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Swallowed Star - Volume 3 - Chapter 10



Originally, they were basically guaranteed to die. Splitting up and running away was their last string of hope. However, Gao Feng, the Wei Jia brothers, Chen Gu, and Zhang Ke now watched the six throwing knives hovering around Luo Feng's body. Each and every one of them were dumbfounded. Chen Gu even abruptly blinked twice to make sure he was seeing this right..... these throwing knives were indeed floating without being attached to anything!

’’Spirit reader!’’


’’Luo Feng is a spirit reader?’’

All of these thoughts appeared in the minds of Gao Feng and the others. All of them became flustered with their faces completely red. Gao Feng then shouted out: ’’Listen to Luo Feng, follow him!’’

’’RUMBLE~~~’’ the enraged horde of monsters came sprinting at them, causing the ruined concrete ground to split open. The rumbling caused the ruined buildings on the side to crumble. There's an old saying: Ten thousand horses galloping*. However, each and every one of these monsters are hundreds of times stronger and larger than a war horse. A thousand of them running is even scarier than ten thousand horses running.

*TL note: original phrase: 萬馬奔騰

’’To the left!’’ yelled Luo Feng.

The other members of the fire hammer squad immediately followed Luo Feng, ferociously turning to the left. Wei Qing was still carrying Zhang Ke who had lost too much blood.


The stench of the monsters slowly emanated. Since they ran towards the left instead of running away, Luo Feng and his group ran into the monsters chasing them. Their stench was virtually stuck in their noses. At this time, Luo Feng clenched his teeth, and with a cold gaze, the six throwing knives encircling him in a 10 meter radius instantly moved!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The six throwing knives instantly caused a mirage. ’’PUCHI!’’ A throwing knife directly went through the head of one of the lion mastiff monsters that was running at them. Some of its cerebrospinal fluid came out with the throwing knife. The throwing knives, under the control of spiritual force, continued to go through more and more monsters' skulls with amazing speed!

Six throwing knives! In a blink of an eye, the 30 or so nearest monsters were killed!

Fresh blood and cerebrospinal juice flew out.


’’RUMBLE~~’’ under the howling of the monsters, the 30 or so monsters that were chasing after the fire hammer squad all fell while they were sprinting. When they fell, they ended up sliding around ten meters against the ground. Behind the fire hammer squad that was running away were large amounts of monsters' corpses.

Gao Feng, Chen Gu, the Wei Jia brothers, and even the pale Zhang Ke were all stunned.

They knew that spirit readers were strong, but..... this is just too absurd!

The six throwing knives became flowing mirages one by one. The throwing knives go through the skull of any monster that enters a 20 meter radius within them. This precise control is also very frightening!

’’I'm using up my spiritual force too quickly like this’’. Luo Feng was also shocked. Every time a throwing knife goes through a monster's head, he uses up quite a bit of energy. The skulls of these monsters are much harder than regular stones. Now that he killed around 50 monsters in one breath, a large amount of spiritual force was used up.

Chen Gu, who was behind Luo Feng, yelled out of disbelief: ’’DAMN, this spirit reader is too insane. Even if there's a thousand monsters, he could probably kill them all!’’

’’Stop wasting your breath. In this kind of situation, more and more monsters get attracted as time goes on! Right now there's around a thousand, but soon there'll be five thousand monsters coming for us. After even more time, there could even be ten thousand monsters coming after us. There'll even be quite a bit of commander level monsters in there too! How do you think the spirit reader will kill those? You think that a spirit reader doesn't need to expend spiritual force to kill monsters?’’ laughed Gao Feng as he snapped.

The fire hammer squad actually had the mood to chat while being chased by a horde of monsters.

One could imagine..... that Gao Feng, Chen Gu, and the others weren't under much pressure anymore, since all the monsters that approached were killed by the dancing throwing knives.

’’Go over the wall’’ commanded Luo Feng.

The sprinting fire hammer squad reached the wall in front, and each of them jumped over it one by one. Even though quite a bit of monsters died, the rest of the enraged monsters didn't fear death and kept charging. However, every monster that approached the territory of Luo Feng's throwing knives had their head pierced!

Know that

Luo Feng's current body fitness level barely reaches the borders of an 'advanced warrior level'. Since spiritual force raises your level by two stages, then he currently barely reaches the 'intermediate warlord level' with his spiritual force. Spirit readers are the most terrifying existences within fighters: they can easily and completely destroy an existence of the same level!

With his telekinesis, Luo Feng can stab monsters to death with his throwing knives from a far distance!

However, for the knives to reach maximum power, the current Luo Feng can only use two throwing knives! As the number of throwing knives increase, the weaker each of them will be. Indeed, Luo Feng could technically use over a hundred throwing knives. However, not only will they be weak, but even their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

With six throwing knives, Luo Feng can guarantee that each of them can deal with a 'low level commander', and their accuracy can be guaranteed too.

With two throwing knives, Luo Feng can guarantee that at their max power, they can deal with a 'medium level commander'.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ the fearless monsters smashed the wall.


