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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 2


Volume 2 Chapter 2: Compensation

’’Zhou Hua Yang?’’ Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat, ’’So it was him!’’

The military officer from the jail said that Zhang Hao Bai asked Zhou Hua Yang to organize the attack.

’’You are Zhou Hua Yang?’’ Luo Feng let out a small smile.

Zhou Hua Yang got goosebumps. He panicked under Luo Feng's gaze. There was no way he couldn't panic;if Luo Feng really wanted to deal with him, he would be in huge trouble. Zhou Hua Yang kept his smile on: ’’Yes, that is me. Brother Luo, shall we go find a place to chat?’’

’’That's fine’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’I have some things to say to you too’’


On a street not too far from the Southern shore region was a 'Yang Zhou spa hotel'. This place is quite expensive;even a small suite costs at least a thousand dollars. Luo Feng has heard of this place, but has never actually entered it himself. And this time he brought his brother and Zhou Hua Yang.

The Yang Zhou spa hotel was a place to take baths, wash your feet, and enjoy entertainment all in area.

’’Okay, you can go now. I'll call you if anything comes up’’ Zhou Hua Yang ordered in a particular room in the spa hotel.

’’Yes, mister’’ The waiter left.

There were three rooms in this suite: A bathroom designed especially for baths, a resting room where you can drink tea and discuss matters, and an entertainment room where you can go on the internet, watch television, and sing.

’’Hua, just play in this room, I'm going to discuss some things with Zhou Hua Yang’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Go, brother’’

Luo Hua moved his wheelchair in front of the computer and was a bit excited, ’’Wow, a 46 inch flat screen with a voice recognition system. Awesome’’

Luo Feng was also amazed, his laptop at home was one of the worst kinds. The controls were still done by hand. However, it was cheap;just a few hundred dollars for one. Now virtually all of the laptops are controlled by voice, and the highest quality ones even had a 'Three dimensional hologram projection system'

Of course, for a device to be able to project holograms, it would be immensely expensive. For this legendary device, even a rich family would go broke from just buying one.

Luo Hua was excited to use the voice recognition system as he sat in front of the computer. And Luo Feng and Zhou Hua Yang entered the resting room.

[KA] The door was closed and Luo Feng and Zhou Hua Yang sat across from each other.

’’Brother Luo, have some tea’’ Zhou Hua Yang lifted the teapot and, as he poured tea into Luo Feng's cup, he said with a look of shame, ’’Brother Luo, I came here to apologize to brother Luo! For this time's incident...... ugh, Truthfully, I am really sorry and I regret it a lot!’’

Luo Feng held his cup as he listened silently.

Zhou Hua Yang......

There are many of these types of people in society. What they do is do tasks for others in return for money. For example, Zhou Hua Yang also did his task for money;he had no grudges against Luo Feng at all. Luo Feng wasn't that mad towards Zhou Hua Yang. Who Luo Feng truly hated was Zhang Hao Bai.

’’Even if that Zhang Hao Bai didn't find Zhou Hua Yang to deal with me, he would've found someone else’’ Luo Feng thought to himself, ’’This Zhou Hua Yang is just a middleman. However..... since he came to find me, I might as well see it through’’

Zhou Hua Yang saw how Luo Feng was silent and continued talking, ’’I had no idea about the circumstances when I organized the attack against brother Luo. It was all because of Zhang Hao Bai I did this stupid act! I hope brother Luo can be generous and have mercy on me’’

’’Mercy?’’ Luo Feng sneered.

’’This is just a tiny gift from me, I hope brother Luo can accept it’’ Zhou Hua Yang took out an envelope and pushed it across the table towards Luo Feng, ’’This is a check with brother Luo's name on it. Only brother Luo can take out this money. You can get the money from any bank’’

Luo Feng opened the envelope and there was indeed a check inside. There was a 10 day expiration date and it had his name on it. It even had Luo Feng's identification number on it.

Of course, the most attractive part of it was that one line

One million!

’’One million?’’ Luo Feng was slightly startled, for this was a huge amount of money. Luo Feng has never saved over a hundred thousand dollars. Now that Chinese dollars are worth more, one million is a lot to even the CEOs.

’’I hope brother Luo can forgive me and let this thing slide by’’ Zhou Hua Yang pleaded.

A million......

Luo Feng's family never had this much money before;it would be a waste to not accept it.

’’I know you are a middleman, so I won't make it difficult for you. Okay, I'll accept the money’’ Luo Feng nodded and Zhou Hua Yang slightly let out a breath.

’’However, getting the money from a check is a bit troublesome. How about this, go through the internet right now and transfer it to my account’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Sure’’ Zhou Hua Yang was straightforward.

