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Swallowed Star - Volume 12 - Chapter 3


Volume 12 Chapter 3 - New Journey

Star Fragment 80389081 had a diameter of 6200 km. This was close to a quarter of earth's surface area, however this was only the living quarters for 1 absolute beginning member.

Within the villa, there was a team of guards with 111 people.

1 general at sector lord level, 10 captains at domain lord level, and 100 universe soldiers at universe level. This formed Luo Feng's guard team. And his waiters and staff members were made up of an even greater number, as there were a total of 1800 staff men and women. After all, the area of the star fragment was simply too huge. Even with the help of technology and machines, protecting the entire star fragment required a large amount of work.

111 guards, 1800 staff, and 1 Lord, this was the population of the star fragment.


’’From today on, without my orders, I do not wish to see anyone enter here.’’ Luo Feng ordered while looking around a quiet little building.

’’Yes your majesty.’’ The bald old man Ao Duo bowed respectfully.

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng looked at the bald old man. ’’Ao Duo, from what I know, the core members should be able to bathe in the Life pool to evolve their bodies to the highest levels, right?’’

’’Life pool?’’ The bald old man was stunned.

Luo Feng was curious, Ao Duo was a core member of the last phase region and he should know this.

’’What life pool?’’ Ao Duo asked curiously.

’’After breaking through to universe level 1, bathing in the life pool will raise one straight to universe level 9 no?’’ Luo Feng asked again.

’’I believe that your majesty is referring to the nutrition cabin.’’ Ao Duo laughed. ’’What's a life pool? Right, core members in the Virtual Universe Company have a certain privilege. As long as one breaks through to the universe level 1, domain lord level 1, or even sector lord level 1, they can immediately head to the nutrition cabin. It has very valuable essences, allowing the person to evolve within!’’

’’Ah.’’ Luo Feng nodded.


The life pool was Wuka's name for it. The young generation of Manka's would all enter the life pool. The Virtual Universe Company didn't necessarily have a life pool. But they did have a nutrition cabin, or even a nutrition river, wasn't it the same?

’’Right right, Nutrition cabin.’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’How do I request it?’’

’’Your majesty hasn't entered the virtual universe network yet.’’ Ao Duo smiled. ’’Every new batch of the company has to first go through the basic training in primal chaos city first. After which, their rights and privileges change. Many things they were unable to do before will now be enabled. Once you go online, you will know.’’

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng nodded, following which his consciousness entered the virtual universe network.

Virtual universe, absolute beginning region villa 1136.

Within the study.

Luo Feng sat in the chair. As he opened the laptop and looked at the screen, he discovered 1 new mail from Background management.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng tapped it gently.

The mail automatically opened and there were 3 choices on the summary page, Life, Study, and Training.

’’Life.’’ Luo Feng gently tapped.

Large amounts of pages unfolded before him which contained information from star maps to food and beverages, nutrition cabin, ships and so on. There were all sorts of information. Luo Feng opened all of them, and was able to find solutions for any questions or problems related to living in the absolute beginning region. As for the nutrition cabin, one could choose the option of the nutrition cabin to help one evolve to the highest level.

’’Request!’’ Luo Feng tapped it gently.


A small screen appeared and in it displayed was a beautiful jade haired lady in a white robe with a smile on her face. ’’How do you do, Your majesty Luo Feng, did you request to use the nutrition cabin to evolve from universe level 1 to universe level 9?’’

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Your Majesty Luo feng, we will send the nutrition cabin to your quarters within a day.’’ The jade haired lady smiled.

’’Thanks.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

The call ended.

’’That was easy.’’ Luo Feng muttered. ’’As for food and beverages along with many other request such as even ships are provided for. Although, the good ships have to be bought. However, the A grade to D grade ships are provided.’’ Right, the normally not too expensive items are all provided for.


Closing the Life section, Luo Feng opened the Study section.

The Study section was separated into Theory and Practical!

Theory, the main thing was the public lessons in the entire absolute beginning region. These were normally taught by undyings, and occasionally having a universe country leader teach! These courses, provided information about gold, wood, water, fire, ground, wind, thunder, and light, the 8 origin laws, plus the laws of space and time, the hardest 2 laws.

They also spoke of the fusion of space and gold, space and wood etc.

There were also skills lessons.

And consciousness training lessons.


Many different types of lessons. The teachers were all at least undying level, and occasionally universe country leaders. These public lessons all belonged to the absolute beginning public lessons, only absolute beginning members could attend them!

’’They actually don't force anything.’’ Luo Feng smiled. ’’That's good, when I want to I'll attend, if not I'll train alone.’’ However just from the course names and the absolute beings teaching, these were enough to let Luo Feng understand just how vast their wealth was.

Normal warriors would dream of getting an undying teacher.

