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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 14


Volume 2 Chapter 14: The cause of Luo Feng's headaches

In the silent video room, Luo Feng sipped a bit of his fresh brewed tea. His gaze, however, was focused on the huge screen on the wall of the video recording room: ’’Twenty million Chinese dollars? The money that the Dojo of Limits promised to me certainly did arrive’’. There were a row of buttons on the very top of the webpage.

One of them continuously flashed and read - ’’You have two new messages’’

Luo Feng's finger lightly tapped the wireless keyboard's touch screen to open the messages.


The first message opened and a video message came out.

’’Hello, Mr. Luo Feng’’ A middle-aged man wearing a black suit appeared on the huge screen. He smiled as he said, ’’I am Chief Zhu Ge's assistant. I'm sure you have already seen the twenty million that Chief Zhu Ge promised you. To buy your blade, agility, and technique scrolls, you can purchase them through the internal network. As long as their price doesn't exceed 100 million, the internal network will transfer the payments to the Dojo of Limits so you won't have to pay. However, if the cost exceeds 100 million, then Mr. Luo Feng will have to pay the exceeding part. At the same time, I represent the Chief to congratulate Mr. Luo Feng's success in the fighter combat exam’’

After that was said, the video came to an end.

’’The Dojo of Limits is treating me quite well’’ Luo Feng opened the second message.

This message also contained a video.

’’Hello, respected new fighter 'Luo Feng'. I represent the Dojo of Limits, and I welcome you to our large family’’ A kind faced woman smiled as she said, ’’This is your first time entering the Dojo of Limits' internal network Home of Limits! Allow me to tell you how to use the various functions of the Home of Limits’’

’’First, in the Home of Limits, you can purchase various weapons, techniques, agility scrolls, and offensive scrolls like blade scrolls, spear scrolls, sword scrolls, etc. There are also heated weapons, transportation tools, protective gears, communication systems, special bombs, special medicines, genetic medicines......There are even some rare ingredients and treasures. As long as you have enough money, you can buy all of them’’

’’Once you pay, the good will arrive within 24 hours’’

’’Through the Limit Home, you can even ask for a warlord or even a wargod fighter to tutor you one on one through the internet. Likewise, you have to be able to pay the money’’

The girl in the video smiled and said, ’’If you have enough contribution points, then all the goods described above will be half price!’’

Luo Feng was shocked after hearing this.


So as long as he has enough contribution points, a good that's worth 100 million can be bought for fifty million? There sure are many places to use these contribution points. However, his contribution points still remain at 0 right now.

’’There are many uses for contribution points. Not only can you buy goods with them, but once you reach a certain point, you can use them to call the special forces of the Dojo of Limits’’ the girl in the video smiled and said, ’’Higher contribution points represents more power, benefits, and authority in my Dojo of Limits’’

’’There are two main ways to earn contribution points’’

’’First, you can kill monsters and pick certain materials from their bodies, and sell these important materials to the Dojo of Limits! You can earn money and contribution points this way’’

’’Second, you can donate to the Dojo of Limits. The more you donate, the more contribution points you receive. The rate right now is..... 10 thousand Chinese dollars for one contribution point! In the donation system, the minimum donation is 10 million Chinese dollars, and the maximum amount a fighter can donate is 100 billion. In other words through the donation system, you can earn up to 10 million contribution points!’’

After Luo Feng heard this, he took a deep breath.

The ****?

There's a limit to donating? The maximum is 100 billion? They won't accept any more than that? 100 billion chinese dollars, it seems like the richest man in China only has a little more than 100 billion. In the Forbes ranking for the wealthiest people on earth, the richest man only has like 120 billion American dollars, which is equivalent to 420 billion Chinese dollars.

Of course, Forbes ranks only the surface. Some huge families' entire savings exceed some of the richest people. However, that's an entire family's savings.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, let me remind you that the best way to earn contribution points is by hunting monsters. Not only can you earn contribution points, but also earn money’’ the girl in the video smiled and said, ’’Even though you have a large principal, don't buy things immediately. You can enter the fighter's discussion database and carefully learn some of the basic knowledge a fighter needs. This will help you when you're picking a scroll or buying a weapon’’

’’Finally, I hope Mr. Luo Feng can get to the very top of the fighters in our huge family in the Dojo of Limits’’

After saying that, the girl in the video bowed and then the video ended.

Luo Feng was speechless after listening.....

There is indeed a huge use for the internal network 'Home of Limits'. The thing that attracts Luo Feng the most is that you could actually use money to get a warlord or even a wargod level fighter to tutor you one on one through the internet.


Even though he had twenty million Chinese dollars, Luo Feng wasn't in a rush to buy any of the weapons. He first tried to get used to the Home of Limits' internal network. The Home of Limits website has many functions. There were a wide variety of different boards: receiving missions, posting missions, chatting, training, and donating.

However, the two largest boards that attracted Luo Feng were the 'Fighter discussions' and 'Internet market' boards.

In the internet market, there were all sorts of Dao Yin technique scrolls, agility scrolls, blade scrolls, heated weapons, chilled weapons, genetic medicines, a LuoWanXiang*, etc. In a phrase the internet market is a place to spend money.

*TL note: I have no idea what this is. Either I missed it in a previous chapter or the author will introduce the meaning of this in a future chapter.

’’Fighter discussions’’

Luo Feng clicked into the board and saw a thread named ’’Basic fighter knowledge database’’. In this thread, there were no replies;it was just a huge amount of basic data.

