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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 37


Volume 11 Chapter 37 - Comprehension

’’I'll make you understand that the 5th level of the Nan Shen Armament isn't necessarily stronger than the 4th!’’ Luo Feng thought within, standing on the dark cloud shuttle, the gold blur was already piercing towards him from the distance, Luo Feng however had long shot out what seemed like a golden energy ball that wrapped around the totem pillar.

Rumble...the totem pillar rolled and while it seemed slow, however in an instant it blocked the gold blur.

’’He actually blocked it? Slice through it!’’ The silver armored man in the distance gazed coldly.

’’Chi chi chi...’’

The dark golden long blade was like lightning immediately piercing the totem pillar, with a loud clash, the surface of totem pillar shook violently, the spot where it sliced had broken golden threads, little golden blades began to float up.

’’Rejoin.’’ With a thought, the floating little golden blades immediately re entered the totem pillar, the law infused golden threads weaved through them and the totem pillar was once again formed.

’’What a powerful space slicer, indeed the 5th level.’’ Luo feng was shocked within, he didn't just specialize in studying the space laws, his golden horned beast had never relaxed once on studying the gold origin laws, gold itself was an immovable and solid law, making the totem pillar extremely hard to destroy.

He didn't expect the 1st clash alone to actually cause the totem pillar to partially crumble.

’’Haha...’’ The distant silver armored man's eyes were filled with disdain, laughing loudly, ’’Punk, trying to attempt the 5th level at universe level, stop dreaming! Go back and train for another 1,000 years.’’


The dark golden long blade once again pierced through the sky.

Luo Feng's expression grew cold, ’’9 thread loop!’’

Rumble...the totem pillar rolled in mid air, almost like a giant grabbing the totem pillar and swinging it forward, the totem pillar once again clashed against the golden blade that tried to dodge it, with a loud clash, the golden blur was knocked back and the totem pillar only slightly shaken.

’’Hm?’’ The silver armored man's expression changed, ’’He blocked it again?’’


The dark golden long blade once again became a blur and the space around it began to shake, with a blur, it pierced towards Luo Feng again.

’’Rumble!’’ The totem pillar in mid air left an image in mid air and once again 'slowly' rolled to right before the extremely quick long blade and clashing again.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The dark golden long blade became a golden blur and just like a fish in space, time and again pierced towards Luo Feng, the totem pillar however strangely enough seemed slow but managed to block the blade over and over again. Every clash didn't even make the totem pillar crumble.

’’How can it be so quick?’’ The silver armored man frowned.

’’My 4th level is different from that opponent in the heavenly bridge level 4's Nan Shen Armament 4th level.’’ Luo Feng revealed a smile, thinking within.


This was his trump card for the 5th level...9 thread loop!

Rain drop picture, after seeing through it completely and understanding the 9 blade forms, every blade form represented a wonder of the essence to make a weapon follow the optimum ripple thread movement to attack, however as the space ripples were complex, with different and various kinds of ripples, it was like the undercurrent of the ocean, Luo Feng was still unable to use all of it.

Only meeting a suitable undercurrent, was he able to make his speed reach unbelievable speeds.

And the 9 wonders that Luo Feng had comprehended, were considered amongst the space laws the most superficial and basic 9.

Hence in any space, there would be at least 1 of them, allowing Luo Feng to rely on these 9...making his totem pillar reach shocking speeds.


With these properties, Luo Feng using the 9 thread flow from the 10,000 thread, fusing into 1...creating, from his point of view, a perfect way to control, the 9 thread loop!

’’With myself as the center, within a 500m diameter area, this is my 9 thread loop's absolute control area!’’ Luo Feng stood on the dark cloud shuttle and fiercely rushed towards the distant silver armored man, ’’Yes, absolute control!’’

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The totem pillar immediately became 9 totem pillars, within that 500m ball like area, time and again blocking the golden long blade.

’’Go and die!’’ Luo Feng controlled the totem pillar on one end while swiftly heading towards the 2, closing their distance, dragging him into his own absolute area, as long as he entered within he could easily use the totem pillar to kill his opponent!

’’Hm?’’ The silver armored man's expression changed, immediately stepping on the dark cloud shuttle, hu, 1,000 images appeared in mid air, fleeing far away.

’’I admit you are very strong, but to beat me? You must be dreaming!’’ The silver armored man communicated via genetic energy, the distant fleeing silver armored man was raging, roaring at the not too distant totem pillar of Luo Feng's, ’’Break!!!’’

Immediately the extremely fast and unpredictable golden blade that was trying time and again to dodge the totem pillar didn't dodge anymore, it instead chose to destroy the totem pillar itself!

