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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 4


Volume 2 Chapter 4: Enthusiastic Jiang Nian

’’His fist strength during the prospective fighter exam was around 1100 kg. In just these few days he was able to grow to the point where he can easily wield the 101 kg ghost blade? Doesn't that mean his strength just jump up by a couple times?’’ instructor Jiang Nian took in a deep breath.

Ever since he became the dojo instructor, Jiang Nian's 'Dojo Contribution' was lowering.

All the fighters in the dojo of limits highly value dojo contribution.

The fastest way to raise contribution is to kill monsters. However, Jiang Nian hasn't hunted for a long time.

’’If I'm right, then Luo Feng must've grasped the techniques to genetic energy training faster than most fighters’’ thought Jiang Nian, ’’Maybe I'll have the chance to get headquarters to send a few people here. If I can recommend Luo Feng, then not only will I be able to get more dojo contribution, but I'll also have a face to show in front of the other instructors!’’

Jiang Nian couldn't help but to be excited.

’’Luo Feng, give me your strongest punch!’’ ordered Jiang Nian.

’’Yes, instructor’’

Luo Feng stood in front of the fist strength tester machine and took in a deep breath as he thought, ’’My physical prowess is nothing compared to my spiritual force though’’. Luo Feng didn't plan on hiding any strength back, so he adjusted his breathing and pushed forward like a dragon.


The fist landed like a missile on the machine, which shook violently in response.。


’’How much?’’ Jiang Nian immediately ran over and looked at the machine's display. Luo Feng also looked at the display, since he had no idea how strong he was right now.

The machine displayed a clear number '3109kg'。

’’3109 kg?’’ Jiang Nian took in a deep breath and turned to Luo Feng like he was a monster.

Luo Feng was also surprised at this number;his strength increased by so much: ’’I was around 1100 kg during the prospective fighter exam. My strength increased the fastest when I did my genetic energy training, so it probably raised to around 1500 to 1800 kg. After I awakened, my body became even stronger and jumped all the way to 3109 kg?’’

Ever since he awakened, Luo Feng could feel the change in his body, but he never had a clear number to express it.

’’Luo Feng, you, you succeeded in your genetic energy training?’’ asked Jiang Nian.

’’Yes. After the prospective fighter exam, my first attempt at genetic energy training was a success’’ nodded Luo Feng.

Jiang Nian couldn't help but to clap and shout: ’’Haha, I finally have a truly genius person come out from my Zhi-An region's dojo. Just with his first time at genetic energy training, his strength went from 1100 kg to 3100 kg. For his strength to go up that much, there's probably at most one or two geniuses like this in the entire Jiang-Nan city!’’

When you start genetic energy training for the first time, it's a completely new experience to your body.

Since your body has never absorbed anything like it before, it has 'hungered' for dozens of years. So the first time you do it, the results are the most startling!

Starting from the 2nd time and on, the changes are small. You need years and years of training to improve yourself. This first time of training..... also shows someone's fitness level. Some people's strength raise by 300 kg, which is normal. Above average would be around 600 kg.

Some even raise by 1000 kg..... which was already considered elite.

And Luo Feng rose by 2000 kg!!! This is true genius!

’’Luo Feng, come and test your speed. Afterwards, test your reaction speed’’ Jiang Nian, as if he just found a gem, couldn't wait to test its powers.

’’Yes, instructor’’ Luo Feng was also a bit excited.

The results soon came out.

Strength 3109kg!

Speed 58m/s!

Reaction speed Beginner warrior full points!Intermediate warrior excellent!

’’Haha, a monster came out of my Zhi-An region too’’ Jiang Nian looked at the final grad

Luo Feng couldn't help but to laugh inside.....

Monster level?

Only Luo Feng knew that his fist strength rose by only around 600 kg after his first time doing genetic energy training. Only after he awakened was his strength able to raise to this startling amount.


Jiang Nian couldn't have thought of that, since genetic energy training is the cause of a normal fighter's highest raise in strength!

