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Swallowed Star - Volume 11 - Chapter 12


Volume 11 Chapter 12 - Participation

The city leader's residence was extremely spacious. There were many constructs within, taking up a circular area of 1,000 Li.

The black robed receiver took Luo Feng and the group of 12 through a pathway that was about 60m wide and 120m tall. The sides of that pathway had huge bronze doors, every one of them were 160m long and 120m tall and each of them had ancient words on them.

Muzu, Huge Axe, Dragon age...

Before each door stood a kind looking old man.

The peculiar thing was!

The old man standing before each door all looked exactly similar.

’’There are a total of 52 doors here, each of them leading to one of the 52 primal chaos tablet rooms.’’ The black robed receiver smiled, ’’Ahead is the 9 universe tablet training room entrance. Oh, we've arrived.’’

Luo Feng looked at the huge bronze door.

The bronze door that had been here for over a hundred million years had two universe language words on it. 9 doors, at 120 tall, it made one able to help but look up to see it in its entirety! Beside the door stood an old man with a vertical eye on his forehead, similar in appearance to all the other old men.

’’Lord Kandeli.’’ The black robed receiver bowed.

’’Hm.’’ The 3 eyed old man smiled and looked at Luo Feng and the group, ’’A new group of punks from the Virtual Universe Company?’’


The black robed receiver was incomparably respectful, following which he turned and looked at the group, ’’This is Lord Kandeli, the guardian of the primal chaos tablet training rooms. Before each of the 52 tablet doors...they are all clones that Lord Kandeli has conjured. He has been guarding the 52 doors for over a million eras, he's the most respected warrior in primal chaos city.’’


The group of youths were shocked as they looked at this ordinary kind looking 3 eyed old man. They were surprised to find out that it was actually one person guarding all 52 doors. As one of the 3 treasures of Primal chaos city, the importance of these 52 tablets were inconceivable. Allowing one person to conjure 52 clones to watch over them, just how strong was this person? And he had been guarding them for over a million eras...

As for the master of the Yun Mo Planet Hu Yan Bo, he had only been living for over 6000 eras.

’’Lord Kandli.’’ Luo Feng and the group bowed respectfully.

’’Hehe, they are really young, looking at you is akin to looking to the future hope of humanity.’’ Kandeli smiled and nodded, ’’Wait a moment, the group inside are coming out momentarily.’’

’’Yes.’’ Luo feng and the group obediently complied.

’’Incredible! Primal chaos city is indeed the sacred training land of humanity. The strong are like clouds, powerful beyond reason. In an instant we met a guardian that has been watching over the rooms for over a million eras, an old monster.’’ Babata shouted shocked, ’’Your teacher was stronger than you and he had lived longer too. However the amount of strong warriors he's met pales in comparison to you. The difference in the circles you travel in, really depicts the people you meet.’’

The master of the Yun Mo Planet was after all a lone warrior. Him meeting even one universe country leader was a rare occurrence.

Even though Luo Feng was weak, however he had entered the core of the Virtual Universe Company. Hence, getting the opportunity to interact with the pinnacle of the human race and other unbelievable beings was not a surprise at all.

’’Lord Kandeli, Lord Kandeli.’’ A shout resounded.


With a gold band on his head and boots on his feet, an ape youth emitting a strong aura suddenly appeared at the entrance of the bronze door. He immediately bowed respectfully at Lord Kandeli, and looking at Luo Feng's group, he smiled from his eyes, ’’Lord Kandeli, looks like my timing was just right. I'll be able to enter with them to participate. If I was a bit slower, I'd have to wait another 7 days.’’

’’Ah, you've broken through?’’ Kandeli smiled as he looked at the ape youth.

’’Right, I've successfully passed the 6th level, thereby getting another 7 days to view and study the tablet.’’ The Ape youth said.

Kandeli closed his eyes for a couple of seconds and opened after, nodding, ’’Hm, you've indeed received another 7 days to study the tablet.’’


In the group beside, Luo Feng thought, ’’When you first enter primal chaos city, one can receive 7 days to study the tablet. And from the looks of seems like fulfilling a condition, or passing some test, one can get another chance.’’ How does one actually receive another chance to study the tablet? Luo Feng and the group still didn't know. However they believed they would learn about it soon, after all they were going to stay in primal chaos city for 30 years.

They quietly waited.

After about 5 to 6 minutes, ’’Rumble...’’ The entire bronze door opened gradually. The chaos energy leaked out from within, making it impossible to see clearly within.

’’Come out!’’ Kandeli looked inside and roared softly.

His voice resounded continuously within the training room. Very quickly, human silhouettes began to emerge from the chaos energy flow, and many seemed to be covering their ears with their hands. There was one tall and sturdy youth with 6 eyes on his forehead. He seemed reluctant as he turned back to take one last look, however he still left in the end.

’’You 13, you can enter now.’’ Kandeli looked at the group before them, ’’After 7 days, the door will open and you will exit immediately, understood?’’


The group nodded.

’’Ok.’’ Kandeli nodded, ’’Go in.’’

