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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 7


Volume 2 Chapter 7: Moving

At noon that day, instructor Jiang Nian dragged Luo Feng to eat a hearty meal with some fighters at headquarters. It was only until night that Luo Feng could return to his home in Yang-Zhou city.


At night, the streetlights in the southern shore region were lit up.

There were three middle-aged men who were drenched in sweat, laughing and talking as they walked down the road. You could smell the smell of wood and paint if you go near them.

’’My waist is becoming unbearably painful. I guess I have to sleep face down tonight’’ said a burly man has he held his waist and said in pain, ’’My prostrate also hurts. I guess it's time to get a checkup at a hospital. Damn, that costs a lot of money though’’

’’Old Tian, why don't you tell our boss and take a rest for two days? You can start working again when you feel better’’ said Luo Feng's father, Luo Hong Guo.

’’Yea, Old Tian, it's not worth ruining your body’’ said the slightly fat brute on the side.

’’Okay. I'll be heading home first’’ said the burly middle-aged man. He turned and headed towards a cone shaped apartment. The slightly fat brute and Luo Hong Guo sighed and said good bye as they headed towards another cone shaped apartment.

Luo Hong Guo slowly walked towards his home under the dim light of the streetlights.

’’32nd floor!’’ Luo Hong Guo stood on the first floor and looked at the stairs. As of now, climbing up 32 floors is easy for most people. However, for Luo Hong Guo who has been doing manual labor for an entire day, even walking is tiring, ’’My neck and waist are a bit sore. I should find some time to rest’’

Luo Hong Guo climbed the stairs all the way up to the 32nd floor!

[DING DONG] [DING DONG] Luo Hong Guo stood outside the door and pressed the doorbell. He was too lazy to take the keys out of his pocket.


When the door was opened, he saw a huge, extravagant meal on the table;there were a dozen different dishes. Their family doesn't even have this much on New Years.

’’What's going on, all of this food’’ even though Luo Hong Guo wasn't too happy, he still walked in the house with a smiling face.

[DAN DAN DAN DAN~~~] Luo Hua yelled while sitting on his wheelchair, ’’Dad, welcome home!’’

’’Dad!’’ Luo Feng obediently brought some tea to his father and said, ’’From now on, dad won't have to wear this uniform anymore!’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Hong Guo was shocked.

’’Luo’’ Gong Xin Lan, who was carrying the rice bowls, smiled at Luo Hong Guo, ’’Our son just signed a contract with the dojo of limits. Once he passes the fighter combat exam, he'll receive 20 million. He even received a private villa;he brought the keys to it home’’

’’What?’’ Luo Hong Guo was startled, ’’Xin Lan, what did you just say?’’

’’Dad, look’’ Luo Feng gave Luo Hong Guo the signed contract.

Luo Hong Guo took it and looked carefully, from the very first word to the very last word, Luo Hong Guo didn't dare miss anything...... He looked at this contract as if he was looking at a wedding certificate. All the terms on the contract were very clear.

’’This, this..... Don't you sign the contract with the dojo of limits after the fighter combat exam?’’ Luo Hong Guo was in a state of disbelief, ’’And how come there's 20 million?’’

Before, when Luo Feng passed the prospective fighter exam, Luo Hong Guo carefully checked.....

When a fighter joins the dojo, they only get a million.

’’Dad, this is because brother's a genius’’ Luo Hua said as he made a strange laugh, ’’What's the most important thing in this age? The geniuses within the fighters’’

’’All of us are able to live in this villa?’’ Luo Hong Guo looked towards his son Luo Feng.

Gong Xin Lan laughed on the side: ’’If you want to live there, you can go right now!’’

’’Ha, haha.....’’ Luo Hong Guo couldn't even control himself anymore;tears were welling up in his eyes. Even after all of these years, there was no chance of him changing with his current job, even if he worked for the rest of his life. He has worked so hard for his family. And now there's finally a chance to change! He can immediately live in the legendary private villa!

Indeed, a private villa is a legendary existence for a regular person. After the Grand Nirvana period, a city has to hold 200 million people, so land is extremely valuable! Since villas take up so much space, you can't even get them with money!

Even the few very rich people who inhabit the villas have to pay an enormous tax.

’’Even I, Luo Hong Guo, has an opportunity to live in a villa!!!’’ Luo Hong Guo couldn't control his happiness, ’’Haha, even my dog of a boss' home isn't going to be as good as mine’’

’’Yup yup’’ Luo Hua was starting to get excited too, ’’Our home will have huge windows and a huge bath! It'll also have a very huge living room! Our television and laptops will all be equipped with voice recognition systems. Our living room's television's display will be at least 200 inches wide. We can even roll around on our beds!’’

