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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 28


Volume 11 Chapter 28 - Optimum Power

Rong Jun was within the training grounds in the primal universe, this was a luxurious universe city.

Within a skyscraper's balcony.

’’It's been over 10 years since we've come to primal chaos city.’’ Barefooted, messy haired Rong Jun who wielded the ground splitting blade was standing at the top of the skyscraper and was surveying the city below. This was a city he was extremely familiar with, and he had many good memories, ’’Father, father...’’

Rong Jun muttered softly.

’’How long!’’

’’How much longer will it take for me to become an undying and for me to regain the name Tuman. How long more before I can kill that bastard!’’ Rong jun said softly, ’’Father, this is hard for me, my heart feels very heavy.’’ His eyes were filled with tears.

’’I have to bear with it!’’

’’I will endure, in the Virtual Universe Company. I will become the most exceptional talent in our generation...right now compared to Bolan I am weaker. However in 50 years, 100 years, 1,000 years, I will definitely exceed him! Until finally I will have the strength to personally kill that bastard myself. I will go to his imperial planet, break into his god country and destroy everything that belongs to him, allowing him to regret as he faces death!’’

Gripping his fists, tears in his eyes.

This grudge was carved into his soul and he had to vent it out once in awhile.

’’Rumble!’’ Rong Jun waved his hand, immediately the simulated image disappeared, returning to the vast endless training grounds. This training ground had a length and width of a few hundred km, and was even larger than Luo Feng's!

’’Teacher demonstrated the 1st form for me. As long as I pass the 3rd level, at least I can go listen to the classes from the others in the Huge Axe tablet sect, This will in turn increase my improvement speed even further.’’ Rong Jun thought, ’’With my strength, I should be able to pass the 3rd level in the next couple of years.’’

’’Right now, my only aim is to exceed Bolan!’’ Rong Jun thought.

As for the others, he felt no threat from them at all as he had passed the 2nd level in his 4th year. This speed far exceeded everybody else.


’’Hm?’’ Rong Jun looked down curiously at the screen on his arm. On it displayed a new message, causing him to be suspicious, ’’Ah, it's a mail from Watchman Bevin. Did someone else breakthrough? Everybody else passed the 2nd level after me, and the 3rd level is much harder than the 2nd. They can't be earlier than me. Is it Bolan? But Bolan just passed the 4th level half a year ago. As it goes further, the difficulty rises'll be at least 10 years before he has any hopes of passing the 5th level.’’

Filled with curiosity, Rong Jun ordered, ’’Open.’’

The mail automatically opened.

’’Luo Feng, for whom this was the 1st time attempting the heavenly bridge in 10 years had just passed both 2nd and 3rd levels. He is now attempting the 4th level.’’

Rong Jun immediately stared wide eyed.

My god!

’’The 3rd, 3rd, he has passed the 3rd level?’’ Rong Jun couldn't believe it, ’’I passed both the 1st and 2nd levels earlier than him, and I even had a teacher to instruct me after, how can it be...’’

’’Madman, madman...’’ Rong Jun stared wide eyed, filled with shock.


Heaven and ground region.

In a particular villa garden, the black robed Jia Lai Xi appeared out of mid air.

’’There's a mail?’’ Jia Lai Xi pointed in mid air and a screen appeared, a letter displayed and he gently tapped to open it.

The details of the mail were simple...

’’Luo Feng, for whom this was the 1st time attempting the heavenly bridge in 10 years had, just passed both 2nd and 3rd levels. He is now attempting the 4th level.’’


’’How can this be?’’ In a villa right beside Jia Lai Xi's that fat huge warrior Tao too was shocked with rage as he looked at the screen, roaring, ’’Madman, that madman, he, he actually attempted the bridge for the 1st time in 10 years and passed both the 2nd and 3rd levels. Madman, he's really mad!’’


’’Not possible!’’ The handsome absolute beginning member Jian Mo, who had green hair and engravings on his face was shocked as he looked at the screen, ’’I haven't even passed the 2nd level and he actually passed the 3rd?’’


After Luo Feng's explosion, amongst the group of geniuses...Bolan had passed the 4th level and Rong Jun and the other 7 had passed the 2nd, everybody else had only passed the 1st!

One had to know.

Of the 7 who passed the 2nd level, Long Yun was in the primal region. Tao, Jia Lai Xi and Gu Si Luo were from the Heaven and ground region. The only ones from the absolute beginning were Rong Jun, Qian Shui and Wuka.

That meant that the others that entered the absolute beginning region Jiang Mo, Lancelot and Ai Chen etc were still stuck at the 1st level.

’’Not possible!’’

’’How can this madman improve so much?’’

’’Our Heaven and ground region has close to 100 people. Their difference from Luo Feng shouldn't be that huge. How can it be like this?’’

When the news of Luo Feng's breakthrough spread, it made the group of geniuses that were secretly competing all stunned. Luo Feng had already begun his 4th level attempt.

Amidst the dark squall, the bridge was engulfed in the mad winds.

Luo Feng stood at the bridge and his eyes gazed at the distant end of the squall. From within a voice resounded, ’’Choose your opponent, fighter, controller, hypnotist, choose anyone, defeating him will allow you to attempt the 5th level.’’

’’Controller.’’ Luo Feng said directly.


