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Swallowed Star - Volume 12 - Chapter 582


The demon notes sounded, if one couldn’t see the effects of the demon notes, just listening to them alone, they were wonderful

On the stairs in space, the many levels extended upwards.

Mosha Luo Feng became a beam of light passing through the many levels, quickly reaching the 3,333th level, this was the final level of the 1st part. And before him, was a 1,000m tall shrine with the outerwall filled with peculiar statues, there stood 2 huge gold doors.

The door was open.


Luo Feng looked at the huge gold door that exuded shocking pressure, before this door that was at least a few hundred meters tall, he was like a small ant.

"I’m here." Luo Feng flew straight in.

Mist covered the entire shrine, there floated a stone tablet amidst the mist, on it mysterious words appeared, after awhile, the meaning of the words were… "You are the 61,201th inheritor who’s come here, you have the right to obtain the title Beginner, receiving the beginner reward.

The moment the words finished.

Luo Feng looked all about, wanting to find the treasure, however suddenly…

"To be able to get here, 1 is to finish all 3333 levels of inheritance stairs, the 2nd is like you, forcefully withstanding the demon note until you reach here." A complex mysterious voice resounded within the shrine, the language as something he had never heard before, yet Luo Feng understood everything it said.

He was shocked when he heard the words.

Demon mountain had existed for over a trillion years, that great being should have long left the place.

"To be able to withstand the demon note, you must at least be a universe knight! Simply being a universe knight means you already are an absolute being in the universe, yet you till eye the little treasures I leave behind. Haha…since you’ve personally come, take the little treasures I’ve left." After the voice finished,2 energy balls floated there.

1 golden energy ball.

1 grey ball.

Mosha Luo Feng stood in the shrine, looking up at the distant floating energy balls, laughing within, "That being must have left behind a warning in the shrine. He must have discovered I didn’t receive the 3,333 levels of inheritance and barged my way here, he must have thought I withstood it all."

"However, still truly powerful."

"According to what he said, those able to withstand it must at least be a universe knight." Luo Feng exclaimed within.

Knights, they were split into space or time knights.

In the universe they were definitely absolute beings, to be able to build a universe country, dominate over trillions of galaxies and countless lives. Even amongst the pinnacle of races, humans, the universe country leaders were huge figures. Amongst the weaker races in the universe, a knight…would most probably be the ultimate power.

"From the looks of it!"

"The one who left behind the inheritance should be stronger than a knight." His gaze fell on the 2 energy balls.

In the mist, 1 ball of gold and another of grey floated.



The grey energy ball exploded open and within it floated a grey stone board, it was about 3m long, half a meter wide and on it were incomparably complex naturally formed engravings, the center complex engravings actually formed a bird like creature.

The gold energy ball exploded open and revealed a crystal like gold fruit.

From the 1st glance, it was similar to the cantaloupe melon Luo Feng ate on earth, however even though this floating fruit was gold, it was translucent, one could faintly see the insides of it, and it was surrounded by gold energy.

A stone board.

A fruit!

These were the treasures the inheritance palace left behind.

"Luo Fu Liu board!" Babata was shocked, "The punk that left this behind sure is generous, the 1st part and he actually leaves behind the treasure Luo Fu Liu board!"

"What’s that?" Luo Feng asked.

"This board is similar to your dark cloud shuttle." Babata said, "It is a flying weapon to be stood on."

"Flying spirit weapon?" Luo Feng was curious.

The spirit weapons in the universe, to Luo Feng were considered cheap. The level 5 weapons…may be expensive to the sector lords but they didn’t matter much to Luo Feng. This naturally formed board before Luo Feng however, was something he had never seen or heard of.

"Is this board very expensive?" Luo Feng asked.

"What a joke!" Babata said, "Luo Feng, those level 1 to 5 spirit weapons are for beings under undyings to use! Undyings can’t be bothered to use such weapons. Even one of the 9 god weapons the Nan Shen Armament…unless its an average undying, otherwise any others with strength would switch for something better."

Luo Feng nodded, this he knew.

"The origins for the weapons used by undyings come from many places."

"And the Luo Fu Liu board is considered an exceptional flying spirit weapon even amongst the undying weapons. Only few Official levels have it. Most of them are emperor level at least." Babata said. "It is a naturally formed stone board from the universe, its power is shocking!"

Luo Feng was stunned.

"Only few Official level have it. Then my teacher?" Luo Feng asked.

