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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 3


Volume 11 Chapter 3 - Yu Xiang Mountain

This was a long ship that was about 600m in length. Its width was also close to 100m. As a battle blade shaped universe ship, it's entire body was black. Facing this ship, it gave off a faint sense of ancient energy, almost as though it had existed in the flows of time for a very long period of time.

The cold winter wind blew and the snow fell heavily.

Amidst the snow, Luo Feng walked towards the ship.

Jade essence, this is a F grade ship made of jade essence.’’ Within his consciousness Babatas shocked voice resounded.

’’I know it's F grade.’’ Luo Feng replied. As he looked ahead, a group of people flew out of the ship's cabin door, leading them was one similar in appearance to that of earth's humans. He was dressed in dark armor. The skinny old man with a roman nose had intrepid short hair. As he smiled, one could even see an ice mark on his forehead.

That energy feeling that dominated the sky and land. This made Luo Feng understand that this was a sector lord that had gained the recognition of the universe origin laws.

’’Shawu greets your majesty!’’ The skinny old man bowed slightly.

’’Greetings to your majesty!’’

Behind him were a group of domain lords and universe levels that were incomparably respectful to Luo Feng and bowing.

’’Your majesty?’’ Luo Feng was taken aback.

’’It looks like your majesty is still oblivious to many things.’’ The skinny old man laughed, ’’Your majesty, we'll first enter the ship. The entire trip to the Virtual Universe Company takes three full years, we cannot waste any time.’’

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Under the protection of this group, he entered the F grade ship. The interior of this ship was enormous, the entire space for the defense mechanism of this ship was the main cabin itself. There were even cabins laid out throughout the lower decks. At this time, Luo Feng flew into a 300m long and 60m wide luxurious hall.

Comfortable sofa, enticing wine, precious fruits, all were already laid out. At the back were even beautiful waitresses awaiting his command.

’’Your majesty, please sit.’’ The skinny old man smiled.

Luo Feng sat down facing the skinny old man.

’’This place is not bad.’’ Luo Feng looked around and nodded, ’’This F grade universe ship with its entire body made of Jade essence is definitely a treasure!’’

’’Your majesty has good taste.’’ The old man's smile got even wider, ’’This is the F6 grade Jade essence. The sides of the ships are extremely sharp and even infused with origin laws, incredibly piercing. Once it accelerates, it can immediately pierce right through a planet. Also, going through planets doesn't even affect its speed much.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

This was similar to the Yun Mo Planet ship. When one compared the the materials it was constructed from, the Yun Mo Planet ship was actually still a little stronger.

’’Mr Shawu, what's this about you calling me your majesty?’’ Luo Feng asked curiously.

’’Looks like your majesty has many points to uncover.’’ The skinny old man smiled, ’’Let me first introduce myself. I, Shawu, am a sector lord from the Virtual Universe Company's last phase secret area.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Last Phase secret area?

There were four large secret areas. Their names were actually very easy to understand. Take a world's change and evolution for instance, it would first begin in the Primal phase, and later slowly begin to reach the Absolute beginning, and finally expanding and forming the skies and land. Hence heaven and land and right before it dies, it reaches the Last Phase.

Primal, Absolute beginning, Heaven and land, Last Phase, it was simply the process of evolution of a world.

’’Our Virtual Universe Company's core members are very few.’’ The skinny old man smiled. ’’Absorbing these core members usually has three ways of doing so. One is from the genius battles, picking the strongest from the universe's most elite. Another is the company's internal nurturing of their own elites and the last is a small number of sector lords being selected and absorbed.’’

’’Small number of sector lords?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

Sector lords, even they didn't have the worth to become core members.

’’Hm.’’ The skinny old man nodded, ’’As normal sector lords usually have no chance of breaking through to the undying, or some not even gaining the recognition of the origin laws. How could the company respect or even absorb them? After all, there are simply too many sector lords in the company.

Luo Feng couldn't help but nod.

Right, the Ganwu universe country alone had millions of sector lords. Then compared to one of the 5 great leviathans the Virtual Universe Company? A hundred times of a universe country? Or even more?

’’The true elites and warriors, only they can become core members.’’ The skinny old man smiled. ’’As for the term your majesty...In the four secret areas within, the Last Phase secret area belongs to the most outer layer. The members in this area, as long as they meet any other members from the other three secret areas, even if their ranks are lower than undying, we have to call you all your majesties!’’

’’And your majesty has entered the Absolute beginning secret area. Hence, your rank is much higher.’’ The skinny old man smiled, ’’Also, those normal helpers who are not in the core, if they meet any members under undying, they also have to call them your majesties.’’

’’Ah.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Your Majesty?

In the universe, these were normally emperors or kings that received such titles. Obviously the Virtual Universe Company core members that were below undying level were comparable to emperors and kings, given the hope of becoming the next ultimate warriors. In terms of position, they were much higher than those universe country princes. Those princes almost had no hopes of ever succeeding the throne!

’’Your majesty, let's enter the virtual universe together.’’ The skinny old man smiled, ’’I'll take you to the Virtual Universe Company headquarters.’’

