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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 11



Luo Feng knew that he revealed the secret of him being a spirit reader when he used his throwing knives to save everybody!

’’Everybody probably already guessed it and yet they still look at me with such a face on purpose. Alright, I'll admit it.....’’ Luo Feng let out a helpless smile, ’’I'm a spirit reader!’’

’’Haha’’ laughed Chen Gu loudly, ’’Luo Feng, I knew I didn't misjudge you’’

Wei Qing and Wei Tie also let out smiles.

’’A spirit reader... a spirit reader has also appeared in our fire hammer squad’’ laughed Gao Feng as he nodded, ’’I know that if the tiger fang squad knew that Luo Feng was this powerful, they wouldn't have pulled this sly trick. If they knew...... that they made an enemy out of a spirit reader, they'd certainly regret it!’’

’’They would regret it for life’’ chuckled Wei Tie.

Zhang Ke, who was lying off to the side, couldn't help but to say: ’’The most powerful members of the trashes in the tiger fang squad are just those two intermediate level warlords! With Luo Feng's current fitness level, he barely reaches the 'advanced warrior level'. According to the rules, a spirit reader is two levels above his fitness level, so he should be stepping into the 'intermediate warlord level'. However..... an intermediate warlord level spirit reader would decimate an existence of the same level, so they can fight a fighter a level above them!’’

All fighters understood the terror of a spirit reader!

On the same level, they would certainly destroy any other fighter!

No matter how good your blade technique, shielding technique, or body techniques are, a spirit reader could attack with their controlled throwing knives from far away. The throwing knives can even instantly change direction and fly faster than the speed of sound. How can a fighter of the same level compete at all?

’’Just Luo Feng alone can destroy the entire tiger fang squad!’’ grinned Chen Gu as he laughed, ’’Messing with the fire hammer squad is the most foolish thing the tiger fang squad has ever done!’’.

’’This time, we really got lucky’’ sighed Gao Feng.

Gao Feng's fitness level barely reaches the 'intermediate warlord level', but in front of a horde of monsters, he was helpless. This is the difference between a regular fighter and a spirit reader!

’’Brother Zhang’’

Luo Feng squatted in front of Zhang Ke and said in a small voice as he looked at Zhang Ke's pale face, ’’The tiger fang squad might've done this because of what I did to Zhang Ze Hu...... brother Zhang's arm..... I'm sorry!’’

At this time, the fire hammer squad settled down and all of them were watching Luo Feng and Zhang Ke.

’’Luo Feng’’ Zhang Ke let out a smile, ’’Don't always blame everything on yourself. This time, it's an indisputable fact that you saved our entire squad. As for me.....’’ Zhang Ke lowered his head and looked at the wound in his right shoulder. His right arm had been long lost in the horde of monsters from before.

’’My life as a free fighter is practically over’’ sighed Zhang Ke.

Gao Feng, Chen Gu, the Wei Jia brothers, and Luo Feng were all silent.

’’However.’’ Zhang Ke let out a smile, ’’This is actually the best situation that I've predicted. I still remember when I was a kid during the Grand Nirvana period. During the Grand Nirvana Period, I witnessed for myself the large amounts of humans killed by monsters. At that time, I promised..... when I grow up, I'll kill these monsters with my own hand and become a hero!’’

’’I've always been working hard’’.

’’And finally, I became a fighter, a free fighter! I entered the wilderness and fulfilled my childhood dream as I killed many monsters. I finally became a hero in the people's eyes. My wife praised me and finally married me. My daughter also always had a powerful fighter as a father to be proud of’’.

’’As time passed and as I killed more and more monsters..... I slowly started to get tired of it. Every time I entered the wilderness, my wife and kids were always worrying about the possibility of my death. I also worry that I won't be able to see them anymore. However, I didn't have the courage to pull out’’ said Zhang Ke slowly, ’’It's been like that for these past ten years or so, and I've gotten used to it’’.

At this time, Luo Feng's heart wasn't comfortable either.


He also had a brother and parents, who all worried about him.

’’This wound finally gave me a reason to pull out’’ smiled Zhang Ke slightly, ’’I've gotten tired of this these past ten years or so. In the future, I can use my battle records to become an instructor of a region's Dojo of Limits. With more time on my hands, I can be with my wife and kids more! And on my back, I have you guys. To be able to have a spirit reader as a brother before quitting, haha, I guess it's worth it’’.

Luo Feng squeezed out a tiny smile.

’’Brother, enjoy the relaxing, quiet life’’ encouraged Gao Feng, ’’In the future, find me for any problems you have! We've been together for seven, eight years, so we're brothers to the death!’’.

