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Swallowed Star - Volume 10 - Chapter 7


Volume 10 Chapter 7 - Crossing into the Universe Level

Solar System, Mars.

This was an extremely dry, desert-like planet. And now, a jet black disc-shaped universe spaceship was inside a deep hole with a diameter of a few hundred meters.

This spaceship was one of Luo Feng's reserve spaceships, which now became Luo Feng's headquarters during his temporary stay on Mars.

Inside the gigantic resting room of the spaceship, a long rectangular dark blue 'nutrition cabin' lay within. The entire nutrition cabin was 21.6 meters long and 8.3 meters wide. The main body of it was dark blue. At the same time, on the metallic surface were a lot of complicated flower markings and a few simple buttons.

An E grade nutrition cabin, the highest quality nutrition cabin in all of the human races of the universe.

Just the price reaches 86 billion universe dollars, which is equivalent to three or four galaxies that are a bit desolate. The dark blue metal on the surface is a F8 grade metal comparable to the 'hybrid copper essence' 'bluestone essence', which is extremely expensive.

Of course, the weapon that Luo Feng uses the hybrid copper essence shard, even though it's small, also has an astonishing price because of its craftsmanship!

It, is valuable in its 'edge'.

To make an extremely tough metal like the hybrid copper essence into something sharp, is an extremely difficult task! The higher the grade of a metal, the harder it is to work with. The 'hybrid copper essence' is something that even an undying being can only make a small mark on after punching it.

Back then, the master of Yun Mo planet indeed sacrificed a lot to make his spaceship into the shape of a sharp triangle.

This is why the 'Yun Mo Planet spaceship' is so powerful.


Because of the bluestone essence surface, even an undying being will need a lot of time to break this nutrition cabin.

Inside the cabin.

A young, black haired youth with a naked body that was essentially perfect lay within the dark gray nutritional liquid. Energy filled with the force of life swiftly sweeped into his body through each of the pores in his skin. The energy containing the force of life immediately triggered the transformation of the genes after his cells absorbed it.

A ton of nutritional liquid, could purchase over 100 universe level slaves and over 10,000 life planets.

His hair continuously grew longer, his skin became more crystalline, his bones became tougher, his muscles became denser, his battle ability amplifier rose.....

’’Turn off’’ Luo Feng commanded the AI in the nutrition cabin.


The nutritional liquid steadily decreased and became empty. It was also extremely dry. Waves of high pressured heat wiped across Luo Feng's body like a towel. After that, the nutrition cabin automatically added in water to rinse off Luo Feng's body, and then finally dried it again.

Luo Feng stood up and leaped out of the nutrition cabin which was three meters tall. At the same time, a deep red battle uniform set automatically formed on his body, and battle boots around his feet.


His battle boots stepped onto the alloyed floor of the spaceship.

’’This nutrition cabin, just what you would expect from an E grade nutrition cabin. Its effects are indeed amazing’’ Luo Feng's eyes glowed as he looked at the dark green nutrition cabin in front of him.

’’No matter how effective it is, your body needs to catch up with it. After laying in the nutrition cabin for nearly half a month, you have to rest for at least half a month before you can enter it again. Oh yeah..... Luo Feng, how is your 《Ten Thousand Blade Soul Seal》 going?’’ a nonchalant voice reverberated across the spaceship, it was the living AI Babata.

’’I can cast out 226 soul seal blades simultaneously’’ said Luo Feng.

Of course Luo Feng won't relax on his 《Ten Thousand Blade Soul Seal》training.

Since the only way to cast the 'slave seal' is by completing most of the Ten Thousand Blade Soul Seal. And by doing so, he'll finally have made a tiny bit of progress on the path of the 《Soul Seal》.

’’TOO SLOW, still a long way to go until you can cast ten thousand soul seal blades, and don't even mention merging all ten thousand into one’’ yelled Babata loudly.

’’I understand’’ smiled Luo Feng.

After half a month of evolution and bitter spiritual force training, Luo Feng was very tired. He walked out of the universe spaceship, flew out the deep hole, and arrived at the surface of Mars.

The cold, red gravel extended into the horizon. Sandstorms charging towards the sky could be seen in the distance.

Luo Feng, who was completely covered in his cloud contact battle uniform set, gazed at the land. Suddenly, a gigantic image swiftly approached from the raging sandstorm in the distance. This was a gigantic monster that was as large as a mountain. Its body was covered in black scales. Its two horns which pierced towards the sky were covered in golden engravings. Its neck and back were also covered in golden engravings.

’’WU ’’ the Golden Horned Beast in the distance roared towards the sky, its cold eyes looked towards the human Luo Feng in the distance.

Luo Feng also looked towards the Golden Horned Beast in the distance.

’’It's time to break through to the universe level’’ Luo Feng frowned.

The Golden Horned Beast's body and his human body can appear in the outer world at the same time, or one of the bodies can appear in the outer world alone, or neither of them!

When both bodies aren't in the outer world, then, the core will appear in the outer world.

