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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 13


Volume 2 Chapter 13: Home of Limits

The conditions set by Wang Heng have reached the limit, and he watched Luo Feng expectantly.

’’Sorry’’ Luo Feng slightly bowed, ’’I thank the Thunder Dojo for their offer, but I have already decided to join the Dojo of Limits. I haven't thought about transferring, so I am truly sorry’’

Wang Heng was startled.


’’You don't want to take your time to think about this?’’ The burly man stared with his eyebrows raised.

’’No’’ Luo Feng stood up and bowed, ’’Mr. Wang, if there's nothing else, then I'll be on my way’’ Luo Feng knew that things would just get awkward if he stayed after rejecting the offer.

Wang Heng stared at Luo Feng closely.

This young man doesn't even falter in the face of temptation. Wang Heng couldn't help but to sigh. He waved his hand and laughed, ’’Alright, I won't nag you anymore. If you ever change your mind, the gates to my Thunder Dojo will always be open for you’’

’’Thank you, Mr. Wang’’ Luo Feng smiled as he left.

Right when Luo Feng left, Wang Heng's face sank and he shouted, ’’Tell Wan Dong to come’’

’’Yes, Chief’’

The people outside immediately went to notify Wan Dong.

’’I can't believe I just lost another genius to the Dojo of Limits’’ Wang Heng stroked his chin and his eyes squinted like a tiger's, ’’ Ever since 'Phantom Warlord' retired because of a major injury, our Jiang-Nan city's Thunder Dojo has always been at a disadvantage compared to the Dojo of Limits. Shit!’’

Wang Heng is also nervous!

In the entire world, the Dojo of Limits and the Thunder Dojo are the two largest dojos! The creators of the dojos are the strongest and second strongest fighters! Naturally, the higher ups of each would greet each other with smiling faces. But in truth, they were completely against each other!’’

However, in Jiang-Nan city, the Dojo of Limits has stronger influence.

’’Chief’’. The cold teenager Wan Dong walked over.

Even in Wan Dong's look, he was full of confidence! Since he got more kills than Luo Feng in this time's fighter combat exam and he ranked number one, his confidence has been growing.

’’Hm, Wan Dong’’ Wang Heng let out a smile, ’’You are our Thunder Dojo's best new recruit! However..... with your current power, you still cannot compare to Luo Feng’’

’’Chief’’ Wan Dong was startled.

I can't compare to Luo Feng?

’’Do you doubt my words?’’ Wang Heng raised his eyebrows.

Wan Dong shook his head, he knew the Chief Instructor in front of him used to be an advanced warlord. At the same time, he has the various special rights granted to him by the title of 'Chief Instructor'. His authority rivals a wargod's. How could this person spread lies?

’’I'll tell you truthfully. Your body fitness level isn't worse than his. However, in a real battle, even three of you cannot defeat one Luo Feng’’ Wang Heng said heavily, ’’However, even though the current gap between you and him is large doesn't mean you'll always be weaker than him. What you need to do is seriously work hard and surpass him’’

’’I've met quite a few geniuses, but many geniuses fall!’’

’’A fighter walks on the border of life and death! Your good talent only means that you improve faster. Now that you just became a fighter..... your path just began! Don't loosen up no matter what, Luo Feng is only the first opponent you must surpass. In the future you'll be surpassing many more opponents’’ Wang Heng encouraged, ’’I hope one day, I'll be able to witness the birth of a new wargod!’’

Wan Dong's blood boiled as he listened.

Yes, Luo Feng is just the first opponent. He'll have to continuously surpass others until achieves the rank of wargod!

’’Alright, go now. You've been slaughtering all night, so you should rest’’ Wang Heng smiled.

’’Yes, Chief’’ Wan Dong left respectfully.

Wang Heng shook his head and sipped some tea. Ever since carrying the burden of the position of 'Chief Instructor', he's been thinking of ways to help geniuses grow. Or to pressure them or attract them with scrolls and money to bring them to his dojo.

THe more fighters he raises, the more solid his position becomes.

’’This Wan Dong might be able to give me a surprise in the future’’ laughed Wang Heng, ’’However, I won't ask too much of him for now. It'll be great if he could just reach Luo Feng. Heh..... Ru-Wei class at 18 years old and such a high body fitness level. What a great seed’’ Wang Heng shook his head and drank some tea as he tried not to think about it anymore.

Yes, no matter what, Luo Feng and Wan Dong are just ’’good seeds’’.


