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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 17


Volume 11 Chapter 17 - Floating Blood

Within Primal Chaos city, the energies revolved about.

Dressed in the armor formed by the cloud contact vine, Luo Feng was standing on a training balcony, looking at the other distant balconies. These past 8 days, he had been searching all over the city, there were many empty buildings all about the city that had markings left behind by the countless warriors before on the balconies.

It wasn't just Luo Feng who was searching, the Manka prince Wuka, Long Yun who had entered the Primal region, and similarly others from the Absolute beginning region Qian Shui, Rong Jun etc, they were all looking for markings.

This group of geniuses were very clear. These 30 years in primal chaos city was their time to lock in their foundations, and the fastest way to improve wasn't to simply bury their heads in training. Using a dull axe requires greater work, picking the appropriate route was very important, they didn't need to begin by looking straight at the origin laws movement.

Hence, they were all looking for the markings left behind by their earlier generations of warriors.

’’112 of the markings, I have some interest in.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, ’’Which do I choose?’’

The 9 pictures of the 9 universe tablet was profound and deep.

And the markings left behind by others were like detailed studies, they were able to let him further understand and study the tablet with greater efficiency!

’’Luo Feng.’’ A clear voice resounded.

Luo Feng turned over.

A long curly green haired elegant girl with mysterious green markings on her skin descended onto the balcony, smiling gently, she said, ’’Luo Feng, have you found a marking suitable for you?’’

’’Not yet, I discovered 112 that are not bad, but I don't know which to choose.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’Qian Shui, have you found anything?’’

Qian Shui, the genius pair of siblings from the Ao Gu Si planet, both were similarly Absolute beginning members.

’’I'm pondering too. With teacher's guidance, I currently have 3 to choose from.’’ Qian Shui smiled, ’’Hm, ’’I won't chat more with you. After my teacher saw your Heavenly bridge battle, he said among our batch, your comprehension of the origin laws is comparable to Bolan, stronger than even Rong Juns comprehension.’’

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

’’All the best, having a lead now doesn't represent you leading in the future as well. These 30 years, will be the greatest change.’’ Qian shui immediately flew up, ’’I'm leaving.’’ A green image was seen flying through the distant skies, vanishing within the chaos energy flow.

Luo Feng frowned.

’’Your batch of 1,000 geniuses, many have pretty decent backgrounds, with strong people guiding them from behind.’’ Babata said, ’’It's a pity...I cannot help you.’’

’’No problem.’’ Luo Feng smiled, not minding at all.

Suddenly, Babata shouted shocked, ’’Luo Feng, you've received a letter, it's from the Virtual Universe Company internal department.’’

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, sending out a part of his consciousness into the virtual universe network.


Virtual universe network, Absolute beginning region, Luo Feng's villa.

In the study, Luo Feng sat in front of his laptop and opened the mail.

’’Luo Feng:

I've seen your footage on the Heavenly bridge. It's not bad, only your usage of the Nan Shen Armament is too rigid.

The weapon is dead, we are living. How to use the Nan Shen Armament...naturally has many much wider ranges of usage to unleash its full potential. You are currently studying the 9 universe tablet I suggest you buy a battle technique Floating Blood. It only requires 800 points, after buying this technique, head to training balcony 0290028981 and take a look, there are markings there left behind by the creator of the Floating Blood. Amongst those within the 9 universe sect, this should be the most suitable for you especially for the 1st three pictures of the 9 universe tablet. Work hard, I'm expecting great things from you!

True Yan’’

A simple letter, however since it's from the Virtual Universe company's internal department, it was anything but ordinary.

As he himself was a core member within the company, most people didn't even know their own network ID. Finding another's ID and being able to send a letter via the internal department, this person was obviously a high ranking person within the Virtual Universe Company.

’’True Yan?’’ Luo Feng sat in the study, before, when he searched, he was only able to see several filtered normal news, other secret files, like the bug clan or automaton race etc, important information, these were all classified to him.

However now his position was high, his privileges were much higher too.

’’Understood.’’ Babata said excitedly.

The screen on the laptop immediately swiftly changed and large amounts of information appeared.

’’These are all regarding True Yan.’’ Babata shouted.


Luo Feng stared at the screen. There were many news articles and details, he couldn't help but get shocked, ’’The True Yan technique was founded by the True Yan Emperor. Its purchase price within the Virtual Universe Company was actually priced at 800,000 points. My god, teacher's soul imprint, Babata you estimated it to only be worth about 10,000 points. This True Yan technique is actually that expensive?’’

’’True Yan emperor?’’ Babata was shocked, ’’This True Yan is actually an emperor?’’

’’What about it?’’ Luo Feng asked curiously.

