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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 23


Volume 11 Chapter 23 - A Blade of Floating Blood

Luo Feng pressed the button lightly to exchange for the floating blood manual.

’’Exchange successful!’’

With the discount, you've spent 640 points, with 360 remaining.’’

’’Please wait, someone will deliver the manual immediately.

A few mandarin words appeared on the screen.

Unlike buying weapons, or life fruit etc, items which need to be transferred in reality...buying a manual, could be obtained immediately within the virtual universe! The manuals were after all simply knowledge being transferred, and the virtual universe had a 100% simulation. Hence, it was the most effective and safest way of transfer.

In reality, one even had to prove one's identity.

In the virtual universe however, the entire virtual universe was under surveillance and had great security. These manuals were sold by the virtual universe system itself! Naturally it was incredibly safe.

’’There's a call request.’’ Babata shouted.

’’Receive it.’’

Luo Feng's thoughts moved and a screen appeared before him. On it was a beautiful jade, it was the manager of the absolute beginning region sector lord Lady Fox. Lady fox smiled and said, ’’Your majesty Luo Feng, we've just received your manual container, we require you to come down and accept it.’’

’’Alright, I'm coming.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

It was indeed fast!

Exchanging goods in reality, just the universe travel time alone would require a long time.



Luo Feng flew out of his villa, becoming a beam of light on his dark cloud shuttle and swiftly reaching the structure in which the entrance was located, in the blink of an eye. Luo feng could see beside the entrance, sector lord Lady Fox was looking up and awaiting his arrival.

Luo feng surveyed below.

’’Your majesty Luo Feng.’’ Lady fox smiled and welcomed him.

’’Lady Fox, where's the item?’’ Luo Feng looked around.

’’Please wait a moment.’’ Lady Fox looked at the construct beside, a waitress carrying a silver briefcase ran over and transferred it to Lady Fox.

’’Your majesty Luo Feng, these are the manuals our absolute beginning region just received. It's what you purchased.’’ Lady Fox passed it over.

’’Thanks.’’ Luo Feng received it with anticipation.


The manuals were very important, he had really experienced it this time. Before, he had the Yun Mo Planet inheritance, along with the golden horned beast inheritance, he had never worried about techniques. However studying the 9 universe tablet, whether it was the Yun Mo Planet of the golden horned beast memories, both of them couldn't help at all.

It was a waste that he had spent all his points initially. So much so that he had only studied just a bit of the 1st blade technique over these 8 months.

’’The points are extremely valuable. Wanting to earn more is incredibly difficult. The initial points given to me...are to allow me to lay down my foundation. Babata, you made me buy the techniques earlier on, that was really stupid.’’ While in mid air flying back towards his villa, Luo Feng said unhappily to Babata on his shoulder.

’’You can't blame me!’’ Babata's little face looked innocent, ’’How would I know what the primal chaos city is like. I only know one thing, that the earlier you spend your points on techniques, the earlier you can raise your strength.’’

’’Stop quibbling.’’

’’After this first loss, in the future when I acquire valuable and expensive items, I definitely won't use or lose them easily. Good steel should be used on the edge of a blade! The initial points they gave me was for my foundation, I wasted it on the illusionary techniques for the Mosha clan.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

Luckily he had passed the 1st level. For new people in the city, they awarded 10 times the points for those in their 1st 30 years in primal chaos city, hence he acquired 1,000 points.


If he wasn't a new person, the 1st level would only give 100 points, 2nd level 200, 3rd level compounded on, showing just how difficult getting points was!

Sitting in the study, he placed his laptop to the side and put the silver briefcase on the table. With a click, he opened it.


Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

The briefcase was filled with many black books within. Every one of them had the universe language words 9 universe and floating blood on them, also with the numbering, ’’1st, 2nd, 3rd...110th!

’’There's actually 110 books.’’ Luo Feng was shocked. As the many training methods were all profound, hence using words alone would be extremely long. Just like when Luo Feng was studying the soul imprint before, just the preparation stages alone for the training took 1 entire book.

From his own inherited memories, the many techniques for the golden horned beast, many of them if calculated in universe language words, would have trillions of words in them.

’’Floating blood is a basic manual, that alone is 110 books.’’ Luo Feng was excited, picking up the top one, the 1st book!

On it the most obvious black words were the 9 universe 2 words. Beside it were the smaller words floating blood and finally bottom left, was the name Lian Luo.

Opening the book, Luo Feng began to read.

’’9 universe tablet introduction?’’

’’Space origin law comprehension?’’

’’Floating blood training?’’

