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Swallowed Star - Volume 12 - Chapter 580


True Yan looked at the obedient Mo Luo standing before him, he actually had a good feeling about this primal region genius. However the story he told earlier made True Yan frown, he ordered, "What you said is true?"

"True Yan emperor elder." Mo Luo bowed, "Under my teacher’s questioning, only then did I reveal this story. Other than you 2, I haven’t told anybody else."


True Yan snorted coldly, "Go, all of you!"

"Cackle, angry, True Yan, you are raging, cackle…" The golden robed skinny old man laughed arrogantly.

Mo Luo remained bowed.

True Yan squinted, gold light glowing.

"Cackle, let’s go!" The skinny old man laughed and vanished. Mo Luo too vanished, leaving only True Yan in the room.

His expression was cold, speaking softly, "If I hadn’t known my disciple for so many years, I would really have suspected! However…Luo Feng that punk, is definitely, amongst my disciples, the one with the strongest beliefs, he does things the most straightforward and cleanly, the one with the most principles!"

After being with his disciple for so long, he really respected this student.

Heart like a mirror, seeing through everything!

Heart like a blade, slicing through illusions!

Anyone who’s able to reach such a stage would do things with the most principles. Such a person would have the pride of a warrior, even if he wanted to get into the primal region, he would do it with his own strength. He definitely wouldn’t try and secretly kill or back stab another to attain victory.

"Student, I believe you are still alive, there must have been something special that’s happened in demon note mountain that’s held you up." True Yan said softly, in his mind a thought flashed through his head…of the 32 inheritance palaces in demon note mountain, he had just come to know that there was one that had an unknown life form.

If that unknown life form was his student then that was the best outcome.

"Haha…I really know how to ponder." He shook his head, "My student was able to reach fantasy ocean’s 10th island before failing. If that Mo Luo could survive till now, he definitely can too."

Time passed.

Day by day, year after year…

Luo Feng was completely immersed in the inheritance training, step by step, his soul evolved constantly. A few special techniques could only be unleashed after evolving the soul, just like his teacher Hu Yan Bo’s soul imprint, it required altering the soul!

Only when the soul had special qualities would he be able to unleash those special techniques.


In the blink of an eye, 3 years passed.

In an underground ice cave below demon mountain, a massacre had just ended.

"Hehehe." Mo Luo gently flicked off the blood from his fingertips, looking at the body below, you are only an aboriginal, dying by my absolute genius hands is your honor. If it weren’t for the 10k black tags reward, I wouldn’t bother to attack you."

Mo Luo swiftly took the space belt and scanned it with his spirit energy.

"31 black tags?" He immediately revealed a look of mad glee.

"Haha…my luck is really good!" He gripped his fists excitedly, "I lacked only 30 tags and this aboriginal had 31,the automaton weapon I specially bought for this demon mountain was indeed a worthy investment. Even though I can only use it once. However I successfully killed 2 sector lords and made my black tags acquirement much easier."

"10,000 black tags, it’s finally enough!"

Mo Luo’s eyes gleamed.

"It’s been 3.5 years since I entered demon mountain!"

"I could have left half a year ago, only because of the black tags did I stay till now, thinking of ways and means to set traps etc." Mo Luo smiled, his smile was proud and satisfied, he was very satisfied with all that he had done throughout his entire demon mountain mission.

Whether it was checking out the structure and environment of demon mountain, ensuring he stayed in the safest regions.

Or backstabbing Luo Feng.

Or assassinating the sector lords, everything was perfect.

"No one can stop me." Mo Luo muttered softly, "My teacher is stupid, treacherous and evil? If you let others know you are treacherous than that wouldn’t be treacherous anymore, that’s simply stupid."

After which, he turned and swiftly began his route back.

The way back was easy!

Because during his time in demon note mountain, whether it was the aboriginals or the virtual universe company majesties, they would swiftly record down their paths! With a warrior’s memory and calculating abilities, following the paths they had taken before, intersections etc, they can all swiftly form an incomparably clear map in their minds!

With this map, they can find a safe and close way to return swiftly!


When Mo Luo flew out of a particular cave, there were staff there immediately awaiting to welcome him.

"Your majesty Mo Luo!"

"Your majesty Mo Luo, this way!"

The staff accompanied Mo Luo and quickly a white robed youth came to welcome him, it was the Yi Chang that had welcomed Luo Feng.

"Your majesty Mo Luo."The white robed youth smiled and led the way, "You’ve spent over 3 years in demon note mountain, Yi Chang respects you."

