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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 18


Volume 2 Chapter 18: Fire hammer squad

Zhang Ze Hu was enraged, he didn't think that this rookie Luo Feng wouldn't leave him any face at all.

’’50 million, no less?’’ Zhang Ze Hu glared like he was about to eat someone.

But Luo Feng didn't care.

He read many posts on the 'Limit Home' about this and knew that whoever lowers their head first is admitting defeat! And in this kind of situation, technically, if two people are of equal position, the side that made the mistake should apologize.

And yet Zhang Ze Hu was assertive, clearly taking advantage of Luo Feng's status of a rookie.

However..... Luo Feng wasn't affected.

’’Okay, listen to me’’ the Dojo of Limits' chief instructor Wu Tong spoke, ’’Luo Feng and Mountain Tiger, both of you back off. 30 million Chinese dollars! Zhang Ze Hu, 30 million isn't that much to you, bring out that amount and we'll call it off. Luo Feng, you don't have any objections right’’

Luo Feng nodded: ’’We'll do as uncle Wu says’’

’’Mountain Tiger, you?’’ Wu Tong looked towards Zhang Ze Hu.

Everyone's gazes landed upon Zhang Ze Hu, and he angrily stood up and laughed as he said: ’’Making me lower my head to a tiny rabbit? In your dreams! Lao Li, brothers, let's go!’’

’’If you don't want to resolve this, then you'll have to pay 100 million to protect your nephew’’ Wu Tong laughed softly.

’’I'd rather give the country 100 million than to give 30 million to resolve this!!!’’ Zhang Ze Hu looked coldly towards Luo Feng and mocked, ’’Kiddo, being a fighter isn't that easy! After you leave the city you'll see how scary monsters are. All of the scariest situations come without warning. And the monsters in the military camp don't even come close at all. Those monsters are raised by the military and are the weakest type. I hope you don't die too quickly, or else how would you come back to play with me? Right, let me remind you, I'm not too far off from the warlord level. How long will it take for you to reach the warlord level? And, can you even survive for that long?’’

Luo Feng laughed: ’’Thank you Mr. Zhang Ze Hu for your care. However, you should think about how you're going to prepare 100 million to give to the country to protect your nephew’’

’’Hmph’’ Zhang Ze Hu's face sank, ’’Let's go!’’

’’One billion man, one billion’’ Fire Cannon Chen Gu purposefully shouted twice in a weird voice.

Zhang Ze Hu's group spoke no further and left.

Seeing how that group left, the people from the Dojo of Limits started getting rowdy.

’’This Zhang Ze Hu's temper is just as the rumors said: so bad it's indescribable. It's clearly his nephew's fault and he still refused to lower his head’’ Wu Tong laughed as he shook his head, ’’He would rather donate 100 million than pay 30 million to resolve it!’’

The Dojo has contribution points, and the country has contribution points too!

Those who have contributed to the country receive contribution points depending on what they have done. 10,000 points is the one star rank. 100,000 points is the two star rank..... which is the same as the Dojo of Limits' system. The year where one man, Dong Nan Bao, saved thousands of civilians by slaying the Tiger head dragon was given a four star hero medal.

Just like how you can donate to the Dojo to earn contribution points, you can also donate to the country to earn contribution points.

10 thousand Chinese dollars is one contribution point.

100 million Chinese dollars is 10,000 contribution points, which is the one star rank!

If Zhang Ze Hu doesn't want to negotiate with Luo Feng, then the only solution left is to donate 100 million to the country for his nephew and let his nephew get the 1 star rank. As a one star ranked civilian, Zhang Hao Bai is granted special rights. He can't go to jail for too long just because of the conflict between him and Luo Feng.

’’Even if he gives the country 100 million to make his nephew a one star civilian, a one star civilian will still have to go to jail for 3 to 5 months for going against a fighter and suffer a bit!’’ said Fire Cannon Chen Gu as he shook his head.

