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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 75


Volume 10 Chapter 75 - The End of the Genius Competition

Luo Feng squinted, staring at the distant wild fighter Long Yun who was releasing his domain.

The top 10 of the universe, all of them had their domains, and most of their domains were at level 9s! Having a domain wasn't strange at all, however this wild fighter's domain had almost perfectly melded the ground origin laws with it. The moment he released his domain, the space around it felt almost like it condensed and solidified.

It was terrifying!

’’His comprehension of the ground origin laws is even stronger than Rong Jun's! As for the space origin law comprehension, there's no way to confirm...but from the look of his domain, it shows that his fusion is almost perfect.’’ Luo Feng understood that he was in a predicament.

He had comprehended two origin laws and melded them together perfectly.

Like the Nan Shen Armament, which required two types of origin laws to be fused together. However, this was something Luo Feng was able to achieve only when he actually used Nan Shen Armament. As for himself, after all the gold origin laws were reliant on the Golden horned beast and the space origin laws were reliant on the Mosha clan clone, using them together was his earth body.

Luo Feng's improvement was too quick indeed.

The resulting fusing efficiency was not able to keep up with the Golden horned beast and Mosha clan's speed.

’’Let the battle being!’’ The green armored purple scaled man shot a look at the distant Long Yun in the arena and said.

The five battles began immediately!

’’Go!’’ Standing on the dark cloud shuttle in mid air, Luo Feng pointed at Long Yun.

Immediately 9 golden energy flows shot out from the dark golden long rod on his back, immediately forming 9 golden blades, with the golden energy wrapped around it. The 9 golden rainbows were like 9 golden dragon heads, roaring as they rushed towards that wild fighter Long Yun solidly standing on the ground.

’’9 golden rainbows, let's see how many you can block.’’ Luo Feng looked on.

Chi Chi...

The yellow domain with a diameter of 50m seemed incredibly solid. The 9 golden rainbows' speeds dropped drastically the moment they entered the domain, so much so that one could even see the difference in speed. It was almost as though piercing through the domain was incredibly difficult. when they reached about 50m away from Long Yun's body, their speeds had already dropped till only 1/3 of the original, their power were also reduced compared to before.

’’Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!’’...

The golden rainbows clashed with his armor, Long Yun didn't even budge.

’’This domain has already...’’ In mid air, Luo Feng's expression changed greatly.

’’Earth's thickness and heaviness, space and domain best combination, these three are perfectly fused.’’ The distant 1,008 undyings, that tall and huge bull man laughed loudly, ’’It seems like just from his domain's pressure alone, Long Yun ranks number 1 in the top 10.’’

’’Bolan emphasizes more on speed, Long Yun emphasizes on defense, these two are completely different.’’

’’This Luo Feng is unlucky. The last time he met the difficult Jia Lai Xi, and now the even stronger Long Yun. Haha...’’

When the distant undyings were discussing Long Yun, he had already taken a big step and rushed towards Luo Feng.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The running Long Yun, every step made the entire arena rumble, almost as though an entire mountain was rushing forward, following which his body became a blur and flew into the air. Luo Feng immediately used the 9 threads and left 9 images in mid air, dodging far away.

Rumble! Long Yun landed on the ground.

’’Long Yun, take my strongest move!’’ In mid air, Luo Feng roared, gritting his teeth, Sky piercing formation!!!’’


The 9 golden rainbows immediately stopped in mid air, they simultaneously swiftly flew together and fused. These 9 golden lights immediately became one body as large amounts of blurry golden threads weaved through each other. The golden light it formed also constantly shrank and the golden threads were constantly growing thinner.

Even though it seemed like it was shrinking!

In truth, every golden blade was formed from 9 little blades. This golden light fusion was actually made from 81 little golden blades together, and these 81 blades were small in form. The only thing was it was closing the distance between each of them. In the blink of an eye, the 81 blades had fused perfectly, forming 1 single true golden blade.

This golden blade didn't seem like an illusion at all, it was solid.

At 1/3 of a meter long, it was completely formed by the 81 little golden blades melding together. As they continued to condense and tightly fuse, simultaneously countless golden threads weaved through it, causing this blade to be incomparably real and perfect. Examining it further, one couldn't even find a trace or mark of the parts, almost as though it had always been this 1/3 m long golden blade.

The golden engravings on its surface, caused the entire blade to emit an ancient aura.

Nan Shen Armament 2nd piercing formation!


