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Swallowed Star - Volume 12 - Chapter 579


When he had first entered the inheritance palace, the mosha clansman had entered his internal world, the core resided within his earth body.

Within Luo Feng’s internal core.

His soul which had already condensed into a crystal ball, was engulfed in mist floating about this was Luo Feng’s spirit energy, countless amounts of energy condensed into engravings, large amount of them were permeating the crystal ball. Almost like venom infecting it, causing the ball to have slight changes as it absorbed the engravings.

Even though the changes were little, it was constant and kept changing!

Not even for a moment!

Luo Feng’s earth body and golden horned beast controlled the spirit energy to train their souls.


It takes time to be tempered into steel.

A piece of metal requires being broken down time and again and molded over and over to become steel, at this time, Luo Feng’s soul was going through this process, in training the Supreme demon note technique, his soul was constantly changing and evolving, almost like a piece of metal being molded into steel…such was the process his soul was undergoing.

Similar to Deities of the World, that too was a change in the body too! Unleashing it would shrink the body, causing the muscle and bone density, scales etc to raise at an extreme rate.

99% of the basics of the Supreme Demon note technique was on changing the soul.

Unleashing this would make one’s soul control amplitude rise greatly!

A normal sector lord’s soul, using maximum power on assassination weapons, normally would able to control up to 100 of them..

A normal sector lord’s body amplitude was at most 100 times.

When Luo Feng stood on the 100th level of stairs, his spirit energy amplitude had already reached 100, this, under the normal circumstances would be a sector lord’s perfection!

And now that he was over the 360th level, his spirit energy amplitude had already reached over 360!

What did this mean?

When he first arrived here, his amplitude was only 70-80, right now it was over 360!

It had jumped 5 times!

A simply comparison, when he first began he only had 1 gun! Now he had 5!

His spirit energy usage speed was 5 times from before!

"It’s akin to 5 against 1!" Luo Feng looked at the stairs that extended forever, looking at the distant space and the shrine at the end of it, he couldn’t help but get excited.

Virtual universe, Yu Xiang mountain public region, within a quiet loft of a hotel.

A golden armored True Yan emperor lay on the sofa, his eyelids drooping, he gave off a powerful angry energy, filling up the entire room, even the staff were all scared as they stood in the corner not daring to make a sound, they cleared their throats and held their breaths.

"Cackle, True Yan emperor!" A strange piercing cold laughter resounded within the room.

2 people walked up from the stairs.

A skinny skeleton like human with eyes like 2 balls of flames, his chin with a goat’s beard, he donned a golden robe and held 2 golden round balls that he fiddled with. Behind him was a handsome youth…Mo Luo!

Mo Luo, even though he was already old, because of his bloodline, he would still look like a youth.

"You’ve come, True Yan shot a glance.

"Cackle, True Yan emperor, you are looking for my disciple this time, it means you need a favor from me. Before me, don’t be ugly." The golden robed skinny old man cackled, lying in the sofa beside and ordering, "Staff, leave us!"


The staff all obediently left, leaving only 3 in the room…True Yan, Mo Luo and Mo Luo’s teacher.

"If it weren’t for my disciple Luo Feng, I’d be too lazy to meet you, seeing you disgusts me!" True Yan laughed coldly.

"Cackle, what an honor." The old man mocked.

This old man was also a very powerful man within the virtual universe company, he too had passed the 20th level of the heavenly bridge, close to becoming a knight, his name was Prison emperor! The 2 had always been rivals, extremely talented!

Of which True Yan was direct and straightforward, intrepid in reputation.

Prison emperor was more known for being evil and treacherous.

As their characters clashed, True Yan did things openly while Prison emperor was sinister, the 2 had always disliked each other. Prison emperor had deemed True Yan as his rival but True Yan had always despised him, however, even so…in terms of strength, the 2 were close!

These 2!

Were both incredibly close to becoming knights! Amongst the emperors, they were amongst the pinnacle! They were strong in their own ways! Naturally True Yan was able to use his strength to suppress his enemy, but it would be hard for him to actually kill him.


True Yan glanced at Mo Luo behind Prison emperor, "You said your disciple Mo Luo went to Demon mountain and even met my disciple Luo Feng! Tell me, when did they meet? Under what circumstance?"

"Anxious?" The strange old man looked at True Yan.

"Hmph!" True Yan snorted coldly.

He was indeed anxious.

