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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 8


Volume 10 Chapter 8 - Domain, Laws

On the desolate Mars, deep underground.

Luo Feng's face was flushed with excitement, swiftly piercing underground, ’’Breaking through to the universe level, that's the real mark of becoming a real strong warrior, as the most elite bloodline in the entire universe, entering the universe level, only then can the Golden Horned Beast actually unleash its true potential!’’


Luo Feng vanished completely as he entered his internal world.

Even though its body had become much bigger, with its length exceeding 1km, from the tip of its 3 horns, head portion, neck, continuous back, wings, 4 claws, tails...all of these had golden engravings on the scales since its birth, and now they were all glimmering.

The dreamy golden domain engulfed the Golden Horned Beast's entire surroundings.

’’This, this is a domain?’’

Luo Feng's soul could clearly feel that peculiar form of energy, this only happened when it just broke through to the universe level, with the help of the natural engravings and energy, spirit reading, genetic energy, willpower, physical body, they all naturally reached an incredible and harmonious state, the energies all began to fuse, and the golden energy that resulted from that actually affected the surrounding space.

’’It's as described in the bloodline inheritance. The Golden Horned Beast, even when it eats or sleeps, with its natural growth, will still naturally gain a domain, and it would constantly evolve, 1 layer, 2 layers until 9 layers, and finally breaking through to having its own world energy, stepping into the sector lord level. Even to the point of reaching the universe origin's origin laws of gold, reaching the pinnacle of sector lords!’’

’’The inheritance memories, indeed, not lacking, not lacking at all!’’

’’It's, it's too heavenly!’’

Luo Feng's excitement surged.

The difference was aggravating! Humans compared to the space beasts, the most elite of the bloodlines, and the one above them all, the Golden Horned Beast, that was even more aggravating!

Owning a domain was hard!

Like Hong and Thunder God who were either masters of martial arts or yoga masters, these two experienced a lot during the Great Nirvana period before finally being able to break through the levels of martial arts and Yoga, reaching the pinnacle of harmonious fusion, before finally attaining their domains!

And the Golden Horned Beast, as the pinnacle bloodline of the vast universe!

Was set to achieve the universe origin laws and become the pinnacle of sector lords just from reaching maturity.

’’What are you satisfied about? What are you excited about?’’

’’Hong and Thunder God had their domains when they were at the star traveller level! You only attained it after reaching the universe level and you are excited and content?’’

’’As for the laws, that battle arena Hanks and Genji's fight, that Hanks was even able to realize a little about the universe origin laws. Also! Last time within the slaughterhouse, you and Thunder God were both easily defeated by a white robed lady. That white robed lady was only star level 1, and she could already feel the laws.’’

’’There are many geniuses among the human race in the universe, what are you so proud of?’’

’’Talent doesn't mean that your achievements will be high!’’

’’The inheritance passed down from generation to generation for the Golden Horned Beast, there have been many of them in history! However their achievements and levels have all been greatly different.’’

’’Some Golden Horned Beast just bank on their inheritance and reach the pinnacle of sector lords, living out their life spans and dying!’’

’’Other Golden Horned Beast, rely totally on their talents and waste their life spans. Only through experiencing setbacks will one realize and work hard and train! However as the time wasted before was too long, many have been unable to become undying beings.’’

’’Only very few Golden Horned Beasts realize early enough that talent is just one side of it, hardwork was important too! Only these Golden Horned Beast will actually train techniques like Absolute space and Nine Layer Space Ripping to a high level, and eventually stepping into the undying level! And some Golden Horned Beast undying even create new techniques and become the heroes of the entire race.’’

’’Sector lord pinnacle! Undying! Absolute peak even amongst the undying!’’

’’Which do you want to become?’’

’’If you only want to reach the pinnacle of sector lords, then just play around everyday. Back in the Pacific Ocean when you risked it all and gambled to possess the Golden Horned Beast body, it was already set for you to become the pinnacle of sector lords, it's not hard at all for you.’’

’’Wanting to become an undying? Then you have to be incredibly hardworking!’’

’’An absolute warrior even amongst the undying, stronger than your teacher! That requires hard work, ferocity, comprehension etc, all the elements.’’

’’Which do you choose?’’

Babata berated Luo Feng, causing him to realize and awaken.

What he said was indeed correct, Hong and Thunder God had their domains when they were in the star traveller level, back then he was easily defeated by the white robed lady, a star level 1 who already understood the laws!

In terms of talent, maybe humans couldn't be compared to the Golden Horned Beast.

However the amount of human races in the universe were too many, with such numbers, this meant that the amount of geniuses with incredible comprehension was extremely high too!

’’The Golden Horned Beast's talents, are heavenly by themselves! I have to compare myself with the pinnacle of geniuses amongst the human race in the universe!’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

’’Golden Horned Beast?’’

