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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 73


Volume 10 Chapter 73 - Top 10

A formless spirit energy sneakily invaded Luo Feng's consciousness.

His consciousness was vast and endless, however a huge golden pagoda almost took up the entire space. This void pagoda had a total of 2 levels. This void pagoda with engravings appearing all over looked completely like a transparent crystal glowing with a golden light. It looked almost perfect, non damaged and was completely able to protect his soul core within.

The void pagoda, level 2.

This was a secret technique passed down from the master of the Yun Mo Planet. Luo Feng had studied and focused on the Soul imprint and Void pagoda, of which the soul imprint was created by his teacher. However, the deeper he delved into these arts, the more they favored soul attacks. Since his specialty was a controller, he slowly reduced his training on the soul imprint. Once he reached the basic 10,000 blade soul imprint and was able to condense his enslavement imprint, he stopped going deeper.

On the other hand, the void pagoda was very important in Luo Feng's plan. As a spirit reader controller, he may be weaker in soul attacks. However, his defense had to be strong, he shouldn't have any obvious weaknesses! Hence...he never relaxed on that training!

And the void pagoda was a very powerful technique.

His teacher back then only acquired it by chance too, and before death, he had only reached 6 levels of the pagoda. If he had reached the 7th level...according to what his teacher assumed, that tragedy back then, he wouldn't have died! One could only imagine how powerful the void pagoda was.

During the past 5 years, Luo Feng had never relaxed during his training. With the gold and space origin law comprehension, he reached level 2 of the pagoda.

Void pagoda, was purely for defense!


The hypnotist Jia Lai Xi's traceless spirit energy invaded Luo Feng's consciousness, immediately hitting the Void pagoda. Upon contact, it didn't attack, but spread like a membrane to wrap around the void pagoda, gradually contacting it.

The void pagoda, in essence was made of spirit energy which was incomparably condensed. However, it was still spirit energy.

And spirit energy was always infused with a trace of consciousness.

Soul, in truth was a complete fusion of countless amounts of spirit energy. With the formless spirit energy making contact with the void pagoda, Luo Feng's consciousness fell into a terrifying hypnotism.


A second ago he was still clearly battling Jia Lai Xi, however in an instant his consciousness was in a different scene altogether.

’’How can this be?’’ Luo Feng stood above the Pacific ocean. Looking at a over 100km long huge ferocious beast wreaking havoc, creating enormous waves. Simultaneously there were two 10km fierce absolute beasts spewing fire towards the ground.

The skyscrapers and entire base city was in ruins, people were screaming in pain, while countless of them were running away.

’’Thirdie, what do we do? Just what can we do? These are at least domain lord level ferocious beasts, we can't match up to them.’’ A panicked thunder god voice transmitted from his communicator watch.

’’Third brother, quickly protect the final seedlings and leave earth. Quickly flee! These are the last seedlings of earth.’’ Hong's panicked expression appeared on his communicator too.

’’Something is not right!’’

’’Wake up! Wake up!’’ Luo Feng felt as though he was dreaming when he was young. Even though he consciously knew that he was dreaming, it was still difficult to wake up. Although he was in this state currently...the main thing was that his consciousness was too strong. Along with his mental state training and golden horned beast influence, his soul was incomparably cold. Hence his consciousness detected the hypnotism immediately.

Being conscious of the fact was one thing, actually waking up was the important thing!

Luckily the void pagoda had a tight defense on his soul core. So even if the hypnotist Jia Lai Xi's spirit hypnotism was incredibly powerful, it could only slightly affect him, as it was unable to penetrate deep into his soul.

’’Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!!’’ Luo Feng's willpower let out a strong and powerful roar, and the illusion world began to shake.


The illusion was broken.

Luo Feng had completely regained consciousness. Unlike that dreamy illusion world, everything before his eyes was incredibly clear, this was the true 100% simulation of the virtual universe.

’’Xiu!’’ The black disc had already reached close to Luo Feng.

’’Just nice.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed. Standing on the dark cloud shuttle, his speed fiercely accelerated, simultaneously brandishing many shields. As the distance was too close, he didn't have time to use the Nan Shen Armament.


The black disc clashed on the shield causing the shield to get knocked away. It brushed Luo Feng's arm, cutting through the armor and a large part of his flesh, fresh blood spewed out from mid air, while Luo Feng had already dodged far away.

’’Go and die!’’ Luo Feng roared within, pointing at the distant Jia Lai Xi who had an expression of shock.


Six golden energy flows flew out from behind Luo Feng and immediately formed six golden blades, piercing towards Jia Lai Xi. Jai Lai Xi's expression was filled with shock, ’’Impossible!’’ Simultaneously, large amounts of golden shards formed around him to become an armor.

’’Peng Peng Peng, the six golden rainbows pierced right through his helmet, eventually reducing his body to nothing but a mess.


