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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 9


Volume 11 Chapter 9 - 52 Ancient Primal Chaos Tablets

’’Time is very precious, don't waste it.’’ The black robed receiver jumped down from the balcony, landing on the ground below. The 1,000 geniuses behind followed suit and jumped, like a big group of locusts, covering the skies as they landed in the spacious pathway in front of the building.

’’Follow me, we'll head to the city owner's mansion.’’ The black robed receiver said, ’’That's where the city owner stays, and it's also the core of the entire Primal chaos city.’’

’’City owner?’’

Luo Feng was shocked when he heard it. As the only city within the entire primal universe, the history of the primal chaos city was even more ancient than many universe countries. The owner of this ancient could only imagine his position. As he was able to take on such a position, his strength definitely wouldn't be weaker than those country leaders.

’’Rumble...’’ Ahead in the distance, a 30m tall single horned beast clad in red scales walked over. It took up more than half of the entire pathway, and on its back stood a purple short haired youth. He was dressed in a dark blue armor, with similar dark blue boots, while carrying one huge purple blade on his back, looking up at the sky.

The black robed receiver bowed respectfully to display his respect and the 1,000 youths watched as the huge beast left.

’’Beast taming?’’

’’You can even bring tamed beasts into primal chaos city?’’

The group of youths couldn't help but discuss softly. Ahead, the black robed receiver smiled, ’’That person before is an eternal resident of primal chaos city. As an eternal resident, he has the privilege to bring tamed beasts in.’’

’’Eternal resident?’’

’’I heard that even undyings who want to enter here, the slot alone is incomparably expensive and valuable.’’

The youths were all shocked, Luo feng couldn't help but exclaim, ’’How can that be?’’

His own teacher, even as a powerful being amongst the undying, couldn't even afford a slot to enter the primal universe. However that youthful looking man from before, was an eternal resident?

’’Nothing's impossible.’’ The black robed receiver smiled, ’’As long as one has a large enough contribution, or absolute strength, and eventually acquiring the admittance from the alliance, one can become an eternal resident.’’

Luo Feng pondered, alliance? Right, this primal chaos city was governed by the 5 leviathans together. He guessed that the alliance he mentioned was that of these 5 together.

’’May I ask, how does one become an eternal resident?’’ Amongst the crowd, the Manka prince Wuka shouted.

’’The requirements are extremely strict.’’ The black robed receiver smiled, ’’When you've become an undying, you'll know them. Asking now is just futile.’’

The black robed receiver led the bustling group of youths who were of many different human races, walking along the pathways. It was indeed quite a sight.

Luo Feng however discovered that on the balconies of the buildings along the pathway, among those quietly meditating warriors, only very few of them actually opened their eyes to glance over at this group. Many were too immersed within their training. Many had beards and hair that grew extremely long, almost as though they hadn't been trimmed in hundreds to thousands of years.

’’Ahead is the city owner's mansion.’’ The black robed receiver pointed ahead.

Luo Feng looked up.

There was a majestic construct which was over 300m tall. Even from afar, one could distinctly see the most glaring three words in universe language on the building... ’’City Owner Residence’’. Just looking at those words, one couldn't help but get enticed by it. Almost as though hidden within those words was a new space or even universe. One's entire focus couldn't help but get drawn into it and entering into the universe space within those words. This shocked Luo Feng so much he lowered his head and didn't dare take another look.

’’The three huge words City Owner residence, just take one quick look and don't look at it often.’’ The black robed receiver laughed, ’’It'll cause you to lose yourself in them. Even undyings normally wouldn't dare stare at it.’’


’’That mystical?’’

Many geniuses that hadn't noticed the three words before looked up curiously to see, with that, they all fell for it.

’’Haha...’’ The black robed receiver couldn't help but laugh at the scene.

He normally attended to groups of absolute warriors. He'd have to be more rigid and felt uncomfortable. However with these punks, it was much more relaxing.


Although it looked like it was located fairly close, as they continued to walk, they realized that it was pretty far.

Even though they were walking pretty quickly, it still took several minutes to reach the entrance of the building. With one look they spotted frequent black robed receivers heading over and away. They also occasionally spotted a few undyings and sector lords entering and leaving the building.

’’Primal chaos city is the only city within the primal universe.’’ The black robed receiver smiled, ’’In this city, there are three treasures.’’

Luo Feng's eyes gleamed, listening intently.

’’The 1st of the 3, which everybody knows about, is that one can naturally see the origin laws movement in the universe.’’ The black robed receiver smiled, ’’As for the 2nd, it's within the city, it's located within the city owner's mansion. The 3rd, is located outside the city.’’

’’Just what are these treasures?’’

A group of youths couldn't help but ask.

The black robed receiver pointed around. ’’The surrounding balconies where many have trained before. For over a trillion years, many warriors have stayed and left this city. During their training, any spark or idea would be carved into the grounds and surfaces of the walls, and with deep thought, or whatever gains they discovered, they would also carve there.’’

Luo Feng nodded. Indeed, comprehending the origin laws was akin to flashes of inspiration. When one suddenly comprehended something, one would carve it down. Afterall, a picture was worth a thousand words.