’’Hm’’ smiled Zhang Ke as he nodded, ’’I won't hold back at all. If I encounter any difficulties, I'll be sure to find you guys. Especially Luo Feng. I know that spirit readers will go through a period of insane growth, so your strength will soon skyrocket. In the future, you'll become amazing. You better not decline my requests for help!’’

Asking me to help?

It was partially thanks to brother Zhang that I was able to enter the fire hammer squad. And what happened to brother Zhang was probably because of me, so how can I not help?

’’Brother Zhang, your problems are my problems!’’ said Luo Feng.

Zhang Ke nodded, and asked out of curiosity: ’’Oh yea, Luo Feng. How come you hid the fact that you're a spirit reader?’’

’’Mainly because I didn't want to deal with too much trouble’’ laughed Luo Feng as he shook his head, ’’If the fact that I'm a spirit reader gets out, I probably won't be able to live a quiet life’’. He read that he should keep his spiritual force a secret on the boards in the 'Limit Home' after becoming a fighter.

Because once he reveals it, he'll become a target for focused training in the Dojo of Limits. First, he'll be sent to the world headquarters of the Dojo of Limits, and then he'll undergo great training, and then there'll be all sorts of great conditions......

But he'll be unable to continue his current quiet life. Even though he ventures into the wilderness now, at least he can stay with his parents sometimes.


Gao Feng nodded, ’’Luo Feng's thinking isn't bad. Whether it's the army, individual dojos, or rich families, they'll all be going crazy over trying to obtain spirit readers. Once a new spirit reader appears, each of the powers will fight over him! The army will use all sorts of tricks, so dojos send their spirit readers outside of the country's borders until they come to an agreement with the army. Only after that will they let the spirit reader come back’’.

A spirit reader, is a trump card!

Each spirit reader has a large impact, so all of the powers fight over them. Even though they get special rights, they'll lose the regular life of a fighter.

'Captain, I hope everyone will help me keep this a secret’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Yea, of course. Our fighter squad will be glad to keep this secret for you’’ laughed Gao Feng loudly.

Chen Gu also nodded excitedly on the side: ’’Yup, our fire hammer squad has a 'spirit reader', and other fighter squads don't know that, hmph hmph...... We won't appear as strong to them, so they won't be cautious. So if someone messes with us, they'll be in huge trouble. And it'll be way easier to hunt monsters in the future!’’

A trump card, is only a trump card if you hide it!

Once you reveal it, it won't have the same effect anymore.

Wei Tie couldn't help but to say, ’’Yea, and when the captain is fighting with a monster head on, Luo Feng can use his throwing knives for a sneak attack. One hit one kill’’.

Wei Qing followed up on the side: ’’Yea, Luo Feng can use his blade to attack, causing the monsters to think he mainly attacks with his blade. After that, Luo Feng can secretly use his throwing knives and surprise them! Surely the monster wouldn't even have time to cry!’’. A spirit reader in a squad can instantly raise the entire squad's strength by a factor of 10!

The members of the fire hammer squad were all excitedly discussing about Luo Feng's potential in the squad.

Clearly, a spirit reader greatly benefits the fire hammer squad.

After a while, the members of the fire hammer squad all began to rest. The sky also slowly became dark and filled with stars.

Under the starry sky, Luo Feng quietly sat on the edge of the rooftop, thinking about the battle they had: ’’Today, I can't believe I managed to pull off the first stage of the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 on the armor piercing bullet’’. When he thought of this, Luo Feng couldn't help but to stand up and take out his ghost blade.


With one step, the core of the body, 'the waist', practically has to instantly explode with force. But at the same time, the waist has to naturally send out another wave of force when the power from the muscles reaches the wrist. These two forces connect and reach the wrist together.


The ghost blade drew a cold light across the vast sky.

’’Indeed, I can exert another force. With these two forces combined, 70 + 70, which is 140% of the strength’’ Luo Feng also felt it. His body can't release anymore force after the first stage.

However, this was already pretty good.

It's pretty hard to learn the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, but he was able to naturally enter the first stage on the border of life and death. It seems that there's still hope to keep climbing up in the future.


’’AO WU~~’’

An enraged sound of a howling wolf carried from somewhere below. The members of the fire hammer squad, that were resting under the starry sky, all woke up from shock.

’’It's the howl of a wolf!’’ said Gao Feng seriously.

’’I can't believe there're wolf type monsters’’ Chen Gu took a deep breath. Every single wolf type monster was powerful.

Wolf type?

Luo Feng was also shocked. There were very few wolf type monsters before the Grand Nirvana period, and their cruelty is unrivaled. After the Grand Nirvana period, who knows how much more savage and cruel the wolf type monsters have become. Their strength is also still unrivaled.

Luo Feng took his binoculars and looked towards the sound of the wolf's howl at the edge of the rooftop.


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