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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 32


Volume 11 Chapter 32 - Taking on a Master?

Humanity's sacred training land primal chaos city, within an unimportant looking training quarter's resting room.

Luo Feng sat in a chair, lowering his head to look at the books the black robed messenger had left before, there were these words on the book.

’’If one is able to pass the 18th level, he would be a true elite amongst humanity, a sub sect leader amongst the undying, they will immediately receive the right to become eternal members of primal chaos city, also able to open a sub sect within the city and accept students, receiving respect from others!’’

’’And the people who come here to train, as long as they pass the 3rd level, they can go listen to these classes.’’

’’You can listen to any one of the leaders teach.’’

’’However if you want to become a particular leader's student, then the 1st time you go have to choose that particular leader as a show of respect, and requesting to be his disciple later! If the leader agrees, than that would be a success.’’


’’Unless you have no intentions of finding a master, otherwise whoever you want to be a student of, that 1st attendance has to be at his door, that is respect.’’


Finishing up the text, Luo Feng understood why the black robed messenger emphasized the importance of the 1st attendance.

’’Finding a master?’’ Luo Feng frowned.

’’Finding a teacher is good, Luo Feng, those able to teach in primal chaos city are sub sect leaders among the undyings, all with the title emperor.’’ Babata shouted excitedly, ’’When you are weak and small, having an absolute being to guide you is an incredibly important matter. For example...if True Yan emperor hadn't given you the advice to learn floating blood, you might have taken a wrong path like other normal warriors.’’

’’I already have a teacher.’’ Luo Feng was troubled.

’’No problem!’’

Babata didn't seem to care, ’’The strong within the universe have incredibly long life spans. They may find a teacher in the star traveller level, another in the universe level, and when they become sector lords, another one after. At different levels of strengths they have different perspectives, the teacher they require will be different too. A warrior having tens of teachers is very normal.’’

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng nodded.


The universe was like that, to be able to rank amongst the top 1,000 of geniuses in the entire universe, who doesn't have a few teachers? Also, if any of them were to be accepted by universe country leaders as disciples, they'd all be extremely excited. Back when Rong Jun was accepted by the Yuan Chen country leader, it made many green with envy.


’’Who do I choose?’’ Luo Feng looked at the 18 sub sect leaders and their information on the book within the 9 universe sect.

These were all leaders, leaders amongst undyings!

Much stronger than his previous teacher of the Yun Mo Planet, the Yun Mo planet master could barely gain the title Official, and these leaders...were all strong even amongst the emperors, many of their disciples were all undyings!

’’Who do I choose?’’


Luo Feng muttered, very quickly scanning all their information, ’’Hm, within primal chaos city, there are a total of 18 leaders under the 9 universe. These 18, 4 of them belong to the virtual universe company, they are Flame Dragon Emperor, True Yan Emperor, 1,000 Dream Emperor and Blade Emperor, they all seem really terrifying.’’

’’Flame Dragon Emperor? I've seen him in action!’’ Babata shouted excitedly, ’’Back when your teacher and I entered the universe secret area, enduring a perilous journey through a planet engulfed in ice, I personally saw within that ice, Flame Dragon Emperor immediately became a star and burnt 10 undyings who surrounded him to a crisp, they couldn't be more dead!’’

’’He became a star?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Even more terrifying than a normal star! Undyings could easily destroy a star, however the star that he transformed into... in terms of temperature, was much higher than a normal star, with one move destroying 10 undyings, of which 2 were humans and the rest were automaton and other races, flame dragon emperor...was an extremely terrifying being.’’

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng held his breath.

’’Even the bastard that killed your teacher back then couldn't kill your teacher in one move. I didn't expect him to actually be teaching here in primal chaos city now.’’ Babata exclaimed.

Flame Dragon Emperor, True Yan Emperor, 1,000 Dream Emperor and Blade Emperor.’’ Luo Feng looked at these 4's information, his eyes filled with anticipation.

The warriors within primal chaos city were mostly separated into 5 main groups...virtual universe company, huge axe dojo, universe 1st bank, universe galaxy bank, universe mercenary alliance, only very few had no huge power backing them.

Within a mansion.

’’Haha, Blade Emperor, don't get overconfident.’’ The Apeman warrior True Yan laughed loudly.

’’Why don't you take a look.’’ A man in purple armor and carrying a golden blade on his back laughed loudly, ’’Of you 3, one's an Apeman, another a dragon man, and another always cold and gloomy...only I, look the most like a human of earth, if he doesn't choose me, who will he choose?’’

’’Blade, looking for a master doesn't rely on looks!’’ With 2 dragon horns and a face full of red scales, eyes as though they were 2 mini planets.

’’Flame Dragon, in terms of strength, I don't lose to you.’’ Blade emperor laughed.