’’Spirit reader, spirit reader.....’’

Luo Feng kept scrolling through the page as he tried to find some sort of introduction on spirit readers, finally-

’’Hm? It's this’’

Luo Feng saw a section - ’’A basic sketch on spirit readers’’

’’Fellow brothers, since it seems to me that people know very little about spirit readers, let me give a basic introduction’’ After Luo Feng read this first sentence, he laughed. It was clear that this so called fighter database was just a bunch of posts from fighters put together;it wasn't formal at all.

’’Spirit readers could be called the most feared group in the circle of fighters’’

’’First, you can't train to become a spirit reader. Every spirit reader is naturally gifted and awaken by themselves!’’ the language used in the post was quite casual, ’’Before they awaken, the might just be a regular fighter. However, once they awaken..... then they'll be off the charts!’’

’’Why are they off the charts?’’

’’Well first, there are two types of spirit readers. One type has the power of telekinesis. In other words, they can control a needle or a blade and use them to conduct long ranged attacks! The objects controlled by their telekinesis is way more powerful than the bullets from a type heavy sniper rifle. The bullets from a sniper rifle are almost always straight. However, there are no rules to the objects that the spirit reader controls! Not only can they move freely, but their damage is also different’’

’’For example, there are limits to the damage that the bullets of a machine gun or a type heavy sniper rifle can do. A top grade sniper rifle will have trouble killing a basic level commander. However, the power of a needle or blade that the spirit reader controls grows stronger with their spiritual force! There are many spirit readers that can kill horde leaders*’’

*TL note: in case you forgot (last mentioned in vol 2 ch 10, but since I haven't been translating for a while that was quite a long time ago), the monsters have three different ranks: soldiers, commanders, and horde leaders.

’’Other than the type that uses telekinesis, the second type directly uses their spiritual force to attack!’’

’’This type is more mysterious. They directly attack the monster's soul, and once they succeed, the monster will die without a single wound on their body! However, attacking a soul is pretty hard, so I heard that spirit readers that know of the 'Spiritual attack' technique are extremely rare’’

’’Other than the 'Telekinesis' and 'Spiritual attack' techniques, there are legendary spirit readers that know more techniques. It's just that I'm not too sure of those’’

Luo Feng read word by word, not even missing a single point.

’’However, the thing I'm most jealous of is the rate of growth of the spirit readers! Spirit readers naturally have a powerful spiritual force. It's just that when they are young, their bodies can't handle all of that spiritual force, so it sleeps within their subconsciousness. When their body gets stronger and stronger, until it reaches a certain level, the spiritual force will show itself!’’

’’The stronger the body, the more spiritual force it can withstand!’’

’’The fighter levels of warrior (beginner, intermediate, advanced), warlord (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and wargod (beginner, intermediate, advanced), nine different levels in all! Body fitness level usually has a difference of two levels compared to spiritual force. For example, if someone's fitness level is at the level of a beginner warrior, then that spirit reader would usually be an advanced warrior! If their body was at the level of an intermediate warrior, then that spirit reader would be a beginner warlord......’’

’’Spirit readers have extremely rapid growth periods!’’

’’Since a spirit reader naturally has a very powerful spiritual force, it just sleeps in their subconsciousness! Whenever their body gets stronger, the sleeping spiritual force will show more of itself..... the stronger the body, the stronger the spiritual force..... until one day, when all of the sleeping spiritual force has showed itself. After that happens, the growth rate of a spirit reader will start to slow down’’

When Luo Feng read this part, he couldn't help but to hesitate.


When a spirit reader gets stronger, it actually just means that the sleeping spiritual force is showing itself. Only with a strong body can you withstand enough spiritual force!

’’So a spirit reader's potential depends on how much spiritual force they have within them’’

’’Sometimes the sleeping spiritual force takes the shape of a liquid substance or a half solid, half liquid substance. Sometimes they're even completely solid!’’

’’According to legend, if the spiritual force takes the shape of a solid, then the spiritual force is extremely great! They're the ones with the most potential out of all the spirit readers. As their body grows, the spiritual force in the solid will continuously release, which makes them even stronger’’

’’Until one day, when the solid completely dissolves, will their rapid growth period end!’’

Luo Feng suppressed his excitement and continued reading until he finished the entire thing.

After that, Luo Feng continued to search the database and managed to find two more introductions on spirit readers.

’’What they outlined were pretty much the same, so it looks like they're true’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’then..... the dark, golden ball in my consciousness should be a large amount of spiritual force in the form of a solid! I'm sure lucky to have survived my awakening’’

Luo Feng was amazed.

According to what he read in the three posts' introductions, when a spirit reader awakens, a huge amount of powerful spiritual force explodes in their subconsciousness. If their awakening fails, then they might become retarded, a vegetable human, or even die of blood loss!

’’No wonder I had a slight headache almost every day of my childhood. I even had a few comas’’ Luo Feng realized, ’’It looks like that was because my body was too weak and couldn't handle my powerful spiritual force, which caused the headaches! Now that my fitness level has rose, the headaches became less frequent. Now, my headaches are completely nonexistent’’

Ever since Luo Feng awakened, his headaches disappeared.

’’I can't believe that dark, golden ball was the form my spiritual force is taking’’

’’I wonder how much spiritual force is inside that’’ wondered Luo Feng.


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