"Which?" Babata asked, "If it’s True Yan, then he’ll definitely be able to acquire it. My master… was weaker. The flying spirit weapon he used was much weaker. After all the price of the Luo Fu Liu board is 1 to 2 million mixed elements, and even so, very few people sell it!"

Luo Feng took a deep breath.

Calm, he had to keep calm.

1-2 million mixed elements?

"Sick, really sick!" He felt that he was very poor already, 1 million mixed elements, just what was that? Back then when Luo Feng joined the auction, the little starfield Da Na starfield was sold for only 1,000 mixed elements. Of course that was still a small starfield.

And the black dragon mountain star field was a big one, its galaxies were 20 times that of the Da Na starfield! As the galaxies were gathered together and easy to govern, its price could be at least 10 times, however even so its price was still only 300,000-1 million mixed elements.

Usually with 500,000 mixed elements, one could already buy the black dragon mountain star field. 1 million was the absolute maximum.

"Just this stone board is comparable to the black dragon mountain star field?" Luo Feng took a deep breath.

"If you brought this stone board to that undying in the sacred land black dragon, that undying will definitely be more than willing to exchange you for it." Babata said, "No matter what, the black dragon mountain empire is only 1 undying’s entire wealth."

Luo Feng nodded.

He had to look at this problem from a different angle, it was different than on earth, there were many countries that were personal wealths! Like the Ganwu universe country was that leader’s entire wealth. If it were said… that there were treasures able to raise the Ganwu universe country leader’s power to that of the primal chaos city leader level

The ganwu universe country leader would definitely be more than willing to give away his country and exchange for the treasure.

"What’s that fruit?" Luo Feng asked.

"That I don’t know, I’ve followed your teacher for over 60 million years, i've seen and heard a lot, this gold fruit, I’ve never seen before. I only know… another special gold fruit." Babata said, "But it’s obviously different from that one."

Within the shrine.

Luo Feng looked up at the 2 floating treasures, even after talking so much with Babata, that had only been an instant.


More words appeared on the stone tablet floating in the mist, "Beginner reward, the 1st is the Luo Fu Liu board, flying weapon for a spirit reader, with it, survival chances in the dangerous universe greatly rises. The 2nd is the Gold soul fruit, a mysterious fruit that forms only once every 3,000 eras, it has a special quality that can change the soul, making it able to accept more inheritance! This 1st and 2nd part will both have soul changing treasures. Yet, still none have been able to fully accept it completely."

Luo Feng realized.

He immediately extended his arm and grabbed the 2 treasures, swiftly keeping both treasures in his space ring.

"Gold soul fruit, so it can change the soul." Luo Feng nodded.

"Seems right!"

"If I were a being that leaves behind an inheritance, I will leave some treasures to try and aid the later generations in completing it." Luo Feng thought, "It’s a pity, even with the being’s help, the 100s of thousands of life forms that have been here, even the undyings haven’t been able to succeed."


Mosha Luo Feng swiftly left the shrine after acquiring the 2 treasures and flew down.


He flew from high above in the shrine down to the 1237th level, standing beside the earth body, passing him the space ring and vanishing into the internal world.

Luo Feng stood there, looking at the shrine, smiling.


"I got really lucky this time." He smiled, "The universe is incredibly vast and mysterious, with many miracles, but only through acquiring them would it be a success. This is considered a success."

With a wave.

A translucent gold fruit appeared, gold energy visible to the naked eye surrounded it.

The gold soul fruit, a fruit formed once every 3,000 eras.

"According to the information from the shrine, it can change my soul, making it better suited to accept the inheritance." Luo Feng didn’t hesitate and took a bite, as he broke through the skin of the fruit, the meat from within flowed like energy and permeated into his body.

Chi chi chi…

Even the skin outside became like an energy flow, permeating his body.

Luo Feng could only feel a cold rush through his body, and that energy later swiftly entered his core, permeating through the condensed crystal soul The dark gold energy continued to flow in, his soul swiftly began to undergo changes, the blood color of his soul before now had hints of gold.

"How comfortable!"

"The piercing pain from before is completely gone, there isn’t a hint of fatigue, and my attention has risen a hundred times." Luo Feng could clearly feel the evolution of his soul, "Even the drag from before is all gone."

His eyes gleamed brighter.


"I can accept more of the inheritance now!" Luo Feng was extremely excited.

"Luo Feng, with regards to the Luo Fu Liu board’s training, let me warn you." Babata’s voice resounded within Luo Feng’s mind.


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