The group immediately entered one after another, filled with anticipation and nervousness.

The training room was extremely huge and the chaos energy revolved within.

Luo Feng carefully surveyed the area, looking at the chaos energy revolve about a huge stone tablet, ’’That's the 9 universe tablet?’’ Luo Feng felt both anticipation as well as nervousness. The other 11 youths too were similar, only that ape youth was very familiar with the insides of the training room as he began his study immediately.

Drawing close to the primal chaos tablet, only then could one see it clearly.

This was a 100m tall, 100m wide primal chaos tablet. On it were 9 pictures and at the sides of the tablet were universe language words...9 universe. Every picture was similar to the pictures on the walls they had seen before. However the feeling it gave off was obviously different.

From the earlier viewing of the pictures of the 9 universe before, they already knew how it looked.

The 1st picture was that of a drizzle of rain. However on careful examination, one would realize there were only 9 drops of rain!

The 2nd picture was that of continuous rain. On careful examination, there was a total of 36 rain drops.

The 3rd picture was that of a downpour. Large amounts of rain gathered together, there were a total of 108 rain drops.

The 4th was that of a star diagram. One planet had 4 moons surrounding it.

The 5th was that of a galaxy. With 12 planets within, everyone with different amounts of moons.

The 6th was Galaxia, with countless planets forming a vast galaxia. Even when Luo Feng was viewing the picture before, he had asked Babata to count them but he too was unable to determine the number of planets, as there were many areas that were distant and faint. They seemed to be filled with planets, yet it was impossible to count the exact number.

The 7th picture, seemed like a peculiar beast.

The 8th was also similarly to the peculiar beast.

The 9th picture was one with countless peculiar beasts, it was impossible to count them.

If one said that with these set of 1-6 pictures, Luo feng could still faintly understand a little and feel the faint origin law paths within the 9 universe tablet, then the final set of pictures 7 to 9, they were extremely abstract.

Luo Feng simply felt they were some weird beasts. How could they possible hold anything with regards to the origin laws, they were simply too abstract.


The 52 primal chaos tablets were still the treasures of the humanity of the universe. By comprehending any one of the tablets, becoming a universe country leader would be simple. As such, countless absolute warriors had regarded the set of pictures 7 to 9 held unbelievable profound mysteries within. It's simply Luo Feng's power was too weak. Hence, he couldn't even feel a hint of its meaning.


Luo Feng had seen the entire 9 universe tablet In the picture before, however now when faced with the actual thing...

Especially when seeing the 1st drizzle picture, his consciousness immediately got immersed within. Those 9 rain drops began to morph into limitless images within his mind. One had to know that Luo Feng had 3 bodies, and as all 3 bodies had consciousness conduits, like the one of an earth human was within the consciousness of the soul.

The golden horned beast's conduit was the internal core within.

The Mosha clan's was within the life crystal.

And as the 3 were one, their consciousness was linked.

Hence whatever Luo Feng saw, naturally the other two would see within his internal space.

’’Roar...’’Within the golden horned beast's eyes, the 9 rain drops became extremely sharp claws, a powerful waving tail, even like golden horns shooting out...

The Mosha clan clone, who was in the form of a black clothed Luo Feng, wielding a shield and a blade, the internal life core slightly revolved, melding perfectly with the space origin laws. He felt that the 9 drops formed blade work which was infused with space laws. As the mosha clan was favoured by space itself, the Mosha clan automatically began to unleash its bladework.

And the human being standing right before the 9 universe tablet, looking at the 9 drops...

He could faintly see 9 different concepts, almost as though it became 9 golden blades that continuously formed and rippled over and over like strong waves...


They were all good at different things, hence the things they saw were different.

Yet all these different paths led to one destination!

To be able to be called one of the treasures of Primal chaos city, a treasure of the entire humanity, the 9 universe tablet was indeed a mysterious and incredibly profound. The energy and origin laws emanating from it, would automatically suck the viewer in to subconsciously study it. As it was incredibly valuable, one would get the chance to study it when one first enters primal chaos city. However, one would have to rely on his own comprehension after to perceive the profoundness of these tablets.

Resources were limited.

A true strong warrior, only he would receive 1, 2, maybe even 3 more times study them again. Every time lasting 7 days!


The 13 people within the training room were completely immersed, unable to even comprehend the amount of time that passed.

’’Rumble...’’ The huge bronze door rumbled open, the 13 still immersed within weren't even awoken from that.

’’Come out!’’

A voice resounded within, immediately piercing into all their minds.

’’Come out! Come out! Come out! Come out!’’...The voice repeatedly resounded within their minds, getting louder as it continued, causing all of them to be startled and awoken. That continuous roar within his mind caused Luo Feng to grab his head unconsciously.

Sou, sou, sou, the 13 quickly rushed outside, during the time they passed through the entrance, only then did the repeated roars vanish, and they regained comfort.

’’Has it ended?’’

When Luo Feng walked through the entrance, he turned back reluctantly to give it one last look. However with the chaos energy revolving within, one couldn't see the tablet clearly. Only now did Luo Feng understand why the previous group was reluctant as they left.


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