This was because the virtual universe company had informed him earlier that Luo Feng had been in demon note mountain for over a year but he hasn’t answered or given any notice, and the impossible level missions were extremely dangerous, the moment they were hit by the powerful demon notes, they would unconsciously become zombies. Under normal circumstance…these geniuses would occasionally enter the virtual universe network.

However, over this year, Luo Feng hadn’t entered once!

This made the virtual universe company suspect…

Was he dead?

Naturally they informed his teacher who was closest to him…True Yan emperor! True Yan knew that Luo Feng had gone to demon mountain, after receiving that notice from the company, he immediately sent a mail and call request to contact Luo Feng, however there hadn’t been a response. It was almost like Luo Feng was dead.

Under such circumstances, there were 2 answers.

1, Luo Feng was dead! Naturally he couldn’t answer.

2, he was immersed in training and shut off all communication to not be distracted by anything.

"Anxious?" The golden robed old man mocked, "Looks like your disciple has yet to reply to you. Actually, not having a response…doesn’t mean he’s dead, he might be locked in training or something."


Prison emperor slapped his head, "I must be old and senile, your disciple is in demon note mountain. In that place, there’s demon notes everywhere! There’s no place to stop and train at all, much less immerse himself in training. Since he cannot train…then, he should be dead!"

True Yan’s expression grew heavy, his eyes shot golden light, roaring, "Prison emperor, I wished to speak to only your disciple and you are forcing your way in. I’m showing you respect by speaking to you. Don’t push it!"

"Cackle, you must be anxious." The old man waved his hand, "My good disciple, tell him."

"Yes." Mo Luo bowed respectfully.

"True Yan emperor." Mo Luo bowed.

True Yan looked at the respectful Mo Luo, he couldn’t help but glance at prison emperor, "Such a good disciple, he’ll be a wreck under you!"

"Hmph." The golden robed old man couldn’t bear to smile.

"Speak." True Yan looked at Mo Luo." When did you see Luo Feng?"

"True Yan emperor." Mo Luo said respectfully. "1 year ago."

"1 year ago?" True Yan frowned.

The notice the virtual universe company gave was also about a year ago, that Luo Feng hadn’t entered the virtual universe since.

1 year!

With True Yan’s long life span, 1 year was simply too short. However in such an environment such as demon note mountain…1 year was indeed too long.

"I’m currently still in demon note mountain." Mo Luo said respectfully, "However, I haven’t seen Luo Feng since."

"Ah?" True Yan’s frown grew deeper.

"Hmph, True Yan True Yan, you may not know…your disciple actually tried to sabotage my disciple before in demon note mountain." Prison Emperor said.

"Sabotage?" True Yan stared hard at Mo Luo, "My disciple Luo Feng tried to sabotage you?"

Mo Luo was somewhat nervous.

"Don’t be afraid." Prison emperor sat in the sofa, lifting a wine glass and casually waving his hand, "Your teacher is hear, that ape man cannot touch you, say the entire story."

"Speak honestly!" True Yan stared at Mo Luo.

Mo Luo took a deep breath, speaking, "True Yan emperor elder, it was like this. I was in demon note mountain earlier than Luo Feng, in there I discovered the patterns to the demon notes…hence I stayed for long periods in a place close to where the beasts were, even though I was close to the beasts, and the demon notes were constantly changing, it was a spot where I could easily predict."

"One day!"

"I heard a beast howl and I knew someone had encountered a beast." Mo Luo took a deep breath, obviously he was nervous, "I had encountered this many times, this time I carefully sneaked over to observe."


"The person I saw was actually using a cloud contact vine! I immediately guessed…that this person definitely wasn’t an aboriginal, a universe level 9 aboriginal definitely wouldn’t have a domain lord level 9 assisting plant life form." Mo Luo said, "Hence, I helped, with the 2 of us combined, we defeated the beast and we fled from the scene. When he saw me, he immediately recognized me…"

"And he changed to his original form! It was actually Luo Feng!"

"To meet our own people in demon note mountain, I was very happy, I chatted with him for awhile as we fled as the beast would regenerate and chase after us. However I didn’t expect…I didn’t expect…" Mo Luo was shivering.

True Yan frowned.

"While my guard was down, while we were fleeing together, he suddenly attacked me, at close distance, I couldn’t defend in time, I was instantly heavily injured! And I fought hard to protect myself after." Mo Luo shook his head, "Actually in that instant I was attacked, I understood…he was probably thinking of me as an opponent in the qualification battles, getting rid of me would mean he would have a greater chance of entering the primal region."

"Cackle, True Yan, you’ve heard it." The golden robed old man laughed coldly.


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