Luo Feng nodded and, with a pen on the side of the table, wrote down his bank account and the address of the bank: ’’This is my account and the address is here. The person who created the account is me’’

’’Okay’’ Zhou Hua Yang took back the envelope and took out his cell phone. Through the cell phone, he quickly got online and entered the bank system. Soon after, the transfer was a success.

Luo Feng felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and opened it. He saw a text message which was a bank notification telling him that his balance has increased by a million dollars.

’’Did it transfer successfully?’’ Zhou Hua Yang smiled.

’’Yea’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Zhou Hua Yang smiled: ’’Doing stuff with brother Luo is just simple and nice. In this Yang Zhou city, if brother Luo ever has some difficulty, feel free to find me. If I can help, I definitely will. Of course, brother Luo will become a fighter soon, but you never know. If something happens, it might be easier if we deal with it instead’’

’’Will do. If something comes up I'll contact you’’ Luo Feng stood up.

Zhou Hua Yang also immediately stood up, and the two of them shook hands.

’’Then I'll be going first’’ Zhou Hua Yang smiled, ’’I already paid the bill for this suite, so brother Luo can play until next morning’’ Zhou Hua Yang also greeted Luo Feng's brother 'Luo Hua' and then left the suite.

In the entertainment room of the suite.

’’Brother, what did that guy want with you?’’ Luo Hua laughed, ’’It seems that he's quite generous’’.

’’He came to give us money’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Give money?’’ Luo Hua was shocked.

Luo Feng didn't tell his family of any of the events that occurred in the jail, since he didn't want them to worry. Luo Feng thought..... that since he has already started the path of a fighter, this path will be filled with trials, dangers, and difficulties, so it would be better to not tell them.

’’Yea. Oh, Luo Hua’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’How's your stock going?’’

Since Luo Hua is usually home, he took a great interest towards economics, especially towards stock. Don't underestimate him for being young;he has already been doing this for three years.

’’I didn't earn much the first year, but I earned quite a bit the second year. I quadrupled my principal, so I probably earned twenty thousand dollars’’ said Luo Hua.

’’So much?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

Twenty thousand dollars couldn't shock Luo Feng, but what shocked him was his little brother's money making efficiency! Quadrupled! This is an amazing rate!

’’It's nothing much’’ Luo Hua laughed, ’’When you're playing with stocks, you first play psychologically and then play mathematically. As long as you control your position well and buy from the right places. It's easy to control the people behind the scenes..... It's just that at times, the stock market crashes which affects the psychological factor. Usually people get scared and quit when they don't make much money on the first year’’

Luo Feng's head was blank as he listened.

’’This money making of mine isn't much. The true professionals could probably earn around 10-20 times more than I can by using contracts. Of course, there's a huge risk in doing that and if something goes wrong, everything is over’’ Luo Hua shaked his head as he said that.

Although Luo Feng didn't understand this.....

he did understand one point: stock relies on compounding interest.

For example, his brother took three years to make a few thousand into twenty thousand. If he started off with a million, then he could have turned it into four million. If he had four million, it could turn into 16 million.

As the money compounds on itself, it starts to get out of proportion.

’’Hua, I'll give you five hundred thousand later’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’Keep working’’

’’Five hundred thousand?’’ Luo Hua's eyes flashed, ’’The stocks are plummeting at the moment, so I might be able to make a huge profit’’. After living with his brother for so many years, he found out a long time ago.... that Luo Hua was always hoping for the stock market prices to drop. Their neighbor, uncle Wang, always hoped for it to raise.

His brother tried to make money while uncle Wang tried to pay back money.

’’The professionals always hope for the stocks to drop?’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.

’’Oh yea, brother, where did you get that money from?’’ Asked Luo Hua.

’’From that Zhou Hua Yang guy just now’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’You can go use this money. After I become a fighter, there'll be tons of money to earn’’. A regular fighter doesn't earn that much, but..... Luo Feng was aware of his strength. Just that telekinesis trick is already superior to a heavy machine gun!

Bullets fly in one, straight line, while Luo Feng's objects can change direction at will.

’’After I pass my fighter combat exam on August 1st, I'll begin my fighter career’’ Luo Feng picked up a tea cup with his right hand but accidently broke it;tea poured all over the floor.

Luo Hua, who was next to him, was surprised: ’’Brother, what's wrong?’’

’’Nothing’’ Luo Feng shaked his head and laughed.

However, he thought to himself: ’’In jail, after training my genetic energy, my power rose by a huge margin. After my power awakened, my power increased even more! Right now, my strength and speed are far beyond what they were before. However, such rapid growth isn't such a good thing either. I can't control my power well’’

Accidentally crushing the tea cup shows that he doesn't have enough control over his power.

’’Hm, I'll go to the dojo of limits tomorrow morning. Starting from today until August 1st, which gives me around 20 days, I'll seriously train. I'll train and gain control over my speed and power so I can bring out my own strength more’’ Luo Feng thought to himself.


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