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Swallowed Star - Volume 12 - Chapter 583


The soul kept evolving, Luo Feng spoke to Babata simultaneously, "The training of the Luo Fu Liu board, what’s there to warn about?"

"Using that board and normal spirit weapons are definitely different!" Babata said, "The Luo Fu Liu board…already has a thread of its own life. The training would be pretty close to that of the cloud contact vine."

"Slit my wrist?" Luo Feng laughed.

"Anyway, you have to let it suck your blood first." Babata said, "Even though it has a hint of life, it’s not considered a life form. The cloud contact vine however is a life form. The training of the vine is easier, the Luo Fu Liu board is a little more troublesome."

"First it’ll have to suck your blood!"

"After which you’ll have to bring it about and use spirit energy on it for long periods of time to appease it, it’s like water seeping in and molding stone. It requires a long period of time for your spirit energy imprint to seep in! The moment it succeeds…the board will meld with your skin and take form." Babata said.

Luo Feng was surprised, "Change? Is it the same as wearing a genetic armor?"

"Even though it can take the shape of armor, the board doesn’t have the auto defensive ability! It’s armor form will at most be similar to your outermost armor right now, only taking the brunt of impact." Babata said, "It’s proficiency is in flying, how fast it can fly will depend on you. Of course it's definitely a lot better than the dark cloud shuttle."

Luo Feng nodded!

He immediately brought out the peculiar stone board and slit his wrist, fresh blood staining the stone, the stone board swiftly drank the blood, especially in the center where the engravings formed the bird picture, it seemed to move a little.


After feeding it once, he used it as a cushion and sat crossed legged on it, sending spirit energy into it gradually and simultaneously accepting the inheritance.

The gold soul fruit was incredible.

The fruit had the ability to affect undyings, much less Luo Feng, the lower the basics, the more obvious the effects! After eating that one gold soul fruit, Luo Feng felt an incredibly obvious change in his soul, the color of his soul became a mix of blood red and gold.

"I’ve been accepting the inheritance for over 3 years, my survival mission in demon mountain is completed. If I don’t leave now, my teacher will be worried." Luo Feng ordered, "Babata, open connections to the virtual universe network."

"Understood." Babata answered.

Just like when a person was focusing on something important and didn’t want to be disturbed.

When Luo Feng was receiving the inheritance, he didn’t want any calls to come through. After all if he didn’t close communications…his family and friends would all call once every few days.

"Connect to the virtual universe!"

He sent a thread of consciousness into the virtual universe network, arriving at Yu Xiang Mountain.

Absolute beginning district, Luo Feng’s villa.


He appeared out of thin air.

The guards and staff were all shocked from his arrival, after which they all regained their senses and bowed respectfully, "Your majesty."

"Your majesty, Your majesty" The leader sector lord Ao Duo who was lying in the distant chair and sipping wine immediately swiftly stood up, his face full of glee and surprise as he rushed over, "Your majesty, there hasn’t been any news from you the past few years, we’ve been all very worried."

Luo Feng laughed.

"The news of you accepting the impossible level mission has long spread. Within Yu Xiang Mountain…there’s been a rumor that you died at demon mountain." The bald old man Ao Duo said.

"Died?" Luo Feng frowned, "Who spread this rumor?"

"No idea." Ao Duo shook his head.

Luo Feng looked in the south east direction, there stood the primal region, he muttered, "Mo Luo, I don’t think you were the one who spread this rumor right. However…don’t worry! I’ll surprise you very quickly."

After which, Luo Feng swiftly walked into his villa and entered his study.

Sitting before his desk, he opened his laptop and swiftly sent a mail to his friends, family and teacher, letting them know he was fine.

At that moment…

Many calls came!

"Luo Feng, you are too vicious, you’ve disappeared for over 3 years! And in the impossible level mission, you really scared all of us, we really thought you died there in demon mountain." The manka prince Wuka shouted excitedly, "Immediately come over! We haven’t seen you in years."

"I knew you definitely wouldn’t have died!" On the screen, Rong Jun smiled at Luo Feng.


"Grandfather! This is my great grandson…"

"Luo Feng!"

Luo Feng looked at his huge family on the screen, he couldn’t help but recall that reason behind the human race becoming one of the pinnacle races was due to its numbers. He had left earth for about 200 years, and in these 200 years, his family had grown so much.

The initial few, his parents, brother’s family and his family.


The entire Luo Family had become a huge family. If a 1,000 years, 10,000 years, 1 million years had passed, the family members would range up to the millions and more, that would indeed be normal.

"You, get back now!" On the screen Xu Xin was happy and yet angry.

"Hm!" Luo Feng nodded.


However, just as Luo Feng was about to leave immediately for his wife, his teacher True Yan emperor personally came to the absolute beginning region.