’’Luo Feng.’’ Babata was extremely agitated, ’’You don't know. Among all undyings, in terms of power and position, they have huge differences. Normal undyings can become generals and command a huge army of universe level warriors! Several extremely powerful undyings however, can get the title Official from the Virtual Universe Company of the Huge Axe dojo!’’

Undyings with the title Official are considered absolute beings amongst the undying, like your teacher, he could barely get the title with his power.’’

’’And the pinnacle of Undyings, even stronger and more invincible, they get the tile emperors! That's terrifying, and looking at this True Yan Emperor's technique actually reaching 800,000 points, my god, he's definitely one of the undyings amongst countless in the universe, closest to the universe country leader. That level of absolute being, this level of being, they are extremely powerful!’’ Babata said excited.

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng realized within.

General...official, emperor...

These 3 titles, had a definitely reflection of their strength.

’’Babata, back then the enemy that killed my teacher, how strong was he?’’ Luo Feng asked, the excited Babata was stunned for awhile, his red eyes dimmed a little, before saying, ’’Back then the enemy that killed your teacher was very strong. Your teacher barely had the strength of an Official, the enemy was probably the pinnacle of Official, almost reaching the level of Emperor.’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

His teacher, that level of being, was barely an official. His opponent was almost an emperor.

No wonder his teacher lost so badly then.

’’That level of warrior, in your Ganwu universe country, he can rank amongst the top 3.’’ Babata said solemnly.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, ’’The Ganwu universe country has over 10,000 undyings.’’

’’In 1,008 universe countries, the number that receive the title Emperor are extremely few. All the absolute warriors normally don't stay within one universe country. Those able to receive this title are mostly underlings under the 5 great leviathans or special lone wolfs.’’ Babata said softly, ’’Every one of them are extremely strong, beings closest to becoming universe country leaders!’’

’’One technique manual alone is able to sell for 800,000 points. This True Yan Emperor, even amongst the emperors, must be at the top.’’ Babata said, ’’I saw a manual of a technique created by a universe country leader before in the treasure trove, it only sold for 1 million points.’’

A technique made by a universe country leader sold for 1 million points.

The technique created by the True Yan Emperor sold for 800,000 points.

It was clear that the True Yan Emperor was terrifying.

’’Haha...’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’Babata, you even said before, about who has big backgrounds etc, I Luo Feng, I don't have any background or big person behind me, yet I'm able to attract others to give me pointers. Haha...’’Within, Luo Feng felt extremely grateful to that mysterious absolute warrior True Yan Emperor.

This letter for the True Yan Emperor was but a casual thought.

To Luo Feng however, it was a huge push in the right direction in solidifying his basics.

’’Have you found Floating Blood?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Found it.’’

On the screen floating blood appeared with its information.

Compared to the vague introductions of True Yan Emperor before, the information on Floating blood was a lot more detailed. Obviously the information on True Yan Emperor was extremely secretive, Luo Feng's level of access only allowed him to find the most basic of information.

’’Floating Blood, creator Lian Luo, is a basic technique in the 9 universe sect, mainly explaining the 1st 3 pictures, and it requires 800 points to exchange.’’

’’Lian Luo was number 1 in an earlier genius competition. When chosen to enter the primal region, he chose the 9 universe primal chaos tablet. After over 10s of thousands of years of training, he created the basic technique that was named one of the best Floating Blood. After becoming undying, he was immediately given the title Blood clothed official, he fell in a particular universe secret area expedition.

Luo Feng continued to read in detail.

The information had more on Lian Luo's life. He was the number 1 in the genius competition, an absolute genius. The moment he became undying he was immediately given the title official! It was a pity he lived less than 100,000 years and he died, he died way too early.

’’It's a pity.’’ Luo feng shook his head.

’’If he hadn't died too early, his future would have been limitless.’’ Babata exclaimed and shook his head too.

Floating blood was a basic technique, made for those under undying to study, hence it wasn't priced high.

However just because it was low in price didn't mean it was lousy.

Luo Feng required a basic level technique, and this floating blood was recommended by True Yan Emperor, it was obviously not lousy at all.

’’800 points, I only lack 800 points.’’ Luo Feng forced a smiled, ’’I regret spending my 10,000 points at one go too easily, it's all gone.’’

’’Who told you to spend so quickly.’’ Babata muttered.

’’Wasn't it you who instigated it?’’ Luo Feng shot a glare at Babata on his shoulder, ’’Forget it, I'll first head over to 0290028981 balcony to take a look, looking at the marking left behind by the genius Lian Luo from a trillion years ago.’’ Looking at Lian Luo's history, Luo Feng could only sigh at this genius from a trillion years ago.

He died too early.

Not even living past 100,000 years, amongst the undying it was definitely considered a very short life.


Primal chaos city.

Luo Feng immediately became a beam of light and swiftly flew within primal chaos city, looking for the training building balcony that Lian Luo had used back then.


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