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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 71


Volume 10 Chapter 71 - 1st Battle

When Luo Feng returned to his room, he was still disturbed, it took awhile for him to calm down.

’’Ah, that Savage Rong Jun, how does he know so much?’’ Luo Feng thought, ’’He actually knows quite a bit about the 4 secret areas of the virtual universe company, looks like his background isn't that simple.’’ The 2 from the Ganwu universe that made it to the top 1,000, Luo Feng and Rong Jun came from their own star fields.

While they seemed to not have any background at all...

In truth, Luo Feng inherited the Yun Mo Planet teachings and is also a golden horned beast.

And Savage Rong Jun, his true identity and background, was obviously not that simple either.

On earth, Yangzhou city Westlake courtyard, within the castle.

Sitting in the tea room, pouring a glass of tea and taking a sip, his consciousness was communicating with Babata, ’’Babata, just what's up with the 4 secret areas of the virtual universe company?’’ Luo Feng told Babata everything he had just heard from Rong Jun, telling him the rules for the duel too, also about what happened in the plaza.

’’That group of idiots, they actually dare doubt the virtual universe company system? My god, their brains must be flooded with water, the virtual universe system is a transcendental existence that can emulate the origin laws.’’ Babata exclaimed.

’’Oh...’’ Luo Feng realized.

Babata obviously stood on the virtual universe system side.

’’Hm, that Savage Rong Jun said the right thing! The primal secret area members have extremely high positions.’’ Babata said, ’’To the virtual universe company, to be able to enter the primal secret area...these are the extremely rare geniuses of the entire universe, hence they are willing to spend huge amounts of treasure and wealth to nurture them.

’’How much?’’ Is it as much as my teacher's wealth?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Luo Feng, you have to understand one thing.’’ Babata said seriously, ’’Your teacher was indeed a very powerful undying, even the black dragon mountain empire had to lower its head in front of him! However...your teacher, compared to the Ganwu universe country, was a completely different level!’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Ganwu universe country leader, that was an ancient being that had lived for trillions of years, creating and opening an entire universe country.

’’The leader of the Ganwu universe country, has to show respect to the Virtual universe company!’’ Babata said, ’’1,008 universe countries, who'd dare offend the virtual universe country? That's the true huge power! Such a huge powerful existence, nurturing geniuses in the primal secret area, they have very strict plans, numbers extremely small and pitiful, the wealth that they actually you think your teacher's wealth can compare to that?’’

Luo Feng was silent.

’’You vision must be broader! Look further, don't limit yourself to the black dragon mountain empire, or the universe countries, but look to the entire universe!’’

’’Actually I've known, since the day you possessed the golden horned beast successfully, your path would be even further and brighter than the path of your teacher's.’’ Babata said, ’’Of course, from what I know getting into the Primal secret area isn't the end of it, but comes with a lot of competition. The weak will be kicked out...and those in the Absolute beginning secret area, the absolute geniuses within might rise up to the primal secret area.


’’To enjoy the most pinnacle of resources, you have to constantly work hard. Because in the future, there will be a large amount of absolute geniuses eyeing your position, the moment you relax, others might catch up.’’

Luo Feng could feel hot blood rush through his veins.


Yes, that was the life he wanted, the strong rise while the weak fall, just that simple!

’’Babata, I don't understand too well now...the primal area members, just the star levels, they are able to get guards, and the leader of the guards is an undying.’’ Luo feng said, ’’No matter how it is, that's an undying, a great undying!’’

’’Yes, undying are great!’’ Babata said.

’’However a primal area member is also a great being itself.’’

’’Luo Feng, I'll explain it to you this way...’’ Babata said, ’’What determines the level of position, isn't just strength alone, it depends on many factors. Like the virtual universe company's business division, some of the business geniuses or investors, their strength may be very low, however they still enjoy an extremely high position, just like the investor genius in the universe 1st bank, Fei Te, he invests with unbelievable amounts of wealth, even though his strength may be weak, but he still has undyings to take care and protect him.’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Same logic.’’

’’Just like that death god Bolan, right, he's very weak now. But you have to understand...he's an absolute genius, the pinnacle of the human race in a trillion years! One only appears every trillion years or so. And a trillion years is akin to a sector lord's life span, 1,008 universe countries, every universe country has over a million sector lords. You calculate, how many sector lords are produced by the entire human race over a trillion years?’’

Luo Feng held his breath.

’’That death god Bolan, in terms of value, position, one can only imagine!’’

’’Everyone who enters the Primal secret area are all the most important elites of the virtual universe company! That's their root.’’ Babata exclaimed, ’’Comprehension of the origin laws, is easiest during the sector lord stage. And during the difficult star level stage, the death god Bolan already has such a level of comprehension of the space law, think about high will his achievements be in the future?’’

