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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 18


Volume 11 Chapter 18 - Shocking

Luo Feng had gone to look for that training balcony from a long time ago. Within the virtual universe, Yu Xiang Mountain's Absolute beginning region, Rong Jun's training grounds within his villa.

’’Teacher.’’ Carrying the Earth splitting blade, the Savage youth Rong Jun bowed respectfully. Ahead of him stood a tall and majestic man in simple training clothes. Looking at this man was like looking at a black hole within space, giving off a natural form of awe and respect, his gaze seemed to pierce through space itself.

He was the universe country leader of Yuan Chen, an undying from who knows how long ago, older by tens of thousands of times than even planets and stars, an ancient eternal being.

’’Hm.’’ Yuan Chen country leader nodded, ’’I'll now demonstrate to you the 1st form of the Huge Axe primal chaos tablet!’’

Rong Jun's eyes gleamed.

The country leader waved his hand, a huge axe appeared in his hand, simultaneously the space around the training grounds warped, changing into a universe space scene.

’’Look closely.’’

The Yuan Chen country leader's eyes were deep and profound, almost like they contained within them the universe space itself. He raised the huge axe in his hands, immediately his entire being seemed like it became a huge axe itself. Just the willpower and energy emitting from the huge axe alone was enough to cause the space around to tremor and seem to almost split open.


He waved the axe!

The country leader coldly waved the huge axe, immediately the space around seemed to gather and condense like paper, and tearing apart after. Even the stars ahead were completely split apart, after which the entire space tremored and the space dissipated, returning to the original state.

’’Hm?’’ Rong Jun's eyes stared wide, in his mind recalling the scene over and over again.

’’Raising the axe, condensing his energy to its maximum!

Waving the axe, the space gathered and later tore apart like paper!

’’The huge axe tablet is the most profound of the 52.’’ Yuan Chen country leader said coldly, ’’When you've comprehended this 1st form, and eventually make it past the 4th level of the Heavenly bridge, I will then demonstrate the 2nd form for you!’’

’’Yes, teacher.’’ Rong Jun said respectfully.


The country leader nodded and his lips curled, almost like a smile. Following which he vanished.

’’So it's that way, it's like this.’’ After his teacher left, Rong Jun's eyes gleamed, ’’This 1st form is unleashed this way.’’ Actually, as the country leader was demonstrating, he purposely slowed down his actions, releasing his energy to teach and let Rong Jun feel it thoroughly, allowing him to witness and comprehend to the highest of his ability.

’’Adoptive father!’’

’’Just watch, watch this barbarian reach the peak.’’ Rong Jun muttered softly, following which he began to study the 1st form. As the 1st form of the huge axe tablet, it was indeed profound and mysterious, if he could completely comprehend this 1st form, he would be able to easily defeat that absolute genius Bolan. Afterall Bolan only managed to finish the 2nd level.

Outside Primal chaos city.

’’So this is the primal chaos city's 3rd treasure.’’ Carrying a blood blade, the white robed youth Bolan stood outside the entrance of Primal chaos, looking at the huge stone tablet with the words introducing the 3rd treasure. His cold eyes gleamed with excitement, ’’Teacher, you told me to look for you once I reached the undying level, I will get to the undying level with the greatest speed, I definitely will!’’


Out of 10s of millions of years of genius battles, he was able to be number 1 throughout. Even though he had heard that some universe country leader had accepted Rong Jun as his disciple, he never thought of anyone else as an opponent.

There was no opponent within, hence he was invincible!

His opponent was himself.

’’Faster, faster, faster! Reach the undying level faster, become an absolute being amongst the undying, become an official! Emperor!’’ Bolan muttered, as he had high confidence and aspirations, his improvement and comprehension of the space origin laws constantly rose greatly. His comprehension was extremely strong, naturally his comprehension of the other elements linked within space were strong as well.

Actually, he was completely able to study gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, as these 5 were all very compatible with space.

However, he chose wind!

As wind, thunder, light, these were more compatible with time, his ambition was great, even more terrifying than the time sector lord. However in terms of talent...he was far more talented than the time sector lord Luo, he had the capability!


Rong Jun had the Yuan Chen universe country leader as his teacher, his own battle abilities and talent were also extremely strong.

Bolan, had never once thought of him as an opponent, his opponent was himself.

The other geniuses, like the hypnotist Jia Lai Xi, Wuka, Ai Chen, Jiang Mo, Long Yun etc, they all had their own backgrounds and strengths. To be able to make it to this level, no one would admit defeat easily, they were all still aiming to make it into the absolute beginning region, the primal region! Like Long Yun...a primal region genius, now that he's been pushed aside by Rong Jun, how could he take it?


The chaos energy revolved within.

Luo Feng walked along the alleys, looking at the training place ahead. On this wall there was a line of words...9 universe sect, any wall with such words of the sect on them, represented that the area belonged to that sect and was a public area, not for private use.

Afterall other than the 52 primal chaos tablets, there were many other markings within the city that were exceptional, hence these all became public training areas, anyone could come view them.

Of the 112 Luo Feng had picked before, 103 of them were public training areas.

