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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 15


Volume 11 Chapter 15 - The 1st Level

’’Defeat him, and you'll be able to proceed to the 2nd level.’’ That cloud mist resounded.

’’How is he so similar to me, using the dark cloud shuttle and the Nan Shen Armament?’’ Luo Feng squinted. With a thought, 6 square shaped Absolute Void shields along with the blood shadow blade's Golden shadow blade, simultaneously a dark golden long rod behind him immediately shot out a total of 54 beams of light.

Every 9 beams swiftly combined and formed very real golden blades that were 1/3 of a meter long!

The Nan Shen Armament 2nd level...Sky piercing formation. The main form was to create one true blade, however Luo Feng immediately produced 6 of them. One of the reasons was because he had broken through from the star level 9 to the universe level 1, and more importantly, over his 3 years travel through the universe, his strength had increased shockingly.

’’Kill!’’ The mysterious man roared, the dark cloud shuttle rushed over and he swiftly formed 3 real golden blades behind him too.

The two of them were both controllers!

Both rushed towards each other swiftly, one controlling 6 golden blades while the other 3.

’’Over these 3 years, I haven't relaxed at all. Compared to the genius battle, I'm much stronger than before! I will let you test my powers!’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed with endless fighting spirit. 6 golden blades immediately seemed extremely well organized, working about each other and immediately piercing forward!

Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!

In mid air, the 6 blades engaged in a frenzied battle against the mysterious person's 3 blades.

’’What's going on?’’ Luo Feng was shocked within.

Before coming to primal chaos city, he was already able to unleash 6 blades...controlling these 6 blades had become comfortable and best for himself as he was used to it. Even after studying the primal chaos tablet for 7 days, with huge improvements, he still chose to use only 6 blades as this was his most optimum attack formation.

’’He actually blocked it, I don't believe this!’’ Luo Feng's eyes were cold.

6 golden blades, almost like 6 excellent soldiers working together, attacking and pulling back together, very perfect, attacking time and again...trying time and again to break through the 3 golden blades to kill the enemy.


Fail! Fail! Fail!

Failure over and over. That mysterious person's 3 blades were controlled in a very special way, almost as though the 3 weren't separate at all, but was one perfect body! The 3 blades gave off a feeling...of endless waves rushing towards the enemy! Like an enormous mountain that reached the skies, immovable!

’’How is this possible?’’ Luo Feng was shocked within, ’’I'm using 6 blades, he only has 3, how can I not have any advantage?’’


He tried time and again with different methods to control the 6 blades with perfect precision, however the opponent stayed floating in mid air, easily blocking with the 3 blades.

’’Stupid, you don't even know something so simple.’’ The mysterious man's eyes through the black mask had a sense of ridicule, ’’And you think you can pass the 1st level, go and die!’’


The 3 blades the masked man was controlling suddenly changed formation. They suddenly drew closer to each other, giving off a 3 become 1 feeling, like a huge blade that was insatiable and powerful. Luo Feng was shocked within as he controlled his 6 blades to block it, ’’Rumble...’’ With a huge clash, his 6 blades were completely knocked away.

’’How...’’ In the distant air, Luo feng was taken aback.

’’Haha, stupid! Stupid! Stupid!’’ The mysterious man roared.

Against the 3 rainbows that pierced over, Luo Feng roared fiercely, ’’Rise!’’

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

3 more golden blades rose from behind Luo Feng, the 6 that were knocked away rose back up too. Luo Feng's body glowed in a glaring golden light, it rippled throughout in all directions, and later swiftly condensed itself around the 9 blades, the 9 blades seemed to form a large formation!

With golden threads weaving in and through, the golden energy flowed throughout with the blades within, with Luo Feng as the center of a 300m round space, immediately a glaring golden energy world was formed, with countless amounts of energy flowing within that ball of space.

It may have seemed slow.

In truth, the moment the 9 blades rose, they swiftly formed the ball of space.

Nan Shen Armament's 3rd level, Heavenly blade formation!

Also known as the blade domain!

There were a total of 9 levels in the Nan Shen Armament, of which the 2nd level the sky piercing formation was the fusion of 9 golden illusionary blades to form one true blade. The 3rd level however required simultaneously producing 9 true blades, that's equivalent to 81 golden little blades forming them in total. It was extremely difficult, hundreds of times more so than the 2nd level!

Luo Feng was able to successfully unleash this.

With his huge improvement over the past 3 years, and his spirit energy reaching universe level 1.

Chi chi chi...

The 3 beams of golden rainbows, seemed to get lost within that round space, weakened by the countless blade energy, their speeds slowing by quite abit.

’’I admit you are very strong, however against absolute strength, you will still lose!’’ Luo Feng stood on the dark cloud shuttle and rushed swiftly towards the distant mysterious man.

Sword domain, with Luo Feng as the center.

