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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 7


Volume 11 Chapter 7 - Ship

’’That's, a, a continent?’’ Luo Feng stood within the universe ship, looking at the distant floating endless continent, staring wide eyed.

’’Planets, stars, nebulas etc, all the heavenly bodies, wandering the universe for a long time, one would have seen them all, even occasionally spotting remains of universe ships, even living space beasts, Luo Feng wouldn't even be shocked by these, however to see such a huge continent in space was simply too shocking!

This wasn't the virtual universe, it was reality!

’’So huge?’’ Luo Feng was speechless.

This huge continent floating in space had stars and planets beside it, however they were nothing but little dots beside it! Even the universe ship which was constantly getting closer, after awhile, it still seemed as though the continent was as far away as before.

It's bigger than any planets I've seen before, by at least 10 million times, it's too huge.’’ Luo Feng held his breath.

’’Your majesty, how's the headquarters?’’ Beside, the skinny old man smiled.

Luo Feng asked curiously, ’’Just how big is it?’’

’’How big?’’

The skinny old man shook his head, ’’If we don't go through universe transfer through the dark universe, just relying on the universe ship to fly from side to side, will take at least 10 years.’’

’’You mean...’’ Luo Feng was shocked, ’’It's diameter alone is about 1 light years?’’

1 light year, was a little more than 90 quintillion km.

The earth's diameter was but 10,000 km.

It was no wonder the distant stars and planets seemed nothing more than little dots, this continent floating in the universe was simply outrageous.

’’Hm.’’ The silver haired skinny old man nodded his head.

’’Such a big continent, where did it come from?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask, ’’Was there such a large naturally formed continent in the universe?’’ Even though the universe was mysterious, with many mysterious places, however naturally forming a 10 light years diameter continent was simply unbelievable.

’’Not sure.’’ The skinny old man shook his head.

Luo Feng didn't ask more.


Even though he could see the distant floating continent was incomparably vast, however with the f grade universe ship travelling close to light speed and about 13 hours later, he finally reached the entrance of the virtual universe company headquarters, during the flight, Luo Feng could only gaze in awe as he appreciated the beauty and perfection of the construction of this continent.

Even though it seemed like it was a wonder naturally formed by the universe, as his ship drew closer, Luo Feng could feel this 'natural' continent was infused with high amounts of technology.

’’Your majesty, those stars, planets and nebulas surrounding this continent are actually very terrifying technological weapons.’’ Within the ship's luxurious hall, the skinny old man introduced.

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’With the company's measures, those planets and stars are indeed easily controllable like toys to them.

Even undyings could play with the stars.

With the virtual company's unbelievable technology, changing the stars and planets to where even a sector lord knows they are weapons, these too were probably just for show...the virtual universe headquarters' true defenses probably weren't that simple.


The universe ship entered the continent through an opening and flew at light speed for a few minutes before finally slowing down and stopping.

Luo Feng and the sector lord Shawu and others flew out of the cabin door.

Outside there were 10 men and women dressed in uniform waiting, when Luo Feng arrived, these 10, with a silver armored man with a green horn leading, said in unison, ’’Your majesty Luo Feng, Knight Feng is awaiting your arrival, please follow me.’’

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Thanks Shawu.’’ Luo Feng turned back and looked at the skinny old man.

Sector lord Shawu revealed a smile, ’’It was my honor to accompany your majesty for 3 years.’’

After which, the 2 separated.

Luo Feng followed the silver armored green horned man and others through a dreamy like pathway, the later half of the pathway was translucent, with one look, one could see the beautiful space outside, along with the surrounding mountain scenery.

’’Your majesty Luo Feng, your majesty Luo Feng.’’ Along the pathway there were 3 people waiting.

’’Hm’’ Luo Feng looked curiously at the 3 approaching people.

’’Your majesty, these are the items you ordered, according to your majesty's request, the exchange will be done here in the headquarters.’’ The 3 immediately submitted the items.

As Luo Feng's 3 year journey was in the dark universe, also plus the fact that his training was mostly in the virtual universe, hence the golden shadow blade, the absolute void shield and the life fruits he purchased didn't require an immediate exchange, since the cloud contact vine already had enough food prepared, he decided to exchange for these at the headquarters itself.

Of course, something like the Illusionary techniques, he learnt it in the virtual universe.

’’Hehe, thanks.’’ Luo Feng opened to take a look and immediately kept it within his storage ring.


At that time, he was taken into an oval shaped large hall, the entire surroundings of the hall was completely transparent, looking up, one could see the endless space, viewing the distant beautiful scenery, also one could also see universe ships, and shooting star like undyings flying past.

’’Luo Feng.’’

’’Madman, you've come.’’

’’Haha, Madman.’’

Luo Feng's entrance immediately attracted welcomes from many.

’’Long Yun, Wuka, Jiangmo.’’ Luo Feng laughed and immediately waved at each of them, training hard in Yu Xiang Mountain for 3 years, this same batch of youths had interacted quite a bit, over the 3 years, except for a small number that preferred solitude, many of them had become good friends, at least they were able to chat and laugh.

