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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 19


Volume 2 Chapter 19: 10 Stages of Force

After turning to the first page of the ’’Nine Stage Thunder Blade’’ instruction manual*...

*TL note: From now on, I'll change scrolls to instruction manuals.

’’Speed!’’ was the largest and most prominent word on the page. As if facing an approaching blade, Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat. This instruction manual is just a copy of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, but the copied handwriting was enough to freeze Luo Feng.

One can imagine how horrifying the instruction manual's creator, Thunder Lord, is.

Luo Feng continued reading.

’’In all of martial arts, the only indestructible thing is speed’’

’’As your blade gets faster and approaches the limit, you'll be invincible’’ Luo Feng flipped to the title page and saw flamboyant handwriting, ’’it's the same with ’’Hong’’ 's 《Destroyer》, his most powerful move also approaches the limits of speed. In just one move, the sky shakes and the earth shatters, leaving nothing behind’’

’’There is only one secret behind the ’’Nine Stage Thunder Blade’’ I have created: speed!’’

Luo Feng flipped to the second page.

’’How can speed have so much destructive force?’’

’’First, if your blade can move faster than your opponent can react, you can slit their throat before they even raise their blade! Even if your strength is only a tenth of your opponent's, their throat cannot defend against your sharp blade. So speed allows you to attack your opponent's weak points’’

’’Next, speed can increase the power of your blade’’

’’Using the energy calculation formulas a blade's attack power is equal to 0.5mv^2, in other words, in stable conditions, the faster the blade moves, the more energy it'll contain! Even a water column can pierce steel if fast enough. A piece of paper can cut steel!

’’Speed, can let you slip through your opponent's defense!’’

’’Speed, can make your blade indestructible! Whether you look at it from the angle of striking weak points, or the angle of increasing destructive power, the best way is to increase your blade's speed!’’

Luo Feng nodded as he read. Most of the fighters in today's society will understand this point. Only by increasing your speed to the extreme can you become the strongest!

’’Many fighters understand this point, but those who are able to put this to practice are few within few!’’ The words Thunder Lord wrote in the instruction manual were full of confidence, ’’The 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》I have created gives me the fastest blade on earth! It also gives me the highest speed and the strongest body!’’

Luo Feng's eyes flashed as he read.

’’The 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 incorporates the agility technique 'Liu Guang*', the entire Dao Yin technique set 'Nine Stage Hun Yuan', and the entire blade technique set 'Thunder Blade'. Out of these three, the Dao Yin technique is essential!’’

*TL Note: Literally means flowing light.

’’Only with the Dao Yin technique can you achieve a more powerful body!’’

’’Body fitness is the core!’’

’’Blade technique and agility need continuous practice and understanding!’’

Luo Feng kept flipping through. There were three volumes on the Dao Yin technique in this instruction manual. According to the instruction manual's description, there were nine volumes of the 'Nine Stage Hun Yuan’’ Dao Yin technique. This instruction manual also only had the first three volumes of the blade technique and the agility technique. Luo Feng read the entire thing word for word.

After raising his head.....

The sunlight was sinister and the August sun shone through the windows, causing the entire training hall to dazzle even more.

’’Amazing, just amazing’’

Luo Feng was completely sucked into the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》that Thunder Lord had created. Even though he only has the first three stages, they were enough to make Luo Feng's jaw drop. Comparing the tips on the internet with this instruction manual was like comparing a firefly to the sun.

’’I'll test this technique’’

Luo Feng solemnly put the instruction manual in the corner of the training hall and took out his ghost blade. The ghost blade made a ’’CHI’’ sound as it was unsheathed. The entire ghost blade was 101 cm long, the blade itself was 78 cm long, and the blade's width was 5.2 cm. This blade was sharpened a while ago, and its main material was second grade Ke-Luo alloy.

Even at half price, this blade costs 3 million, and weighed 112 kg.


[HU!] [HU!] Luo Feng seemed to just stand still in the middle of the training hall, but the ghost blade in his hand continuously waved around.

The Nine Stage Thunder Blade technique relies on a special way to exert force.

When a regular person swings their blade, you could say they use 100% of their strength! But in the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》training, only 70% of their strength is used in a swing. After unleashing the first stage of their attack, they'll force themselves to unleash another stage, also at 70% of their strength. Two of these stages added together equals 140% strength!

The Nine Stage Thunder Blade has nine stages.

In the first stage, you can unleash another stage, which is 140% of the power!