’’No doubt about it!’’

’’As long as he doesn't die.’’

’’In space origin law itself, he will definitely exceed your teacher! As long as he becomes an undying, he'll be the pinnacle being even amongst the others, almost invincible.’’ Babata exclaimed, ’’And the space origin law, as one of the 2 hardest origin laws, if he can become an undying, that would be terrifying. You have to remember...even amongst undyings, the differences are huge, hence that time sector lord had such ambition.’’

’’However he didn't succeed, if he did, and became an undying. His strength would be close to your teacher.’’

’’Of course!’’

’’The virtual universe company core is separated into 4 secret areas. From high to low, Primal, Absolute beginning, Heaven and land, Beginning phase. Many undyings are in the Absolute beginning secret area, don't bite off more than you can chew, if you can enter the Absolute beginning secret area, that would be considered a success already. What's more, your most important task right to settle your 1st opponent Wu Te Wei Si Ke!’’

Luo Feng lifted his tea cup and drank it all.

Wu Te Wei Si Ke, that was his opponent tomorrow.

Daybreak of the 2nd day.

Plaza, the 1,000 geniuses gathered.

Luo Feng was mixed in the crowd, looking at the distant tall 3 eyed youth, those 3 eyes were gloomy, obviously the blow he suffered yesterday was huge.

’’Sir Knight!’’

The distant 1,008 undying bowed respectfully.


In mid air far away, the green armored purple scaled man nodded, then turned to look at the 1,000 youths, speaking, ’’Today is a good day, we will, in one day pick the top 100, top 10, and 1st and 2nd from the 1,000 of you.’’

’’Are you all ready? Then the battle will begin now!’’

The green armored purple scaled man surveyed the crowd, with a wave of his hand, 100 huge arenas appeared above the plaza, at the side of each arena, a black net covered and surrounded them. Simultaneously, Rong Jun, Jia Lai Xi etc and the 200 youths were transported into the arenas.

Every arena had 2 people.

Immediately the undyings, along with the participants that didn't qualify, all turned to watch death god Bolan's battle.

In one of the arenas, was Luo Feng and Wu Te Wei Si Ke!

The silver white arena, had an area of 10 square km, the black net covered the entire arena.

’’Madman Luo Feng, from the Ganwu universe country black dragon mountain empire, rank in the training space 3, displaying madness with extreme calm, hence the name.’’ A skinny youth with completely black lips stared at the distant Luo Feng coldly, shouting, ’’My rank in the training space was 113, I will let you know...that the training space didn't stand for anything!’’

’’Cut the crap!’’ Carrying the dark golden long rod on his back, Luo Feng stood on the dark cloud shuttle and floated in the distant air shouting back.

’’Very well!’’ The skinny youth smiled, ’’I'll settle you and I'll be able to enter the Heaven and Land secret area. Then I'll settle another and I'll enter the Absolute beginning area!’’


A gust of wind blew, the skinny youth became a gust of wind and headed towards Luo Feng, seemingly slow but actually extremely fast.

Luo Feng stood on the dark cloud shuttle and surveyed his opponent from mid air, details of his opponent flashing in his mind, ’’Wu Te Wei Si Ke, nicknamed Gale, uses a level 5 genetic energy weapon Void shadow blade, during battle his blade moves extremely quick, mixed in the mad winds, extremely fierce and swift, hard to block.

’’Go and die.’’ The skinny youth's eyes gleamed.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The originally wind like skinny youth suddenly increased his speed, simultaneously the Void shadow blade in his hand became a fierce engulfing gale, endless blades gathered together to form a mad wind that engulfed everything, this mad wind blade dance surrounded even Luo Feng, allowing him no space to dodge.

’’Hmph!’’ Luo Feng snorted.

Standing on the dark cloud shuttle and suddenly becoming a mysterious trace, in that seemingly overwhelming blade wind dance, he found an opening to slip through, leaving 9 images behind, causing the skinny youth's expression to change, ’’He can even escape this, the information on the 9 threads is indeed terrifying.’’

In the time Luo Feng took to dodge the attacks, the dark golden long rod on his back shot out 5 golden lights, forming 5 golden blades in mid air.

’’Go!’’ Luo Feng stared coldly at his opponent, as though he was staring at a dead person.

With the golden energy flow wrapped around it, the 5 golden lights became like 5 golden dragons roaring towards the center of the blade wind dance, the skinny youth.

’’Go and die!’’ The skinny youth's expression struggled, his eyes filled with a sense of longing.


He waved his hand and shot out a white light, the white light immediately pierced through a 100m of distance, almost reaching Luo Feng, it was even faster than the golden rainbows.

Luo Feng's expression changed, quickly relying on the dark cloud shuttle's fast speed to dodge and simultaneously unleashing 16 shields.


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