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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 9


Volume 2 Chapter 9: Monster town

It was lively within the military sector. At the same time, there was an extravagant lunch prepared for all the prospective fighters who came to participate in the fighter combat exam.


1680 fighters stood in an open plaza. At a reception desk in the plaza sat some high authorities of Jiang-Nan city's northern military sector and some high authorities of the thunder dojo and the dojo of limits.

’’Prospective fighters whose names are called, come up and retrieve your uniforms and weapons’’

’’Yan Zhuo’’

’’He Feng’’

’’Wang Bing Jiang’’


There were at least ten officers at the desk yelling names one by one. Prospective fighters whose names were called all went to pick up their uniforms and weapons.

’’Luo Feng’’

That ringing sound, right when Luo Feng heard it he sprinted up there.

’’This is your battle uniform, your battle boots, and the 2nd series ghost blade you need. The heaviest one we prepared was 98 kg, we don't have any heavier ones’’ the officer passed a set of objects to Luo Feng, ’’Here is a communication watch, which can send mail and has GPS. This is a hexagonal shield’’

While the officer was saying that, he was a bit suspicious as he looked into Luo Feng's eyes..... a prospective fighter actually asked for such a heavy ghost blade, quite weird.

Luo Feng slightly smiled and sprinted away holding the near 200 kg load of items.


In the plaza, each of the 1680 fighters received their requested weapons that were most suitable for them. Each of them used cold weapons! This was the requirement for the fighter combat exam;heated weapons were banned. After they received their things, everyone returned to their own resting areas and changed into their battle gear.


There was laughter all over the open plaza.

At this time, Luo Feng was equipped with his metal alloy battle boots, military standard trousers, and a battle vest with some special Ke-Luo alloy material inside. He also had his hexagonal shield and ghost blade on his back, and was happily talking with the fighter beside him.

’’If you put down everything I have equipped, it'll be worth at least 7-10 thousand’’ a crew cut teenager excitedly pointed to his uniform, ’’This trouser and vest aren't the best fighter equipment. They're only lent to us for the fighter combat exam. However, it can defend against the weakest H grade monster's claws, which is much better than the bullshit bullet proof vests back at town. A regular bullet will never be able to pierce this, and a H grade monster will never be able to rip this apart’’

’’You can't rip it apart!’’

A girl with a stern expression laughed coldly on the side, ’’Even if the monster can't rip apart the uniform, just the impact itself can break your bones and damage your internal organs’’

’’This big brother isn't so weak and fragile’’ the crew cut teenager sneered and glared at the girl, ’’How about, little girl, we go over there and test this brother's strength?’’

’’That's enough’’ Luo Feng frowned.

’’Yes, brother Luo. We'll listen to brother Luo’’ the crew cut teenager laughed.


The news of Luo Feng being scouted by the dojo of limits was spread from one to ten, and ten to a hundred in the prospective fighter community. Out of the 1680 prospective fighters, only three of them were recruited by the dojo of limits and the thunder dojo! The prospective fighters knew that these three people were special.

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng’’ a yelling sound from far away was heard. It was the limit hall's chief instructor, Wu Tong.

’’Uncle Wu’’

Luo Feng ran towards him after telling Yang Wu and the others beside him. In the past month, Luo Feng lived in the Ming-Yue sector, so naturally he would be close to chief instructor 'Wu Tong', who also lived in the same sector. He called familiarly, 'Uncle Wu'.

’’Luo Feng, come with me’’ after Wu Tong said that, he started to lead the way.

Luo Feng was full of doubts but didn't say anything. They quickly arrived at the second floor of a quiet apartment. In the living room on the second floor, there were lots of people seated together. Luo Feng looked around..... out of all of these people, he only recognized one: one of the Big Four of the Jiang-Nan city's dojo of limits headquarters, Zhu Ge Tao!.

’’Chief’’ greeted Luo Feng loudly.

’’Hm, Luo Feng, go sit over there with Wu Tong’’ Zhu Ge Tong, wearing a dark battle uniform with faintly glowing silver pieces, said as he laughed quietly.

’’Zhu Ge, this is the Luo Feng you talked about? Let me see, compared to our Thunder Dojo, he isn't that good isn't he’’ a burly man wearing a dark, purple battle uniform sat across from Zhu Ge Tao. When he spoke, the sounds seemed to echo within his chest, ’’Our thunder dojo recruited two people early, one whose fitness level is on par with your Luo Feng, and another who is a firearms genius’’

The burly man looked to the two young men on his side, who immediately stood up in response.

’’My name is Wan Dong’’ said a teenager who seemed solemn and had a purple birthmark on his face.

