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Swallowed Star - Volume 12 - Chapter 578


Po Yu was lazing about entirely on in the throne, her white jade like fingers gently tapping on the arm rest, her gaze fixed on the 3 bodies below her, the space slightly warped and a space ripple with the power of origin laws of an undying covered the 3 bodies, with several cracks, they immediately became dust.

"That punk, he should be dead, however, he’s only the interest." Po Yu muttered softly.

Suddenly, hurried footsteps came from outside.



Worried shouts came from outside the palace.

"Come in." Po Yu gently frowned, speaking.

The one leading that rushed in was one dressed in purple decorative armor, a handsome youth, his eyes were sunken in, pupils green, on his forehead there was an engraving. This handsome youth’s expression was filled with pain and rage,he rushed in and knelt hard on the floor, shouting, "Teacher, please save my hometown…Mo Cha planet!"

"What’s going on?" Po Yu frowned, "Your hometown Mo Cha planet is a powerful planet with quite a few undyings, why do you need me to save it?"

"Teacher, some of my clansmen unintentionally offended Mist emperor’s people, who’d expect the powerful Mist emperor to come out personally and use his space techniques to place my entire planet…the entire planet, forced into his god country!" The handsome youth was about to cry.

"Planet, the entire planet was forced into the god country?" Even Po Yu was shocked.

God country.

That was the soul location of an undying, sector lords had their internal world, undyings had their god countries, the moment their internal worlds collapsed, the sector lord would definitely die!

The moment the god country collapsed, the weaker undyings would die. And some with techniques and treasures may survive, however their powers would be greatly reduced. To a point where they’d have no future! It could be said that…the god country was half of the undying’s life!

The god country had many uses, the reason the undyings were powerful was because the god countries were powerful.

In there, the undying’s power would greatly rise…even though one could force an enemy into his god country, having his power rise much greater, it also however gives the enemy the chance to attack his god country. Hence, unless one had 100% guarantee, or was forced into a corner, very few would actually force an enemy into his god country.

To force an entire planet in?

"Your planet, in Mist emperor’s god country, will have a very tragic end." Po Yu sat high in the throne looking down on her disciple, "If it were simply destroying, he could easily use one punch to destroy it. However he actually took the effort to place your planet into his god country, unless he tortures it enough, he won't be satisfied."

"Just what did your clansmen do to offend him?" Po Yu frowned.

"A small matter!" The handsome youth knelt there and shouted tragically, "There’s always been some friction before, however the underlings of Mist emperor would usually handle these small things. Who’d expect him to personal make a move, forcing the entire planet into the god country."

"Teacher, please save my planet." The handsome youth shouted.

"I cannot do anything!" Po Yu shook her head.

"Teacher!" The handsome youth’s eyes were filled with tears.

Po Yu looked at her disciple kneeling below, saying softly, "I’ll try."

After which she closed her eyes, sending a thread of her consciousness into the virtual universe network, she looked for a good friend to speak to Mist emperor…

After awhile.

"Leave." Po Yu opened her eyes and said.

"Teacher?" The handsome youth looked up at Po Yu in the throne, his expression filled with hope.

"It’s your clansmen’s fault they offended Mist emperor when he’s in the worst mood." Po Yu frowned and ordered, "No one can save them."

The handsome youth gripped his fist.

"Leave!" Po Yu ordered coldly.

"Yes." The handsome youth didn’t dare speak another world, he feared offending this cold teacher of his, thus he left respectfully.

Only Po Yu was left in the huge palace, she frowned, muttering to herself, "No wonder he’s so angry, his powerful teacher actually got a slot in the Demon note mountain inheritance for him, and someone else actually took it…hehe, this wait, will be another 10,081 eras before he gets another chance. If it were me, I’d be angry too. Only thing is…just who was it that took his slot!"


Within the god country.

An endless ocean, within were fragments of ice, there floated dark green majestic palaces, in the center of them was a million km tall dark green statue…Mist Emperor’s statue!

In the ocean over a hundred million km away from the palaces was a planet with a diameter of over 30,000 km floating.

From it flew out many silhouettes that knelt in mid air, constantly begging.

"Mist emperor! Spare us!"

"Mist emperor! Spare our Mo Cha planet!"

"Mist Emperor! We have wronged! We have wronged!"

A few undyings and sector lords were kneeling in mid air, their voices booming all about. At this time, within their home…Mo Cha planet, there would occasionally be lightning flashes or flames about, sometimes snow and blizzards or even hail that dropped like countless blades shooting down, it was simply a nightmare.