’’Floating blood's founder Lian Luo, he stayed here during his time. The 112 I chose before didn't include this place.’’ Luo Feng sighed within. There was no way around it, Primal Chaos city was too huge, the training spaces were too huge. Just 8 short days of searching around, there was no way to search in full detail every marking in each space, he could only make quick decisions.

Entering the training area.

Quickly following up the stairs up to the balcony, the balcony with a width and length of 100m had messy random scribbles all over, simultaneously there were several special words all over.

’’This was the training space of the genius Lian Luo?’’ Luo Feng frowned curiously, ’’True Yan emperor was talking about this?’’


Luo Feng jumped down from the balcony, landing at the entrance, he looked at the number and it was indeed, 029002891.

’’The number is right, it's this one.’’ Luo Feng jumped and returned to the balcony.

’’The markings on this balcony...’’ Luo Feng carefully examined it. All the buildings of primal chaos city used almost the same kind of stone, this stone in the primal universe, they didn't decay even after trillions of years. It was mysterious, even after trillions of years, the markings were still extremely clear.

’’Blade meanings?’’

Luo Feng looked at the messy scribbles all over, squatting down, he carefully examined the bodies of them. The seemingly casual markings indeed had many similarities in the 9 universe tablet, ’’They do have a similar feeling compared to the 9 universe tablet. However they are just bits and pieces, not forming a whole picture, what's the use?’’

’’But True Yan Emperor told me to come here.’’ Luo Feng swept his gaze over the area, suddenly spotting several special peculiar words at the side.

’’Babata, translate for me, what's the meaning.’’ Luo Feng thought within.

’’No problem!’’ Babata swiftly translated.

The screen on his shoulder immediately filled with some words, ’’I, Lian Luo, while comprehending the 9 universe tablet, have experienced over 3,000 years of study. Finally I've created the floating blood secret manual. Haha, once the floating blood is completed, the 1st 3 pictures no longer hold any mystery for me, everything became incredibly clear to me. These 1st 3 pictures are mostly comprehending the foundation of the 9 universe primal chaos tablet. My basics are incredibly solid, even if others can compare, even if they are studying the 4th picture, their comprehension of the space origin law may not even match up to mine. The 4th, 5th and 6th pictures and how to train them, I've already got full confidence, I'll definitely become an undying, gaining the title Emperor!’’

A few lines of words, a total of 108 words.

However after translating to mandarin, the word count had several differences.

’’So confident?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, these words were infused with exciting and strong confidence. Even after a trillion years of difference, Luo Feng could almost see the distant ancient, an absolute genius after completing the floating blood, he was absolutely confident about his future, leaving behind such words.

’’Indeed, his improvement was indeed shockingly fast. After becoming an undying, he was immediately given the title Official. Until the point he fell...his life span hadn't even reached 100,000 years. If he lived just a bit longer, becoming an Emperor was really no problem.’’ Luo Feng nodded within, his improvement speed was no lousier than Bolan's.


Standing on the balcony, Luo Feng thought for awhile.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Babata shouted, ’’This Lian Luo was speaking right, the 1st 3 pictures are the foundation of the 9 universe tablet. This floating blood was worshipped as the best basic technique by True Yan Emperor. For him to be able to create this technique, obviously his comprehension of the first 3 pictures had already reached the pinnacle level.’’

’’The stronger one's basics are, the stronger he'll become later. Just like how when you attempted the 1st level on the Heavenly bridge, your opponent only used 3 golden blades, yet he's still stronger than you using 9 blades and unleashing the Heavenly blade formation.’’

Luo Feng had known about the importance of the basics from early on. To be able to build a tall skyscraper, the foundation was the beginning, the stronger it was, the higher it would be able to go. The basics of Lian Luo, obviously had reached the pinnacle level of his basics.

Luo Feng thought hard as he looked at those lines.

Quietly looking...

’’What are you looking at? Are you listening?’’ Babata shouted unsatisfied.

’’Don't make noise.’’

Luo Feng's expression was serious, his eyes gleamed, staring at the 108 peculiar words that he didn't understand at all, ’’True Yan emperor asked me to come here, it should have been to look at these 108 words.’’

’’Ah?’’ Babata was shocked.

’’I didn't notice before, however after looking for awhile, I can feel it.’’ Luo Feng stared hard at the words, ’’These 108 words, every word has a different feeling behind them. However the 108 words together form a complete picture, anyone who doesn't pay close attention to each word wouldn't discover the different feeling and energy behind each words.

The 3 pictures of the 9 universe tablet flashed past Luo Feng's mind.

The 3rd picture, was the downpour picture, there were a total of 108 drops.


’’It's too terrifying.’’

Luo Feng's gaze was filled with a hard to suppress gleam of excitement, ’’He actually put all of the feelings within the downpour picture, all expressed through these 108 words.’’ Even though he still couldn't see it clearly, however on careful examination he discovered it. Compared to the raindrop picture, this was more complex, each word was like a blade slash began to form within.

’’The information before had explained that the floating blood was a technique to use a blade. Right, every word here is a blade form, 108 blade forms, completely explaining the basics of the 9 universe tablet.’’ Luo Feng finally understood, just how terrifying the genius Lian Luo back then was.

He didn't have time to be surprised.

Luo Feng was already completely immersed within the 108 words, comparing his mental thoughts of the 9 universe tablet before with this. He worked hard to find the 108 blade forms within.


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