There may have been some that preferred solitude, but this was also because they were too lonely, having never met anyone of their level.

And to be able to enter the genius battle's entire universe top 1,000, at least they'd recognize each other's strengths, becoming good friends was normal.

’’Rong Jun hasn't arrived?’’ Luo Feng surveyed his surroundings.

’’He'll be here soon, he's almost within the headquarters.’’ The Manka prince Wuka laughed casually, ’’Come, sit here.’’


Similarly in the Absolute beginning region, the 8 of them were closer than with others. Just from the sitting arrangement within the hall, one could easily see...cliques and circles had been formed within these 1,000.

’’Bolan.’’ Luo Feng looked at the side where a white clothed youth sat beside the window, Luo Feng smiled and shouted out.

The white clothed youth turned and glanced over, ’’Hm.’’ Just making a sound and immediately turning once again to peer outside. These 3 years on Yu Xiang Mountain, death god Bolan had been in solitude, only seldom communicating with a few people, but actually speaking very little. However for the contact they had, Luo Feng and the others realized that even though Bolan was very cold and enjoyed being alone, his character was still not bad.

’’The Absolute beginning few seem to be pretty proud, actually sticking and talking to Bolan...thinking they are much stronger than us.’’

’’Right, back then we made it into the top 100, the virtual universe company immediately picked the top 20 from us to fight for the final 10, not even giving us a chance.’’

’’And it's been 3 years, these 3 years, those of us in the Heaven and land region have all made improvements, some even shocking, I believe there are a few of us even stronger than those in the Absolute beginning region.’’

’’Just wait, there'll be time to compete.’’

At the other side, about 10 youths relied on genetic energy to communicate, chatting amongst themselves.

They remained unconvinced.

Since the time the virtual universe system back then had directly picked the people to eliminate, many had remained unhappy with the decisions, what's more over these 3 years, many had improved by quite a bit, especially since some didn't have good techniques back then...over these 3 years they had time to exchange for fitting techniques, their improvements were huge. They were all confident now.


After about 6 more hours, all 1,000 had gathered.

’’Attention all, please follow me.’’

Once the 1,000 had gathered, a man with red eyes dressed in a simple but elegant white robe spoke hoarsely, that aura he emitted made the 1,000 youths feel a sense of fear within, almost as though a normal person was facing a venomous snake, the tall red eyed man left the hall and immediately released a powerful invincible aura that completely subdued the 1,000 youths.


Immediately becoming a light ray and flying for a few minutes, they stopped before a peculiar ship, before releasing the 1,000 youths.


Only then did Luo Feng let out a sigh of relief, that inability to resist, that aura that made their hearts tremble, the surrounding geniuses all felt the same.

’’Attention all, please enter the ship.’’ The tall and skinny red eyed man spoke coldly.

Luo Feng looked up and saw the peculiar ship before them.

’’This is a ship?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, this ship before them was simply too strange and special, mainly because it's entire shape was simply like a fish! A translucent dull blue huge fish, its tail was even waving about, its entire length was about 1,000m. However the stomach portion of this huge fish actually had a cabin door, through it one could see the internal pathways.


The 1,000 geniuses, very few of them actually knew about these kinds of ships, the others seemed confused and stunned, under the coaxing of the tall and skinny red eyed man, they all entered through the door.

’’The interiors are similar to other ships, how come its exterior is just like a fish?’’ Luo Feng and the group walked within the ships pathways, ’’f grade universe ships were made from pure natural metals, even the ships that went to receive us were all f grades, and right now this ship that's taking us to the primal universe, this is definitely at least an f grade I think.’’

Pure metals were supposedly strong and durable.

This one was exactly like a fish, it was unbelievable.


’’You don't even know about this, this is a universe ship that's been fused with other life forms.’’ Babata's voice resounded, ’’And it's a very high level of life form, at least an undying level, like the metal life forms, plant life forms, there are some special races that can actually fuse and become one with ships. This universe much better than your teacher's Yun Mo Planet ship, if what I'm guessing isn't wrong, it can be considered even as surpassing the f grade...a g grade universe ship. To be able to have such a ship, in the vast universe, that would be one who stands at the pinnacle of existences.’’

’’Fusing an undying life form with a ship?’’ Luo Feng didn't even have time to react before he followed the others into the ship's large hall.

Within the hall.

A formless pressure caused the 1,000 geniuses to not dare to make a sound, even the 10 undyings within the ship, including that tall and skinny red eyed man slightly bowed.

Luo Feng glanced over and spotted the green armored purple scaled man standing right in front, even though he still felt as though he wasn't truly present, giving a sense like he was virtual projection, not a real person, the purple scaled man looked at the youths and said, ’’Let's depart, towards the primal universe.’’


The fish like universe ship waved its tail and immediately vanished from its position.


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