A human silhouette suddenly flew out from the squall. Dressed in silver white armor, white boots and stepping on the dark cloud shuttle, while carrying a dark golden long rod, his eyes beneath the silver white mask were staring at Luo Feng.

’’According to floating blood's calculations, the difficulty rises greatly as it goes further, and the jump in levels gets more and more absurd.’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’I don't know just how strong this 4th level is.’’ As floating blood had several details on the heavenly bridge itself, Luo Feng had some estimates within. He was confident in passing the 3rd level before, as for the 4th...he didn't seem to have any guarantee at all.

However even without it, he still had to give it a shot!

’’Silver clothed person, I hope you use your strongest abilities.’’ Luo Feng shouted.

’’Strongest?’’ The silver clothed man stood on the dark cloud shuttle, saying solemnly, ’’I only know one move, if you can block it, I will lose.’’

’’You only know one move?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Receive it!’’

The silver clothed man pointed at Luo Feng. Simultaneously the dark golden long rod shot out countless blurry golden little blades. Right, it was simply a blur, large amounts of the blades immediately floated before him, infused with golden origin law threads which were weaving and joining them.

’’1,600 little golden blades.’’ Luo Feng's gaze swept over, very quickly counting accurately.

When one's soul consciousness reaches Luo Feng's level, it may not be at AI level, but at least it would still be much stronger than the computers on earth from his past.

’’There are a total of 10,081 little blades in the Nan Shen Armament. The 9 levels of the Nan Shen Armament uses all of the blades to form one terrifying attack.’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’He's using 1,600 blades, then it should be the 4th form.’’

The 3rd form was the Heavenly blade, when using 9 true blades, every one of them consists of 81 little blades, hence the 3rd form alone uses a total of 729 little golden blades.

The 4th form, Optimum power, requires 1,600 little blades. This formed a close to 10m tall golden pillar, almost like a pillar of a huge room. To be able to use this at the universe level 1, one would definitely be deemed invincible, and it would be hard to find any opponent at all.


Before that silver clothed man, the 1,600 little blades floated about with some distance. With countless complex golden threads weaving through them, the entire appearance of the pillar was extremely complex, almost like a totem pillar altogether.

Nan Shen Armament 4th form, Optimum power!

’’ wonder he only has one move.’’ Luo Feng was staring with eyes wide open. The 4th form is extremely difficult, to form a totem pillar...the requirements on space and gold laws are extremely high. It means to completely put the blade domain into that totem pillar, and once unleashed, it will have unbelievable amounts of power.’’

The totem pillar had extreme power.

The moment it was formed, a casual swing could decimate a large mountain or ocean and create a tsunami.

’’Receive it!’’ The silver clothed man roared.

’’I will see just how strong this move is!’’ Luo Feng stood on the dark cloud shuttle and unleashed his 100 thread movement. His movement was already mystical and perfect, while dodging, he swiftly unleashed the heavenly blade 9 blades into 1, that golden huge blade immediately formed an arc and pierced towards the silver clothed man.

With some comprehension of the space law foundation, Luo Feng's attack was extremely fast.

Before when he used the illusionary 7 blades, Dutchman's pipe to pass the 2nd level, the opponent could only rely on his 2 blades to madly defend himself, basing his defense on luck to deflect Luo Feng's attacks. However while the actual final pierce seemed simple, it was so fast the opponent couldn't even react.

During the 3rd level, it was similarly absurdly fast and along with his consciousness strength advantage, he killed his opponent.

’’Rumble...’’ The huge totem pillar began to roll.

The surrounding space was instantly warped. At this point, the totem pillar rolling seemed to suppress the surrounding space.


The pillar was simply too huge. With a slight roll, it closed a huge distance and clashed with Luo feng's golden huge blade. With just one clash, the huge blade was immediately knocked apart and separated back into 9 blades.


The totem pillar in mid air immediately swept over and the space warped around affecting Luo Feng's movement. ’’It's too fast!’’ Luo Feng couldn't even dodge and the pillar immediately clashed with his body.

4th level, failure!

Heavenly bridge, center of the island.

True Yan emperor, Jade Empror and Tong Nan emperor watched the screen floating before them. The battle was extremely short, and within a few seconds it was over.

’’It's normal for him to lose.’’ True Yan nodded.

’’Hm.’’ Tong Nan spoke too, ’’The Nan Shen Armament has a total of 9 forms. However, they are split into 3 main levels. The 1st form to 3rd form, the 4th to 6th and finally the 7th to 9th. The 3rd form is ultimately still based on the 1st level, and the 4th's power is obviously much much higher, it's normal for him to lose.’’

’’He's only been training in primal chaos city for 10 years, we can't expect too much.’’ Jade smiled, ’’Just 10 years and he's gotten a glimpse of the essence of the space law, and his consciousness level is that strong. An unexpected surprise, this Luo Feng is an unexpected surprise from my trip here. He's even stronger than Rong Jun!’’

’’From what I see, he might be able to surpass Bolan in the future.’’ True Yan said.


’’Still too early, don't get too cocky, Bolan has too much of a lead.’’

Tong Nan Emperor and Jade emperor both laughed.

’’Anyway, I'm expecting great things from him.’’ True Yan said.

At this time...

At the center of the island, Rong Jun appeared, and following him, the fat warrior Tao, Wuka...many more started to appear.


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