Luo Feng rushed, the entire domain swiftly followed him.

’’Break! The mysterious man swiftly dodged and let out a roar!


The 3 blades he controlled immediately closed in together. Countless golden threads weaved through, surrounding these blades and forming a golden huge blade. The dreamy golden huge blade swiftly knocked away the countless blade energy obstructing it and with its dreamy rainbow light, pierced towards Luo Feng.

’’What move is this?’’ Luo Feng was shocked, he trained with the Nan Shen Armament, studied it, yet he didn't know this move.

’’Heavenly blade!’’

Luo Feng roared.


The 9 blades that formed the sword domain immediately became one body and with his spirit reading control, immediately 1 of the blades was like a hunting leopard, bringing with it the power of the sword domain and immediately pierced towards that golden huge blade. The entire domain with the countless blade energy seemed to have received orders to empower the blade, following it from behind,

A golden blade empowered with the sword domain!

A huge golden blade formed by the 3 blades!

They clashed!


The golden blade immediately got knocked back, that golden huge blade was like a large ship smashing its way forward, immediately knocking away his blade and reaching before him.

Without anytime to dodge, Luo Feng wielded his blade to form a shield.


Luo Feng used his shield trying to deflect some of the force away, yet he only felt as though a majestic mountain had crashed into him, causing his entire body to tremor with fresh blood spewing out of his mouth, ’’No wonder even the Heavenly blade couldn't stop it, this power is too unbelievable.’’ Following which his consciousness was lost.


When he awoke, he had returned to the virtual universe's Yu Xiang Mountain, within the Absolute beginning region, his own villa.

’’Your majesty.’’ The waiters and guards bowed.

’’hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Your majesty went to try the heavenly bridge, how did it go?’’ The villa head, also the leader of the guards, Sector lord Ao Duo Li Ke asked.

’’Failure.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

’’The heavenly bridge is very hard to pass, failure during the 1st time is very normal, your majesty needn't fret too much about it.’’ Ao Duo Li Ke said.

Luo Feng seemed very calm on the surface, he returned to his study.

Within the study.

’’I lost.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, ’’Our batch of 1,000, about 900 have been tested, except for Bolan passing the two levels, no one else has made it. Failure...I'm no exception, however the 1st opponent I met, similarly uses the Nan Shen Armament, using only 3 golden blades, he actually broke my Heavenly blade formation.’’


’’Luo Feng, I've always said the foundation is very important. You are able to unleash 9 golden blades to form the heavenly blade formation, he only used 3 blades yet he can win. This is the importance of foundation.’’ On his shoulder, the fist sized Babata shouted.

’’It's not the same, he uses the Nan Shen Armament in a totally different way.’’ Luo Feng recalled the battle before, ’’Be it controlling 6 blades, or matter, they seemed to be single units, like 6 or 9 soldiers working together. The way he controlled it however, he was actually able to amplify their powers, like 1 true body. Especially that last move...the 3 blades fused together to form one huge golden blade!’’

Nan Shen Armament 3rd level Heavenly blade formation.

The Nan Shen Armament's 4th level Great work with little labor.

This 4th level, in truth was a great formation of the huge blade becoming one body, with absolute power to crush the enemy!

’’I feel that his move was similar to the 4th level.’’ Luo feng creased his eyebrows, ’’However it's still different from the 4th level, the 4th level is much more complex and stronger than his, and he was merely fusing 3 blades, however their fusion power was absurd.’’

’’This is the trial of the 9 universe tablet...’’

The 1st picture of the 9 universe tablet flashed across Luo Feng's mind...The rain drop picture, there were a total of 9 drops. After 7 days of study, he didn't have a lot of comprehension from it. At this time he recalled the battle scene, thinking of the raindrop picture, he seemed to recall a part of the picture of which 3 drops seemed to fuse together.

’’Don't tell me...’’

Luo Feng's eyes glowed brighter.

The 7 days of study in his mind, began to fuse with his 3 years of study and experience of the Nan Shen Armament, the ideas clashed and ignited a huge spark of inspiration within, ideas and thoughts began to form continuously.



’’I understand, I understand!’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but shout out.

’’I shouldn't blindly follow the blueprints!’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but laugh out loud, ’’The Nan Shen armament was built as a weapon by a strong warrior. Blindly following its most basic ways of usage is too rigid, and too stupid. No wonder he called me stupid, it was indeed very stupid! The raindrop picture, that's the true way to unleash the strongest power from the Nan Shen Armament!’’

9 universe primal chaos tablet!

It held within it the true pathway. Even the usage of any weapon, among everything else can be comprehended through this huge pathway, eventually finding the most correct path. Even though he failed this time, however the benefit and thoughts that stirred from it was even better than success!

’’Let's begin.’’

Luo Feng couldn't wait any longer.


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