’’There have been many generations of Golden Horned Beasts, I want to become the strongest of them all.’’ Luo Feng felt a surge in ambition, the beast's large golden pupils gleamed with golden light, ’’My teacher back then actually managed to possess a 'Long Ke' youth's body, I actually managed to get a Golden Horned Beast's body! My teacher relied on himself and created the Soul imprint technique. I have the Golden Horned Beast and the Yun Mo Planet's techniques, all of their information!’’

’’Talent, information, I have everything!’’

’’Willpower, I have it too!’’

’’Comprehension, I'm not too bad!’’

’’I have everything, then my most basic point will be reaching the undying level first, after which, becoming an absolute warrior amongst the undying! Stronger than even the undying that killed my teacher!’’ Luo Feng looked to the future with anticipation.

The Golden Horned Beast lay underground on Mars, with its entire body covered in scales and on them the peculiar engravings, this made the Golden Horned Beast which had calmed down emit a peculiar ripple of energy!

This was a kind of ripple from the vast universe!

However, this ripple seemed to be covered and obscured by layers and layers of gauze, making it very hard and tedious for Luo Feng to feel it completely. However, this alone made Babata very shocked because under normal circumstances, only after reaching a 8 or 9 layer domain will one be able to vaguely feel these ripples.

And Luo Feng, who only had a 1 layer domain, was already able to sense it somewhat.


Golden Horned Beast, it could feel the origin laws in the internal world, the golden continent, that universe origin's ripple, it seems it became clearer within.

Time passed like flowing water.

One month after another...

In the later days.

The 1st batch of earth's migrants form the 5 great countries summed up to about 80,000 people. Luo Feng had bought a planet called Jade Rainbow star within the Silver Blue Empire galaxy, and it had about a hundred million natives. This first batch of earth's humans were arranged to be sent there.


Once the arrangements were all settled, Luo Feng immersed himself deep in his training.

His human body was focused on the 10,000 blade soul imprint, also spending time and energy on the soaring shuttle. As for the Golden Horned Beast, it was completely immersed in the domain and laws.

In a flash, it was already year 2065! 2 years had passed.

China year 2065, October 25th, Luo Feng's training grounds on Mars.

Within the universe ship's spacious study, a dark green nutrition cabin was placed there, suddenly, the doors opened and a human body...a full nude human body with three inches of black short hair, a man! Luo Feng quickly put on a layer of armor and boots and flew out of the nutrition cabin.

’’2 years of work, finally stepping into the star level 7.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’This e grade nutrition cabin is indeed not bad.’’

’’How's your training on the Spatial Techniques?’’ Babata's voice resounded within the ship.

’’No headway.’’

Luo Feng shook his head ’’The Spatial Techniques are too hard, I haven't made any progress at all.’’

Two years ago in the world within a world, Luo Feng began working on the 10,000 blade soul imprint, this technique belonged to the Yu Mo Planet Soul Imprint techniques as was one of the more basic ones, it still however took more than a year, close to two, for Luo Feng to make a big step with it!

Training the 10,000 blade soul imprint made the training of the Slave soul imprint much easier to achieve!

And during this time, Babata had passed Luo Feng another technique, saying this: ’’Luo Feng, even though your teacher didn't fully comprehend the origin laws of space, he still made huge achievements with the space laws! Even to the point of travelling through dark universes and being able to shroud them and camouflage. This, even amongst the undying, only very few can do that!’’

’’Even though you have the Golden Horned Beast, however you can only feel the origin laws of gold now!’’

’’What's more, the space laws, are originally the hardest law in the universe to feel and comprehend, just like the time laws, they are the 2 deepest and hardest laws in the universe.


’’Right now you've had a little step in the soul imprint, the 10,000 blade soul imprint and slave soul imprint has succeeded. You even have your own domain! You can barely begin to feel the spatial techniques, start from the simplest, the spatial techniques, right from the entrance, every step will be tedious and hard.’’

’’However, you've trained in the Golden Horned Beast's Absolute space, maybe that'll make your entrance into this spatial techniques somewhat easier.’’

’’Work hard!’’

’’The origin laws are the main path!’’

’’The origin laws of gold, you can let the Golden Horned Beast train. The spatial techniques, will be your future main training!’’ Babata was filled with anticipation before, he thought that with the Golden Horned Beast's talents, it should be easier.

But what a pity, after months of training, nothing was achieved.

Even the entrance wasn't reached, accurately speaking, he never even touched the door.

’’Babata, this spatial technique, the entrance alone is incomparably tough.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Don't get discouraged, if a few months won't do, then take a few years! If a few years won't do, then take decades and hundreds of years! Take your time.’’ Babata smiled, ’’Maybe I was too demanding, the spatial techniques, normally only sector lords would find it easier to train. However the earlier you succeed, the stronger it will be later.’’

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’Right, Luo Feng. The army from the Nuolan Shan family, according to time calculation, should reach within the next 10 days! Including discrepancies and errors, their universe ship may still very likely appear in the solar system in the next few days.’’ Babata reminded.


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