’’Geniuses like you will naturally be scouted by the Thunder Dojo, underground gangs, and other families after you finish your fighter combat exam’’ Jiang Nian laughed, ’’At that time, you might find their generous conditions to be alluring’’

Luo Feng realized, yes, if only one or two monsters like this appear in the entire population of 200 million in Jiang-Nan city, then who wouldn't try to fight over them?

’’So if I let you join now, isn't that even better?’’ instructor Jiang Nian laughed, ’’Of course, no need to worry. Our conditions aren't bad at all! A normal fighter usually gets a private villa and a hundred thousand chinese dollars. Luo Feng, you need to watch your money. The armor, weapons, guide books, and some other special weapons, along with lessons from powerful fighters, all need money’’

Luo Feng nodded.

’’For a genius like you, we'll give you a private villa along with twenty million dollars! To let you buy the armor and weapons and everything you need. At the same time, we the dojo of limits will also give you a free Dao Yin technique, a hidden blade scroll, and a hidden agility scroll. As long as the price of these three are lower than fifty million, we'll give it to you for free. If it's over fifty million, then you'll have to pay the extra.’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but to take a deep breath.


Normal fighters only get a million, while he is getting almost seventy million! Since the Dao Yin techniques, and blade and agility guides were important to fighters.

’’Luo Feng, those three things shouldn't be over fifty million. However, if you buy them from a different place, you might end up paying two times more’’ Jiang Nian smiled, ’’The fighters of the dojo of limits have a discount when buying certain scrolls. Of course, to buy a certain level of scrolls also require a corresponding level of dojo contribution! If you don't have the contribution, you can't get the scrolls even if you have money. Of course, your free gifts won't ask for any dojo contribution’’

Luo Feng realized that the conditions given to him were extremely extravagant.

’’My dojo of limits' conditions towards geniuses are all the same’’ Jiang Nian smiled, ’’In the dojo of limits, you can earn other comrades' help from all over. And our leader, the strongest fighter Hong, will also sometimes teach a bunch of true elites.

Luo Feng has lived in this age for quite a while, so he was clear on the influence of the dojo of limits!

Joining the dojo of limits was definitely a good choice.

’’Okay, instructor. I accept’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Haha’’ Jiang Nian laughed, ’’Of course, I don't have the right to let you join the dojo of limits immediately..... Accepting fighters of your talent needs headquarters themselves to test you’’ As he said that, Jiang Nian took out a cell phone from his pocket and quietly said 'Headquarters', which made the cell phone dial them.

Shortly after

A person appeared on the cell phone's screen.

’’Jiang Nian, what's up?’’ The screen's old, bald veteran laughed.

’’Uncle Bai’’ Jiang Nian said excitedly, ’’I found a genius fighter in my Zhi-An region. His fist strength increased by 2000 kg after his first time doing genetic energy training. His speed is 58 m/s and his reaction speed test was excellent in an intermediate warrior exam! Surely he's a monster level genius’’

’’Oh?’’ The old, bald veteran was surprised and asked, ’’His first time and it improved his strength by 2000 kg? How old is he?’’

The older you are, the less worth you are to nurture.

’’18 years old!’’ Jiang Nian answered.

’’What, only 18 years old?’’ The old, bald veteran suddenly stood up and shouted, ’’Hurry up and bring him to headquarters here you kid! I'll immediately organize a test for this kid’’

’’Okay, I'll go to headquarters immediately’’

Jiang Nian hung up and turned to Luo Feng smiling, ’’Luo Feng, come with me now to headquarters’’

’’Yes, instructor. Instructor, I'll put the ghost blade and hexagonal shield back into the weapons room’’ right when Luo Feng spoke, Jiang Nian was tugging at Luo Feng: ’’Who cares about the room, just leave it on the floor. Hurry, don't waste time’’

As he said that, Jiang Nian pulled Luo Feng and rushed towards the staircase, at the same time, Jiang Nian ordered: ’’Old Li, I probably won't have any time today, so cancel tonight's lessons’’

’’Yes, instructor’’ Uncle Li nodded, and right when he said that.

Jiang Nian and Luo Feng were no longer in his field of vision.


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