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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 14


Volume 11 Chapter 14 - True Yan Emperor

The Heavenly bridge extended way beyond the horizon, with a white mist engulfing it, and the ocean below choppy with waves.

The moment Luo Feng entered the 9 universe bridge, within his mind Babata's voice resounded, ’’Luo Feng, we just received a mail, it's from the Virtual Universe Company.’’

’’What does it say?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’It's the points reward system.’’ Babata said.


Luo Feng stood on the bridge, excited within. There were many incredibly valuable items within the Virtual Universe Company, like the level 5 spirit weapons and sorts were only worth about 10 points, even the life fruits one could exchange for. This level of wealthy exchange was enough to make others speechless. However, one had to have sufficient points to exchange for them. Even with a crazy amount of wealth, within the Virtual Universe Company, they only recognized the point system.

’’Point system exchange, there are many ways to gain more points.’’

’’Right now in Primal chaos city, you have one way to gain more points, that's to pass the Heavenly bridge.’’ Babata said, ’’There's a total of 27 levels in the 9 universe bridge!’’

’’Passing the 1st level, you'll get 100 points.’’

’’Passing the 2nd, you'll get 200.’’

’’Passing the 3rd, you'll get 400 points.’’

’’They compound as you go further, 800, 1600, 3200...’’

Luo Feng calculated quickly, if one were to pass over 10 levels, 20 levels, the points would be absurd.

However, simply passing the 21st level, one would be able to become a universe country leader. This showed how hard obtaining the points truly was.

’’Luo Feng, the mail even says that since you are a new person to primal chaos city, to the youth geniuses, the Virtual Universe Company has a special reward system. As long as one passes the levels in their first 30 years of their initial stay, they will get 10 fold of their rewards, meaning...’’

’’In these 30 years, if you pass the 1st level, your reward is 1,000 points, the 2nd level being 2,000...and so on and so forth! This 10 times reward is only for 1st timers and new people to primal chaos city. In the future when you re-enter the city, there'll be no such good thing.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Originally the 1st couple of levels were 100 points and 200...

Right now they were 1,000 and 2,000 instead.

This was a special reward for the youths, however as they were youths, many had simply just begun comprehension of the origin laws. As the watchman Bevin had said earlier, of the 1,000 geniuses that entered in this batch, close to 900 had tried and other than Bolan, no one had even passed the 1st level!

Wishing to get points?


’’I'll give it a shot.’’ Luo Feng looked a the Heavenly bridge that extended forever. He finally squinted his eyes and became a beam of light flying forward.

Primal chaos city.

Luo Feng and that 12 were considered the later ones to go through the test. Others like Bolan and Jia Lai Xi, Ai Chen etc, many had already tested earlier on, and they swiftly understood more about primal chaos city already.

’’If one wants to become an eternal member of primal chaos city, there should be several methods. However the most impressive would be passing the 18th level on the Heavenly bridge! Anyone who passes the 18th level on the bridge, that would be an invincible being even amongst the undying, and they'd earn the right to open their own sub sect within primal chaos city!’’ Jiang Mo exclaimed.

’’52 sects, there are indeed many sub sects.’’ Qian Shui nodded.

’’To be able to open a sub sect is very impressive.’’ Jiang Mo said, ’’Within their own sect, they have extremely high achievements. However to be able to enter these sub sects to listen to the strong warriors give lessons, one still has to at least pass the 3rd level.’’

These were the sacred training grounds of the entire humanity. There were 52 great sects, and within each there were many strong warriors with their sub sects. And to be able to gain the recognition of the city leader, to have the right to create one's own sub sect and be a leader, one has to at least pass the 18th level!

These sub sect leaders purely gave lessons.

The disciples would go listen.

One had to pass the 3rd level to gain the right to go listen to the classes. If one couldn't even pass the 3rd level, he didn't have the right to go listen at all.

’’52 primal chaos tablets, with different levels of profoundness.’’ Jiang Mo exclaimed, ’’Of the 52 bridges, some only have 21 levels, some have 24 and some have 27, while the highest being 32! These 52 primal chaos tablets, of which only the Huge Axe tablet heavenly bridge has 32 levels.’’

The levels of the bridge was a definite reflection of the profoundness of the primal chaos tablet.

That was because for all the bridges, passing level 21 would mean that person could become a universe country leader.

’’Being more profound doesn't mean it's better.’’ Qian Shui shook her head, ’’To produce a universe country leader is extremely difficult. Even though these 52 tablets have different levels of profoundness, however out of trillions of geniuses hardly anyone ever reaches level 21. If one can't even pass level 21, than the Huge Axe tablet's later levels, what point is there?’’

’’Right.’’ Jiang Mo nodded.


Within the 52 primal chaos tablets, the 9 universe tablet was considered one of the more profound tablets, ranking in the top 5.

Of course, before becoming a universe country leader, discussing which tablet was more profound had no meaning at all. Just like the 9 universe's 9 pictures, especially the last 3 pictures, Luo Feng couldn't feel anything from them whatsoever. They were simply absurd, he couldn't even feel a trace of their origin laws.


Primal chaos city, within a certain 9 level pagoda.