’’Blade is too proud, from what I see, he's miscalculated this time.’’ A dreamy like appearance, a blurry man in a black robe sat at a side, ’’However this Luo Feng is indeed considered a rare seedling from over a hundred million years within our 9 universe sect, he actually managed to comprehend the 1st blade form of the floating blood in 10 years, his talent is really high, very powerful.’’

’’Hence, he has to be my disciple, I use a blade.’’ Blade emperor laughed.

The 4 of them.

Were of the 9 universe sect, all members of the virtual universe company, leaders amongst the undying, teachers in primal chaos city, naturally their relationships were good.

Once in awhile, the 4 would gather and chat and discuss, even compete and learn from another.

As for Luo Feng...

He was an unexpected surprise for the 9 universe sect.

Every group of geniuses from the competitions had the most outstanding, like this time's was Bolan, even considered the most outstanding for ten million years! Luo Feng initially didn't gain too much recognition from these 4, however after he passed the 2nd and 3rd level consecutively, it was obvious he had comprehended the 1st blade form in 10 years.

This talent, others didn't know, only these 4 studying the 9 universe tablet were extremely clear!


Extremely terrifying!

To be able to study the essence of what Lian Luo did with the space laws, one had to be an absolute genius, with strong mentality and comprehension! If one couldn't comprehend the 1st form in 20 years that meant he had no hope, and Luo Feng did it in 10.

’’Bolan had too much of a lead initially, if we don't count his initial lead, just in terms of improvement speed, this Luo Feng doesn't lose to Bolan at all!’’ The black robed man said softly, complimenting, ’’Maybe in the past hundred million years there were others comparable to him, however they didn't necessarily pick our 9 universe.’’

’’Our 9 universe, has hardly seen a genius like this in the past hundred million years.’’ Flame dragon exclaimed.

’’How can we not nurture a genius like that?’’

The 4 all heavily recognized Luo Feng, this sort of rare gem seedling, it was normal for all of them to favor him, because this level of genius...if he didn't fall, would have high chances of later becoming an official or emperor. To be able to nurture a disciple that would become an emperor, their own position would be raised greatly.

The student master relationship was a very reliant one.

’’Blade, no use being confident now, just wait, we'll see who he picks.’’ True Yan rubbed his golden fur on his chin, laughing.

’’Then we'll see!’’ Blade Emperor said confidently.

Flame Dragon and 1,000 Dream Emperor both laughed.


After a few days, in a special spot in the virtual universe.

In a majestic shrine floating in the clouds, True Yan immediately appeared within the plaza, in it stood many guards, some tall and short, however they all had one common similarity...they were all Apeman! Be it black fur, golden fur or long armed, their color, height and structures all had differences, but they were all Apeman.


True Yan's expression was heavy as he took big strides through the door of the shrine.

’’Your Majesty.’’

’’Your Majesty,:

The guards all bowed respectfully.

True Yan immediately rushed into the shrine, in the thrones within there were already 16 other Apeman, all their expressions changed as they saw True Yan enter.

’’What's the matter?’’ True Yan rushed in, his gaze sweeping past the 16, roaring, ’’The namelist for the Large alliance, how come there's only one slot for my Kahon clan?’’

’’True Yan, you didn't care about matters being in primal chaos city, this is something we and the other leaders discussed and decided on.’’ A 20m tall black fur Apeman's voice rumbled, resounding across the entire hall.


True Yan pointed at the huge Apeman before him, ’’Our sacred Apeman shrine has 18 leaders, now that the Sage doesn't meddle in the affairs, everything is decided by the 18 of us. I am one of the leaders, usually I couldn't care less, however don't push things too far, if your King Kong clan can have 4 slots, why has my Kahon clan only been given 1?’’

’’True Yan...’’ That black Apeman roared.

’’Shut up!’’ True Yan's gaze swept past every one of them, ’’Just because I don't usually bother with these affairs, don't play me for a fool, if you are really unhappy, I don't mind having a real match in reality, I'll immediately seal all of you!’’

The other 15 were stunned, yet they didn't dare make a sound.

True Yan emperor was indeed an absolute warrior amongst the Apeman race, he was also a being closest to receiving the title knight, he normally didn't care much about the Apeman matters.

’’1 thing, I don't wish to bully anyone, but don't take me for a fool.’’ True Yan gazed at everyone, ’’If any such matter happens again, I won't be discussing this in the virtual universe with you, but I'll head straight to where you live. Hmph!’’ Finishing, True Yan turned and left.

Apeman, they were highly populated throughout the humanity of the universe, they could be seen anywhere.

But even the Apeman race was separated into tens of thousands of clans.

This Apeman sacred shrine was the upper echelon of all of them.

’’This True Yan, actually bothers about such matters, isn't he training in primal chaos city to become a knight?’’ A skinny Apeman leader with fiery red eyes sad softly.

’’Looks like True Yan still keeps a watch on his Kahon clan.’’

These leaders were helpless.


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