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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 31


Volume 11 Chapter 31 - Home

After a while.

At the higher levels of Ping Hai Company, a group of people passionately sent the Ganwu investment department from the virtual universe company away.

’’Mrs Luo's intentions I fully understand.’’ Bo Te Lai smiled, ’’However 12 times is simply impossible, please be mentally prepared. As for the statistics you've given me...I will definitely give it to my chief.’’

’’Thanks.’’ Xu Xin smiled.

Bo Te Lai left after which followed by some of his staff.

Outside the building, there stopped a flat streamlined shaped universe ship, the cabin door opened and 8 armored single horned men received him respectfully, Bo Te Lai took his staff and flew into the ship, the bodyguards followed suit and the cabin door closed and the ship quickly left.

’’Big sister Xu, the ingredients our restaurant has ordered...’’ Standing beside Xu Xin was a short haired lady, she shouted.

’’I have other matters, I'll let you handle the company affairs.’’ Xu Xin ordered.

’’Yes.’’ The short haired lady answered.

Xu Xin waved towards the sky.

Immediately a carriage pulled by winged horses began to descend from above, Xu Xin immediately jumped on, ’’Go to the teleportation point.’’


The coachman shook the reins, the winged horses immediately took off.

Virtual universe, black dragon mountain island 9 star bay little district.

’’Dad, right now at 9 star bay, the entire east region is ours, we've hired the best designers and borrowed from the many constructs of the universe to build.’’ A clean cut man with a firm yet friendly voice pointed at the surrounding constructs that were like an imperial palace.

’’Hm, not bad.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Luo Ping, your mum isn't back yet?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’I've already informed her, only right now the company headquarters is in the Ganwu continent, and she has to go there everyday, you hardly ever return, hence she transferred her appearance point to there and stays in the company.’’ Luo Ping said, under normal circumstances, one's appearance point in the virtual universe would be the home residence.

Xu Xin however had set it as her company.

’’She stays in the company?’’ Luo Feng was regretful about the fact that only returned once in a long while.


Luo Hua pointed at the distant luxurious mansions, ’’Because you live here, the entire 9 stay bay district's land value has soared! These little living quarters have mostly been sold off to people with status. And these figures...they wanted to get as close to you as possible, after all you are considered within the black dragon mountain star field as someone of prominence.’’

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng laughed shocked.


As a member of the absolute beginning region in the virtual universe company, the leader of his guards was a sector lord recognized by the origin laws! In terms of position, Luo Feng was even higher than the black dragon mountain empire emperor. Even the Undyings behind the black dragon mountain empire...had to show respect to him.

A small star field, was but a dot in the vast universe!

A group of powerful and rich figures wanting to get closer to Luo Feng which wasn't strange at all.

’’Mr Luo Ping!’’ In the distance a bald fat man with a furry 3m tall pet, with 2 underlings behind him, was walking about carefree, spotting Luo Ping, he shouted passionately.

’’Backson.’’ Luo Ping laughed and shouted.

This bald fat man, had scales on the top of his head, was shocked as he saw Luo Feng, Mr Luo Ping, this man is...’’

’’This is my father.’’ Luo Ping smiled.

’’Ah, Lord Luo Feng.’’ The bald fat man bowed respectfully, he bowed till his face reached his fat belly, following which he raised his head and said excitedly, ’’Lord Luo Feng, it's my honor to meet you, I just moved here 8 years ago, I've always been idolizing Lord Luo Feng, I didn't expect to be able to meet you today, it's, it's really an honor for me Backson.’’

Luo Feng smiled, ’’How do you do Backson.’’

’’Ah!’’ This Backson was immediately so excited his face flushed red.

’’Dad, Mum is back!’’ Luo Ping pointed in mid air.

’’Xu Xin?’’ Luo Fen turned to look.

In mid air, Xu Xin sat in the carriage and slowly descended.

’’Xu Xin.’’ Luo Feng immediately ran over.

Xu xin who was in the carriage looked down at Luo Feng, a few tears appearing in her eyes, she waited till the carriage had fully descended before jumping off and landing on the grass.

’’At least you know how to come back!’’ Xu Xin stared at Luo Feng.

’’Eh...’’ Luo Feng was remorseful.

’’How long, how long since you last returned?’’ Xu Xin stared at him, Luo Feng felt bad to answer her.

’’10 years! You haven't returned in 10 years!’’ Xu Xin couldn't help but rage, ’’I know you are studying in primal chaos city, but returning once in awhile to visit your children, me, your parents, is that so hard?’’

’’Sorry.’’ Luo Feng said softly.


10 years.

His latest study period in Primal chaos city was 3 years 9 months, and because time flowed slower in the primal universe, the 3 years and 9 months there equated to over 10 years in the actual universe! And the virtual universe time flowed according to the actual universe.

’’10 years!’’ Xu Xin stared at Luo Feng.

’’Alright.’’ Luo Feng gently extended his arms to hug her, ’’I promise I will come back every year in the future, unless something special happens.’’

’’Hm.’’ Xu Xin nodded.

She just wanted to remind him, as the recent over 30 years, whether it was earth or the Luo family, they all underwent major changes! Just like how the people of earth gained status within the milky way galaxy and the Luo Family power growing stronger, everyone was clear this was all because of Luo Feng!

Luo Feng, was a core member of the virtual universe company, one of the 5 great leviathans of humanity!

’’Let's go, let's go home.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Hm, home.’’ Xu Xin nodded.

The 3 immediately headed home, Xu Xin got a glance at the fat man, saying softly, ’’That fatty Backson owns over 30,000 life planets, controlling over a trillion human slaves, he's a large slave trader, he may seem earnest and stupid but he's vicious.’’

