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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 25


Volume 11 Chapter 25 - Jade Emperor

Primal chaos city.

As the sacred land of humanity had existed for trillions of years, there was hardly any change within these 10 years.

Chaos energy still engulfed it, there were still countless warriors on their balconies.

If there was a camera recording the images of the for the last 10 years, one would realize that majority of the warriors hadn't moved at all!

’’He's coming.’’


In the air above primal chaos city stood two powerful looking silhouettes. One was an ape man in golden armor, his eyes seemed like they could see through space itself. Beside him was another slightly skinnier man with pale complexion in white armor with two black horns. The space around him seemed to be warping, the most peculiar thing was he kept his eyes closed.

’’Rumble...’’ In the distance a dark blue arc universe ship appeared.

’’True Yan, Tong Nan!’’ A clear voice resounded. Dressed in a dark blue armor, with purple long hair, a beautiful lady flew out the cabin door as the ship behind her vanished.

’’Jade!’’ True Yan's voice was cheerful.

That white robed skinny man who had his eyes closed also smiled and shouted, ’’Jade, it's been awhile.’’

’’You two have been staying in primal chaos city and studying, rarely even entering the virtual universe. And I've been in the actual universe, how can we even meet?’’ Jade smiled. Her entire being was almost like a jade statue, giving off a clear dreamy feeling, almost like she wasn't in the same space and time at all.

’’Come to where I am staying.’’ The white robed skinny man smiled.


In a moment.

In a peculiar construct, where light and darkness were incomparably harmonious.

True Yan Emperor, Tong Nan Emperor and Jade Emperor, these three were absolute beings with high amounts of power within the virtual universe, they sat around each other.

’’Chi chi, tastes good.’’ Jade lifted a crystal wine glass and took a sip. This liquid which had stars floating and revolving within looked extremely beautiful.

’’Haha, to be able to drink this 5 star galaxy, I've gotten some of the benefits from Jade.’’ True Yan strongly swallowed the wine liquid in one gulp and rubbed his chin gently after. His eyes staring wide, he complemented, ’’Tong Nan this blind man is very petty. He's been with me for over a hundred million years, and only let me drink this once.’’

’’It's very expensive!’’ Tong Nan said softly, ’’You just drank 30,000 mixed elements!’’

’’Don't be so petty, give me some more. Back then when you were in the universe secret area, you earned quite a bit. Yet, just drinking a bit of wine makes you feel the pinch?’’ True Yan laughed and mocked, grabbing the bottle again.

The entirely black cylinder was on the table. Tong Nan emperor didn't even stop him, allowing True Yan to grab it.

’’Tsk!’’ True Yan shot a glance at Jade emperor, ’’Jade, your reputation is still bigger.’’

Jade emperor smiled and looked at Tong Nan emperor.

As eternal beings that have been around for so long, even if they helped their families live for 1,000 eras, as time flowed like a river, their close ones had all still died. Hence, True Yan Emperor, Jade emperor and Tong Nan emperor didn't have any family left. To them, these friends that had been through thick and thin with them were their family.

True Yan, Tong Nan, Jade, they all used to be a team, they were good friends in life and death situations!

They experienced peril time and again!

Their bonds were deep, especially between Tong Nan and Jade. These two had even a trace of romance. However these two had never actually acted upon it, even though they understood each other's thoughts, they still maintained their distance. They were used to this feeling too. Afterall, they were good friends and partners.

’’Your arrival this time is for?’’ Tong Nan emperor asked.

’’On knight's orders.’’ Jade smiled.

’’9 blade knight?’’ True Yan asked shocked, ’’What is the knight making you do here?’’

’’The knight pays close attention to this new batch. They need to stay in primal chaos city for over 30 years, and one third of the time has already passed. As such, there should already be some definite progress.’’ Jade smiled, ’’And the knight himself will only come on the last day itself to receive this new batch. As for regular supervision...naturally he would send people under him. Hence I've come.’’

’’Ah.’’ Tong Nan the blind man nodded, ’’Right, this new batch was received by 9 blade knight. If a strong warrior emerges, he will be under 9 blade knight.’’

’’Right.’’ Jade smiled, ’’Even though this batch's chances of becoming undying are very low, there should still be a few! With their talent and our Virtual Universe Company's heavy nurturing....the moment they become undying, they will definitely be more than ordinary. Naturally the knight has to pay attention to his future underlings.’’

For every genius battle and warrior battle, the Virtual Universe Company would send a knight to host it!

Whoever hosts, any genius that later becomes undying would then be arranged to be under that host. If there wasn't such a reason...with the knight's status, would there be a need for him to send the new batch into primal chaos city and later personally receive them again?

’’This new batch is not bad, especially that Bolan. Half a year ago he already cleared the 4th level! Tong Nan emperor lifted his wine glass, gently sipping, ’’From the others, seven of them have passed the 2nd level. The rest have only passed the 1st level so far. These 7 are...Gu Si Luo, Long Yun, Jia Lai Xi, Tao, Qian Shui, Wuka and Rong Jun.’’