Even though some people would casually write down a line of words, after a few years, by looking at those few words could easily jolt the memory of the time from before. And ironically, if one typed it into a computer, after a few years, looking at it may not even help recall anything.

Personally drawing and writing, it was a very good comprehending medium.

’’Primal chaos city, this sort of tradition has been around for countless years.’’ The black robed youth exclaimed, ’’Because the records are all casually left behind, there are no rules. Many of them are even just odd bits and pieces, hence many of them only help a little here and there.’’


’’Over a trillion years, countless such flashes of inspiration and records have left behind very strong and systematic training aids.’’ The black robed receiver emphasized, ’’In our primal chaos city, there are also the most valuable 52 primal chaos tablets. Every tablet records a large amount of mysterious pictures etc. These 52 tablets are the 52 large pathways of training. These are the pathways that lead directly to the top! If one manages to comprehend even one entire tablet, then he would immediately become an absolute existence within the universe. Even opening your own universe country would be simple.’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but hold his breath, beside him Savage Rong Jun, Manka youth and the 1000 men and women were all excited.

52 primal chaos tablets infused with the pinnacle pathways. After comprehending just one tablet, one could open a universe country?

’’These 52 primal chaos tablets are the 2nd treasure located within this city.’’ The black robed receiver smiled, ’’As for the 3rd's outside the city. At the entrance there's a stone monument with specific details, you can all go look at it yourselves.’’

The group were extremely excited with anticipation.

The 1st and 2nd treasure both had huge benefits to everybody, this 3rd treasure couldn't be anything less.

’’The 52 primal chaos tablets.’’ The black robed receiver said, ’’Everyone who comes into the primal chaos to train will have one chance to look at them. Every time, you'll have a total of 7 days!’’

’’7 days?’’

The group stared.

That short?

’’The primal chaos tablets are the treasures of humanity. They are clearer than any technique manual and they were pathways to the pinnacle of strength. Just the 7 days of viewing would be sufficient for the likes of you.’’ The black robed receiver immediately walked towards the entrance door, ’’Enter, get ready to pick your tablet.’’

The residence was a huge place. Even the normal balconies in the living districts were a 100m long and wide, one could only imagine just how big this residence was.

’’Everyone can only pick one tablet to view and study.’’ The black robed receiver led the group and quickly entered a mystical pathway.

The pathway had two walls, and hung on them were the many huge pictures.

Luo Feng took one glance and knew immediately there were 52 pictures.

’’Hung on these walls are the 52 stone rubbing copies. Every picture depicts the primal chaos tablets. You will first take a look at these and even though they are unable to infuse within them the energy flows of the original tablets, they will still make you feel a strand of their original energy flow. Just take a look at these 52 pictures...and later decide which tablet you will study.’’ The black robed receiver spoke.

The group of youths walked along the pathway and were stunned by the 52 pictures on the walls. They had to pick the tablets just from these pictures.

Every picture was specifically 10m long and wide, and beside them were their names.

I'll give you all half an hour.’’ The black robed receiver stood outside the pathway.

Luo Feng and the group began to look around.

Luo Feng randomly picked one to begin, this first one he looked at had an ancient tree that rose to the skies. Its leaves were already yellow and countless of them were falling. These floating leaves that were in mid air of this picture, with Luo Feng's mental calculation, in an instant he deduced there were definitely over 10,000 leaves.

On the picture, the yellow leaves fell one after another.

There were still some leaves on the tree itself, the ground however was fully covered in them.

Looking on...Luo Feng felt that the leaves floating in mid air were like soldiers one after another, forming an entire army. That incomparably complex formation, with every 100 forming one complex little group, just adding one extra leaf, that 101 immediately made the formation even more magical and mystical.

’’One Minute up!’’ Babata's voice resounded within his mind and woke him up, ’’Luo Feng, you only have half an hour to look at all the pictures, you cannot spend more than 1 minute on one picture.’’

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng awoke and looked at the name on that picture...Mu Zu primal chaos tablet.

This made Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, ’’Mu Zu? Is it linked to the Mu Zu planet?’’

He didn't dare think too much. Afterall, there were 52 pictures to go through, Luo Feng quickly went to view the rest, he had to look for the most suitable for himself within that half an hour. And the most suitable, only that would have the highest efficiency for his training. As for the Mu Zu tablet, it gave Luo Feng some headaches when he looked at it.

101 leaves, compared to the 100 leaves formation, it was a hundred times more magical and mystical.

Those over 10,000 leaves, just how much would they change and evolve, it was impossible to imagine.

Picture after picture, total silence.

The 1,000 geniuses were like starving wolves, their eyes were all gleaming while staring at the many pictures. Before, they were all dissatisfied on having to choose their tablet from looking at pictures, however they still got totally immersed in them. Luckily everyone had their own AI systems to remind them, otherwise they would spend the entire half an hour on one picture.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng stared at the large picture before him.

On it were many slash marks. Every mark gave off a different feeling, the entire picture had a total of 10,081 slashes. The name of the picture was Scarred Heart primal chaos tablet.

’’Alright, your half an hour is up, tell me your tablet choices and I'll record them.’’ The Black robed receiver shouted.


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