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng was shocked as he looked over.

That fatty?

Owns over 30,000 life planets? Isn't he even more powerful than the Nuolan Shan family from before?

’’Before our house naturally he's very low profile, very amicable.’’ Xu Xin shot a glance of disdain, ’’Luo Ping, don't mix around so much with such people.’’

’’Yes, your mother is right.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

With difference in status, their vision and perspective was different too.

Back when they were nothing but little figures of earth, maybe the Nuolan Shan family was a huge thing, Backson, this level of slave trader was something to be feared. However now, with Luo Feng's bodyguard leader a sector lord, with an order, he could easily destroy the families with power within this little starfield.

’’Dad, mother, we have to get to know a little of all the paths of life.’’ Luo Ping smiled.

’’You are really different from your younger brother.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but exclaim.



A booming voice resounded from not too distant.

’’It's 2nd brother?’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

Since the last time he visited 9 star bay district, it had been over 10 years.

This return home, Luo Feng discovered...his family was already considered a large family now, even his grandchildren, many had built their families, many things within the milky way galaxy regarding the Luo Family, were all controlled mostly by his big son Luo Ping and Xu Xin, as for the younger son Luo Hai, he was a martial arts fanatic!

Chasing after the limits of humanity, becoming a strong warrior within the universe.

For what? One was for his own dream, the other was for his family and home!

Luo Feng stayed in 9 star bay for 3 days before he returned his consciousness back to primal chaos city! The only thing that disappointed him was...he didn't meet Hong, from what Thunder god said, Hong seemed to be undergoing a very important training, blocking all messages and calls, completely incommunicable.


Level 89 of Ping Hai company.

Xu Xin stood before the full sized window, surveying the beautiful and huge city.

’’Dong, dong, dong.’’ Knocks on the door.

’’Come in.’’ Xu Xin shouted.

A graceful bodied short haired lady in uniform walked in, smiling, ’’Big sister Xu, how were the past 3 days?’’

Xu Xin smiled.

’’Big sister Xu, this is the document Bo Te Lai sent.’’ The short haired lady handed it over.

’’Ah?’’ Xu Xin received it.

Virtual universe company, it was separated into the business and martial departments, naturally the both upper echelon members belonged to the core, the upper echelon within the core, those were the true governing bodies!

Business, was a very important side of the virtual universe company.

However in this virtual universe world, even the virtual universe company didn't undertake all the businesses to handle themselves, as they were very clear...if they monopolized everything, it would adversely affect and limit the economy, affecting and limiting the economy flow in reality itself.

Creating a fair market environment, only then would the true superpowers in reality be willing to dish out the money!

If it was unfair, monopoly, the huge leviathans and powers, who would dare invest in this place?


In the virtual universe, there were many types of companies and organizations that were competing etc. and several very powerful companies would normally be bought over by the larger companies.

’’Big sister Xu, the universe 1st bank too has agreed to buy over our company, and their conditions are extremely good, why have you decided to reject them immediately?’’ The short haired lady spoke.

’’I'm not worried about the cash.’’ Xu Xin lowered her head to read the document.

’’Since that's so, why decide to have talks with the virtual universe company?’’ The short haired lady asked curiously.

Xu Xin was stunned.

’’I'm very curious.’’ The short haired lady asked sincerely, ’’Big sister Xu, I've followed you for close to 40 years, our every step in development, even creating a F&B chain according to our china's culture...many members within are trained on earth, with barriers around its infrastructure, making others hard to imitate, our Ping Hai chain...the name has long been established! And with large amounts of capital, and melding with Mr Luo Hua being in charge of the capital investment department, the amount we earn, with Mr Luo Huas 2 fold returns, this level of earnings is extremely quick, our returns are incomparably exceptional! That plus the Ganwu universe country...because of Lord Luo Feng, giving us support and protection, our expansion definitely has no problem, there's no need to sell our shares to anyone else.’’

’’Right.’’ Xu Xin nodded.

Entering the virtual universe and beginning, it's been close to 40 years, this business was akin to another child, how could she bear to share it with others?

’’However it's different.’’ Xu Xin said softly, ’’The virtual universe company and the universe 1st bank are completely different.’’

’’How are they different?’’ The short haired lady asked curiously.

’’Because, my husband is in the virtual universe company.’’ Xu Xin turned, looking through the glass windows, at the skies outside, ’’Luo Feng is very exceptional and powerful, on earth, he's the most exceptional! However, because of that he's left to be so far behind, like this time, he didn't return for over 10 years.’’

The short haired lady opened her mouth wide, speechless.

Luo Feng was the pride of earth. However to Luo Feng's family...he had indeed left them behind.

’’I don't blame him.’’

’’I'm proud of him.’’ Xu Xin looked outside, revealing a smile, ’’Only thing is, I don't want him to leave me further and further behind, I be able to stand by his side, the closer the better.’’

’’Big sis Xu...’’ the short haired lady wanted to speak, but she didn't know what to say.

’’Becoming part of the virtual universe company, I too would become a member within the virtual universe company.’’ Xu Xin smiled, ’’As long as I can make this business reach a high enough level, I will be absorbed too as an internal core member. When that time comes, I too would be able to enter Yu Xian Mountain.’’

’’Core member?’’ The short haired lady was shocked.

She didn't expect Big sis Xu's aim to be that high.

’’The one thing I'm really wishing for, is to be at Yu Xiang Mountain...meeting with Luo Feng.’’ Xu Xin said softly.


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