’’Rong Jun broke through the 2nd level in his 4th year.’’ True Yan smiled, ’’Tao did so in the 7th year. Gu Si Luo, Long Yun, Jia Lai Xi all passed the 2nd level in their 8th. Wuka and Qian Shui in their 9th.’’

Jade smiled, ’’I know. In terms of strength, Bolan is number 1 and Rong Jun is 2nd. The six behind them...Tao, gu Si Luo, Long Yun, Jia Lai Xi, Wuka and Qian shui don't have huge differences in levels. Perhaps. that blood axe Tao is leading by a little. Right...wasn't there a Luo Feng with good performance earlier?’’

’’Not clear.’’ Tong Nan shook his head, ’’True Yan would know. He's been keeping an eye on that punk.’’

’’True Yan.’’ Jade looked at the ape man warrior.

’’This Luo feng...’’ True Yan rubbed his chin, and then his head. He was frowning, ’’How do I put it. When he first came, his performance was good. However, these 10 years have been peculiar. This punk spent some time hunting the beasts outside, after which he has been sitting on the balcony studying. He has not once attempted the bridge.’’


Jade nodded, smiling, ’’I've come this time specifically to observe them, the first target is Bolan.’’

’’The knight had also complemented Bolan. Each level of the heavenly bridge gets increasingly more difficult. The difficulty rises in a compounding ratio. I initially thought that he would take 20 years to pass the 4th level. Who would have thought he would do so in 10 instead.’’ Jade exclaimed and smiled, ’’The 2nd is Rong Jun, he was number 2 in this batch. I estimate he will pass the 3rd level in these few years.’’



Tong Nan and True Yan nodded.

’’Four years after coming to Primal chaos city and passing the 2nd level. Especially this year, he's already tried twice...he's not far from passing the 3rd level!’’ True Yan laughed, ’’And with the Yuan Chen universe country leader as his personal teacher, how could his improvement be slow?’’ Even though they were complimenting Rong Jun, within he was still unsatisfied.

It was because Rong Jun and Bolan both weren't from the 9 universe sect.

’’My sect's Luo Feng is studying the floating blood, was it a mistake? Dissecting the universe space law essence is incredibly difficult, has it stumped him?’’ True Yan was worried within. Going down the wrong path was a waste of time, if he didn't pass that path, then Luo Feng would have wasted 10 years of time.


Jade emperor, under the 9 blade knight's orders had come to observe the new batch.

With Jade emperor's strength, observing them from far away was not a problem at all. This new batch wouldn't even detect or feel her.

’’This Bolan is really not bad, indeed a number one genius from 10 million years.’’ Jade floated above amidst the chaos energy. Looking at the distant Bolan training in the wastelands, Bolan's gaze was firm and strong, almost as though nothing could influence him.


’’This Rong Jun is a natural born warrior. However, just what about him has attracted the two country leaders?’’ Jade stood in the air, surveying another distant balcony. That messy haired bare footed Rong Jun was practicing his forms, occasionally looking up to observe the universe laws revolving.


’’Long Yun, hm, he is very steady. If he can work on his strength, his future is limitless.’’


’’Wuka is indeed a genius of the Manka generation. His battle talents aren't that far away from Rong Jun's.’’


Jade slowly observed each of the new batch, making deductions within and getting ready to return and report to the 9 blade knight.

’’This is Luo Feng?’’ Jade walked within an alley of primal chaos city. Looking in the not too distant balcony, there was a black youth in dark grey armor who had his eyes shut and was motionless. 10 years of time had caused his hair to grow long and draped over his shoulders.

’’Has his study reached a fork?’’ Jade emperor thought.

Universe warriors studying the universe origin laws would occasionally make a wrong turn in their studies. Sometimes they would only realize their mistake after a few years. As for reaching a fork in this the vast universe, the many races of warriors had all seen this frequently.

They weren't afraid of these forks.

They were only afraid of making a wrong turn and not realizing it.

’’These 30 years are your most precious 30 years, little punk, all the best.’’ Jade emperor turned and left.


On that balcony.

Luo Feng sat crossed legged, no one knew that in his internal world.

The mosha clan was engaged in mad training over and over. For a total of 10 years, the Mosha clan had never even stopped training. He was immersed in the thrill of dissecting the universe origin law essence and did not even feel the flow of time.


On the balcony, the energy around Luo Feng who was sitting quietly crossed legged shook, dust dispersed and he opened his eyes.


He stood up completely. As he gazed into the distance, primal chaos city was still exactly the same, time left absolutely no trace on it at all.

’’How long was I training this time?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’This time was longer than those before, 3 years and 9 months.’’ Babata replied.


Luo Feng gently waved his hand, leaving behind a palm print in space. He was smiling, ’’If I cannot comprehend this in 20 years I have to give up? Luckily it was only 10 years, I've spent 10 years to finally completely comprehend the 1st blade form. At least I have the right to train this floating blood, hm, I should go attempt the heavenly bridge.’’


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