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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 30


Volume 11 Chapter 30 - Evolution

The golden horned beast which was like a huge black mountain slowly extended its scaled wings. Simultaneously a shocking change begin to happen to its entire body as large amounts of golden fog descended from the skies down low, shrouding the entire scaled surface of the beast. As its body continued to absorb it, one could see with the naked eye as the black dense scales grew in size.

Its bones also got thicker and larger, even more condensed!

Its claws grew stronger and sharper!

Like an armor that covered its entire body, the golden engravings grew along with the body. Not just the exterior, but the internal parts of the golden horned beast too had changes that were even more shocking. Every cell and every bone began to go through an earth shattering amount of change, a change that occurred right from the very essence within.

Universe level to domain lord level, it was a huge evolution in the body's essence!

’’Howl!’’ The golden horned beast raised its head and let out a carefree howl.

Not far from what had just happened, a black life crystal filled with incomparably complex golden engravings on its surface began to shoot out golden beams of light. This was the Mosha clan's true appearance! The Mosha clan was basically a life crystal, the energy it released allowed it to take any shape or form.


The Mosha clan's evolution in truth was an evolution of the life crystal.

Since their life forms were completely different, their evolutions were different too. For flesh and blood life forms, the main thing was for the body to evolve at the same time as the soul.

And for the energy life forms, the life core had to evolve!

And the Mosha clan's core was a being of this life crystal. With training, the life crystal could absorb more energy to change its body. Just like a human's body evolution, this life crystal too could get stronger and more solid and durable. However its evolution process also had a bottleneck. It required willpower, the life crystal, genetic energy and many other factors working together for it to break through.

However Luo Feng's Mosha clan was unlike the others.

As the core of this Mosha clan was not the life crystal, even if this was destroyed, it could still regenerate! Luo Feng's three main bodies weren't important as they all relied on the main core within. As long as that was fine, they wouldn't die, but if that was destroyed, the three great bodies would die!

Right now the main core's soul had broken through to Domain lord level 1.

Hence, the three bodies could all train to that level. The only problematic one was the physical bodies. The earth human body had a very slow evolution. As for the life crystal, it could evolve extremely quickly with limitless energy absorption. However, the golden horned beast evolved the fastest!

’’Ding...’’ After a few hours, the revolving black life crystal began to emit noises.

The entire life crystal had shrunk an entire size.

’’Hu hu...’’

From within the crystal, large amounts of black energy were emitted and later formed a person...a black clothed Luo Feng!

Primal chaos city, Luo Feng was within his training quarter's resting room.

’’Domain lord?’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed, ’’No wonder the slave traders don't have any Domain lord level slaves.’’

From the Universe level to the Domain lord level, the galaxy within will get completely swallowed by the black hole. This was nothing short of a miracle. This was that grey round ball that was within his internal core when he evolved, that represented the step into Domain lord level!

That miracle dot, even though it was extremely small, it was incredibly heavy!

In theory...

As an extremely small dot that was formed from swallowing countless galaxies, an internal world would be produced and nurtured, this was the process of Domain lord level 1 to 9! Once the nurturing was successful, a change would happen right at its very core and the world within would form a true world!

That would be the Sector lord level!

Sector lord, with a true world within, could at a wave of one hand have the power of a world itself. The world of a sector lord could actually allow people to survive, store items, etc, similar to a real world!

The internal world of a golden horned beast however was special. as every single living thing or item placed within would get digested. If too much was placed within and it couldn't digest it, the internal space would explode from it! This internal world would gradually grow...

Until sector lord level, this was when the internal world would undergo a change in its essence.

Only at that time could it allow humans and items to be placed within.

And now? It only allowed Luo Feng's body to enter.

’’The golden horned beast's talents are incredible. It's inherited memories are even more shocking, and it's lifespan is 10 times that of a human sector lord. Yet after many generations of golden horned beast, it is still extremely difficult for them to breakthrough to undying. Many die at the pinnacle of Sector lords.’’ Luo Feng understood one thing during the evolution to Domain lord earlier.

One had to know!

For a sector lord to become undying, one had to break his internal world from the shackles, melding it with the crevices within the universe space itself, forming a stable and powerful space...god country!

Breaking the shackles.

These shackles were the miracle dot from before.

This dot, would constantly get more condensed as it grew, getting more and more solid. Hence breaking it would be extremely difficult.

However the golden horned beast had it even harder, 10 to 100 times harder than a human!

As the golden horned beast naturally had a miracle dot from when it was born the main core within would establish the internal world. Hence, when Luo Feng reached the Domain lord level, when the galaxies within crumbled into the black hole and formed the dot, this dot actually broke through its shell and fused with the main core. As time passed, the dot became one with the main core itself.

This was because they were originally one body.

The main core after fusing was even more solid, much more solid than a normal human's dot.

’’Domain lord level 1 golden horned beast. Its internal world has a length and width of 100,000 km.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed, ’’When it reaches Sector lord, what would that be like?’’

