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Swallowed Star - Volume 2 - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: The Thunder Dojo's invitation

At the entrance of monster town, the prospective fighters left one by one. Virtually every prospective fighter had a few blood stains on them, whether it was their own blood or the monster's blood. There were even some prospective fighters who were being carried out by their friends.


An ear piercing sound rang and a large, heavy truck came out of the town. The truck was filled with the monster's corpses.

’’Hey, these are the prospective fighters corpses, someone come pick them up’’ One of the large trucks stopped at the side, and there were indeed quite a bit of corpses. Some of them were missing large parts of their body, which were clearly bitten off by monsters. The truck dumped these corpses to the side.




Within a moment, quite a few prospective fighters were crying out. Some of them even went to the corpses and wailed.

’’What are you crying about?’’ a cold, domineering voice rang from a military officer, which caused quite a few angry glances to look over at him. But this military officer scanned the surroundings coldly, ’’Who doesn't die when fighting with monsters! You chose to take the path of a fighter, so prepare yourself to die! Society gives fighters special rights, why? Not for you to enjoy it, but because you kill large amounts of monsters which benefits humanity. That's why you receive special benefits’’

’’Your position, your authority..... you have to put your life on the line to receive all of this!’’

’’In this exercise you were given only the weakest of monsters, and they aren't even the type to form packs. If you can't even pass this, how will you expect to survive in the wilderness?’’ the officer's speech made every prospective fighter quiet down, since they barely knew anything about monsters.

The most difficult monster to deal with are the 'pack types', like the dog type 'mastiff lion' every time they move they move in a pack of around ten, so even an intermediate level fighter wouldn't approach them.

’’Two monster's left ears, next, injured left arm’’

’’Lu Fang? Ok, three monster's left ears, not bad, next’’

At the entrance of the town, each prospective fighter that came out went to turn in their ears they received from the slaughter to prove how many monsters they killed.

’’Look, Luo Feng came out’’

’’It's the Luo Feng that the Dojo of Limits scouted’’

’’I wonder how many monsters he killed’’

’’JUst because his body fitness level is good doesn't mean he'll be good at killing monsters too’’

Most of the prospective fighters have already came out, and all of them were focusing on Luo Feng, who just walked out of the entrance. Luo Feng, Wan Dong, and Ma Xiao, these three were the prospective fighters that were scouted. One to ten, and ten to a hundred, almost everyone here recognizes Luo Feng and the others.

’’Hm?’’ Right when he walked out, he was being stared at by a huge amount of prospective fighters, so Luo Feng couldn't help but to waver.

’’Luo Feng, correct? Hand over the monster's left ears to me’’ there were three military officers sitting ahead, and two of them were using laptops while one of them was looking at Luo Feng.


Luo Feng nodded and put down the bag he was carrying. Within a moment, a large amount of prospective fighters gathered around and their gazes were all focused on Luo Feng's bag. They were all curious..... how many monsters did Luo Feng kill.

[HUA!] Luo Feng immediately turned the bag upside down and poured the large amount of ears into the metal pot. A small pile formed, which filled over half the pot.

’’So many?’’

’’This guy killed so many monsters?’’ All the prospective fighters watching from afar were shocked.

At that time, the military officer was counting up the ears, and soon after he smiled as he looked at Luo Feng: ’’Luo Feng, not bad, 36 monster's left ears in total. Until now, you have the most confirmed kills. Hm, and you aren't injured either’’

’’Next’’ the military officer looked towards the oncoming people and Luo Feng smiled as he walked away.

’’After I pass the fighter combat exam, I'll become a true fighter too’’ Luo Feng was overjoyed.

After that, Luo Feng joined the crowd and watched as the other people handed in their monster's left ears. Some of them had no injury at all, but most of them were lightly injured, which would heal up in around 10 to 15 days of rest. There were also heavily injured prospective fighters.

’’Yang Wu, hm, not bad, three monster's left ears, a light wound on the left shoulder. Next’’

Yang Wu also came back safely.

’’Brother Yang’’ shouted Luo Feng from the crowd.

’’Crazy’’ Yang Wu laughed loudly as he rushed over, ’’How'd you do? How many monsters did you kill?’’

’’36’’ Luo Feng and Yang Wu walked towards a corner.

’’36? ****, Crazy you're insane. These monsters were so hard to kill’’ Yang Wu glanced, ’’Especially that mastiff tiger, it was faster than me and don't even get me started on its power! Its level is the same, but its power is way higher than a human fighter's. I pushed my life on the line just to kill three’’.

Luo Feng laughed, indeed, you can't underestimate H level monsters. Even an intermediate warrior will have trouble facing seven or eight of them.

Luo Feng could only train like he did because of his spiritual force.

’’Wan Dong!’’

