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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 33


Volume 11 Chapter 33 - 2nd Tier Company

Virtual universe Ganwu continent, Ping Hai company's 86th level meeting room.

One side was the upper echelon of Ping Hai company, the other was the virtual universe company's Ganwu division's investment side upper echelon.

Xu Xin and Bo Te Lai exchanged documents, on it were their signatures.

’’Pleasure doing business with you!’’

’’Pleasure doing business with you!’’

Xu Xin smiled and stood up, lifting a wine glass, ’’After signing, we have to down our drinks in celebration, that's a practice of earth, Mr Bo Te Lai, you should try our newest tea drink from Ping Hai Company.’’

’’Ah?’’ Bo Te Lai smiled and received it, ’’Down our drinks in celebration? That's new.’’

The 2 lifted their glasses and raised them together.

’’Hmm, not bad at all, this bitter taste revolves in your mouth, really wonderful.’’ Bo Te Lai nodded, ’’I like the name tea too.’’ Bo Te Lai pronounced the word tea awkwardly.

Xu Xin smiled, ’’I like it too, because it can bring about great profits.’’

’’Yes, that's is true.’’ Bo Te Lai's eyebrows lifted.

With the universe technology, analyzing several tastes and flavors of earth wasn't difficult, however any particular flavor they produced was specially protected in the virtual universe. Back then Xu Xin took many special flavors of earth and swiftly registered these flavors on a large scale, even if other companies managed to imitate them, they couldn't copy them, or they would be fined heavily for the usage.

’’The future of Ping Hai company will be up to you Mrs Luo.’’ Bo Te Lai said, ’’Otherwise, any failed business, I have to take responsibility for.’’

’’Rest assured.’’ Xu Xin smiled.

’’Haha, Ping Hai company's staff and management are exceptional, I can definitely rest assured.’’ Bo Te Lai smiled, ’’Then I'll look forward...for the day Ping Hai company rises to become a 2nd tier company, hopefully in the next 1,000 years.’’

’’My aim is a 100 years.’’ Xu Xin smiled.


Bo Te Lai's eyes immediately gleamed, ’’Right, in a hundred years, the earlier the better.’’

’’Please Mr. Bo Te Lai, go take a rest, I've already prepared a banquet.’’ Xu Xin smiled, following which she arranged for people to lead the investment department of the virtual universe Ganwu division to rest.

Within the meeting room, only Xu xin and the short haired girl remained.

’’Big Sister Xu, we've succeeded.’’ The short haired girl said excitedly.

’’With a price of 10.2 times, allowing them 51% shares, it's still ok.’’ Xu Xin smiled, ’’With this huge investment, our Ping Hai company's overall capital has reached 32,882 mixed elements.’’


Back when Luo Feng was awarded 1,000 mixed elements as reward, he gave 300 to his younger brother Luo Hua to invest and another 200 to Xu Xin!

However later on...

Xu Xin's company, as the returns from storing the funds in the bank was simply too low, it was better for her to let Luo Hua invest it. Hence Luo Hua too entered the company...becoming a very important division, the investment department.

Back then the shares were divided this way.

Luo Feng had 50%, Luo Hua had 25% and Xu Xin had 25%, the capital of the company was a total of 600 mixed elements back then.

Luo Feng had been in the primal chaos city for 10 years, however in the real universe, over 30 years had passed.

These over 30 years, Xu Xin managed the company and Luo Hua was in charge of investments...over 30 years, their capital rose from close to 600 mixed elements to close to 3,000 mixed elements. While it seemed like a small increase, by just a few times, if placed on earth, the efficiency would simply be too little and not worth mentioning.

However in truth, such a return in the universe was already considered extremely high, as the higher the investment, the harder it was for returns!

The bigger the investment, the easier it was for it to attract huge powers and firms notice.

The moment they weren't careful, they would make losses.

over 30 years, earning over 5 times in profits? That was hard!

Many Undyings with trillions of years of life spans, even getting 1 time in return for their investments was extremely difficult.

As there were many ancient beings in the virtual universe, with life spans in the trillions, along with the virtual universe system regulations...making it so that the currencies hardly ever inflated, imagine 1 mixed element of 1 hundred million years ago, after that period of time, its buying power had almost no change whatsoever!

This led to!

Large corporations investments finding it hard to make any money.

Even Ping Hai Company, relied on the swift expansion of the food and beverage chain along with investments to have such returns.


With the split in shares, the Ping Hai company had 49% of the shares, the virtual universe company took 51% of it. In truth...the main shareholders Luo Feng, Luo Hua and Xu Xin before had huge increases in wealth. Even though they had less shares now, the capital of the company had risen from close to 3,000 mixed elements to close to 33,000 mixed elements!

Luo Feng, Luo Hua and Xu Xin added together, immediately had over 16,000 mixed elements in shares!

’’A flagship company of the virtual universe company is separated into 3rd tier, 2nd tier and 1st tier and finally special tier companies.’’ Xu Xin looked at the document in her hands, ’’Reaching a capital of 1,000 mixed elements puts one in the 3rd tier, breaking 100,000 puts one in the 2nd tier!’’