’’If he doesn't want to lower his head, then who can we blame?’’

’’Guess he doesn't care because he has money’’

The fighters of the Dojo of Limits laughed loudly.

’’Luo Feng’’ chief instructor Wu Tong laughed, ’’According to chief Zhu Ge's commands, we'll have to make arrangements for you to enter a warlord level fighter squad. This way you can train yourself more easily outside the city. It's also safer this way! I talked for you and made the preparations for you to enter the 'Fire hammer squad'’’.

’’Fire hammer squad?’’ Luo Feng nodded.

That chief Zhu Ge Tong really values him, from the start, he let him join a warlord level fighter squad.

The squads that leave the cities and enter the wilderness to hunt monsters don't have an even skill level. Usually if a team consists of just one warlord level fighter, then that squad counts as a warlord level squad.

’’Luo Feng’’ Fire Cannon Chen Gu patted Luo Feng's shoulder and laughed loudly, ’’I'm the vice captain of the fire hammer squad! I'll protect you when you're with me, but Luo Feng, I have to put out the ugly words first. Us members of the fire hammer squad will definitely give you chances to train so you can get used to hunting monsters, but you have to work hard too and can't just keep hoping for help from the other members. If you can't adapt after the first mission..... then we can only kick you out the squad’’

’’Brother Chen, I understand’’ Luo Feng laughed and nodded.

A fighter squad lives on the border of life and death. If the squad has a burden, then the effect will be huge.

’’If you understand then I can relax. Also.....’’ Fire Cannon Chen Gu laughed as he said, ’’Have you bought all of your weapons and equipment?’’

’’Not yet, I'm preparing to buy some of the higher quality weapons and equipment. But for those, I need a one star contribution rank to buy them for half price’’ Luo Feng shook his head hopelessly.

Fire Cannon Chen Gu suddenly started laughing: ’’This is simple. Tell me what you want to buy and I'll buy them for you! You don't have enough contribution points, but I do! I'm not far from the two star contribution rank right now. I can buy them all for half price and you can transfer the money to my account later right?’’

’’Yes’’ chief instructor Wu Tong nodded on the side, ’’Equipment like cold or heated weapons can be bought by others without a problem. Of course, things like scrolls can't be bought by others for you’’.

Luo Feng nodded.

This he knew, for example the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 that he bought will appear in the databases of the Dojo of Limits, Underground Alliance, the Thunder Dojo, etc. as Luo Feng has purchased the first three stages of the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》. That way, Luo Feng can use the Nine Stage Thunder Blade without a problem.

However, if Yang Wu could use the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, then once he gets caught, he'll be arrested, since that counts as copying and spreading the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》scroll,which violates the rights Thunder Lord has for this scroll.

If you don't buy it, you don't have the right to practice it!

If you let someone else buy something for you, the database will display that. Since there isn't any information on you buying the scroll, you can't practice it even if you get it. However, weapons and equipment don't have this kind of copyright restriction.

’’Luo Feng, write down all the weapons and equipment you need and I'll buy them for you when I get back’’ said Chen Gu.


Luo Feng nodded and immediately went to write it down on a piece of paper.


All class 5 equipment, the battle uniform set's half price was 9 million, the 2nd series ghost blade's half price was 3 million, the 5th series shield was 1.5 million, and the ten 6th series throwing knives cost 1.5 million. For a grand total of 15 million. With his bag and tactical communications watch, Luo Feng was set.

Luo Feng's home's 2nd floor in the training area.

Dawn's light shone through the window which made the entire training area bright. Luo Feng was wearing a loose dojo uniform and kneeled on the floor. The training area was over 100 ping in size and was completely empty. It was just Luo Feng sitting in the middle, and in front of him was a scroll

’’Nine Stage Thunder Blade’’。

’’Seems like the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》is very difficult to learn, I wonder why’’ Luo Feng opened the scroll and and looked at it.


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