An explosion and fresh blood flew all over.

Jia Lai Xi was defeated!

Madman Luo Feng was the Victor! He entered the top 10!

That was how fast a match between two absolute geniuses was like. If Luo Feng had awoken any later, it would have been him who would have died instead with his head sliced right off! However the moment he awoke, it meant Jia Lai Xi's death!


’’How can that be?’’ Covered in a black robe, Jia Lai Xi's eyes were filled with shock, ’’My Confusion god technique... according to my country leader, he said that only Bolan had reached a level where he wouldn't be affected. Others wouldn't be able to withstand it. Even within the top 10, I had a guarantee. I should even have had the hope of making it to the top 2. How, how come he...even if he wasn't caught in the illusion, to actually struggle and break out of the dream requires time. Within that little time, I should have been able to kill him, but he...’’

He indeed had defensive methods.

That defensive spirit weapon which formed his armor, could barely withstand the six golden blades attack. However Luo Feng's attack was simply too strong and ended up destroying him.

Strong defense! Along with an even more terrifying spirit weapon attack with hypnotism...

1v1, he was indeed a terrifying opponent.

However, he still lost.


’’Hm, he lost?’’

’’Jia Lai Xi lost?’’ Many spectating geniuses were all shocked. From the previous footages of Jia Lai Xi, he was simply too intrepid. He did not even have to use his spirit weapon before, just his soul attack alone along with hypnotism could kill the enemy and his moves were outstanding every time.

This time, Jia Lai Xi didn't even take his enemy lightly, as he regarded Madman Luo Feng as a true enemy. Hence, he used hypnotism and his spirit weapon simultaneously, however he still lost!

With his full strength, he still lost!


’’Luo Feng actually won?’’ The distant 1,008 undyings, their eyes gleamed. Over half of them had regarded Luo Feng as the loser of this match from the get go, because they were very clear about the difficulty of training in hypnotism, and just how terrifying a powerful hypnotist was.

’’To be able to immediately awaken, just how strong must one's willpower be? How calm? This punk is powerful, definitely powerful.’’ A 10m tall man who looked like a bull with a horn exclaimed and complimented, his voice booming like thunder.


Luo Feng's victory was considered quite a surprise. The main thing was Jia Lai Xi was long regarded by the one that only Bolan could withstand. Afterall, with his comprehension of the origin laws being that deep, his consciousness was affected by the universe energies. Hence, he wouldn't so easily be shaken.

The stronger a fighter, the stronger one comprehends the origin laws, his willpower and strength were more terrifying.

If it was anyone else against Jia Lai Xi, their losing percentage would have exceeded 80%!

Actually, of the top 20, other than Bolan, the other 18 would naturally feel apprehensive against Jia Lai Xi. Even Luo Feng didn't have full confidence, however this difficult person, was actually eliminated by Luo Feng.

10 arenas, within one of them, the white robed youth carrying the blood blade won. He turned and was obviously shocked when he saw the arena Luo Feng was in, creasing his eyebrows slightly, saying, ’’Luo Feng?’’

’’Luo Feng?’’ The green haired lady Qian Shui who had similarly achieved victory, looked at the distant Luo Feng in his arena, with her bright and intelligent eyes..


During the time Luo Feng won, three victors had been decided. They were Bolan, Qian Shui and Luo Feng. It may have seemed like a slow exchange, but Luo Feng's was actually very fast.


Similarly a green haired youth with engravings on his face revealed a smile in his arena.

’’Big brother, big brother!’’ Qian Shui shouted and cheered.

Her big brother Jiang Mo had entered the top 10 aswell, both siblings entered the top 10.


The victors of the 10 arenas began to emerge one by one.

Bolan, Qian Shui, Luo Feng, Jiang Mo, Lancelot, Wuka, Ai Chen, Long Yun, Ao Pa Te La...and the final one...

Rong Jun!

The battle between Gu Si Luo and Rong Jun was the longest one of the 10. Gu Si Luo was a so called perfect spirit reader controller. From the beginning of the battle, he seemed to be in control. As the rank 2 of the training space round and the one with the most hope of being the 2nd one to enter the primal secret area, actually...he actually lost to Savage Rong Jun?

’’Rong Jun won?’’

’’Gu Si Luo actually lost?’’

’’The one with the most hope of getting number 2, Gu Si Luo, he actually lost?’’

The spectators on site, over 900 absolute geniuses were all completely shocked. At the same time, the 9 victors in the arenas, all stared hard at the blood covered wargod Rong Jun who looked like he just came from the wilderness.

’’Powerful blade work.’’

’’What terrifying blade work.’’

Even death god Bolan creased his eyebrows. Everyone else including Luo Feng could barely contain their shocked expressions.

’’This blade work...’’ Luo Feng stared at Savage Rong Jun. Looking at the huge blade, he remembered that brutal slash that could even slice mountains.


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