The golden blade wrapped with the golden energy flow was almost like a comet, leaving behind a golden energy flow as it streaked towards Long Yun.

’’Hm?’’ Long Yun's expression changed, the yellow domain he controlled shook the ground.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Like a needle piercing through layers of cloth, even after entering the yellow domain all the way, it still had 80% of its power!

’’Roar!’’ Long Yun waved his terrifying huge axe, the area around the axe seemed to be pressurized, immediately hitting that golden blade.


The arena shook violently.

Long Yun took 3 heavy steps back, every step itself shaking the arena.

990 spectating geniuses, along with the 1,008 undyings were all surprised as they watched this scene.

’’Surprise! What a surprise! This Luo Feng has not only reached the 2nd level of the 10,000 threads, his gold origin laws comprehension has improved greatly too! He can actually use the sky piercing formation.’’ A group of undyings were shocked. This time's competition not only had the once in a trillion years exceptional genius Death god Bolan, simultaneously it had others that could definitely made it to number 1 in the other competitions.

Jia Lai Xi, Luo Feng, Gu Si Luo, Rong Jun, Long Yun, if they were in the earlier competitions, they definitely could get number 1. Even if it wasn't number 1, they'd have made it to the top 3.

And this time, it was a gathering of the elite.

In terms of origin laws, Luo Feng was indeed much better at his gold laws than the space laws. One must know Luo Feng had began to feel the gold laws much earlier, and in terms of difficulty, space laws were much harder than the gold laws.

Ever since he began using the 9 threads.

Fusing the 9 threads along with his gold laws comprehension, Luo Feng could fuse the 9 blades into 1 to form the sky piercing formation. This was his big trump card, he had no rush to use it. When he was in the training space 6th tower before, he faced 10,000 blood hair mammoths.

Against 10,000, Luo Feng's blades weren't enough, naturally using the 9 made more sense!

Against Long Yun however, 1v1, the sky piercing formation was stronger!

’’Very good!’’ Long Yun's eyes gleamed, immediately rushing forward with a stride.

’’Hm? He managed to deflect the power? Only suffering light injuries!’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, the power of the sky piercing formation was shocking, one could be said to be invincible in the star level for being able to use the 1st dream blade formation. If that was the case, then using the sky piercing 2nd formation was even more invincible. This was comparable to even the golden horned beast in the same level, or even pressuring it. (It was mentioned before that the golden horned beast wasn't the crazy training types)!

This meant that only in these pinnacle genius competitions, will one even meet a match.


Long Yun rushed into the sky, the yellow energy flow following and covering that huge axe. Luo Feng however had long formed 9 images and dodged.

’’Go!’’ Luo Feng dodged and roared.


The golden blade once again pierced towards Long Yun!

’’Rumble!’’ It seemed like a simple straightforward pierce. However, it was infused with unimaginable strength, only slightly weakening in Long Yun's heavy domain. However, Long Yun still only stepped back and deflected the power.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!...

Time and again the golden blade pierced forward. Long Yun was like a tortoise blocking it over and over. He wanted to chase Luo Feng...however Luo Feng's speed on the dark cloud shuttle was too fast.

Within the 5 arenas, the matches ended one after another.

Bolan against Rong Jun, Bolan wins!

Qian Shui against Ao Pa Te La, Qian Shui wins!

Jiang Mo against Ai Chen, Ai Chen wins!

Lancelot against Wuka, Wuka wins!

Only one battle remained at this point. That was between Long Yun and Luo Feng. Long Yun was like a shelled warrior blocking the sky piercing formation time and again. Even though his body's injuries were still within his control, the golden blade's attacks had also affected his speed, making him unable to immediately explode and chase after Luo Feng!

The fighter's close range explosion in speed was very shocking, enough to close in and kill a controller.

It was a pity, the sky piercing formation stopped Long Yun, and he couldn't do anything against Luo Feng!

And Luo Feng had used even soul attacks, yet he couldn't do anything against Long Yun!

These two were at a stalemate!

Minutes and seconds passed and the arena space gradually shrank, the longest one of these pinnacle fights lasted was 10 minutes, the arena would continue to shrink till its diameter was but 1m. This was to stop a controller from constantly flying far away, a constant rule throughout.


’’Luo Feng's in trouble.’’

’’As the arena continues to shrink more, there will be only 1km in diameter left, Luo Feng circling space will shrink too, it will be very disadvantageous to him.’’

When there was only 100m in diameter left, Luo Feng could only force a smile.