Just like Luo Feng's slave Bai Kalo, his teacher was Nuolan Shan!

Nuolan Shan was a universe level 9. Because of his Huge Axe title, many had gone to become his students. This showed that in the universe, just how sparse the teacher resources were. As for Luo Feng and his group, they had a large group of undyings to teach them. These undyings all spoke of what they were proficient in, even occasionally having a universe country leader to come in and teach!

How luxurious!

’’Study section is separated into theory and practical?’’ Luo Feng thought. ’’Theory is the classes by the absolute warriors, what about practical?’’

He gently tapped it.


The practical segment was separated into the heavenly bridge, fantasy ocean and undying altar. Within them were the detailed explanations of each of them.

Heavenly bridge: Virtual Universe Company core members have the right to attempt the heavenly bridge. The requirements of the bridge are related to one's comprehension of the origin laws. The deeper one's level of comprehension is, the higher level he can pass on the bridge. The higher the level, the amount of points awarded will also be higher!

Fantasy ocean: Virtual Universe Company core members have the right to attempt the fantasy ocean. It tests one's consciousness strength and willpower! Consciousness and willpower, by training them, it will allow one to breakthrough the bottlenecks and is very important in battle and many other aspects. One will attempt to breakthrough the fantasy ocean from the outermost layer to deep within...the deeper one goes, the higher the points!

Undying altar: The undying altar test's one's ability to unleash energy. Even with the same type of body, different warriors have different unleashing strengths and usage! Pure raw power will be measured as 1 point. A few powerful warriors can reach 10 or 20 points, but one's maximum potential is set at 100 points. This is the perfect standard for using one's strength, and the degree to how one controls his strength to perfection is a requirement for breaking through to undying. Undying altar tests one's strength exertion! The stronger it is, the higher the points!

’’Heavenly bridge? Fantasy ocean? Undying altar?’’ Luo Feng held his breath. ’’I didn't expect that other than the heavenly bridge, there's also the fantasy ocean and undying altar?’’


’’The Virtual Universe Company is indeed the Virtual Universe Company. They have everything mapped out.’’ On Luo Feng's shoulder, Babata stared wide eyed. ’’They actually have a group of undyings and even a universe country leader teaching classes? Making just the heavenly bridge is more than enough. Yet, there's even a fantasy ocean and undying altar? How do they make those?’’

’’Body, Consciousness strength, willpower and origin law comprehension, these are the main aspects to becoming undying.’’ Babata shouted. ’’Especially the undying altar, this can actually tests one's strength?’’

’’What's hard about that?’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’When we were on earth, couldn't we also test one's strength exertion?’’

’’It's not the same!’’

’’When one trains to your level, a punch alone will naturally be infused with origin laws.’’ Babata explained. ’’For example, your raw power is 1, when you exert strength it can reach 20. However with the laws, your attack can rise to a 100 points. The test will read is as 100, but that's not your true strength, do you understand?’’

Luo Feng realized.


The origin laws could increase one's power a lot, it wouldn't just be one's raw energy.

’’Tap the undying altar.’’ Babata shouted.

Luo Feng gently tapped.

Undying altar: Specially created for the virtual universe. It isolates universe origin laws, universe energies, spirit energy and so on to accurately test one's strength exertion.

’’Hehe, I've never heard of such a place, normal warriors would never even know of such a place.’’ Babata shook his head and exclaimed.

’’The best thing is that, the heavenly bridge, the fantasy ocean and undying altar can all get you points.’’ Luo Feng laughed happily.


The background management, after finishing life and study, Luo Feng excitedly opened the 3rd option, which was training.

When it was opened, a summary page popped up with several words.

’’In the Virtual Universe Company, points are more effective than money.

And other than the heavenly bridge, fantasy ocean and undying altar, one can also choose to do missions to gain points.

A true warrior cannot be born in a completely safe environment.

Only through grueling and intense battles will one constantly evolve and get stronger.

The training missions are a form of training in reality.

The missions are separated according to their difficulty and danger levels such as Safe, Normal, Difficult, Danger, Impossible.

Safe level: Mortality rate 0.

Normal: Mortality rate 10%.

Difficult: Mortality rate 20%.

Danger: Mortality rate 50%.

Impossible: Mortality rate 90%.

As the danger levels differs, the amount of points for each mission too will naturally differ. All core members should choose according to their levels of strengths. Don't choose a level that is too safe, as others will exceed you that way. However do not blindly choose the most dangerous on as well, as without sufficient preparation, one will be walking towards death.

Whether its study or training, everything will be decided by you, the core member. You make your own choices, you'll bear the consequences of your own actions.

The path to becoming undying is filled with danger. I wish you all to walk this path and become undyings.’’


Finishing the final training segment page, Luo Feng was silent for awhile.


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