In the northern military sector of Jiang-Nan city, Luo Feng and Yang Wu, who have already changed into casual clothes, were chatting as they walked.

’’Crazy, there was something wrong with Wan Dong's look as he glanced at you just now.... He even said he wanted to compete with you and see who can become a warlord first’’ Yang Wu said confusedly.

’’Who knows what's going on. It seems like Wan Dong already sees me as an opponent’’ Luo Feng was also suspicious towards Wan Dong's words.

What he didn't know was that after Wan Dong listened to Wang Heng's words, Wan Dong has already treated Luo Feng as his first opponent!

’’I gotta tell my family that I passed the exam’’ Luo Feng smiled as he took out his cell phone, ’’Brother Yang, you have to notify your family about the results too’’

’’Yup’’ Yang Wu laughed as he nodded.

Luo Feng and Yang Wu both called their family's home phone.


In one of Jiang-Nan city's eight major cities, Yang Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector.

’’Hong Guo, your family's Luo Feng will surely be able to pass this time's fighter combat exam’’ Parents Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan pushed their son Luo Hua's wheelchair and chatted with a balding old man.

’’Is the fighter combat exam dangerous?’’ Gong Xin Lan couldn't help but to ask, ’’My family's Feng said there was no danger, but we checked online and we read that it actually was dangerous’’

’’Yes, it is a bit dangerous’’ The balding old man nodded, ’’According to what my son said, in a typical fighter combat exam, there's usually a 3% to 5% death rate and around a 5% to 8% chance to become disabled. In other words, over a hundred prospective fighters are trashed’’

Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan exchanged glances, both of them extremely anxious.

’’Your family's Feng is surely absolutely fine, so take it easy’’ laughed the balding old man.

’’Yes, yes’’ Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan nodded. Although they did that on the outside, the husband and wife pair were still incredibly anxious inside.

Luo Hua said nothing as he sat on his wheelchair, but his fists were tightly clenched.


A cheerful ringtone started ringing, and mother Gong Xin Lan took her cell phone out of her pocket and let out a face of joy. As she looked at the cell phone she said: ’’It's Feng's phone number’’

’’Hurry up and answer it’’ said Luo Hong Guo.

Luo Hua also stared at the phone, and even the balding old man smiled as he watched on the side.

’’Hello’’ Gong Xin Lan answered.

’’Mom, I passed the fighter combat exam. I'll be able to return home tonight, so you better prepare good food’’ the sound carried from the cell phone and everyone around heard it.

Father Luo Hong Guo laughed and Luo Hua finally relaxed his clench fist and laughed along.

’’Great, great, Mom will definitely prepare lots of good food’’ Gong Xin Lan was extremely excited.


August 2nd, evening, Yang Zhou city's Ming-Yue sector.

’’Luo Feng is back, congratulations’’

’’Congratulations my ***, that fighter combat exam was easy as pie to Luo Feng’’

As Luo Feng walked, he smiled as he greeted several fighters. There are way fewer fighters than regular people in society. In this Ming-Yue sector, all the families here are fighter's. Not only that, but all of them have joined the Dojo of Limits, so naturally their relationship would be good.

’’Mom, Dad’’ Luo Feng saw his parents and the home's nanny all standing in front of the door to home.

’’Let's eat, let's eat’’ Luo Hong Guo immediately started laughing.

That night Luo Feng and his family had a great time, since starting from now, from the perspective of the law, Luo Feng is officially a fighter!

Until after 11 PM.

Inside Luo Feng's recording room on the second floor of his home.

’’They said that after you become an official fighter, you can enter the Dojo of Limit's internal fighter network!’’ Luo Feng was a bit excited, some special internal networks require a special identification to enter. Only the fighters of the Dojo of Limits have the right to enter the internal fighter network Home of Limits!

And as long as you're a fighter, you'll be able to log into the HR alliance channel.

’’Home of Limits’’ Luo Feng typed in the URL through his keyboard.

After a moment, a large screen that was easily 200 inches appeared on one of the walls of the video recording room. The screen immediately displayed the website 'Home of Limits'.

[beep] Luo Feng finished validating his fingerprint.

Elegant music like a flowing river played throughout the video room. At the same time, the large screen showed the profiles of individual people. One of those profiles had Luo Feng's photo on it, and below it was this information form

Name: Luo Feng

se*: Male

Address: Jiang-Nan city, China

Fighter identification number: 426123205608010002

Level: Warrior (intermediate)

Contribution: 0 Points

Balance: 20000000 Chinese dollars


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