’’A bed to roll around on, I've been wishing for one for ages’’ Luo Hua said excitedly.

When Luo Feng saw his dad and brother like this, he was truly happy inside.

Why did he work so hard?

Wasn't it all just for this day?

’’Dad, mom, sit down, let's eat’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’I'm going to take a shower’’ Luo Hong Guo laughed loudly, ’’In the future, I won't have to wear this uniform already. I'll contact my boss about this’’


Tonight, Luo Feng's family was filled with a never before seen happiness.

This home, which was only 36 ping, has housed this family of four for so many years. Even though they weren't satisfied with this home, for example, the parents have to sleep on the couch and rarely any sunlight gets in. The bathroom is pitifully small..... there are just too many flaws.

However..... right when they were about to leave, Luo Feng's family was a bit hesitant, since there were way too many memories in this home.

However, people have to go higher!

The morning of the second day, a large truck was parked in front of the apartment. Luo Feng and his family started to move their things onto the truck.

’’Old Luo, what's happening? How come you're moving?’’

’’Eh, sister Lan, what're you doin' so early in the mornin'?’’


Many familiar friends and neighbors in this small sector curiously asked Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan.

’’Haha, my son Feng joined the dojo of limits, so we're moving to the Ming-Yue sector!’’ Luo Hong Guo answered with pride, ’’Wang San, you better come to the feast I host in my home.’’

Out of all the people who have lived in this poor apartment, who isn't hoping to make a change for themselves one day?

Luo Hong Guo changed! And he relied on his son!

’’Old Luo's son sure is great, he actually joined the dojo of limits’’

’’Yea, he's great. I wonder when my son can become that great too. Now old Luo got lucky and made a change for himself’’

The rumors spread from each person to ten others, from ten others to a hundred others.

Momentarily, the news spread across the entire southern shore region and even to other apartments in other regions. They all knew that Luo Hong Guo's son has joined the dojo of limits and their family will be moving to the Ming-Yue sector! This is an unbelievably huge, joyous event, which also made many other teenagers hope to help their families’’

’’Wen, when you want to find me, go straight to the Ming-Yue sector. However, give me a call before you come so I can contact the guards’’ said Luo Feng to his good friend Wei Wen.

’’Okay’’ Wei Wen excitedly hit Luo Feng's chest, ’’I knew that you could do this Luo Feng. Who cares about high school exams. Can one in ten thousand college graduates or military academy graduates live in a private villa? Jeez, I'll be sure to come look at your home in a few days. I haven't even stepped into a villa before’’

Very quickly

Under the gazes of the numerous men, women, and children, Luo Feng and his family rode a car, which was followed by a truck filled with things they couldn't bear to throw away.

Luo Feng and his family left the southern shore region and entered the fighter's Ming-Yue sector.


Noon, at the entrance in front of the Ming-Yue sector. Six soldiers holding real guns were guarding the gate at both sides, scanning the surroundings.

’’Stop!’’ One of the guards immediately raised his assault rifle and pointed it at the incoming car.

[CHI!] That car made an emergency brake.

Luo Feng and his family came out of the car, and a bald, old man came out of the guardsman's lounge. He laughed: ’’Luo Feng, right? Last time I saw you for your prospective fighter exam, I knew your future was limitless. However, I didn't think you'd be coming to live in our sector so quickly. I was contacted yesterday. Hurry, come and help them move their things’’

’’Luo Feng, we have people to help you move your things. These moving companies aren't allowed to enter here’’ laughed the bald, old man.

’’We understand’’ father Luo Hong Guo laughed and nodded.

At once, seven soldiers rushed out of the sector and speedily helped move the things. The men from the moving company watched with awe. After that, Luo Feng and his family moved into the Ming-Yue sector.

Luo Feng looked at the Limit Hall in the center and then looked at his surroundings. There were small bridges, flowing rivers, fake mountains and ponds, and a villa that was encircled by flowing water, ’’From now on, this will be my home’’. Luo Feng turned his head to his parents and his brother on his wheelchair. At this time, his parents and his brother all looked with excitement towards the small sector.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, this in front of you shall be your home’’ A few soldiers were moving things and a young woman smiled as she held a few papers, ’’#199 will be Mr. Luo Feng's home. This villa has three floors and a basement. The third floor also has a large terrace. The total area is 512 ping. If you count the basement, garden, and terrace, then it nears 800 ping’’

Luo Feng and his family exchanged glances.....

And then they closely looked at this luxurious villa with red and white walls;this will be their home!

’’36 ping? Near 800 ping?’’ Luo Hua on his wheelchair couldn't help but to mutter.


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