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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 36


Volume 11 Chapter 36 - Attempt!

The green robed purple scaled man took a stride and vanished immediately from the skies above primal chaos city, appearing in a desolate area's huge mansion that was enormous but yet plain and simple.

This mansion had a completely black door.

’’Haha, it's rare a good friend pays me a visit.’’ With a laugh, the black door automatically opened, a 3 eyed old man dressed in what seemed like a sack cloth walked out, this old man was the guardian of the primal chaos tablets, the one that had 52 clones, Kandeli.

’’It's been awhile, hence I came to see you.’’ 9 blade knight was smiling.

The 2 walked side by side into the living room of the mansion, sitting facing each other, the 3 eyed old man smiled and poured some wine, ’’9 blade, you wouldn't look for me here without a reason, speak, what's the matter?’’

’’Haha, then I'll be direct.’’

9 blade knight smiled, ’’We just discovered a new universe secret area, from our calculations, it belongs to an extremely high level.’’

’’Ah?’’ The 3 eyed old man's eyes gleamed.

Universe secret areas, they were naturally formed phenomenon that occur while the vast universe was changing. Through its normal change, stars and planets of the sorts were usually formed...however under special circumstances, mystical universe secret areas as big as the black dragon mountain starfield may appear.

The actual universe, was known as the most vast and ancient universe.

The secret areas within the universe secret areas have different levels of dangers, the treasures within too differed, however normally even the lousiest of new secret areas required at least sector lord level to explore.

’’How high?’’ The 3 eyed old man asked curiously.

’’Anything below knight, would most certainly die if they entered.’’ 9 blade knight smiled, ’’Those emperor knights, their chances of survival are extremely low.’’

’’Ah? Interesting!’’ The 3 eyed old man's heart jumped.

Within the actual universe, there were very few things left that could harm an undying. A secret area that could make anything below a knight die as they go in, then this secret area must be terrifying...however the more terrifying it was, it also meant that it was easier to get universe treasures within, treasures that would excite even the knights.

’’It's been discovered not too long ago, we wouldn't invite anyone we didn't trust, I came personally this time to invite you.’’ 9 blade knight looked at the 3 eyed old man, ’’Kandeli, will you go?’’

Kandeli hesitated.

’’Anyway your clones can protect the primal chaos tablets. What's more there's the city leader here, there's no danger here at all.’’ 9 blade shook his head, ’’And the primal universe is only a small universe that's still evolving, not even 10 millionth of our actual universe! Our actual universe is the true center, it has been tens of thousands of eras since you've left, its time to go explore, there might be some huge discovery!’’

The 3 eyed old man's eyes gleamed.

’’When you gather, inform me.’’ The 3 eyed old man looked at 9 blade knight.

’’Haha, with you, we'll have a much bigger guarantee.’’ 9 blade knight laughed.

Kandeli was an ancient being within the universe, his power was absolute, all the absolute warriors and races call him primal chaos city's guardian, this name, resounded even more than 9 blade knight's reputation.

And his cloning, was the move that gained the most reputation.

His cloning was simply splitting part of himself, to Undyings, producing a clone was simple, however Kandeli wasn't the same, every clone he produced had about 60% strength of the original! Hence in times of danger, using them to explore and scout was the safest option. Even if a clone was destroyed, it didn't affect Kandeli much.


Kandeli, 9 blade knight, these 2 absolute beings, chatted for awhile, suddenly 9 blade knight frowned.

’’What's the matter?’’ Kandeli frowned too.

’’Small matter.’’ 9 blade smiled indifferently, ’’our newest batch of genius punks, the Rong Jun who was accepted as Yuan Chen country leader's disciple just passed the 4th level of the heavenly bridge.’’

’’4th level? Not bad, not bad at all.’’ Kandeli complimented, ’’New batches from the genius competitions coming to primal chaos city, it's extremely rare for any of them even pass the 4th.’’

’’Hm, plus Rong Jun, this batch already has 3! Bolan, Luo Feng and Rong Jun.’’ 9 blade knight revealed a smile.

’’These 3 punks are very exceptional, they may eventually become your right and left arms.’’ Kandeli said.

9 blade laughed.

On a balcony of a training quarter.

’’What!’’ Luo Feng who was originally sitting crossed legged with his eyes closed stood up and frowned, ’’Rong Jun passed the 4th level?:

Rong Jun had passed the 3rd level in the 13th year of coming to primal chaos city.


Every 3 levels was a threshold, from the 3rd to 4th level was extremely difficult, whether it was Bolan or himself, they all took awhile before passing the 4th level.

’’He's passed the 4th, then right now!’’ Luo Feng's eyes were filled with fighting spirit, ’’I'll go try the 5th level now!’’

Mental state and emotions too could affect one's battle abilities.

Luo Feng was currently filled with fighting spirit, following which he immediately headed towards the heavenly bridge!


’’Rong Jun passed the 4th level? Another 4th level?’’ The other geniuses almost simultaneously received the news.


Virtual universe heavenly bridge.

In the center of the beautiful island, silhouettes appeared.