Primal chaos city was made up of most identical buildings and training quarters, however several special constructs...represented special areas and status.

On the 7th level of the 9 level pagoda.

A lady dressed in a black cotton dress was sitting crossed legged. The bottom half of her body was a huge snake tail, the snake tail coiled around and allowed her to sit crossed legged. Her expression was unclear and hard to discern, only her eyes were bright and resplendent, almost like the stars, like an entire galaxy was within, extremely enticing.

’’You've come.’’ A hoarse voice resounded from the snake tailed lady.


A tall and sturdy man, dressed in golden armor, with golden fur on his face, a strong looking ape man appeared within the pagoda, laughing loudly, ’’Wu Ni, you are also another sub sect leader within the 9 universe sect. No matter what you should open your doors and teach some lessons, give some pointers to the later generations.’’

The snake tailed lady said hoarsely, ’’True Yan Emperor, right now within the 9 universe sect, amongst the many sub sect leaders, you are the strongest. With you teaching the classes, I have no need to do it at all.’’

’’Haha...’’The strong ape man laughed loudly, ’’We've both trained for a trillion years, burying our heads and simply training is already useless. Occasional inspiration may have some effect. From what I see, don't keep locking yourself within this 9 universe pagoda, when we first built the 9 universe tower, we said we were going to comprehend all 9 pictures. That tall and mighty black mist emperor, how has she become so low profile?’’

Amongst the undying, they had different statuses.

Normal undyings could become generals and lead an army.

The strong however are named emperors, like True Yan emperor or Black mist emperor, they were considered absolute beings amongst the undying, opening their own sub sects and teaching the later generations.

9 universe pagoda, its reputation within the city itself was huge, because back then when the black mist emperor built the 9 universe tower she said she would enter whichever level with regards to which picture she was studying. Obviously right now she had begun studying the 9 universe tablet's 7th picture, hence she stayed within the 7th level of the pagoda.

’’Let's go, from my Virtual Universe Company's newest batch of geniuses, there are 12 that chose the 9 universe tablet, let's see if there are any good seedlings. No matter what, I am still the Virtual Universe Company's True Yan emperor!’’ The ape man laughed.

’’You are from the Virtual Universe Company, I'm from the Huge Axe dojo, why should I go with you.’’ The snake tailed lady muttered.

’’You really aren't giving me any face?’’ The ape man stared.

Even though these two had different levels of power, their relationship went deep. Both of them had opened their own subsect in primal chaos city, they both studied the 9 universe tablet together back then, discussing their own comprehension of the origin laws, and this had been going on for 18 eras, while becoming one of the legends within primal chaos city.

Their many discussions had led to the two breaking through the levels time and again.

’’Let's go.’’ The snake tailed lady shot a glance at the ape man.

’’Haha.’’ The ape man laughed.


Virtual universe, Heavenly bridge.

Two people appeared in mid air above the island, the ape man and the snake tailed lady. The willpower and energy pressure that naturally seeped out from the both of them alone made others feel as though they were facing an entire endless space before them.

’’True Yan Emperor, Black mist emperor.’’ The watchman Bevin was extremely respectful.

’’How are the results of the test in the 9 universe sect?’’ The ape man looked at the watchman, the watchman Bevin replied respectfully, ’’There's a total of 12 for the 9 universe tablet this time, of which 11 have already ended their trial. Right now the last one is going on, and is probably the one with the most hope of these 12, he's called Luo Feng.’’

’’The one with the most hope?’’ The apeman's golden fur ruffled a little.

’’Hm, the 11 before have all failed, none have been able to pass the 1st level.’’ The watchman Bevin said.

’’Failure is not the matter.’’ The apeman smiled, ’’Some are defeated immediately, some struggle for awhile before losing, and some almost won. This also represents their differences in strength. Send me the footage of the previous 11, in awhile, also send me the footage of Luo Feng's battle.’’

’’Yes.’’ The watchman Bevin immediately picked out the 11 videos.

As the watchman, Bevin usually had many matters to attend to, things like the footage of the people attempting the heavenly bridge and others.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

11 scenes appeared before the ape man True Yan emperor, he watched with interest as the battles simultaneously played.

’’Hm.’’ True Yan Emperor rubbed his chin and stroked his golden beard, his mouth twitching.


At the time, Luo Feng had reached the end of the 1st level of the 9 universe bridge.

’’Choose your opponent, you can choose a fighter, spirit reader controller, spirit reader hypnotist, pick anyone, if you win against your opponent, you'll pass the 1st level.’’ Ahead of Luo Feng was a huge cloud mist, from it the voice boomed.

According to the information Luo Feng had acquired.

He had to defeat his opponent before the mist would dissipate and he would be able to enter the 2nd level.

’’I choose...controller!’’ Luo Feng exclaimed.


From the mist flew out a black liquid. This black liquid began to condense and gather in mid air, forming a mysterious human silhouette with a black mask. This mysterious man stood on a dark cloud shuttle, carrying a dark golden long rod the Nan Shen Armament, behind the black mask his cold eyes stared at Luo Feng, and he shouted, ’’Let the battle begin!’’


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