"Hm." Mo Luo smiled and nodded, "Thanks for leading the way, I’ve already collected over 10,000 black tags…"

"10k,000 black tags?"

The white robed youth was greatly shocked.

My god.

Collecting 10,000 tags was simply too difficult, because even those that spent on getting E grade lasers would find it hard to achieve. As the E grade lasers usually had preparation time, and in that instant, that was enough for a sector lord warrior to kill them easily.

Sector lord and universe level 9, the difference was too much!

Hence collecting the 10,000 tags was a lot harder than surviving for 3 years.

"Congratulations your majesty." The white robed youth immediately felt like this Mo Luo before him had a huge future before him, immediately he was incredibly passionate and respectful, "It’s been very long since we’ve had anyone collect 10,000 black tags. I heard, the prize is shocking."

"Shocking prize? What treasures?" Mo Luo was interested.

"I don’t have the authority to know." The white robed youth said softly. "However I’ve heard it is shocking."

"Hurry and lead the way." Mo Luo was anxious after hearing it.


When Mo Luo left demon mountain to acquire the treasure. Luo Feng was in the greatest treasure of demon mountain itself…receiving the demon note inheritance!


Inheritance staircase.

The many levels of stairs extended into space, all the way to that tiny little shrine.

"What do I do? I’m reaching my limit?"

Luo Feng stood on the 1,129th level of stars, looking back at the little blur of steps behind, and looking back up at the distant stairs ahead, he couldn’t help but frown.

"According to the Supreme demon note technique information, I can probably at most accept another 1 to 200 levels and that would be my limit!" Luo Feng was helpless.

When he first began, he came to know of many things.

The inheritance, belonged to one of the more mysterious inheritance in the universe, one of the pinnacle that had harsh requirements on the soul, right, incredibly harsh, so harsh that over a trillion years, with batch after batch of life forms receiving, yet none had completed it.

To reach such a stage, 99% of them were undying!

The many undyings couldn’t even succeed, just how hard was this?

The demon note inheritance, had harsh requirements on the soul!

And the absorption of blood river crystals had harsh requirements on the body. In blood river world…it was hard to find anyone able to absorb 10 crystals. And the golden horned beast actually absorbed over 90 ! This was because of the special properties of its cells in the body.


The demon note inheritance was looking for an absolute genius with a soul capable of completely absorbing it, if such a genius was able to complete it, he would become a unique and all powerful demon note general.

The inheritance had high requirements!

And the soul of undyings, had all gone through the evolution of breakthrough from sector lord to undying. Hence almost every undying had souls stronger than Luo Feng’s, much much stronger!


Many undyings were stuck at the end of the 1st set!

Some of them were stuck at the 2nd!

Very very few actually made it to the 3rd.

There wasn’t a life form that had completed the 3rd yet.

And Luo Feng?

With a soul of only domain level 9, not even experiencing the greatest evolution of soul, from sector lord to undying. Hence, his soul was simply too much weaker than the undyings. Luckily he had gone through the primal chaos city’s true spirit absorption, hence his consciousness and spirit energy control was very strong…thus he was able to make it to level 1,129.


The moment his soul felt fatigued, it would mean his absorption limit was almost at 90%, this was the information provided.

"I’ve already felt it, I’m reaching my limit!"

"My limit should be between about 1,200-1,300." Luo Feng thought, "And this 1st level should still have about over 3,000 levels."

His limit could only withstand 1/3rd of the 1st part.

There was no way.

This inheritance was intended for undyings, his soul was only domain level 9 and he rushed in…if he could take more that would be absurd.

"What do I do?" Luo Feng looked up and ahead.

In the distant depths of space, that tiny shrine was the end of the 1st part, reaching there would make him a Beginner, allowing him to acquire the Beginner reward. This demon mountain that had been here for who knows how long, and the treasures left behind by that being definitely wouldn’t be inferior.

However one had to finish the 1st part to acquire it.

"I’m still over 2.000 levels away from the shrine!"

"And my limit can only take 1 to 200 more levels." Luo Feng pondered as he trained. To do so only slowed his training down slightly.

"I can't accept this!"

"Such an encounter!"

"The virtual universe has so many undyings stationed here, and this place has trillions of beasts gathered. This inheritance…is so heavenly! I definitely cannot ever get such an chance again." He quickly calculated in his mind, seeing if there was a way to accept more of the inheritance.

Accepting the inheritance to levels 1,200-1,300, reaching his limit and leaving, this was something he couldn’t accept.

However, how could he change the limits of his soul?


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