’’So many people.’’ The moment Luo Feng appeared, he saw in the surroundings there were already over 20 youths, and more were still appearing, obviously the over 800 geniuses all wanted to give it a shot before leaving primal chaos city, Rong Juns breakthrough had spurred everybody to come give it a shot.

’’Luo Feng, there's someone on the 9 universe bridge currently, you'll be next.’’ The black robed watchman Bevin smiled.

’’Wuka, the Huge Axe bridge has someone, you'll be next.’’

Watchman Bevin was arranging the order for everybody, some of them however could attempt straight away.

’’Luo Feng, you are here to try?’’ Wuka stood beside Luo Feng muttering, ’’You are already leading by so much.

’’Rong Jun has caught up too, I cannot relax.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng and Wuka spotted a silhouette that just appeared beside, still in the same white robe, carrying that blood blade.

Death god Bolan!

’’He's here too?’’ Luo Feng frowned.

That white robed youth spotted Luo Feng and nodded at him, saying softly, ’’Luo Feng...’’

’’Bolan!’’ Luo Feng's eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

Around them over a hundred geniuses had already gathered, these geniuses all looked at Luo Feng and Bolan and discussed softly.

’’The 2 have met again.’’

’’The last time Luo Feng passed the 4th level and Bolan passed the 5th. Will the 2 of them pass again today?’’

’’The heavenly bridge isn't so easy.’’

’’However amongst our batch, the only one able to match up to Bolan is Luo Feng.’’


Luo Feng and Bolan only glanced at each other without speaking, however within they were feeling competitive.

’’Luo Feng, you can enter the 9 universe bridge.’’ Watchman Bevin said, ’’Bolan, the universe bridge has someone, you'll be the one after the next person.’’

Luo Feng glanced at Bolan and Bolan glanced back.


Luo Feng became a beam of light and flew straight into the distant 9 universe bridge.

9 universe heavenly bridge, the first 3 levels were shrouded in mist.

The 4th and 5th levels were shrouded in squall, reaching the peak, the 5th level's distance from the ocean was extremely high, one could only see the mad winds from the 4th level amidst the darkness, not even the ocean.

’’5th level.’’

Luo Feng stood on the bridge looking at the tornado ahead.

That continuous tornado let out a sound: ’’Choose fighter, controller, hypnotist, choose one, defeat your opponent and you can proceed to the 6th level.’’

’’Controller!’’ Luo Feng didn't even hesitate.

’’Chi Chi...’’

From the tornado a silver armored silhouette swiftly flew out, wearing a silver mask, the skinny man stood on a dark cloud shuttle carrying a dark golden long rod. His weapons etc were still similar to Luo Feng's.

’’Coming to try the 5th level at universe level, you must be very confident.’’ The silver armored man sneered, ’’Take out all your strength, otherwise once I attack you won't even be able to defend.’’

’’Arrogant punk.’’

Luo Feng stood on the dark cloud shuttle coldly gazing at the silver armored man before the tornado.

Hu huh... the dark golden long rod behind him swiftly shot out gold beams of light that covered the sky, large amounts of little golden blades floated before Luo Feng, countless threads weaving through them, every little blade kept a small distance between each other, on each the complex engravings shot out more golden thread, a total of 1,600 little golden blades shooting out gold origin law infused golden threads that weaved and connected, swiftly forming together a blurry huge Totem pillar!

Nan Shen Armament's 4th level... Optimum power!

The totem pillar floated before Luo feng.

’’Only the 4th level?’’ The silver clothed man smiled coldly, ’’To be able to use the 4th level of the Nan Shen armament at universe level is very impressive, however, to pass the 5th level, that's just a dream!’’


While speaking, the golden long rod on his back was like a secret weapon shooting in all directions large amounts of golden light, in an instant almost like a glaring sun itself, countless golden light swiftly condensed, every 81 of them forming 1 golden blade, a total of 36 true golden blades that were 1 chi long, all floating before him.

Chi chi...36 golden blades fused together, large amounts of golden threads weaving and linking them.

A 3m long dark golden blade, almost like a true golden blade, one couldn't even see any slits between, without careful examination, one couldn't even see the golden threads in between. This huge blade floated before the silver armored man.

Nan Shen Armament's 5th level...Space slicer!

’’5th level?’’Luo Feng thought, ’’So it's that way, this 5th level opponent, uses the 5th level of the Nan Shen Armament, right now my grasp of the Drizzle picture and comprehension of the gold origin laws still cannot produce the 5th level of the Nan Shen Armament. However...’’

’’The 1st picture, the rain drop picture, I've completely seen through the 9 wonders, fusing the 9 into 1 body. My totem much stronger than any other totem pillar!’’

Luo Feng very clearly remembered.

Back when he first attempted the 1st level, his Heaven piercing blade was defeated by the opponents 3 blades into 1. This meant 1 didn't mean that the higher the level, the higher the strength and power!

’’Go and die!’’

The silver armored man coldly gazed at Luo Feng.


The 3m long dark golden long blade immediately tore through the sky and became a gold blur.

’’Rumble...’’ The totem pillar began to roll.


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