No matter what

The core must be in the outer world;it cannot enter the 'inner world'. As for the bodies, whether the Golden Horned Beast body or the human body, they can be repaired no matter how damaged they are! Because to Luo Feng, the core of his life is the core that contains his soul!

Of course.....

The core is his 'weak point'. Luo Feng wouldn't dare to leave his core outside;that would be asking for death.

In the battle before, the only reason his human body hid in the inner world while the Golden Horned Beast appeared was because Luo Feng didn't want anyone to discover the relationship between his human body and the Golden Horned Beast. As of now, since a defense system has been installed throughout the entire solar system, he definitely doesn't have to worry about anyone discovering that he and the Golden Horned Beast are on Mars.

’’The universe level!’’

’’It's time to break through’’ Luo Feng shook his head and waved his hand. All types of valuable metal appeared on the ground. Luo Feng then transformed into a flowing light as he flew towards the universe spaceship in the distance.

However, the mountain-like body of the Golden Horned Beast lay on the desert ground. It extended it claw to cover the pile of metal.

Space warped, and the pile of metal shrunk and then disappeared within the Golden Horned Beast's palm.


Mars was as quiet as always.

It had two extra living beings. One of them was the human hiding in the spaceship, while the other one was the space beast laying on the ground of the desert.

Time passed day by day.

Even though Luo Feng was anxious, he could only wait.....

Time in China: 2063/12/26. On this day, beneath the surface of a certain area of the desert in Mars lay a Golden Horned Beast.

’’AO ’’

A thick sound filled with excitement echoed around the sky.


A human image swiftly flew out of the spaceship and hovered in midair. He looked at the area where the Golden Horned Beast lay and was filled with happiness: ’’The inner world finally broke through!’’

Inside the inner world of the Golden Horned Beast.

The continent which was covered in a golden mist was gigantic. Its length and width was 90 km long. However, at this moment, the entire world was shaking violently. The originally spread out golden mist crazily flowed across the entire continent, which caused the golden continent to crazily absorb the mist and crazily expand.

Its length and width expanded continuously, and its height continued to expand! This caused the continent to become thicker.

The golden mist dramatically shrunk. In return, the golden continent expanded continuously.

A jaw dropping expansion!

In just a few short hours, this continent went from a length and width of 90 km, to a length and width of 1,000 km! Its area expanded by around 100 times!

The center of the Golden Horned Beast is its core!

And the core of its core, is the inner world! The Golden Horned Beast swallows large amounts of metal to make the inner world expand and become more perfect. Only by expanding its inner world can the Golden Horned Beast break through!

As of now

From a length and width of 90 km, it broke past the length and width of 1,000 km in an extremely short amount of time! Its inner world has completely transformed.


Deep within the desert of Mars, without the suppression of the inner world, the Golden Horned Beast that has been stuck at the peak of the star level nine stage finally began its transformation. With an extremely excited howl, the Golden Horned Beast's body slowly began to expand. Its bones and scales became tougher and harder. A third horn even began to appear on its forehead.

The armor-like golden engravings covering most of its body also began to let out a mysterious glow, which continuously seeped into the body of the Golden Horned Beast.


Inside the core.

In a gigantic tower which basically covered the entire surrounding space, nine unbelievably hot fireballs were following a peculiar trail as they orbited around each other and formed a natural, unusual structure.

This was the physical structure of Luo Feng's soul!

Without the suppression from the inner world, the nine fireballs that have long reached their limit instantly started to absorb the pure energy within the universe. As they absorbed, the nine fireballs started to vibrate and expand.


Within an instant, all the energy in the space in the sky above Mars had been crazily absorbed, forming a scary whirlpool of energy. Such an astonishing level of energy caused the nine mini stars to swiftly expand. In just moments, their area expanded by 10 times. The nine fireballs were still vibrating. At the same time, the largest star reached its limit in expansion!


The largest star ferociously exploded!


The other eight mini stars exploded on by one. After they surpassed their limit, they exploded, forming countless star pieces. Even a large nebula was formed. After a long time, everything went silent.

In the core.

The large amounts of nebulae, star dust, star clusters, and extremely small planets formed a gigantic spiral galaxy. The mini stars were most common within the very center of this gigantic spiral galaxy, tens of millions of them. At the same time, the entire spiral galaxy had eight spiral arms.

However, there was an extremely tiny black area within the dense center of the spiral galaxy.

Over there, was the first 'black hole' of the entire spiral galaxy. This mini black hole was slowly swallowing the stars and space dust around it. At the same time, at a place that cannot be reached, it generated slivers of pure energy.


The mist-like spiritual force seemed to appear out of thin air as it appeared in the surroundings of the gigantic spiral, causing a layer of light to cover the entire galaxy.

What formed this bright, mysterious mist-like energy was indeed what universe level spirit readers rely on spiritual force!

An extremely pure spiritual force!


The Golden Horned Beast, has officially stepped into the universe level!


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