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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 9


Volume 10 Chapter 9 - Luo Feng And Bai Kaluo

’’Nuolan Shan family?’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’I've been waiting for them for too long.’’

2 years 8 months ago, they had already known about the Nuolan Shan family passing through the wormhole, headed towards earth!

With so much time, Luo Feng had made ample preparations.

’’Full of confidence!’’

Babata's mocking voice resounded within the universe ship, ’’Right, Luo Feng, it's time we returned to earth.’’

’’No rush.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’The golden horned beast is currently training Deity of the World, it can't stop at this time, let's wait awhile more, I'll take the chance to go train a little in the slaughterhouse battle arena, it's been sometime since I went there.’’

’’Slaughterhouse Battle arena? There's no challenge there for you.’’

’’Against higher levels, there's going to be some challenge.’’ Luo Feng smiled, sitting down cross legged and closing his eyes, his consciousness entered the virtual universe network.

Virtual universe network, Black Dragon Mountain island, within one of the battle arenas of the slaughterhouse.

It was an endless desert.

In it stood 2 men, one of which had green scales on his face, a single horn on his forehead and he had 2 battle knives crossed on his back, he stared coldly at his opponent. His opponent was one dressed in a white battle robe, with silver long hair and silver eyes, a handsome man.

’’100 blades?’’ The silver haired man chuckled, ’’You actually dare to battle against someone of a higher level, I will let you know...the difference between a universe level 8 and 9!’’

’’Hmph.’’ The green scaled man snorted and this made the silver haired man's expression change.

Rumble! Rumble!

The green scaled man and the silver haired man suddenly became 2 beams of lights and clashed.


Within one of the quiet rooms of the slaughterhouse.

Nuolan Shan who was dressed in dark green battle uniform was chatting with another in a grey long robe, a screen floated before them and it was displaying the fight between the green scaled man and the silver haired man.

’’Bai Kaluo's strength has risen a lot from before.’’ The man in the grey long robe complimented, his eyes long and narrow, smiling as he said.

’’Bai Kaluo's talent, willpower and comprehension is the highest and best amongst all my disciples.’’ Nuolan Shan said proudly, ’’Even though I have the Battle-axe title, back when I was universe level 8, I probably didn't even have his current strength.’’

’’Such a high assessment?’’ The man in the grey robe said shocked, ’’Then you think he can win this battle?’’

’’He can win!’’ Nuolan Shan nodded.

’’His opponent is a universe level 9.’’ The man in the grey robe said.

’’Just watch!’’ Nuolan Shan said confidently.

On the screen, the green scaled Bai Kaluo was engaged in an extremely intense battle with his opponent.

Strong green winds were circling about, Bai Kaluo was almost like a child of the wind, his entire body had become a spinning top, constantly spinning, his knives in his hands became flashes of light, cutting at the silver haired man. The silver haired man's form was extremely elegant, white light surrounded his body and his entire being was almost like a sun, he controlled a thread like spirit weapon and constantly surrounded Bai Kaluo.

’’10 blades!’’

The green scaled man's expression was malevolent, shouting out.

The knives suddenly became 10 beams of light!

’’50 blades!’’ Another shout.

That snow white light of the knives duplicated even more, flashes of light from the blades seemed to form a lotus flower, every blade and its reflection like a petal of the lotus.


The thread like weapon was dancing about in the surroundings, attacking at Bai Kaluo time and again.

’’100 blades!!!’’

Bai Kaluo shouted.

’’Rumble...’’ An extremely glaring flash of the blades, suddenly formed, almost like a tsunami, one that was formed from the reflection and flashes from a 100 blades, immediately swallowing up the silver haired man, his eyes were filled with shock and fear, he couldn't believe what was happening and with a crash, his entire body was destroyed.

Bai Kaluo, the man with green scales all over his face snorted coldly and vanished from the battle arena.


’’Beautiful!’’ The silver long robed man revealed an expression of delight as he shouted gleefully.

’’What do you think, I didn't exaggerate did I.’’ Nuolan Shan smiled.

’’It is indeed beautiful, your disciple is too powerful.’’ The man's face was flushed red with excitement, ’’His knife skills and wind domain, have already fused perfectly together. Also the speed of the blades get quicker as time passes! The later it gets, the stronger his attacks become, finally crushing that universe level 9 altogether!’’


Nuolan Shan nodded, ’’Bai Kaluo's strong point, is that as he unleashes this technique and time passes, it would get stronger and stronger! However his weakness is very obvious... during the time it takes to reach its full power, its strength isn't too powerful. If the opponent takes that opportunity, he would have a high chance of beating him!’’

’’Haha, don't be too harsh! Your disciple uses two blades which spin continuously. And with his wind domain, and his agility...wanting to attack him at the start is hard too. And the moment his blade technique is unleashed, it'll be over.’’ The man in the grey robe laughed, ’’Not bad, not bad at all.’’