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

The universe ship had long began its universe transfer through the dark universe. It's speed was rising continuously, until it reached 20 times light speed and later maintaining this speed as it progressed.

Luo Feng first entered the ship's most luxurious resting room, and later his consciousness entered the virtual universe network.


Right now Luo Feng had the status of a core member. Hence his virtual assistant Babata automatically gained a feature. The moment he entered the virtual universe, he could immediately be transferred to a special location.



Luo Feng vanished from the Black Dragon Mountain island 9 star bay.


Virtual universe headquarters.

It was a mountain peak covered in clouds and mist and was incredibly huge, even more so than a planet in real life. A person suddenly appeared within one of its stone paths, it was Luo Feng.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng glanced around.

There were many people in the distance and also on this path. There were also many constructs all around him and on his left there were many beautiful villas.

’’Your Majesty. A silhouette ran over from afar, it was Shawu.

’’Mr Shawu.’’ Luo Feng smiled and shouted.

’’Your Majesty.’’ The skinny old man smiled, ’’This entire space is our Virtual Universe Company's virtual headquarters. Actually, compared to the real headquarters, the virtual headquarters is more bustling. As there are many huge figures here who can't always stay within the real headquarters.’’

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded.


The skinny old many brought Luo Feng about to sightsee, ’’This is a mountain peak that floats and it is named Yu Xiang mountain. Its diameter alone is about 89,000 km.’’

’’That big!’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

The earth's diameter was only about 10,000km, and this mountain peak alone was 7 times that of earth.

’’Of course it has to be big. Otherwise, there wouldn't be enough space for the training spaces.’’ The skinny old man laughed, ’’The entire Yu Xiang Mountain is separated into 5 regions. Each for the Primal, the Absolute beginning, Heaven and land and Last Phase regions along with the Public region. These 5 regions are about the same size.’’

’’Of which, the Primal region has less than 120 people.’’

’’The Absolute beginning region has about 1,000 people.’’

’’The Heaven and land region has about 10,000 people.’’

’’And the Last Phase region has over 10 million people.’’ The skinny old man said, ’’As for the public region, they are filled with shops and entertainment etc. Any one from the other 4 regions can enter there. Right...your majesty, the Primal region, Absolute beginning region, Heaven and land region, and Last phase region, none of the members can enter regions other than their own.

Luo Feng nodded, curious, ’’You said that the area of each region is about the same, the Primal region has less than 120 people, yet the Last Phase region has over 10 million?’’

’’This is ranking.’’

The skinny old man exclaimed, ’’The internal department of the company picks out the elites to enter the core, these all enter the Last phase. A few exceptional sector lords that get absorbed in also enter the Last phase! The genius battles and warrior competitions mostly enter the Last phase too...hence this results in the last phase having the most people. The living quarters of the last phase are skyscrapers, and everyone gets an apartment.’’

’’Within the Heaven and land region, everyone gets their own villa.’’

’’Within the Absolute beginning region, everyone gets their own training space, their own learning grounds etc, these are considered very luxurious.’’

’’The Primal region however, with less than 120 people, they get villas and mansions with territories of diameters over 10,00km. Within them they have training facilities and they even have specially placed undying teachers stationed long term there. They also have large amounts of helpers and staff to be called over at anytime to help in training etc.’’ The skinny old man's eyes were filled with envy.

Luo Feng was stunned.

The difference in treatment was too huge. The last phase stayed in skyscrapers, the Heaven and land got villas, the Absolute beginning got villas and training areas, the Primal region god, building a huge villa with a diameter over 1,000km. What kind of villa was this? It was bigger than any base on earth during the Great Nirvana! It was simply an empire! And they even have undyings specially stationed there?

’’The primal area has less than 120 people. The number of sector lords there doesn't exceed 100. Every sector lord who are present there, in the universe they would be considered to be at the pinnacle and invincible.’’ The skinny old man smiled, ’’They are all the true elites of the country, getting this kind of treatment wasn't strange at all.’’

Under Shawu's instructions, Luo Feng got a good understanding of the entire Yu Xiang Mountain. This was where the core members under the undying level of the Virtual Universe Company gathered...


Standing on a precipitous mountain stone, the skinny old many pointed to the distant clouds where an incredibly huge island floated. It was surrounded by lightning snakes. ’’See, that's Lightning island, also named Undying island. It's a hundred to a thousand times bigger than Yu Xiang mountain. All the undyings from the Virtual Universe Company normally live there. If one said that Yu Xiang mountain was were the geniuses and core members under undying level gathered, then Lightning island was were the truly strong gathered. It was the undying gathering area.’’

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng looked at the Lightning island amidst the clouds, nodding.

That place was named as one of the sacred lands of the all the universe humans.

’’Your majesty, I'll send you to the Absolute beginning region, of course I can only send you to the entrance.’’ The skinny old man smiled, ’’Even though the benefits of the Absolute beginning region are slightly lousier than the Primal region, however it is still the second best. The living quarters you've been assigned to, once you see it you'll understand why countless people are vying hard to get in. And the absolute beginning rank is assigned only to a little more than a 1,000. On average, one for every universe country.’’

Absolute beginning region, let's go!’’ Luo Feng couldn't wait anymore.


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