’’Rumble!’’ The golden blade became a beam of golden light and madly clashed against the totem pillar, smashing the surface violently, immediately a large amount of the golden threads were broken from the surface, the little golden blades floated, this made the originally very confident Luo Feng change in his expression, ’’Not good!’’

The golden long blade didn't stop at all, once again clashing hard into the totem pillar, causing Luo Feng who was controlling through spirit energy to go pale, this 2nd fierce attack had made his expression go ugly.

This was troublesome.

The Nan Shen Armament's 5th level, space slicer, its power was much stronger than what he expected!

Originally, he thought he could rely on the 9 thread loop and drag his opponent into his 500m absolute area, once that happens he could swiftly control the totem pillar to destroy his opponent! As long as the opponent was within his area, the totem pillar's speed exceeded that of the golden long blade.


The Nan Shen Armament's 5th level space slicer, the long blade that was formed had 2 properties, one was its speed and the 2nd was its strength.

Initially the silver armored man wanted to use the long blade to dodge past the totem pillar and kill Luo Feng, hence in terms of control, he was focusing more on the speed, however since Luo Feng unleashed the 9 thread loop and made the speed of his totem pillar within the 500m area extremely fast, blocking the long blade easily time and again, his speed fell behind.

The 1st property speed was ineffective, however it still had its 2nd!

The 5th level, why was it called space slicer!

Luo Feng finally understood!


Just like a beam of light shooting over, Luo Feng didn't dare not block it, if he hadn't, that long blade would have easily sliced right through his head!

’’Rumble! That golden blade pierced straight into the totem pillar, Luo Feng felt his consciousness shake hard, the entire totem pillar's surface which was struck almost crumbled totally, Luo Feng could only madly use his spirit energy to reform it.

’’What strong consciousness, I'll see how many times you can block!’’ The silver armored man roared.

If his consciousness wasn't strong, with one clash the totem pillar would have crumbled.

The golden horned beast was currently domain lord level 6, hence in truth Luo feng's consciousness was...the domain lord level 6 golden horned beast's, naturally it was strong. Otherwise, he couldn't even receive 3 attacks!

’’Not good, just 3 fierce attacks have used up close to 30% of my spirit energy, and my mental spirit is fatigued.’’ Luo Feng was pale, staring hard at the opponent before him.


4th time!


5th time!

Luo Feng's lips were pale, staring hard at his opponent, reforming the totem pillar time and again as it almost fully crumbles.

’’I don't believe you can keep blocking, even if your consciousness can withstand it, I don't believe your spirit energy won't wear out!’’ The silver armored man roared, ’’Go again!’’

’’Rumble!’’ 6th time!

The totem pillar was once again knocked until two thirds of it almost fully crumbled, Luo Feng's entire consciousness entered a state of half blur, as he had used his full strength to control the pillar, requiring a large amount of spirit energy to maintain its form, and spirit energy is linked to ones consciousness, every clash was a hit on his consciousness itself.

’’Reform!’’ Luo Feng grit his teeth, his spirit couldn't accept defeat, reforming the totem pillar yet again.


Large amounts of spirit energy almost like countless little hands grabbed the scattered over 1,000 little golden blades, according to space and golden laws, once again mystically gathering and forming the totem pillar, each of the blades formed together through the law infused golden threads...

’’Not right!’’

While reforming the totem pillar, in a blurred state of mind, Luo Feng's mind recalled the 9 universe tablet's raindrop picture, this picture had a total of 9 drops, according to theory, Luo Feng had long completely comprehended this picture, understanding its essence.

However at this time...

’’It's this way, it's this way.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleam brighter and brighter.

’’Totem pillar!’’

Luo Feng's energy soared, quickly completing the reforming of the totem pillar.

’’Go and die!’’ Luo Feng pointed at the silver armored man, the totem pillar began to roll, the surrounding space was almost like flatbread being rolled, ’’Peng!’’ The distant dark golden long blade once again pierced over, however as it drew close it's speed seemed to strangely decrease, when it finally clashed, it had already lost a great deal of its original power.

’’How can this be?’’ The distant silver armored man was filled with shock.


The almost undamaged totem pillar seemed slow in its roll, immediately flashing and appearing before his face, Pu Chi!: Almost like crushing an ant, immediately rolling over him leaving nothing but minced meat.

On the dark cloud shuttle in mid air, the pale Luo Feng's eyes were filled with light, muttering, ’’Yes, before when I comprehended the raindrop picture's 9 drops, I however...didn't comprehended the entire picture.’’ Luo Feng looked at the space before him, almost as though he was looking at 9 types of space ripples flowing together and separating, resonating with the 9 drop picture, it was pleasing.

5th level!



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