Luo Feng looked at the synopsis. He was shocked to find that this 1st book alone had tens of thousands of words, yet they don't even explain the 108 blade forms. But the author Lian Luo explained his own study of the 9 universe tablet, his recognition of the space origin laws, along with some information of the floating blood training he created.

In general.

This floating blood 1st book was a summary of the entire manual!

’’I need to understand his thoughts, his training path before actually studying the 108 forms, that will be even more effective.’’ Luo Feng began to dig in and study.

The universe space origin law was broad and profound.

Wanting to completely study and comprehend it was almost an impossible thing altogether. Just from looking at the countless planets, one can barely calculate the number of humans in the universe there are. With new generations being born, growing, and dying ...the cycle of life continued, for a thousand years, 10,000, trillion years...this cycle perpetuated over and over.

In the limitless and vast star fields, out of so many, one universe country leader would be born!

Wanting to become a universe country leader, one had to either be a time or space knight! That would mean completely studying and comprehending space or time at a peak level, that was extremely difficult!

9 universe tablet was one way to allow someone to become a space knight, which was one of the big paths to greatness!

The 9 universe tablet was incredibly profound, and they directly reflected the 27 levels of the heavenly bridge. Just passing the 21st level would mean one could become a space knight, hence becoming a universe country leader! And the final level was still 27. If one completely comprehended the entire 9 universe tablet, that would mean standing right a the peak of humanity in the vast universe itself.

9 universe tablet, a total of 9 pictures!

According to the 1st book's description, as long as one comprehended 7 pictures, he would be able to become a space knight and universe country leader!

The 1st rain drop picture, 2nd drizzle, 3rd rainstorm, these 3 pictures were increasing levels of layers about studying the space laws. Just like how the computers on earth used complex encoding, however in truth if one truly understood the basics and essence...

They were simply the construct of 0s and 1s.

The essence was very simple, just 2 digits forming sequences!

Or just like mandarin, mandarin was very complex, however it was simple strokes that were placed together to form large words. The strokes were considered the base and essence.

Or even English, no matter how complex it was, breaking it down all the way, it was made simply of letters, abcd...forming different words and combinations.

One theory!

Even though the universe origin laws were incredibly complex, the core and essence of the most complex things are still simple. These 1st 3 pictures, broke down the universe laws, separating them into 108 different wonders. If one said that mandarin was made of strokes and English was made of letters.

Then the universe laws were made of these 108 wonders, constantly interweaving and combining, finally forming one huge law!

The 1st 3 pictures were dissected to the deepest regions.

The 4th picture was a picture of stars, the 5th was a galaxy and the 6th was galaxy river.

Whether it was made of 2 digits, or brushes and strokes, or simple letters...just knowing these alone wouldn't be enough to create a huge computer digit or language or even this mysterious network world. One wouldn't be able to rely on just 1 stroke to write a large amount of mandarin words, making the heart trembling mandarin language and culture. Or even just those letters to make an English system.

Wanting to rely on the core essence to form an incredibly vast and full network world, mandarin world, English world.

Required large amounts of combinations, large amounts of grammar etc...

One theory!

108 wonders, these were the dissected pieces of shattered glass, the base 108 items.

The 1st 3 pictures...were a form of dissection!

The 4th to 6th pictures...were a grouping of the bodies!

Allowing these most basic core essences to combine and constantly expand, improving on them, broadening...until finally forming the perfect universe space origin law.

The 7th picture was an incredibly peculiar beast, that represented a perfect universe space law.

Comprehending the 7th picture, one could become a space knight or universe country leader!

’’So it's this theory.’’

’’I understand.’’ Luo Feng looked a the 1st book's initial 2 portions which discussed the 9 universe tablet and the comprehension of the universe space law. He was getting excited, ’’Normal warriors comprehending the laws,'s just like studying English, they learn a few words immediately and practice on how to write them. By learning some words today, some more tomorrow, over time, they get stronger and better. However if they don't learn it with the set rules, it'll remain complex and inefficient!’’

’’However by dissecting it first and grouping them later.’’

’’It'll be like learning the most basic letters, learning the different grammar first and the rules and vocabulary later, structure etc.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

The theory was simple.

However the universe law, compared to mandarin or computer coding was at least a trillion times more complex. Undying souls' calculating speeds don't pale in comparison to even computers. However, many are still unable to break through to knight level even after trillions of years! It's because it was too complex. After all the universe origin laws contained simply too many things.

By using a 2 digit structure alone, one could build a network world.

These 108 wonders could explain 108 digits, just how terrifying was the universe origin law?

What's more, 108 wonders, every one of them was trillions of times bigger than the entire mandarin or English language or even computer coding. Much less the entire law itself.


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