’’Can he pass?’’ Nuolan Shan looked at him.

’’No problem! I'll pass this footage to the lord when I get back. I believe...placing Bai Kaluo as one of our special elites in the Hundred Tiger Building shouldn't be a problem.’’ The grey robed man smiled.

Nuolan Shan's smile deepened.

After awhile.

There was only Nuolan Shan left in the room, ’’Peng! Peng! Peng!’’ There were knocks on the door.

’’Enter.’’ Nuolan Shan shouted.

The door opened, a black robed Bai Kaluo, along with the pointy eared De Wen entered.

’’Ancestor (Teacher).’’ De Wen and Bai Kaluo bowed respectfully.


Nuolan Shan looked up at the two before him, the black robed Bai Kaluo with a face full of green scales, made his entire exterior look cold. However Nuolan Shan fancied it more as he looked, ’’Bai Kaluo, I've just arranged with the Hundred Tiger Building to place you as a special elite to be nurtured.’’

’’Thank you teacher.’’ Bai Kaluo bowed slightly.


Nuolan Shan turned to look at De Wen, ’’De Wen, you and Bai Kaluo should be reaching earth soon.’’

’’Ancestor, we are really close to earth now, I estimate that we will reach in 3 days.’’ De Wen's eyes were filled with anticipation, after travelling for 2 years and 8 months, naturally he was anxious.

’’Very good.’’ Nuolan Shan was excited.

’’Bai Kaluo, ’’Nuolan Shan looked at him.

’’Teacher.’’ Bai Kaluo replied respectfully.

’’Remember, the first goal of heading into earth...acquire that automaton ship! Don't arouse or disturb the armies of earth, or even that Luo Feng. First acquire that ship! That is the priority!’’ Nuolan Shan's expression was serious, ’’When you've acquired that ship, if you get the chance, get rid of that Luo Feng.’’


Bai Kaluo and De Wen replied respectfully.

’’Go on, I'll await your good news.’’ Nuolan Shan smiled.

Bai Kaluo and De Wen left immediately.

Simultaneously when Bai Kaluo had just concluded his battle, within the slaughterhouse battle arena.


Luo Feng looked at his opponent, a golden swordfish formed a beautiful arc, leaving people enticed from its shocking beauty, the swordfish had already pierced through the opponent's head.

Crazy, victory!


Covered in the golden domain, the gold swordfish was extremely excited, it jumped around, shook about and waved its tail, immediately forming a beautiful arc, easily piercing through what seemed like an impenetrable defense, right through the opponent's forehead.

Crazy, victory!





The reputation of Crazy was widespread within the Black Dragon Mountain island slaughterhouse.

’’Crazy, is a powerful nine star rated fighter, battling against higher levels in every battle!

His earlier self was only a star level 6 spirit reader, he however had already cleared and demolished all within his level, when he stepped into the star level 7, he swiftly reached the 9 star grade and was invincible within his own level, even when he battled against higher levels, he had a 99% winning percentage.

Incredible terrifying!

Within the Black Dragon Mountain star field, there were already many powers taking note of this genius! Whether it was the 4 leviathans, or the 2 sacred lands, they all extended their invitations and hands to this absolute genius...

However, this genius called Crazy didn't bother with them at all.

’’It's over, I'll stop here.’’ Luo Feng smiled, vanishing from the battle arena.


Within the ship, sitting crossed legged, Luo Feng opened his eyes.

’’The slaughterhouse in Black Dragon Mountain starfield, not much of a challenge at all.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed.

’’What are you proud of? You use the golden horned beast, with a 4 layer domain, and comprehension of the golden universe laws. You must know...even in the huge axe dojo, like that universe level death battle, if any one began to comprehend the universe laws, it would be instant victory!’’

’’You comprehend the laws and have a 4 layer domain!’’

’’Even more importantly, your consciousness level far exceeds those of the same level, because your consciousness is that of the golden horned beast.’’

’’Domain, universe laws, consciousness level, all incredibly strong. What's so strange about being invincible within the same level in the Black Dragon Mountain star field?’’

’’If you want to compete, compete with all the geniuses in the Ganwu empire, compete with all the geniuses of the universe!’’

Babata can't stand it when Luo Feng gets cocky, so he jumps in to knock him down time and again.

Luo Feng grinned, immediately flying out of the universe ship and landing on the surface of Mars.


In the distance was an incredibly huge, beast that was hard to see end to end, covered in black scales, breaking out from the ground! It's eyes were cold and brutal, they gleamed gold as it looked at Luo Feng, after which, the space beast vanished and entered into Luo Feng's internal world.

’’Deity of the World, it's really hard to train!’’

’’Luckily from the world within a world, I got a shocking amount of wealth and was able to afford all these valuable materials. No wonder so many golden horned beast only manage to finish the first level with their entire life span.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed and shook his head before flying swiftly back into the ship.


The universe ship took off and left mars as it headed towards earth.


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