In the second stage, you can unleash two more stages, which is 210% of the power!

In the third stage, you can unleash three more stages, which is 280% of the power!


In the ninth stage, you can unleash nine more stages, which is 720% of the power! Which is seven times your regular strength.

What does this represent?

It means that if a beginner warrior is able to learn up to the ninth stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》then he can basically rival a beginner warlord!

’’So difficult, just like the rumors said. This 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》training is extremely difficult. Even the introductory part is so hard’’ Luo Feng continued to swing his blade hundreds of times. With each swing, he tries to build upon the basics of swinging and unleash the second stage of his swing. However, he's unable to do it.

Too difficult!

A swing of a blade ends in just a moment. In this moment, after the first time you use your strength to swing, you have to exert your force again, which is practically impossible.

’’Looks like I can't be too greedy. In the first stage of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, there are 18 different blade techniques. According to the instruction manual, if I practice these 18 techniques, I'll be able to realize the trick to unleashing the first stage of the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》’’ nodded Luo Feng, There's a saying that goes ’’After reading a book a hundred times, the meaning will show itself’’.

After practicing these 18 techniques many times, the meaning behind them will show itself.

’’Feng, time to eat’’

’’Feng, hurry’’

Mom and Dad's voices carried from downstairs.

’’Coming’’ Luo Feng put his ghost blade back into its scabbard and hung it onto the wall. After that, he put the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》instruction manual into his personal room. It was only after doing this did Luo Feng go downstairs to eat.


Time passed, and even though Luo Feng already joined the Fire Hammer squad, they were on break. Luo Feng used this opportunity to polish his《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》technique, agility, and Dao-Yin technique. That and the genetic energy training produced clear results. Luo Feng's fitness level clearly grew by a ton again.

And for the ’’Nine Stage Thunder Blade’’ technique, Luo Feng still hasn't been able to learn the first stage.

Even though he couldn't learn it, it was clear that Luo Feng has become more agile, and his control over his blade and power has improved a lot.

’’Even though I still can't unleash another stage, but at least I'm able to control my muscles much better than before’’ Luo Feng stood alone in the training hall, and silently started putting on his battle uniform. He put five throwing knives on each of his thigh pockets, and he wore alloyed battle boots.

He also had a vest on, which revealed his shoulders, and had wrist guards on both arms.

He had his backpack, hexagonal shield, and ghost blade on his back. On his right wrist guard was his tactical communications watch. In his bag, he had some water and high carb food prepared.

’’Today, August 28th, is the first day I leave the city and officially begin a mission’’ Luo Feng took a deep breath,


Today, was the day that the Fire Hammer squad departs!

’’Luo Feng!’’ Fire Cannon Chen Gu's yell came from outside.

’’Coming’’ responded Luo Feng. He immediately ran downstairs and saw that his father Luo Hong Guo and mother Gong Xin Lan were standing in the living room. His brother Luo Hua was in his wheelchair and also silently looking at Luo Feng. They knew that today was the day that Luo Feng was going to leave the city and enter the wilderness.

The wilderness was what people called the land outside of the city, which includes ruined cities, suburbs, mountains, forests, lakes, etc.

’’Luo Feng, be careful’’ Gong Xin Lan couldn't help but to say.

’’Don't worry mom’’ Luo Feng laughed. He nodded at his father and then finally looked towards Luo Hua.

’’Bro, maybe when you come back, you'll be able to eat my wedding candy’’ Luo Hua suddenly started laughing.

’’Wedding candy? So fast? You haven't even known that young woman for two months yet’’ laughed Luo Feng.

’’If we're in a good relationship, who cares if it's quick?’’ Luo Hua laughed.

’’Alright, I'll come back to eat your wedding candy, so you better get a lot of good tasting ones for me’’ Luo Feng laughed and rubbed his brother's head, ’’Okay. Dad, mom, I'm off. I'll be back in a few days’’. After saying that, Luo Feng ran towards the door and met with Chen Gu at the door of his villa.

Luo Feng's family silently watched Luo Feng in his battle uniform leave swiftly with the brute, who was also fully equipped.

’’Let's go, Luo Feng, to the HR alliance's market to meet up with the leader and the others. Then we'll leave together towards the wilderness’’

’’Yes, Brother Chen’’

Luo Feng swiftly headed towards the Dojo of Limit's private car with Chen Gu and another man with a steel spear on his back.


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