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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 16


Volume 2 Chapter 16: Expensive Equipment

’’Luckily my contract allows my first purchase to ignore the contribution rank restriction’’ Luo Feng felt his heart pounding rapidly. It couldn't be helped;this was 100 million Chinese dollars! Buying Zhang Hao Bai's line of villas would be easy.

Furthermore, Luo Feng's family was always poor. One could imagine how he felt to use 100 million all up at once!

’’Thankfully this isn't my money’’ Luo Feng grinned.

The scroll purchasing was a success. Next.... buying weapons, battle uniform, etc.

’’I have a principal of 20 million. I'll try to save where I can’’ Luo Feng opened the list of weapons and quickly found the 2nd series 'Ghost Blade'.

Ghost blade 2nd series, Model A1 Price: 100 thousand Chinese dollars (full price), 50 thousand Chinese dollars (half price requirement: 1 star contribution rank)

Ghost blade 2nd series, Model A2 Price: 500 thousand Chinese dollars (full price), 250 thousand Chinese dollars (half price requirement: 1 star contribution rank)


............2nd series, Model A5 Price: 6 million Chinese dollars (full price), 3 million Chinese dollars (half price requirement: 1 star contribution rank)


Luo Feng looked carefully at the models' descriptions and couldn't help but to frown, ’’My strength rises at a rapid rate now. I'm sure that my body fitness level will rise to the border of an advanced level warrior soon. Since I'm buying a weapon, I should try to buy a good one’’

If it was a regular intermediate level warrior...

He can just purchase either the A2 or A3 model. You only have to donate 10 thousand dollars to get one contribution point!

The so called one contribution point is to differentiate between the fighters from your own Dojo and those from outside. The Dojo of Limits owns an internal network Home of Limits' 'Internet Market', but they also have an actual fighter market. Fighters outside of the dojo can buy their goods too, but they must pay the full price!

’’With my rate of growth, I'll have to buy at least an A5 or A6 model ghost blade’’ nodded Luo Feng, ’’But these models require a one star contribution rank!’’

’’A one star rank is 10 thousand contribution points!’’

His first purchase ignored the contribution rank restriction and he managed to buy the scroll with the best price. However, this kind of offer only lasted for his first scroll purchase.

His weapons, battle uniform, etc. won't have these kinds of

deals at all.

’’Ghost blade model A6's full price is 20 million. Model A5's full price is 6 million’’ Luo Feng shook his head. The A5 model can fight most of the 'medium-level commander' monsters without worrying about the weapon breaking. The A6 model weapon can fight most of the 'high-level commander' monsters without worrying about the weapon breaking.

With his current rate of growth, an earlier model weapon is clearly not suitable.

’’Buy them at full price? Too expensive’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

’’Let's check the shields’’

Luo Feng opened up the webpage for the shields and as he looked closely, he noticed that the price of the shields were way lower than the blades'. A B5 model that can block a 'medium level commander' costs 3 million Chinese dollars at full price and 1.5 million Chinese dollars at half price. However, the contribution rank requirement is also 1 star!


When living in the wilderness and fighting with monsters, the type of bag you carry with you is also special. First, the bag itself needs to be high quality, and it shouldn't hinder the fighter's movements when he fights with monsters.

’’The cheapest bag requires only one contribution point. A better one is only 10 thousand dollars’’ Luo Feng let out a smile.

’’A tactical communications watch has time, GPS, a phone, and many more functions. The price is not bad too, only 10 thousand dollars’’ In reality, those functions aren't worth that much money. In the market nowadays, the phones that cost a few hundred dollars can also make calls, show time, and have a GPS system built into them. The only reason it costs 10 thousand dollars is because the material it's made out of is expensive!

When fighting with a monster, their claws might touch the watch! The watch has to be sturdy enough to withstand a monster's attack, so how could it be cheap?

’’I already checked out the blade, shield, watch, and bag. Now there's only one thing left.... the battle uniform including the boots’’ Luo Feng already heard that the battle uniform is the most expensive gear on the fighter! Because not only does the defense have to be good, but it also has to be comfortable and not get in the way of the fighter's dodging.

Luo Feng opened it to see.....


’’So expensive!’’

Luo Feng was dumbfounded, ’’Even though it's a D5 edition battle uniform that includes bracers and boots as a set and can deflect a medium-level commander, the full price is 18 million Chinese dollars, and the half price is 9 million. The D6 requires 80 million Chinese dollars for the full price. ’’I knew that the battle uniforms were expensive, but I didn't know that the 5th series battle uniform is three times more expensive than the blade of the same series!

Now for the calculations.....

If we use the 5th series for all of them The entire battle uniform set is 18 million, the ghost blade is 6 million, the shield is 3 million, so 27 million total! If he had a one star contribution rank, then he would only need 13.5 million.

The prices tactical communications watch and the bag are nothing compared to the battle uniform's!