’’It's Wan Dong, the genius prospective fighter the thunder dojo scouted. I wonder how many monster's left ears he collected. I wonder, compared to Luo Feng, who's stronger’’

’’Yea, the only person who can compete with Luo Feng is this Wan Dong’’

A wave of discussion arose, which made Luo Feng and Yang Wu, who were hiding at the back, raise their heads in surprisement. Yang Wu was even more shocked as he said: ’’that Wan Dong took until now to come out? Crazy, apparently that Wan Dong's body fitness level isn't any worse than yours. I wonder how many monsters he killed’’

At this time, the prospective fighters standing at the front all stared at Wan Dong's bag. And the prospective fighters at the back all listened closely.

’’There's a bunch of monster's left ears’’

’’It seems like there's a lot’’

A lot of noise followed, and then the military officer's voice carried out ’’Wan Dong, hm, 51 monster's left ears in total. Haha, you have surpassed Luo Feng, and are temporarily the prospective fighter with the most confirmed kills’’


’’So much more than Luo Feng?’’

’’This Wan Dong is indeed strong. 51 monsters is out of this world’’

The prospective fighters who have experienced the might of the monsters themselves were shocked speechless.

’’Crazy, this Wan Dong has so many more than you’’ Yang Wu was shocked.

’’Is there a point in killing so many?’’ Luo Feng gave a laugh that couldn't care less. He spent the entire night training his technique. If he really wanted to kill the weakest H level monsters, with Luo Feng's strength, he can just pick off monsters that are alone. With that, even a hundred kills in a night wouldn't be weird.

’’Luo Feng’’ a voice rang.

Luo Feng turned his head and saw a military officer with a large mustache smile: ’’Come with me, a friend wants to meet you, right at the resting lounge ahead’’

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng was a bit suspicious.....

Meet me?

But Luo Feng made no delay and immediately followed the large mustached man to the resting lounge. Before he entered, Luo Feng took off his blood stained battle uniform and washed it a bit. He then changed into some fresh, clean clothes before entering.


In the resting lounge, a burly man sat there with his eyes shut. They suddenly opened and, like lightning, looked at Luo Feng.

’’Him?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

This man he knew, it was the man who was talking to Chief Instructor Zhu Ge, and one of the big four from the Thunder Dojo in Jiang-Nan city.

’’My name is Wang Heng, and I'm the chief instructor of the thunder dojo’’ the man laughed, ’’Luo Feng, sit’’.

Sit with this chief instructor face to face?

Luo Feng was shocked inside.

He completely understood how much authority this man held. A dojo's chief instructor's authority could be compared to a wargod's! They have an astonishing amount of power. You could say that this burly man has Jiang-Nan city in his hands.

’’Why don't you sit, scared I'll bite you? Haha...’’ the burly man started laughing loudly.

Luo Feng laughed and sat in front of him and said, ’’Mr. Wang, what business do you have with me today?’’

’’It's simple’’

The burly man smiled, ’’I looked into your family's situation. You came from a regular family and your father works at a remodeling company while your mother works as a cashier in the supermarket. Your background isn't that good, and yet you've been able to get to where you are at a mere 18 years old, which is really rare’’

Luo Feng let out a complicated smile, indeed, he has worked far too long for this day.

’’I really appreciate you, and I think you have a bright future’’

’’I officially invite you, Luo Feng, to join my thunder dojo!’’ The burly man looked at Luo Feng.

’’I, I already signed a contract with the dojo of limits’’ Luo Feng smiled as he shaked his head.

The unconvinced burly man shaked his head and said, ’’A contract? If it's a contract, you can just break it! It's just a fee you have to pay. According to the fighter rules, the payment won't exceed one hundred million. I believe that you are worth far more than this price! Our thunder dojo will pay this price for you!’’

’’Also, if you join, I'll arrange a special training contract for you in our main worldwide thunder dojo headquarters!’’ The burly man laughed, ’’Every year, no more than 10 fighters will receive this invitation. Each of them will be a one of a kind genius. So far, we only sent out three invitations this year. One of them is a 20 year old advanced fighter from the European Union. Another genius from South America is a spirit reader! And our third is from Jiang-Hua city of China, a 16 year old intermediate fighter. You'll be the fourth!’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but to be shocked.

Each of the three were disgustingly strong. Clearly, the 'Wan Dong' and 'Ma Xiao' who were scouted weren't qualified enough for this invitation.

But I am?

Truthfully, with just Luo Feng's fitness level, he isn't qualified for such a contract. However, along with this, he also has his knowledge of the Ru Wei technique!This is enough for Luo Feng to receive the special training contract invitation. Since Luo Feng, who is only 18, has amazingly been able to learn the Ru Wei technique.

’’As long as you join my thunder dojo, I'll give you this contract and send you to our worldwide headquarters for training. You might even have a chance to get personally tutored by the legendary 'Thunder Lord'’’ The burly man smiled as he said, ’’Luo Feng, our thunder dojo wholeheartedly invites you, to join us!’’


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