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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 34


Volume 11 Chapter 34 - Training for 30 Years

Towards the sect leader True Yan emperor before him, Luo Feng was filled with gratitude.

’’Back when I first came to primal chaos city, I was simply a small figure. True Yan's one pointer allowed me to walk the most correct path. Maybe to him it was a casual pointer, but to probably affected my next trillion years of training.’’ Luo Feng bowed respectfully, according to primal chaos city customs, with over a thousand other warriors looking at him, he shouted respectfully, ’’I earnestly request to become a disciple of yours.’’

’’I earnestly request to become a disciple of yours!’’ The sound resounded throughout the plaza.

Over 1,000 warriors all looked at True Yan emperor.

Will he accept?

’’Haha...’’ True Yan emperor looked at Luo Feng and laughed carefreely, ’’From today, you'll be a disciple of I, True Yan Emperor!’’


There was chaos below.

’’Follow me.’’ True Yan stood up and took Luo Feng along with the rest of his disciples.


’’What, True Yan really accepted Luo Feng as his disciple?’’ A handsome Gu Si Luo frowned, ’’Right now both Luo Feng and Bolan have sect leader Undyings as their teachers! And Rong Jun, he has a universe country leader as his teacher, they were already leading ahead, with a teacher giving help now, their improvement will be even more shocking!’’

Gu Si Luo gritted his teeth, ’’I have to grasp my time and quickly pass the 3rd level, that way I can find a teacher!’’


’’Madman, he really cannot be undermined.’’ In the training grounds, covered in perspiration, Rong Jun said softly, ’’My opponent is not just Bolan, but Luo Feng as well!’’


’’Damn! True Yan really accepted him?’’ The Manka prince Wuka could only roar softly, then return to working hard.


The group of geniuses all felt the pressure, as actually succeeding in getting a sect leader as one's teacher wasn't easy.


One had to pass the 3rd level as a requirement, and normally from the 1,000 that come from the genius competition, the number that could actually pass the 3rd level within the 30 years in primal chaos city could be counted with one hand! From previous competitions...the number able to pass the 3rd level mostly stayed under 5. Even if there were more geniuses or exceptional geniuses in a batch, it never exceeded 10!

Even after passing the 3rd level, those undying sect leaders hardly ever accepted either.

These old weird things, mostly existed for over a trillion years.

It usually was a long while before they truly accepted a disciple.

As time flowed, these geniuses never let up for a moment, especially with a large amount of targets and goals to chase before them, these geniuses improved with shocking speed.

1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years...

In the 13th year after they arrived in primal chaos city, Rong Jun passed the 3rd level.

In the 19th year, Luo Feng passed the 4th level, and on that day Bolan too passed the 5th level! The 2 far exceeded everybody else. That day, it spurred Rong Jun and many others to give it a shot, however none succeeded.

In the 21st year, Wuka passed the 3rd level.

In the 25th year, Long Yun and Jia Lai Xi passed the 3rd level.

In the 28th year, Qian shui passed the 3rd level.


In the blink of an eye, 30 years had passed!


Within primal chaos city, True Yan Emperors mansion.

’’Luo Feng, there's only 10 days before you have to leave primal chaos city.’’ True Yan laughed as he looked at Luo Feng, ’’After leaving, if you meet any hard questions while training, you can ask me. As for other world matters, I hope you can settle them yourselves, unless you really meet something that you have no way to solve, come look for me, understood?’’

’’Yes teacher.’’

Still dressed in a dark red armor, the black short haired youth stood there, even though compared to True Yan and the others he was skinny and small. However that suppressed fierce intrepid energy he emanated made hearts tremble.

Compared to 30 years ago when he first came, he was no longer as young and tender.

There was a fierce toughness!

It was one that stemmed from comprehending the universe origin laws, one that formed from melding that comprehension deep within one's bones, a special aura.

’’Hm.’’ True Yan nodded his head satisfied, he was extremely satisfied with this student.

’’Go on!’’ True Yan smiled.

Luo Feng knelt down hard, causing True Yan Emperor to shake his head and laugh, ’’Stand up.’’

’’Thank you teacher for the 20 years of guidance.’’ Luo Feng remained kneeling, ’’Your disciple will not let you down.’’ Within, Luo Feng was filled with gratitude, this huge golden fur warrior that looked like a golden apeman...even though his position was extremely high, he was usually very sincere and close to his disciples.

20 years!

How long has Luo Feng been living?

Even though he was grateful towards his teacher Hu Yan Bo from the Yun Mo Planet, they never really interacted. However in Primal chaos city, he had been interacting with True Yan emperor for 20 years, that teacher student relationship had naturally become deep.

’’Haha, won't disappoint me?’’ True Yan rubbed the fur on his chin, laughing, ’’My first goal for you is to enter the primal secret region! The 2nd goal is to become an undying and getting the title emperor! Understood?’’

’’Yes!’’ Luo Feng answered firmly, resonating loudly.

’’Haha...Over countless years, I've had close to a hundred disciples, yet only your 3rd senior has every truly immediately become undying and later becoming an emperor.’’ True Yan laughed, his eyes squinting, ’’Now it's up to you.’’