The monsters that got closer to the sprinting fire hammer squad were all killed. Their fresh blood and cerebrospinal fluid flew out and their corpses caused disorder in the horde behind them. The fire hammer squad was able to shake off quite a bit of monsters as they turned into the far away alley.


By this time, the tiger fang squad has already ran far away. With the fire hammer squad attracting most of the monsters, there were barely any monsters in their surroundings. Thanks to that, they were able to move across a great distance without much trouble. As they entered a new area with many monsters, the tiger fang squad slowed down and, once again, started moving cautiously.

’’What happened just now, not even one of them died?’’ asked the tiger fang squad's captain as he frowned.

’’Captain, I fired at the captain of the fire hammer squad, Gao Feng. However, Gao Feng just so happened to be dissecting a corpse, and just so happened to use his dagger in a way that shook his body. With that, the bullet just barely missed him and injured another member of the fire hammer squad instead. That member's arm was instantly blasted off, but I'm not sure if he's alive or dead’’ said Xiao, who had a skinny figure.

’’That Gao Feng got lucky’’

Zhang Ze Hu frowned as he looked at the other person, ’’Dong Zi, I asked you to kill Luo Feng, how come he didn't die?’’

With the great distance and the speed of the bullet, only the person using the sniper rifle with their laser aimer device could clearly see what happened in that instant.

’’That Luo Feng.....’’ the sniper named 'Dong Zi' hesitated, and then said, ’’he also got lucky. As I fired, he just so happened to be skinning a monster, and just so happened to swing his blade against my armor piercing bullet’’. Dong could only say this, because he didn't think Luo Feng's reaction speed was quick enough to cut through the armor piercing bullet.

So the only explanation was luck!

Since you would need an absurd control over your blade and amazing sight to be able to cut through an armor piercing bullet.

’’F*k, this Luo Feng also has some bullshit luck’’. Zhang Ze Hu couldn't help but to curse.

’’However, don't worry’’. laughed the sniper 'Dong Zi', ’’we fired four shots at the monster hordes before and the only humans they could find are the members of the 'fire hammer squad'. Over a thousand monsters have them surrounded. No matter how great the fire hammer squad is, they're doomed for sure!’’


The captain of the tiger fang squad shook his head, ’’Not absolutely. If the fire hammer squad split up and ran, one or two of them could survive!’’ as he said that, the tiger fang squad let out a smile, ’’Of course, one or two of them have absolutely no threat to our tiger fang squad’’.

’’Captain, maybe they could coincidentally meet a wargod level existence that could save them’’ laughed the one eyed middle aged man.

’’In this city, and in such a small amount of time, to meet a wargod..... and to even convince him to help them. The chance of this is even lower than winning the lottery’’ grinned the tiger fang squad's captain as he laughed, ’’Alright, let's go guys. That old thing is still moving, so we should get there as fast as possible’’.


The tiger fang squad moved forward.


Luo Feng and the others rushed to the rooftop of a regular six story residential apartment.

’’KA!’’ the door to the staircase connected to the rooftop was directly sealed shut.

’’Quick, let old Zhang lie down’’ said Chen Gu.

’’Get the medicine’’ said Gao Feng hurriedly.

With Zhang Ke's injury, he could die just by blood loss. Thankfully they stopped the blood earlier. However, such a large injury would need some basic treatment first..... since this #0201 country level city is a three day walk away from the military resupplying base.

And rushing on the road for three days? With Zhang Ke's current condition, there's no way he'd be able to handle that.

’’Old Zhang, keep that in your mouth and replenish some energy’’ Chen Gu took out a pill and put it in Zhang Ke's mouth.

’’Wei Tie, seriously treat Zhang Ke's wound’’ commanded Gao Feng.

As the fire hammer squad continued to treat Zhang Ke, the pale faced Zhang Ke was able to get the energy he needed in time. As treatment went on, the members of the fire hammer squad started to loosen up.

’’Phew’’ Luo Feng secretly let out a sigh of relief. As he looked at the pale brother Zhang, and especially at the spot of his nonexistent right arm and half of a shoulder, he felt immensely guilty, ’’Zhang Ke can't use a spear in the future anymore and his career as a fighter is over!’’. Luo Feng felt that there was an 80-90% chance that the tiger fang squad did this because of him.

As he looked at brother Zhang, he felt extremely guilty.

’’Tiger fang squad! Zhang Ze Hu!’’ Luo Feng's heart was burning, ’’I, Luo Feng, swear that I'll take an eye for an eye and let you know the taste of being destroyed!!!’’.

’’Tiger fang squad, these pieces of trash, want to destroy our entire fire hammer squad huh’’ Chen Gu couldn't help but to curse.

’’F*king tiger fang squad, we must have our revenge!’’ Wei Tie also roared.

’’These bastards, I, Gao Feng, will make them regret it’’ said Gao Feng as he clenched both of his fists, and then looked at Luo Feng, ’’Thankfully, Luo Feng was with us this time so we were able to...... Oh yea, Luo Feng, how come you can move objects without touching them?’’.

Suddenly, all the other members of the fire hammer squad, including the heavily wounded Zhang Ke that was lying on the floor, looked at Luo Feng.


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