’’My name is Ma Xiao’’ another teenager was smiling and looked beautiful! Yes, we can use the word 'beautiful' for this teenager. If he was born a girl, it would probably be the kind that would bring calamity.

Luo Feng smiled and nodded: ’’Luo Feng, you already know’’

’’Luo Feng’’ the solemn teenager spoke, ’’Do you have any balls to compete? Tonight at the fighter combat exam, let's see who can get first place!’’ The solemn teenager's eyes flashed, as if he saw the most delicious kind of food, full of desire.

’’Not interested’’ Luo Feng shaked his head.

The solemn teenager was startled, but then laughed coldly and didn't say anything further.

Zhu Ge Tao and the burly man from the thunder dojo laughed on the side: ’’Zhu Ge, your little kiddo seems quite interesting. He's quite calm, didn't let his head get hot when provoked! I kind of like this young man. Luo Feng, any plans to join my thunder dojo.....’’

’’Go, go, go’’ Zhu Ge Tao glared.

’’I'm just joking. Man, you aren't interesting’’ the burly man laughed.

Zhu Ge Tao glared: ’’We should go too. The fighter combat exam is going to start soon!’’


Luo Feng and the 1680 powerful prospective fighters, walked for at least half an hour under the lead of a soldier. They reached the outer part of a town. It was already evening at this time, and the sun has dropped.


Various howls that makes your heart skip a beat could be heard in the town. The town was surrounded by barbed wire and had a large amount of soldiers patrolling with guns.

’’Hurry, there aren't enough monsters inside. Bring another 1200 Iron fur boars, 300 Zhi shadow cats, and another 500 mastiff tigers.’’ As the command went through the town, Luo Feng and the others didn't have to wait much longer until they saw huge trucks coming. Each of the trucks had angry howling coming from them.

Luo Feng and the large amounts of fighters went to look closely.....

In each of the trucks were cages, and in each of the cages were locked up monsters. Those angry howlings made some inexperienced prospective fighters' hearts tremble.

’’Luo Feng’’

Chief instructor 'Wu Tong' laughed beside Luo Feng, ’’Even if you're skilled and strong, that doesn't mean you can kill the monsters! When some people see blood and are faced with a chance of death, they won't even be able to bring out a tenth of their strength. So for this combat exam, the main goal is to train your mind. You have to get used to fighting to the death with monsters and be merciless’’

’’Understood’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Hm..... these monsters are all the weakest H level monsters. They're equivalent to a 'Beginner warrior' level fighter’’ said Wu Tong, ’’Their weak point is their low intellect. However, their strong point is that they are very aggressive and cruel. So in every fighter combat exam, there's always a cruel case where a prospective fighter that dies’’

Luo Feng nodded, there's no way that fighting to the death with real monsters could be safe.


After a bunch of weak H level monsters have been imported into the town, the amount of monsters in the town have reached a startling amount.


A ringing voice carried to every prospective fighter's ears. Luo Feng and every prospective fighter raised their heads to look, and they saw a military officer standing on a ruined three story apartment in the middle of the town as he spoke to all the prospective fighters, ’’This time's combat exam will have the same rules as the past ones! From 6:30 PM tonight, we will begin. The exam will end at 6 AM tomorrow!’’

’’The more monsters you slaughter, the more points you get. For each monster you slaughter, cut the monster's left ear off as proof’’

’’Remember, prospective fighters are not allowed to fight each other. Your movements and actions are all under our surveillance. Those who break the rules will immediately be shot and killed!’’

’’Out of you 1680 prospective fighters, the top 60% will earn the right to become a fighter! The other 40% will fail and will have to take the next fighter combat exam’’ the officer's voice suddenly became cold, ’’In other words, out of the 1680 of you, 1008 will pass and 672 will be disqualified!’’

The prospective fighters who were listening below couldn't help but to start talking, an unbelievable 40% will be disqualified!.

’’Here's a reminder, usually if one can kill three monsters, they pass. If you can only kill two monsters, it'll be up to luck’’ the officers voice resonated in everyone's ears, ’’When scores are the same, we use the amount of time used to kill the monsters and how injured you are to determine the rankings. So, when you finish killing the amount of monsters required, hurry and come out of the town’’

’’Remember, if you receive a heavy wound, press the emergency help button on your communication watch. Someone will immediately come and save you..... however, that moment also represents the end of your fighter combat exam’’ the officer leaped.


From the top of the apartment to the ground was at least a height of around 10 meters. And with two more consecutive leaps, he was already outside of town.

’’All prospective fighters, move out, and enter monster town’’ the officer waved his hand.

The 1680 prospective fighters were like a raging wave, and poured into monster town.

’’Shut the door!’’ ordered the officer.

[RUMBLE~~~] the only gate closed shut.

The fighter combat exam, officially begins!


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