’’I still want to buy some throwing knives that I could control with my spiritual force! I should buy at least six or ten of them’’ Luo Feng opened the throwing knives page. Throwing knives are just some small items. They are small in size and low in weight, so naturally they should be way cheaper than the ghost blade.

A 5th series throwing knife is only 50 thousand Chinese dollars for the full price.

6th series, 300 thousand Chinese dollars for the full price.

7th series, the full price is an astounding 3 million Chinese dollars, and half price is 1.5 million (requirement: 2 star contribution rank), a full 10x increase! If you put enough strength behind it, a 7th series throwing knife can easily harm a low-level horde leader monster. The difference between a commander and a horde leader is huge, but who knew that the weapon's prices will have such a huge difference too.

’’My spiritual force is powerful and it'll continue to grow rapidly. I was planning on buying a 7th series throwing knife, but one knife is 3 million, and the half price requirement is a 2 star contribution rank! If I buy 5 or 6, that's already more than 10 million!’’

’’How can I afford this?’’

’’This money, isn't even enough at all’’ Luo Feng thought that a principal of twenty million dollars was plenty, but he realized that a fighter's equipment is absurdly expensive.

What Luo Feng didn't know, was that the prices weren't absurd at all!

A horde leader level monster can't even be killed by a guided missile! For a throwing knife to be able to pierce them, one could guess how high the quality of the knife must be! One knife for 3 million is reasonable.


When fighters spend money to buy their equipment, they have to spend a lot. However, they also earn a ton of money when hunting monsters.

Sadly, Luo Feng hasn't started making money yet.


At around 10 AM on the second day.

Ming-Yue sector, a stranger came to Luo Feng's villa's garden.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, here is the scroll you purchased. Your fingerprint will be able to open it’’

Luo Feng accepted the sent sealed alloyed box and slid his finger across the top of the alloyed box, ’’[BEEP!] Fingerprint test passed’’ a metallic sound arose and the alloyed box opened up. A book that was around one cm thick was inside. There were also two discs on the book.

’’Nine stage Thunder Blade’’ Luo Feng saw the four words on the book.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, try opening it. After confirming, please sign’’ said the delivery boy as he smiled, but there was a bit of admiration in his eye as he looked towards Luo Feng.

Nine stage Thunder Blade!

The average fighter couldn't afford this.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, I'm sure you're aware of the taboos that come with your purchase?’’ the delivery boy smiled, ’’According to the rules, I'll say them

..... The ownership of the scroll goes to the creator of the scroll, 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》is copyrighted by Thunder God!People who have purchased it only have the right to learn it, but not the right to teach it. You are not allowed to copy it and sell it or teach it privately. If someone breaks the rule, the Dojo of Limits, the Thunder Dojo, the Underground Alliance, and the government will work together to hunt them down!’’

Luo Feng nodded, of course he knew this rule.

After confirming, the delivery boy left.

’’Just this one scroll and two discs is worth 100 million Chinese dollars’’ Luo Feng stood in his garden and was amazed, ’’Seems like making a scroll makes the most money. For example, if more people buy Thunder God's 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》then he earns more money.’’ After calculating for a bit, it's not hard to find out how much money Thunder God makes.

However.... for Thunder God, the creator of the 'Thunder Dojo', money probably doesn't mean much to him.


Right when Luo Feng was about to enter his home with his scroll, ’’Luo Feng’’ a voice arose.

Luo Feng turned his head, and the person who came to visit was the Dojo of Limits' chief instructor 'Wu Tong'.

’’Uncle Wu’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’I just saw the delivery guy at headquarters, you buy something?’’ Wu Tong laughed.

’’Yes’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》?’’ Wu Tong looked at the four words on the scroll in Luo Feng's hands and was shocked, ’’You, you actually could afford this?’’ Scrolls were strictly controlled by all the large powers on earth.

’’The money I spent wasn't my money anyway’’ Luo Feng laughed and randomly said, ’’However, I found out that I really don't have enough money to spend. Blades, battle uniforms, etc. require so much money’’

’’Oh yea, Luo Feng, I came here to tell you something’’ chief instructor 'Wu Tong' laughed as he said, ’’Not too long ago, wasn't there a young man named Zhang Hao Bai who offended you?’’

Luo Feng was startled, Zhang Hao Bai? Luo Feng didn't even have a chance to get back at him yet.

’’Yea, he got someone to try and break my arms and legs in the past’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’Well it's like this. Zhang Hao Bai's uncle, 'Zhang Ze Hu', is a fighter from the Thunder Dojo. He asked the chief instructor of the Thunder Dojo here in Yang Zhou city to help resolve this. He wants to resolve this matter privately with you’’ chief instructor 'Wu Tong' laughed, ’’Luo Feng, aren't you low in money? This is a big chance to earn money, you could take advantage of this opportunity to earn a ton!’’


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