Absolute beginning region, Luo Feng’s living room.

True Yan sat in the sofa staring at Luo Feng. Luo Feng stood obediently.

"No news in 3 years." True Yan’s gaze was like lightning, sweeping past Luo Feng, "And in that demon note mountain…speak, why did you close all communications in demon note mountain."


Luo Feng bowed respectfully, "This was my mistake."

To True Yan, he was extremely respectful, unlike Hu Yan Bo of which he never truly met, he had been with his teacher True Yan for too long…over long periods of contact, he was very clear on his teacher’s character, straightforward and strong, the way he treated his disciples like his own children.

Extremely protective!

One can pretend easily for ten to hundreds of years, however for a trillion years…that definitely wasn’t pretending anymore.

True Yan’s character was publicly known in primal chaos city.

Over a hundred years of interaction with him, Luo Feng was able to feel his concern towards himself, he immediately bowed respectfully, "Your student has had a miraculous encounter this time."

"Encounter?" True Yan’s eyes gleamed, "Inheritance palace?"

Even though Luo Feng was shocked, he didn’t hesitate, "Right!"

There was no other way to explain, because in demon note mountain…it was either training or dead, otherwise there was no reason to shut off communications. And training in demon note mountain, unless it was the safe inheritance palace, there wasn’t any other place to really train.

"Really?" True Yan fiercely stood up, he looked at his student in disbelief, "How can that be, how did you enter?"

"Coincidence." Luo Feng smiled helplessly.

"Pretending to look innocent." True Yan couldn’t suppress a smile, staring at Luo Feng, "However you shouldn’t have the ability to enter that at all, speak…how many palaces are there."

"32." Luo Feng said.

"Hahahahaha…" True Yan couldn’t help but laugh loudly, "I didn’t expect the punk Mist Emperor to actually lose his slot to my student, unlucky."

"What?" Luo Feng was curious.

True Yan smiled and looked at his disciple, explaining, "The demon note inheritance was long discovered…and there are many with the ability to enter. However the slots are limited! Your entering of the palace naturally took up one slot. And this slot was Mist emperor’s.

"His slot?" Luo Feng realized.

He really didn’t know…

That the slots were all pre set early on.

"The ignorant are not guilty, you entered through the impossible level mission, even if the news is public later on, no one can find a fault with you." True Yan laughed, "What’s more, Mist emperor and his teacher aren’t people from the virtual universe company. Hence there’s no need to fear…what’s more, if I keep the secret and you remain silent, they wouldn’t necessarily find out it was you."

Luo Feng nodded.


As long as he remained silent, even if people suspected, they would never believe that a universe level 9 was able to enter the inheritance palace. Afterall even after he admitted, his teacher didn’t fully believe him.

"There’s also one more thing." True Yan looked at Luo Feng, the little genius Mo Luo from the primal region told me some news about you."

"Mo Luo!"

A glint flashed in Luo Feng’s eyes, he snorted, "That punk is incredibly vicious, he may seem righteous on the outside, in truth…hmph, if I wasn’t lucky this time, I would really have been killed by him."

"So he actually backstabbed you." True Yan nodded, "He said before that it was you who did so."

"What? I backstabbed him?" Luo Feng felt rage and unfairness, he couldn’t help but curse, "This Mo Luo, shameless!"

"Haha…the qualification battles, do you have confidence if you meet him?" True Yan said.

"Of course!" Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed.

"Hm." True Yan nodded, "You encounter this time is indeed a miracle. Only a pity your soul is still weak, you can only take so much of the inheritance! However…even so, that inheritance technique should be enough for you for a trillion years already."

Luo Feng nodded.

After training, he knew the value of the technique.

Raising his spirit energy amplitude from 70-80 until over 1,200, that was over ten times! What treasure or weapon could have that kind of terrifying effect!


After which True Yan left, after knowing his student was safe, he relaxed.

Luo Feng felt gratitude as he watched his teacher vanish, as his teacher didn’t pry into the details, asking just how he entered the palace…as for the golden horned beast identity, Luo Feng really didn’t dare reveal it. Even his own parents and brother he didn’t say.

How could he?

saying that he wasn’t exactly a human but a golden horned beast? He had always regarded himself as human!

"It’s time to meet the wife!" Luo Feng immediately teleported to black dragon mountain island 9 star bay.


A thread of his consciousness was in the virtual universe appeasing his family and friends, in reality, he was still in demon note mountain’s core…inheritance palace.

In space, Luo Feng stood on the inheritance stairs, progressing through each level!

The gold soul fruit’s effects were indeed strong, it made his soul go through a huge evolution. Even if I trained there for over 5 years, he still wouldn’t feel any sense of fatigue. And at this time…the once every century virtual universe company universe level qualification battles were about to begin!


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