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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 13


Volume 11 Chapter 13 - Heavenly Bridge

In front of the training room, the ape youth bowed respectfully at the guardian Kandeli and later became a beam of light and left.

’’You 12 wait for a moment.’’ The guardian Kandeli smiled.


Luo Feng looked curiously at the old man. The other geniuses were also curious as Kandeli smiled, ’’This is the first time for you all entering the training room. Let me give you some advice...First go look for the place where you will stay for the next 30 years. Then enter the virtual universe and request to enter the Heavenly Bridge.’’

’’Enter the Heavenly bridge?’’ Luo Feng and the rest were curious.

’’Once you enter the virtual universe network and enter the Heavenly bridge, you'll understand.’’ Kandeli smiled indifferently, ’’You can leave now.’’

The guardian didn't wish to speak any more, Luo Feng and his group could only leave.

Leaving the residence, Luo Feng separated from the 12 and began looking for his quarters.

The amount of area Primal chaos city had was vast. Except for several special constructs, the rest of the buildings were identical, and most of the doors were white, meaning there wasn't anybody living in there.

’’Where should I choose to live for the next 30 years?’’

Luo Feng pondered, ’’Hm, I'll choose the center of the city, the quieter buildings.’’ The city leader's residence was the center of the entire city. Surrounding this residence were many buildings, which were mostly empty. Luo Feng very quickly found a more deserted living quarters.

Standing before the door, he placed his hand on it.

’’Di, di, di...’’ The door made several noises and simultaneously started to turn grey, from white to grey, until it finally stopped.

’’Welcome master.’’ An electronic voice resounded.


Luo Feng entered the living quarters. The 1st level was an extremely huge living room, within it the facilities were incredibly luxurious and advanced, the electronic voice continued, ’’I am a service AI. During your time of stay, I will service you. Whatever you need, for example food, drinks etc, please feel free to order.’’

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng followed the stairs upwards and became a beam of light, immediately reaching the balcony on the 3rd floor.

On that balcony there were several casual markings left behind by warriors that had trained there before. However they were random and unruly, even though he could faintly feel some of their special energies, however after seeing one of the 52 primal chaos tablet, he didn't have much interest in such random messy scribbles.

His time in the primal universe was extremely valuable, he couldn't waste any of it on such low efficiency methods.


’’From today on, I'll truly begin my training days within primal chaos city!’’ Luo Feng surveyed his surroundings. In the distance he could see warriors training hard on their balconies. Many of them had almost similar appearances, their hairs had grown extra long, almost as though they hadn't moved in many years.

’’I'll first enter the virtual universe network.’’


Virtual universe, Yu Xiang Mountain, Absolute beginning region, villa 1136.

Luo Feng appeared within his villa.

’’Your majesty!’’

A group of staff and waiters bowed.

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded and asked simultaneously, ’’Request to enter Heavenly bridge.’’


On his shoulder, the fist sized virtual helper Babata immediately connected to the virtual universe main system and requested. Very quickly, a sound rang in Luo Feng's mind, ’’Identity confirmed, Luo Feng, you've gained eternal access to enter the Heavenly bridge, we hope you work hard and reach the end of the Heavenly bridge. Beginning transfer!’’


Luo Feng immediately vanished from the villa.


Virtual universe, within a special space.

This was an endless ocean, the waves flowed one after another.

And above the ocean there was one single beautiful island. Beside it were 52 ports, and every port had an endless bridge extending out of it, all the way till the end of the horizon...almost as though it was connecting into the distant horizon. These 52 bridges completely covered the entire air above the ocean.

Above the ocean, there was even a slight mist, making one unable to see clearly above the ocean. With the mist engulfing everything, it made the bridges look mystical and dreamy.

Luo Feng suddenly appeared in a plaza in the center of the island.

’’Luo Feng.’’

’’Luo Feng, you've come too.’’

There were already 9 other youths there. Luo Feng looked, these 9 were those that had studied the 9 universe tablet together with him.

’’Do you all know, just what this place is?’’ Luo Feng asked curiously.

’’'You can ask the lord watchman.’’

The 9 pointed not too far away, there stood in the plaza a man dressed in a black star robe. He had 4 ears, no nose, his entire being seemed friendly as he smiled and walked over, ’’How are you, Luo Feng. I am the Heavenly bridge's watchman Bevin, however I prefer others to call me watchman.’’

’’How do you do Lord watchman.’’ Luo Feng bowed respectfully.

’’Let me introduce you.’’ The watchman Bevin nodded, ’’This Heavenly bridge is built specifically for the 52 primal chaos tablets.’’

’’Over the trillions of years, our universe humanity has had many people studying the 52 primal chaos tablets. Hence within primal chaos city, they naturally formed 52 sects.’’ The watchman Bevin exclaimed, ’’For example, you all studied the 9 universe tablet, naturally you will belong to the 9 universe sect and will be one of their members. However while you've all studied the same tablet, your comprehension levels will be different, and only the strong ones will receive another chance to study the tablet from Primal chaos city.’’

Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

Another chance to study?

After just one study of the 9 universe tablet, he had already understood his direction and training for quite awhile. This level of improvement and growth was very addictive. If he could study the tablet once again, how perfect would that be.

’’How does one prove his strength, that doesn't rely on words.’’ The watchman Bevin smiled, ’’Hence we've built this Heavenly bridge within the virtual universe. By passing each level and reaching further, would mean one's strength is growing!’’

’’On this island there are 52 bridges, each for the 52 tablets. You studied the 9 universe tablet, hence you will venture into the 9 universe heavenly bridge. This 9 universe bridge is incredibly long, each level gets harder, there are a total of 27 levels!’’

’’If one can pass the 1st level, he'd receive another chance to study the tablet. Every time one passes a level, he'd receive another chance!’’ The watchman Bevin smiled as he looked at Luo Feng.

’’Ah.’’ Luo Feng realized.


The ape youth they had met at the entrance of the training room before, he had said, ’’Hm, I've successfully passed the 6th level, I get another 7 days to study.’’

Obviously one would get another chance after passing one level.

’’However, the heavenly bridge is extremely hard to pass.’’ The watchman Bevin exclaimed, ’’For young people such as yourselves, normally you wouldn't even be able to pass the 1st level.’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

’’The 9 universe heavenly bridge has a total of 27 levels! The further you make, it represents your understanding of the 9 universe tablet is getting deeper and stronger. If you fully comprehend the entire tablet, you'd be able to make it past all 27 levels, however...that's simply too difficult.’’

’’Even the Undyings normally only make it to level 10.’’ The watchman Bevin sighed, ’’If you can make it to the 18th level, you'd be an undying that's almost invincible. Making it to level can become a universe country leader.’’

’’What?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

Making it to level 21, one can become a universe country leader!

Becoming a universe country leader was incredibly difficult, then one could only imagine how hard it was to make it to level 21. Even becoming undying was incredibly difficult...hence making it to level 10 of the tower was already impressive. As for the highest level 27, only those that fully comprehended the entire 9 universe primal chaos tablet could accomplish it, that was too far away.

’’Work hard!’’ The watchman Bevin smiled, ’’This is the path to the pinnacle, there've been many who've walked down the 52 paths in humanity. The moment you pass the 18th level, you'd also receive the right to become an eternal member of primal chaos city, you don't need any slots in the namelists or anything else!’’

’’Ah?’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

Eternal member of Primal chaos city?

However passing 18 levels was simply too difficult.

’’Those that entered before have failed.’’ The watchman Bevin looked at Luo Feng and the group, ’’Next one, go pass the heavenly bridge.’’

’’I'll go.’’

The 9 that arrived there, one after another they became beams of lights that flew towards the 9 universe heavenly bridge. After 2 minutes, the watchman said, ’’Another failure, next one.’’

’’Another failure, next.’’

’’Failure, next.’’


’’All have failed, there's only you Luo Feng left.’’

At this time, the number of new people trying to pass the bridge was a total of 12, two of which had tried before Luo Feng arrived, and the 11 before him had all failed, leaving only Luo Feng left. This made him feel extreme pressure. ’’Obviously passing the bridge is extremely hard, these were all geniuses, and there were 3 from the Absolute beginning region, yet none of them had even passed the 1st level.’’

’’Luo Feng, work hard.’’ The watchman Bevin smiled at him, ’’From this batch, including the close to 900 who've tried before, up to 90% have tried passing the bridge.’’

’’So many, except for Bolan, no one else has passed the 1st level.’’

’’What?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

There were many that had entered the training rooms earlier. Luo Feng had to spend his first day in the tower, hence he and this batch of youth geniuses could only now go through the trials, this was completely normal.

’’Bolan is very strong, he continuously passed both the 1st and 2nd levels, receiving 2 extra chances to study.’’ The watchman Bevin exclaimed, ’’As for the rest, even the other Primal region member Long Yun couldn't even pass the 1st level, none of them did.’’


Luo Feng felt tremendous pressure. From his batch of geniuses, Bolan, Long Yun, Jia Lai Xi, they had all tried passing the bridge, based on the time they entered the training room. During the time Luo Feng entered his...those that had chosen the Huge Axe tablet, Rong Jun and the Manka youth Wuka had yet to enter theirs.

Hence, the only remaining geniuses from the Absolute beginning that had yet to go through the bridge were Luo Feng, Rong Jun and Wuka.

’’Go on!’’ The watchman Bevin looked with anticipation at Luo Feng.


Luo Feng became a beam of light and immediately headed towards the extremely long Heavenly bridge. From afar he could see that the bridge he headed to had the stone tablet with the words 9 universe on it.


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