The bigger the internal space, the better.

However it also represented that the main core within was even more solid. When Luo Feng reaches the Sector lord level 9, against an immovable main core...he would know why generations of golden horned beast were helpless against it.

’’Breaking the shackles. I have to form a god country with my internal world and space itself. However this is only the last requirement to becoming undying. There are many preceding it.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’Becoming undying, I'm only at the Domain lord level now. The distance is still very far, I'll slowly train. Lian Luo who created the floating blood, he became an undying in less than 100,000 years, immediately gaining the title Official.’’

’’Is it possible that even though I have 10 times the lifespan of a human sector lord, I can't become undying with that?’’ With that thought, Luo Feng laughed.

Life, only has 1 core and 1 internal world.

Luo Feng's three bodies share 1 core and 1 internal world.

They thrived together and fell together!

’’Master, there's someone here to see you.’’ An electronic voice resounded within the training quarters.

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng got up and walked out of the resting room. Opening the door to the living room, outside stood a tall lady dressed in a black robe, her pupils were purple.

’’Black robed warrior?’’ Luo Feng thought.

’’Luo Feng, congratulations on passing the 3rd level of the heavenly bridge.’’ The black robed lady smiled, ’’In primal chaos city, as long as one passes the 3rd level, it represents that one has reached a certain level in the study of the tablets. Thus, they have earned the right to listen to the sect leaders' lessons. These are the 18 sub sect leaders in the 9 universe sect and their information. You can go to anyone of them to listen to their classes.’’

Following which, she handed over a black surfaced book about as thick as one's thumb.

’’Thank you.’’ Luo Feng received.

’’Some advice, even though you can go to anyone to listen, your 1st visit and who you pick is extremely important.’’ The black robed lady emphasized, ’’I believe that the book explains the details within, I shall not speak more.’’

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Following which he watched as this messenger of the city leader left. Listen to classes? There was no rush now. Afterall he had just studied hard for 10 years, passing 2 levels continuously, plus he just broke through to the Domain lord level. At this time of glee, Luo Feng really wanted to share everything with his family, his eyes were filled with anticipation, ’’It's been awhile since I visited my family, I should go see them.’’

Virtual universe network, Ganwu continent.

Ganwu continent's Meng Ka City was an extremely huge city, larger than the Black Dragon Mountain island by 10 times.

Ping Hai Company was considered a larger company within this city, ranking amongst the top 100.

Ping Hai company's skyscraper, level 86, meeting room.

’’How do you do, very nice to meet you Mrs Luo.’’

’’It's my honor too, to be able to meet the Virtual Universe Company's Meng Ka station Bo Te Lai bureau chief.’’

Dressed in a red chinese robe, Xu Xin was shaking hands with a tall and huge sharp nosed man.

The two of them sat at the two ends of the conference table within the meeting room.

’’Accurately speaking, it's Bo Te Lai Si bureau chief.’’ The sharp nosed man smiled, ’’Haha, I believe this talk should not have too much stress on Mrs Luo. Your husband is a high level member within our Virtual Universe Company, your Ping Hai company becoming one of our flagship companies has many benefits for you.’’

Xu Xin smiled, ’’My husband may be a majority stockholder but I decide everything.’’

’’Hm, Mrs Luo, whatever you have on your mind, just speak.’’ Bo Te Lai smiled, ’’If everybody simply speaks their mind, anything can be discussed.’’

’’Firstly, this company has to be controlled by me.’’ Xu Xin emphasized.

’’Mrs Luo!’’

Bo Te Lai smiled, ’’You should know that our Virtual Universe Company, when we buy into such companies with potential, we have to have a certain amount of controlling shares! The lowest we ever go is still 51% of the shares.’’

’’I understand. I'm only saying that the company has to still be run by me. Your company cannot interfere with the operation, but can only enjoy the benefits and returns.’’ Xu Xin said.

’’Ah?’’ Bo Te Lai nodded, ’’Continue.’’

’’I believe you know too.’’ Xu Xin smiled, ’’Our Ping Hai company has 3 main businesses. The main one being the chain of restaurant management, the second being the financial investments, the third being real estate. Just my little brother Luo Hua, even the universe 1st bank has even sent people to headhunt him before. This profit ability, you should already know.’’

’’Ping Hai company's investment abilities, I'm very clear of it.’’ Bo Te Lai smiled, ’’This is also the reason behind my company giving you 6 times the usual price.’’

’’No, I require 12 times!’’

Xu Xin looked at Bo Te Lai, ’’I believe Mr Bo Te Lai should understand the complexity behind my Ping Hai Company's restaurant business.’’

’’12 times? Definitely not.’’ Bo Te Lai shook his head.

’’Mr Bo Te Lai!’’ Xu Xin was just about to continue speaking.

’’Hm?’’ Suddenly she lowered her head to look at her wrist. On it a small message appeared on the screen, she couldn't help but smile with glee, ’’He's finally returned to visit.’’


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