’’Breaking 10 million mixed elements puts one in the 1st tier.’’

’’Going past 1 billion puts one as a special tier.’’

The business and martial departments were the 2 biggest departments of the virtual universe company.

’’The manager of a 3rd tier is still considered an outside member.’’

’’The manager of a 2nd tier can become a Last Phase region core member.’’

’’1st tier manager equates to a Heaven and Ground member.’’

’’Special tier manager equates to an Absolute beginning member.’’

Xu Xin looked at the document, her eyes gleaming.

’’Our company's capital is reaching 33,000 mix elements, it's not far from the 100,000 mark. ’’Xu Xin said softly, ’’We'll reach there in 60 years!’’

’’60 years?’’ The short haired lady beside her was shocked.

The higher the investment, the higher scale, the harder it was to earn, rising was hard too.

1 hundred million universe dollars, Luo Feng could easily raise it to 1 billion universe dollars.

However if it were 1 hundred million mixed elements, even if it was given to Luo Hua with a million to 10 million years, wanting to make it grow by ten times, that was simply a dream. If one could easily turn it to 1 billion mixed elements. The virtual universe company would immediately hire him as a VIP with protection, arranging for an undying to be his bodyguard!


This level of earning speed, was even more terrifying than an emperor undying!

Hence, little fights and squabbles do not bother them at all.

This earning ability was truly what the huge leviathans were competing for. Obviously the virtual universe company favored Ping Hai company more.

’’Hm. 60 years.’’ Xu Xin nodded.

’’60 years to rise to a 2nd tier company, that's too hard.’’ The short haired lady shook her head.

’’We'll work hard.’’

Xu Xin smiled, thinking within, ’’60 years here will be just the amount of time he'll take to finish primal chaos city training, before he finishes, to be able to meet at Yu Xiang mountain...I guess his expression will be priceless.’’ Xu Xin's eyes were filled with anticipation.

Primal chaos city.

’’Right here!’’ Luo Feng walked until he reached the entrance of a mansion, at the time, there were many warriors there entering.

’’True Yan is teaching today, I heard he's explaining the 9 universe tablet's 1st to 3rd picture.’’

’’Hm, even though I'm studying the 4th picture, there's always benefits from listening to the basics.’’

’’Me too.’’

’’Sub sect leaders are indeed leaders.’’

The sector lords and undyings all entered the mansion, Luo Feng followed. The scanner on the entrance scanned through Luo Feng without any resistance, obviously he had the passed the requirements to listen to the class.

Within the mansion.

It was a 10km long and wide plaza, there a few hundred warriors had already gathered to listen.

’’There's quite a lot of people.’’ Luo Feng sat in the corner.

’’Young one, 1st time?’’ A bald old man laughed as he sat not far away from Luo Feng, from one look...he could tell this youth was only a universe level.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Able to come attend the class at universe level, looks like you were chosen from the genius battle, and are probably among the top 2.’’ The old bald man laughed, at this time, over a thousand people had gathered in the plaza.


A formless pressure immediately engulfed the plaza, over a thousand warriors gathered there all went silent as a form of respect, a golden armored tall and sturdy apeman walked onto the plaza, every step he took flashed a few km, behind him tens of warriors followed.

’’Teleportation, that's teleportation.’’

’’True Yan's teleportation has already reached an unbelievable level.’’ With hushed voices, discussions sprung all over, however the noise was still extremely low.

’’Those following True Yan are his disciples, if we can take him as our master, that would be great.’’

’’That depends on your capability, without it, why would he accept you?’’

Luo Feng held his breath and watched.

In the distance, True Yan sat cross legged, beside him were tens of disciples. As for the others incapable of becoming his disciples, the thousands of them could only come attend his classes.

’’Today I will clearly explain the 9 universe tablet's 3rd picture, this 3rd picture is the basic.’’ True Yan pointed into mid air and a complex engraving appeared, similar to the golden engraving on his armor, ’’This 1st picture, goes with the origin law this way...’’

In mid air, the complex golden engravings revolved, almost like a mechanical wheel, infused with mysterious law energies.

’’So mystical.’’ Luo Feng watched with his mouth wide open.


True Yan explained the class in detail, even his calculations were very clear, the group of warriors were still stunned however by the lesson.

According to each person's comprehension, the feeling was different.

’’Alright, today I'll end here.’’ 3 days later, True Yan said indifferently.

’’Thank you teacher!’’

Over 1,000 warriors bowed respectfully.

At this time, a black haired youth walked out from the amidst the thousand, immediately walking ahead of the group, the group all turned to stare, filled with shock, ’’This punk wants to request True Yan as his teacher?’’

Sitting right above, a smile appeared on True Yan's face.


’’This Luo Feng is really going with True Yan as his teacher!’’ In another mansion of primal chaos city, Blade Emperor who was quietly meditating shook his head, helpless.


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