Luo Feng was very clear, his teacher had a total of 92 disciples, 23 had already fallen, and the number following him in primal chaos city was only 35.

Some had the title official.

Only 1 had become emperor, that was the 3rd senior, called Tie Jun, an absolute warrior from the Nakamon clan, he had become a disciple a very long time ago. His teacher had existed for over a trillion years, to be able to be called the 3rd senior, that was definitely one that he accepted in the previous hundred million years, currently this senior was the idol amongst the group of disciples.

Tie Jun, with his title Bloodthirsty Emperor.

In terms of reputation, he was even more prominent then his teacher True Yan, of course his teacher was a being close to a universe country leader, in terms of strength he was still stronger.

’’Go on, go on.’’ True Yan smiled and waved his hand.


Luo Feng got up to leave.


Walking out of his teacher's mansion, he turned to look, feeling bittersweet within.

’’The last time was leaving earth, this time it's leaving my teacher.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

’’You are still young, when you've trained for 10 million years, you'll get used to it.’’ In his mind Babatas voice resounded.

’’Alright, ’’Luo Feng frowned, ’’Training for 10 million years is a thing for the future. Right now, I haven't even lived for 100 years, there's no need to talk about such far away matters.

Walking along the alley.

Luo Feng sighed.

’’30 years!’’

’’In a flash, it's over.’’ Luo Feng was happy within, ’’I'm already much stronger than when I came.’’

His earth body, as he hadn't been training it, remained at universe level 1. However the moment he leaves primal chaos city...he could use the life pool and easily reach universe level 9. As he didn't have any bottleneck, he could easily breakthrough straight to domain lord.

The Mosha clan was the same level as the golden horned beast.

Before coming to the primal universe, Luo Feng had already prepared a large amount of required metals for the domain lord level, hence it maintained its normal evolution speed.

A total of 30 years in primal chaos city.

A little more than 10 years ago, it broke through to domain lord level 1!

And domain lord level 1 to 3 required 150 years.

4 to 6 required 600 years.

7 to 9 required 3,600 years.

Domain lord level 9 breaking through to sector lord required about 5,000 years.

Using the optimum metal groups during the domain lord level could at most raise its evolution efficiency by 52 times, it had been 20 years in primal chaos city, meaning its normal evolution had been going on for over a thousand years! Hence...the current golden horned beast and Mosha clan had both reached domain lord level 6!’’

’’If I go to the life pool, and evolve to universe level 9, I have to stop there. If I breakthrough to domain lord...’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’That would be troublesome, in theory, the moment I'm domain lord level 1 I can rise straight to domain lord level 9. However I'm different from others, my growth is limited by the internal world.’’

Since his internal world was domain lord level 6, then there was no bottleneck before then.

However if the internal world didn't grow, his body's soul had no way to grow at all.

’’When the golden horned beast and Mosha clan both reach domain lord level 9. Then I'll make my human body rise to domain lord level 9.’’ Luo Feng thought.

’’In primal chaos city, my biggest improvement is in the comprehension of the origin laws.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed.

Studying the 9 universe tablet, plus the teachings of his teacher True Yan emperor, along with the study of floating blood, his improvement was indeed huge.

10 years ago, he had completely comprehended Floating Bloods 1st blade form.

The beginning was the toughest, with experience and his teacher's pointers, what's more the 108 blade forms were the most compatible with the raindrop pictures 9 blade forms, hence with 3 years of work, Luo Feng had comprehended the 2nd blade form and after another 3, finished the 3rd.

...The further he got, the higher the efficiency.

In the 28th year of being in primal chaos city, Luo Feng had comprehended the 9th blade form! At this point, the 9 universe tablet's raindrop picture didn't hold much mystery at all to Luo Feng anymore, he had completely comprehended it!

The 1st 9 forms were easy.

The middle 27 however were much harder, much less the final 72.

Now that it was about time to leave primal chaos city soon, Luo Feng hadn't even comprehended the 10th blade form.

’’Even though I haven't finished the 10th, the 2nd Drizzle picture, I've had great improvements over these 3 years.’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’There's another 10 days before I leave, before that I'll try the heavenly bridge one more time and see if I can pass the 5th level! If I pass, I'll get another chance to study the tablet! With that final study chance, I'll be able to absorb it slowly after I leave.’’


A large fish was flying in that unstable universe between the primal and actual universe.

Within this large fish.

’’Sir knight, of the 1,000 geniuses from this batch, there are 816 still surviving.’’ Dressed in jasper armor was Jade emperor who was bowing, she continued, ’’Of which the most exceptional is Bolan, he's already passed the 5th level currently. Next is Luo feng, he's passed the 4th. The next 5 have all passed the 3rd level! The most shocking of the group is Luo Feng, in his 19th year, he already passed the 4th level, far exceeding the others, he is the closest to Bolan.’’

The other 10 Undyings all reacted but remained respectful.

9 Blade Knight however, sat in the throne and listened, nodding, saying softly, ’’Bolan? Luo Feng?’’


The ship continued advancing.

9 Blade Knight sat in the ship headed to primal chaos city, he was prepared to receive Luo Feng's batch back in to the actual universe.


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