Mist emperor!

With dark green floating long hair, a square face, his eyes even madder than a space beast, he wore an exquisite long robe and stood in mid air, coldly looking at the torture he was dishing out to Mo Cha planet.

"Spare you? Wronged?"

He laughed suddenly, "It’s too late!"

"Too Late!" "Too Late!" "Too Late!" "Too Late!" his voice echoed constantly through the ears of the Mo Cha warriors, the undyings and sector lords were all in extreme pain, regret and hatred! However they couldn’t do anything…Mist emperor, as an emperor level undying, was too powerful.

The power his god country held was even more shocking.

Just the god country pressure alone made the undyings unable to resist.

"10,081 eras, over a hundred million years! From my birth till now, this entire long period has only been 12,000 eras. To make me wait so long…" The more he thought about it the more he raged, he gripped his fists even tighter, causing the space to tremble so hard it felt like it was about to split apart, "Just who is the bastard that took my slot!!!"


Mist emperor raged within, and that planet floating in mid air, had an even more tragic fate ahead.

In the vast universe, within the virtual universe company controlled Absolute beginning region, Demon mountain.

Within one of the 32 inheritance palaces of demon note mountain.

Luo Feng was focused on receiving the inheritance, how would he know he’d taken Mist emperor’s slot, even to the emperor level undying's…10,081 eras was a very long period of time. He had only lived for a total of 12,000 eras. It was akin to a 30 year old preparing to get married, however god ordered…don’t rush, wait another 30 years, marry when you are 60.

Who wouldn’t be anxious? Who wouldn’t be angry?


Within the inheritance palace

Black mist engulfed the area, the many layers of stairs extended upwards…

In theory, a space like this with only a few tens of km in length and width wasn’t shocking, however the distance Luo Feng saw far exceeded over 1,000km. This effect of having a world within a grain of sand didn’t really shock Luo Feng. Afterall, something a sector lord was capable of, it wasn’t strange the absolute being that left behind the inheritance palace couldn’t do.

"Finished another part!" Luo Fe ng opened his eyes, face filled with glee, he became a beam of light and headed to a higher level.


the moment he stepped on the flight of stairs…the deeper training methods once again poured in, simultaneously a voice resounded within the space.

"Hm?" Luo Feng turned to look.

Mysterious words appeared in the space beside, similar to the style of words on the stone tablet before, even though Luo Feng didn’t recognize them, he instantly understood their meaning.

"Beginner?" He was shocked.

The summary of the words were…

"Life form that have chosen to receive the inheritance, you’ve already received 1/10th of the 1st part of the demon note inheritance! The demon note general inheritance has a total of 3 parts, to be able to completely finish the 1st part will earn you the beginner title, and receive the beginner reward!"

"The end of the 1st part is in that distant temple, the beginner reward is right there!"

"Work hard!"


The stairs in which he stood on extended far away, and at this time it was still endless, level after level, finally….far far away, at the end of it, in that distant space, there was a temple of which was hard to see clearly with the naked eye.

"The end of the 1st part? Beginner reward?" Luo Feng looked at the distant temple, thinking, "I’ve only been receiving the inheritance for about a year, about 300 levels of it. And I’ve only completed 1/10th of the 1st part. Then this 1st part, wouldn’t it have over 3,000 levels?"

The 1st part had over 3,000 levels.

A total of 3 parts.

If the 2 later parts were the same, there would be over 10k levels!

"To finish all the stairs and finish the inheritance, how long would that take?" Luo Feng couldn't help but be shocked.

Saying is one thing.

However in truth…over a trillion years since demon mountain existed, with 100s of thousands receiving the inheritance, yet none had ever fully completed it!

"Thinking so much is useless, I’ll first complete the 1st part and become a beginner, then I’ll receive the reward in that temple." Luo Feng was anticipating, "This inheritance palace sure is something, the prize definitely wouldn’t be bad. Who knows what it is, treasure? Weapon? Armor?"

He didn’t think anymore, continuing to immerse himself in training, 1 year’s worth of work…even just a part of the inheritance alone made him feel that his power had risen greatly already.

This inheritance was indeed a heavenly technique!

If Luo Feng were to give it a price…it would truly be a priceless treasure! More than even the entire Time space scribbles!

"I really have to thank Mo Luo for that kick!" Luo Feng exclaimed within.


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