light. With such a short distance, the two lion mastiffs had no time to dodge and had their heads pierced.

The eyes of the two lion mastiffs were filled with shock as they quickly lost their life. ’’RUMBLE~~’’ They directly fell on the ground, which caused a short tremor. Without any blood stuck to them, the two throwing knives formed a line and flew back to Luo Feng's thigh.

Luo Feng quietly jumped into a neighboring alley. With a glance, he saw the silver moon wolf that was at the end of an alley around a hundred meters away.

’’WOO~~’’ the cruel silver moon wolf stopped and stared at the human not too far away.

’’A silver moon wolf, a heavily wounded silver moon wolf’’. Luo Feng's eyes flashed, and a smile appeared on his face, ’’Alright, with you, we'll see how strong I am right now!’’ as he said that, Luo Feng approached the silver moon wolf one step at a time.

The silver moon wolf silently stood in place.

The eyes of the silver moon wolf that was almost three meters tall, flashed. At the same time, a weird energy flowed through the fur on its body, instantly turning into the color of silver! The silver moon wolf became dazzling! Even the white fur on its forehead became the color of blood!

A silver colored body and a blood red crown.

This is the silver moon wolf!

Luo Feng moved forward one step at a time and became cautious. When he shortened the distance between himself and the silver moon wolf to 50 meters...

’’WHOOSH!’’ the silver moon wolf instantly became a white flash of light and was in front of him in a blink of an eye!

’’Speed of sound!’’

With Luo Feng's reaction speed that had been tested frequently at the dojo, he determined..... this silver moon wolf's speed nears the speed of sound!

Luo Feng's face changed greatly and he instantly jumped up like lightning. The silver moon wolf, at practically the exact same time, also jumped up. This jump was just 20 to 30 meters high. Luo Feng could even see the blurred face of the silver moon wolf under the speed of sound, with its hidden cold, blood red eyes.

The powerful spiritual force was ferociously used on the alloyed battle boots on his feet, causing Luo Feng to go even higher and dodging the attack from the silver moon wolf.

’’So what if your speed reaches the speed of sound. Can you go faster than my throwing knives?’’ as he dodged the silver moon wolf, Luo Feng pulled out the six throwing knives on his thigh. The six throwing knives instantly became six flowing lights and, like a net, charged towards the silver moon wolf.

Having traveled the wilderness for all these years, the silver moon wolf was also extremely intelligent.

With its speed, the human fighter in the air shouldn't have been able to dodge its attack. Only one type of person could change directions and speed at will in the air――Spirit readers! When the silver moon wolf realized that the human fighter in front of him was a spirit reader, it couldn't help but to be shocked.

But by that time, the six throwing knives, like lightning, already arrived!

’’WOO~’’ the silver moon wolf gave out a loud, piercing roar. It couldn't change direction or speed in the air;it could only fiercely twist its body and use its claws to hit the throwing knives away.

With such a short distance, Luo Feng's reaction speed isn't fast enough for him to make the throwing knives avoid the claws.


Two of the six throwing knives were actually hit, but Luo Feng, who was still in the air, let out a smile. Even though he let out six throwing knives...... as of now, he can only guarantee that two throwing knives can reach their full power. So the six throwing knives were just there to confuse the silver moon wolf.

Only two of these throwing knives are truly dangerous.

’’Hunter, you're the first commander level monster to die at my hands’’ laughed Luo Feng. Suddenly, two of the four originally agile throwing knives lost their power, and the other two charged towards the silver moon wolf's abdomen like lightning! The silver moon wolf was helpless in midair, even though it howled as it tried to use its claws to block the attack.

However -


The two throwing knives pierced through the previous wound, directly piercing into the body of the silver moon wolf. The internal organs of the silver moon wolf were sliced up into pieces, and the enraged silver moon wolf gave its last howl as it fell down!


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