At star level 9, just one step could close that distance. The more important thing was that Long Yun's domain maintained the highest of pressures within an area of 50m. Considering that the arena's diameter was only 100m now, his pressure almost covered the entire arena space! That meant, that no matter where Luo Feng flew to avoid him, he would still be in the domain.

In terms of domain pressures, no one was Long Yun's match Even Bolan would have been weaker.

’’Peng! Peng! Peng!’’ In that little area, Long Yun's face flushed red. He was madly dancing with the huge axe, the domain pressure had completely stifled Luo Feng, persevering until the space had only a diameter of 50m left, Luo Feng finally fell.


His loss seemed unfair, yet not unfair at all.

It was unfair because if the space hadn't shrunk, Long Yun would never have gotten the chance to close in and kill him.

It wasn't unfair because in terms of law comprehension and fusion and usage, his opponent was indeed stronger in every way!

The top 5 had been picked out, they were Bolan, Qian Shui, Ai Chen, Wuka and Long Yun. 3 men and 2 ladies.

’’Very exciting, these 5's battles have indeed been exciting with many surprises.’’ The green armored purple scaled man smiled and looked at the 1000 youths, ’’Everyone take a rest, in a second, these 5 will engage in a winner's round duel. The rules are...everyone of the 5 will have to battle each of the other 4. Each victory will get 1 point, and the final points will determine the top 1 and 2.’’


After a while.

Luo Feng lifted some tea and drank, Rong Jun sat beside him and both of them watched the distant battles in the arenas.

’’What a pity.’’ Rong Jun sighed, ’’You actually reached the sky piercing formation. You definitely had the power to make it to number 2.’’

’’If one said that Long Yun was strong in defense, than you Ron Jun are strong in offense! If you hadn't met Bolan, you could have the chance to make it to number 2.’’ Luo Feng laughed too.

These two exchanged glances and laughed.

These two were both strong willed and well planned people. Luo Feng insisted on his path of a controller while Rong Jun insisted on his own created techniques. Each road had trillions of pathways, the main thing was being committed to one's choice. Afterall any road could lead to becoming an absolute strong warrior. The only fear would be that in doubting oneself.

In this genius battle, the two of them were considered unlucky.

One of them met Bolan, while the other lost due to the shrinking of arena

It had ended.

The journey for both of them had ended here, as they were finally able to reach within the top 10.

’’This Long Yun sure is strong.’’ Rong Jun exclaimed, as he looked at him defeat the Manka prince in the arena.

’’His domain fusion is stronger than you, however his axe work, cannot compare to your blade work.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’Look, that Qian really powerful, she won.’’

’’She's the only controller of the top 5. However, her attack strength obviously cannot compare to your sky piercing formation. If you were there, you could have easily defeated Qian Shui.’’ Rong Jun said.

While they chatted and watched the battles.

The matches passed by quickly. Soon, the final results were out.

Bolan, after four consecutive victories, he became the undisputed number 1!

Long Yun, with 3 wins 1 loss, became number 2! He lost against Bolan. Bolan's bladework was simply too fast and vicious.


Bolan gained the right to enter the primal secret area, and everybody accepted that.

As for Long Yun entering the primal secret area, that aroused many people's suspicion. After all, Jia Lai Xi, Luo Feng, Rong Jun were all comparable to him. However if any of these made it into the primal secret area, they too would have aroused the same suspicion

Similarly, without any clear exceptional lead, everybody wouldn't be convinced.


The 1,000 geniuses and 1,008 undyings stood in the plaza and listened to the purple armored purple scaled man speak.

’’Number 1 and 2.’’

’’Numbers 3 to 10.’’

’’Numbers 11 to 100.’’

’’Numbers 101 to 1000.’’

’’The 4 levels have been picked out. This times pinnacle genius competition of humans, has ended perfectly today.’’ The green armored purple scaled man smiled, ’’You all have been a very exceptional batch. I believe that in 10 to 100 eras, there will be many of you whose names alone will shake the entire universe.’’

’’Later there will be a specialist contacting you to take you to our Virtual Universe Company's main headquarters. There, you will gather and later head to the primal universe.

’’From today on, your paths will no longer be ordinary.’’

’’Our Virtual Universe Company will use our full strength to assist you. As for whether you become powerful beings who shake the entire universe, or normal warriors, or die mid way, it all depends on yourself. Work hard, your path to become strong has just begun!’’ The green robed purple scaled man's voice resounded in everyone's minds.

This genius competition had finally ended!


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